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Hey everybody,

I thought I was going to be able to handle two series over the summer, True Blood and Teen Wolf. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that it’s just too much.

The thing is, I kind of like Teen Wolf right now. I’m watching last week’s episode as I write this, and the whole thing with Chris Argent kidnapping his daughter in order to “train” her is wonderfully awful. I want to know what the Lizard Thing is – and if it’s Lydia. I want to know if Stiles will ever make First Line.

Okay, I might be lying about that last part.

So, it’s not Teen Wolf, it’s me (and this post just became every guy breaking up with every girl ever). I don’t want my writing to become work, and juggling two shows at once is too much. A recap post takes about four hours by the time all is said and done, and that doesn’t count responding to comments (which I really do hope to be better about in the future). And since Teen Wolf doesn’t have as big a draw as True Blood, and since Teen Wolf‘s 22-episode season will run right up to, and maybe overlap with, the next season of Vampire Diaries … I have to call it a day.

I’ll still be watching, and still be around on Twitter to talk about the show, but that’s as much time as I can commit to it.

– A Quick Glimpse Behind the Scenes –

The Producers: Okay guys, it’s time to get season two out the door!

The Art Department: Great! How can we help?

The Producers: Well, first things first … let’s have an awesome credit crawl!

The Art Department: Sure thing! What did you have in mind?

The Producers: Well … hey Tyler! And Tyler!

Tylers Posey and Hoechlin: Yeah boss?

The Producers: Take your shirts off!

The Art Department: Okay, what else?

The Producers: Ooh, lacrosse! Let’s get some lacrosse in there!

The Art Department: We’re still doing that? All right then.

The Producers: And hey! Did you guys see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? That credit sequence was amazing! Can we do something like that?

The Art Department: You bet we can!

The Producers: You guys are the best! Oh, by the way … our budget for this season is twenty two dollars, plus the corn chips Dylan found in the couch cushions.

The Art Department: Well, I guess we could just smear someone with motor oil …

The Producers: Fantastic idea! Hey, Crystal and Holland!

Crystal Reed and Holland Roden: Yeah boss?

The Producers: Take your shirts off!

Crystal Reed and Holland Roden: Wait, what?

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