Slinky on a treadmill

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Here’s a lion trying to eat a baby at the zoo

Courtesy of io9, he’s a lion trying to eat a baby at a zoo:

Cats of all sizes are ridiculously cute when they try to murder you, aren’t they?


Lawyer Corgi

Lawyer Dog

BroBible has more, as does QuickMeme.


The eternal ennui of the domestic cat

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How to make a rainbow with a shotgun

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New meaning for Romney

Looks like someone’s trying to pull a Santorum on Mitt Romney


First world cat problems

advice animals memes  - First World Cat Problems, Clean Laundry

This is fantastic. There are a handful more here.


This Week on the Web – 13 June 2011

This Week on the Web brings you The Fiancee’s notes on our first attempt to obtain a corgi, a bunch of trailers for vampires and wizards, the new Nintendo console, all the news from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, a stupid new law, and more!

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The Saga of Wiener’s Wiener

NY Representative Anthony Wiener held a press conference on Monday, admitting that the cock which found itself on his twitter stream was, indeed, his own, and that he did, indeed, post it.

I honestly don’t care.

The men and women in Congress are not our leaders. They aren’t our role models. They aren’t our heros.

They are – or at least they’re supposed to be – our representatives. They’re supposed to enact legislation that reflects the will of the American people and makes our country a better place. The only things that really matter are the bills they introduce and the votes they cast.

Damn near every Washington politician is a lying, philandering scumbag, but that isn’t what’s damaging our country. Whats damaging our country is the array of wars we’re fighting, the crushing debt we’re accumulating, and the civil liberties we’re abandoning. So when the elections come around, I’m going to vote for the guy who will pull us our of Iraq and Afghanistan, repeal the Bush tax cuts, and defend the Constitution, his or her personal life be damned.

So, having said that, here’s how Anthony Wiener’s press conference should have gone:

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This Week on the Web – 30 May 2011

Happy memorial day! This week on the web brings you the Saga of Devil Corgi, the new Nook, a head in a jar, kitten hugs, and more!

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