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The entire Love You To Death series stands as an entertaining, exhaustive bible of the character arcs, plot lines, mythology, and the behind-the-scenes happenings of a TV series made by people who are crazy in love with their work.

-Julie Plec, Executive Producer of The Vampire Diaries, destroyer of joy, and frequent target of internet rage

Love You To Death Season 4

I know what you’re saying. “Thomas? Shouldn’t you be using this valuable blog space to pimp out your own books?”

Well, yes, probably. And don’t worry, I’ll get back to that soon enough. But I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the latest book in the Love You To Death series, written by two friends* of mine, Crissy Calhoun (@crissycalhoun) and Heather Vee (@dieslaughing). In addition to tolerating my presence, Crissy originated the LYTD series, and Heather is the co-owner of, the number one TVD fan site in the world.

Julie wasn’t kidding when she said these books were exhaustive. Not only does LYTD4 recap each and every episode of TVD season four, it also includes insights from the cast and crew (director Pascal Verschooris became my favorite person ever when he said “it was a lot of fun to bring candy canes to the screen, but more so (and this is gonna sound creepy), it was really cool to kill the mayor with Christmas in the background”), facts and trivia, a running commentary on The Rules (compulsion, the sire bond, et cetera), continuity, and a discussion of the points that weren’t quite clear. If you like my post mortems, you’ll be wild about Love You To Death.

Confession: I originally wrote “you’ll love Love You To Death.” I’m paid to write, people. Jesus.

LYTD is available from ECW Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Get your copy today, before Jeff Bezos destroys books forever!

*Friends here defined as they wouldn’t run me over if they saw me walking down the road. Probably.

I love Barnes & Noble.

I know, I know, they a huge, faceless business that crushed mom and pop book stores across the nation, rending their bodies and shoveling the remains into their gaping corporate maw. But they’re also the only bookstore within thirty miles of my house. In my town, B&N didn’t crush a bunch on indie bookstores, it introduced the population to these funny things called “words” which were “written” in “books”.

And they’ve made certain choices that I consider very moral. They went with an industry-standard ePub format, rather than creating their own proprietary eBook format. And they made it easy to get your own content – ePubs, PDFs, etc – onto their hardware, the Nook. And the Nook is easy to root (gain complete control over). Finally, when Microsoft threatened B&N with a patent suit over their use of the Android operating system, B&N told Microsoft to fuck off.

So, yeah, for a corporation, B&N is in my “good” column.

They’re also in trouble.

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Did you get a shiny new NookdlePad for Christmas? Since people think Amazon has been selling more than a million Fires a week for the last month or so, chances are pretty good you did.

But what good is a shiny new eReader that isn’t chock full of shiny new books? Well, I suppose it’s still useful for holding down papers, or maybe making your friends and coworkers jealous, but that’s not really the point, is it?

So here are my top five recommendations for filling up your Christmas eReader:

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A few weeks ago, Harry Connolly announced that his series, Twenty Palaces, had been canceled.

That post is every author’s worst nightmare in text. You pour your heart and soul into something, for years, and then one day, somebody just says, “no, thanks. That’s enough.” And it’s every fan’s nightmare, because when you read an exciting, well-written series, it becomes a part of you. You feel, just a little bit, like you own it. So why am I recommending this to you? Because I like to frustrate you? No. But first, let me tell you a bit about the series.

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