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The best revenge is massive success. -Frank Sinatra

Ho. Ly. Shit.

This thing is a work of art (deco).

Biblically speaking, the jawbone of a donkey is basically the Master Sword mixed with a sniper rifle and carrying a small nuke. Samson laid waste to a thousand men with one (Judges 15:16), and Supernatural has revealed that Cain, too, used a jawbone to commit the world’s first murder.

Now, that blade can be yours, courtesy of enterprising Etsy seller AlterEgoProductions:

Supernatural: Cain's First Blade

£77.54, which is about $125 US, if anyone’s looking for a Christmas gift for me.

I already have two Pop! vinyl figures on my shelves: Bane and C’Thulhu. If they keep making awesome things, my whole house is going to be overtaken, and people are going to stop taking me seriously.

They just released a Crow figure, because they want all of my money (ten dollars at a time).

The most adorable serial revenge killer in clown makeup of all time

You can buy it for me here.

Best. Thing. Ever.

OK Go’s I Won’t Let You Down

If you were an adolescent male in the 90s, one of your lifelong goals was (and probably still is) to wield the GunBlade from Final Fantasy VIII. Man at Arms has brought your dream one step closer to reality: