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Thomas: I think having a bat emblem on Batman’s chest is a bit over the top. He’s got the costume, the batmobile, the bataragns … it’s like ok, we get it dude. You’re really into bats.

AJ: Well, Superman has an ‘S’ on his chest.

Thomas: No, Superman has the Kryptonian symbol for “hope” on his chest. It just happens to look like an ‘S’. That’s why Lois Lane named him Superman.

AJ: … you are a goddamned nerd.

This thing is a work of art (deco).

Continuing in the tradition of “that’s not a car, that’s a goddamned tank (because I’m the goddamned Batman)”, here are four new on-set pics of the Batman v Superman batmobile:

Batman v Superman Batmobile

Batman v Superman Batmobile

Batman v Superman Batmobile

Batman v Superman Batmobile

(via Blastr)

Rumors indicate that Wonder Woman’s origin is being tweaked for the upcoming Batman v Superman – Holy Shit They Might Actually Pull This Off. In the comics, Wonder Woman is an Amazonian, the princess of a mystical race of warrior women who have separated themselves from the world of man. In the Nu52, DC’s latest continuity reboot, she’s a demigod, and has assumed the mantle of the God of War.

But in BVS

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