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A quick glimpse behind the scenes:

The room is dark, quiet. Agains one wall, a computer sits on an old desk, the glow of the monitor casting a soft light around the room. A frazzled, harried man sits down at the keyboard, and wipes his hand across his face. He cracks his knuckles, then stretches his hands over keys.

But the words just won’t come. In the past week, he’s been retweeted by a producer, interviewed by a podcasting team, and followed by any number of people. Traffic to his blog is breaking his own (meager) records. For much of his audience, this will be the last thing they read before the show they all love returns in September. Their last memory. Their parting words.

The pressure is on. Fortunately, though, the man has a secret weapon, a tool that sparks creativity and calms to nerves.

Alcohol. Delicious, delicious alcohol.

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

Team Damon: OMG SQUEE Damon did the voiceover for “previously on The Vampire Diaries” this week!

Thomas: Oh boy. This is going to be rough.

— Mystic Falls – 1864 – Or Is It?

Stefan Salvatore: Garbs himself in his fanciest finery, and looks every bit the Southern Gentleman.

Katherine Pierce Elena Gilbert: Garbs herself in a corset and a bustle and all manner of other lady-things that Thomas isn’t going to bother to Bing.

Elena Gilbert: Corsets suck. Sadface.

Aunt Jenna: I told you not to eat that celery stick.

— Founder’s Day – Pregame —

Mystic Falls: Is the only town in the country that still cares about the families that founded it.

Damon Salvatore: Hey Stefan! Happy Founder’s Day! I just dropped by to get some cotton candy. And steal Elena from you!

Team Damon: WHOO!

Stefan Salvatore: Brood. Glower. Brood.

Damon Salvatore: Hey, don’t be so glum, chum! Though I guess it’s understandable, what with me being the hotter, better, superior choice.

Team Damon: You tell ‘im!

Stefan Salvatore: Glower. Brood. Glower.

Team Damon: But don’t worry… Elena isn’t Katherine!

Elena Gilbert: Hey guys! It’s crazy how much I look like Katherine, isn’t it? Tee hee! Curtsy.

— The Gilbert House – Jeremy’s Den of Awkward Love —

Jeremy Gilbert: Hey Anna! Is there any way I can spin this so I’m sympathetic enough to you that you’ll sleep with me, and sympathetic enough to Uncle John Gilbert that you won’t fang him?

Anna: …No. But I did bring you a vial of my blood. Happy suiciding!

— Founder’s Day – Ground Zero —

Elena Gilbert: Uncle John Gilbert is Daddy John Gilbert? Nose wrinkle.

Stefan Salvatore: Sorry, babe. But I wanted to tell you before Damon cock-blocked me.

Elena Gilbert: My life is so hard! Pout!

Tyler Lockwood: Hey Matt! Still pissed off I made out with your mom, then kicked your ass?

Matt Donovan: Eat me.

Tyler Lockwood: I’ll take that as a “yes.”

Elena Gilbert: Hey Jeremy! Still pissed off I aided and abetted the guys that killed your girlfriend, then had Damon mind-whammy you?

Jeremy Gilbert: Eat me.

Elena Gilbert: I’ll take that as a “yes.”

— Founder’s Day Parade —

The Audience: Checks out.

Elena Gilbert: Hi Bonnie! Princess wave.

Damon Salvatore: Slides into frame. Hi Elena!

The Audience: Checks right back in.

Elena Gilbert: Eye roll.

Bonnie Bennet: Pukeface.

Damon Salvatore: Bonnie, wait! I just wanted to say thank you for using your mind rays to destroy the Plot Device so that Uncle John Gilbert can’t kill me! I like being alive! Sort of! I owe you!

Bonnie Bennet: Guiltyface.

— Watcher’s Council Conspiracy HQ —

Uncle John Gilbert: So, the Plot Device gives off a super-sonic, vampire-felling noise, driving the vampires to their knees. Then the cannon fodder Sheriff’s Deputies rush in and die inject them with vervain, and then, once the danger’s over, I rush in and stake-stake-stake my way into Aunt Jenna’s pants. Clear?

— Tombpire’s Conspiracy HQ —

Anna: Hi guys! I may or may not be a snitch!

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Damon Salvatore: Hey Elena! I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re hotter dressed in modern clothes. I mean, only a total loser would hang around you just because you look like some chick from 1864. Oh, wait, why does Stefan like you again…?

Elena Gilbert: Okay Damon I love Stefan and he’s worried that I might fall for you so you need to stop being all flirty and hot and you really need to stop doing that eye thing okay?

Damon Salvatore: What eye thing? Does the eye thing.

Team Damon: Swoon.

Damon Salvatore: Oh, that eye thing. Tee hee!

Elena Gilbert: Hi Jeremy! I’m a total bitch! How can I make that up to you?

Jeremy Gilbert: You can go to hell, Elena.

Elena Gilbert: Okay… Bing says that it’s like eleven hours away but that’s all right because Stefan has a car but wait it’s old and really slow and it might break down so maybe we should take Damon’s car that got us all the way to Georgia with no problem and I bet Stefan won’t mind! Tee hee!

— Founder’s Day Fair —

Damon Salvatore: Let’s see… I like Elena, Elena wants Jeremy to like her again… I know! I’ll beat up Jeremy until he stops being such an emo little bitch! Violence solves everything!

Stefan Salvatore: …Or we could try explaining ourselves rationally and patiently.

Damon Salvatore: ..Douche.

— Mystic Falls – City Hall —

Sheriff Forbes: I think your plan to use the whole town as bait sucks!

Uncle John Gilbert: I understand your concerns, but before you say “no,” I’d like you to consider: donkey punch!

— Founder’s Day – Ground Zero —

Anna: So… the tombpires are kinda sorta planning to murder everyone until they’re dead. But Uncle John Gilbert’s Plot Device can stop them! We should go hide where it’s safe!

Damon Salvatore: The Plot Device doesn’t work. The witch that hates me and you and everyone else made sure of it. Which means: super vampire being a hero to impress Elena and get into her pants powers activate!

Team Damon: That’s it, Katerina Graham is toast.

Katerina Graham: Wait, wait, you’re confusing me, Katerina Graham, the actor, with Bonnie Bennet, the character I play!

Team Damon: Hiss!

Katherine Graham: O_o Backs away slowly.

Sonny the Unnamed Vampire Leader: Let’s kill us some humans! And remember: only one main character!

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Mayor Lockwood: Hey Tyler! I don’t want to cause a panic, but you and your friends need to take my car and get the hell out of here as fast as you can!

Caroline Forbes: OMG TERRORISTS! Panic!

Anna: Hi Jeremy! I need you to come into the ladies’ room so we can…

Jeremy Gilbert: ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease

Anna: …talk.

Jeremy Gilbert: Goddammit!

— Founder’s Day – Ground Zero —

Mayor Lockwood: Mystic Falls is the kind of town everyone wants to call home. That’s why we have a population of 147!

Sonny the Unnamed Vampire Leader: Angryface!

Mayor Lockwood: Anyway! Significant look, chin nod.

Sheriff’s Deputy: Radio mutter.

Uncle John Gilbert: Plot Device powers activate!

Damon Salvatore: This is less than ideal!

Stefan Salvatore: And totally unforeseen!

Thomas: “Unfoeseen” has a lot of ‘e’s in it!

Sheriff’s Deputies: Anti-vampire pot needle powers activate!

Damon Salvatore: Gets taken!

Mayor Lockwood: Gets taken! (Opps!)

Anna: Gets taken!

Stefan Salvatore: Gets taken rescued by Alaric!

— Highway to Hell —

Tyler Lockwood: Ow, my head! It’s like my eardrums are being pierced by a wolf whistle or something! I better crash my car!

Caroline Forbes: I’ll help!

— The Old Gilbert Building of Burning —

Uncle John Gilbert: Don’t mind me, just pouring some gas on your soon to be less animated corpses! Oh, hi Anna! Stake!

Team Anna: Rage!

Uncle John Gilbert: Lights the building on fire.

Damon Salvatore: Being a hero sucks.

Mayor Lockwood: So, whatcha in for?

Damon Salvatore: Vampire. You?

Mayor Lockwood: Werewolf.

Damon Salvatore: Okay then.

— Highway to Hell —

EMT: Pulse steady, pressure good, eyes lupine… looks like he’s going to be okay.

Caroline Forbes: I’m not! Falls.

— Founder’s Day – Ground Zero —

Stefan Salvatore: Super vampire wildly inconsistent powers of hearing a burning building from three blocks away so I can hopefully rescue my brother in time so Team Damon doesn’t murder me in my sleep powers activate!

Uncle John Gilbert: Hi Elena! Arm grab!

Elena Gilbert: Please let me go so I can help my boyfriend help my other boyfriend good friend just friends nothing to see here please move along!

Uncle John Gilbert: I’m thinking… no.

Elena Gilbert: Please… daddy?

Uncle John Gilbert: …goddammit.

— The Old Gilbert Building of Burning —

Bonnie Bennet: I’m a witch! I can stop fires with my brain!

Stefan Salvatore: That’s convenient! Rushes into the burning building.

Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore: Super vampire escaping because we can run really really fast powers activate!

— Mystic Pizza Grill Emergency Field Hospital —

Elena Gilbert: I love you Stefan!

Stefan Salvatore: But… Damon is so hot and he’s a bad boy and I know how you girls love your bad boys and he does that thing with his eyes and…

Elena Gilbert: Not helping!

— The Gilbert House – Jeremy’s Den of Sorrow —

Jeremy Gilbert: Emo! Woe! Pain!

Damon Salvatore: Hey Jeremy! Anna’s dead! Also, I’m… what’s that word? Has to do with guilt? Sorry! I’m sorry about what I did to Vicki. It was… something about moral culpability, starts with a ‘w’… wrong! I was wrong. Man, being a good guy sucks.

Jeremy Gilbert: Is it true that vampires can shut off the emo and the woe and the pain?

Damon Salvatore: Sure is! Don’t go doing anything dumb now!

— Mystic Falls – Improbably Large Hospital —

Sheriff Forbes: Hey guys! Caroline’s in surgery. Sure hope she doesn’t die like your father did!

Tyler Lockwood: Wait, what?

— The Gilbert House – Jeremy’s Bathroom of Let’s Just End it All —

Jeremy Gilbert: Let’s see… vial of blood, full bottle of narcotics… time to get this party started! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

— Mystic Pizza Grill Emergency Field Hospital —

Bonnie Bennet: Hi Stefan! I’m a witch! I can kill Damon with my brain! And you, too, if I need to! Better behave! </santa>

Stefan Salvatore: If I was the cool vampire brother, I’d totally be snapping your neck right now.

Bonnie Bennet: What was that?

Stefan Salvatore: Nothing! Nervous laugh.

— The Gilbert House of Brewing Drama —

Damon Salvatore: Hey Elena! Just dropped by to try and do the right thing. And by “right thing,” I totally don’t mean “turn your brother into a vampire!” Anyway, I’ve got this whole good guy thing going on now, and I kind of blame you for it. On the other hand, I’m not dead because you convinced Bonnie “I’m a Witch” Bennet to mind ray the flames away, so… cheek kiss!

Team Damon: Squee!

Damon Salvatore: Oh, and by the way, mouth kiss!

Elena Gilbert: I support this idea! Smootch!

Team Damon: [note: Mere HTML is insufficient to convey the outpouring of squee at this turn of events -Thomas]

Aunt Jenna: Hi guys! I’m judgmental!

— The Gilbert House – Kitchen of Didn’t See That Coming —

Uncle John Gilbert: Elena, I loved your mother, and I’m sorry about being such a raging douche.

Elena Gilbert Katherine Pierce: I accept your apology. Also: Super vampire cutting off your Ring of Not Dying (and all of your fingers) then stabbing you to death powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Hi guys! I’m home!

The Screen: Goes black.

The Vampire Diaries – Season One: Is over.

Season Two: Isn’t on until September.

The Fans: Nooooooo!</vader>

On to the next season!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Isobel Flemming: Hey Alaric! How’ve you been since I ripped your heart out, burned it, danced on the ashes, mothered an illegitimate child, hid her from you, slept with Damon, let Damon feed on me, and got turned into a vampire? And how’s Elena doing?

Alaric Saltzman: Eff. You.

Isobel Flemming: Well okay then! I’ll just go on a murder spree!

— Cell Phone City —

Elena Gilbert: Hey you! Just calling to check in!

Damon Salvatore: I-

Team Damon: Squee!

Damon Salvatore: Ahem, I’m fine, but Stefan… He’s all good and noble and not fanging innocent young girls anymore. You have him so whipped.

Elena Gilbert: Yay! Well I have to go meet Caroline!

Damon Salvatore: Have fun with her. I know I did.

Thomas: Direct quote. I <3 Damon.

— Mystic Falls 90210 —

Caroline Forbes: All of my friends are fighting, and that makes me sad! Because if they’re fighting, they’re too busy to pay attention to me!

— Alaric’s Classroom of Doom and Gloom —

Elena Gilbert: Sadface.

Stefan Salvatore: Broodface.

Alaric Saltzman: Angstface.

Damon Salvatore: Okay, what’s up with the emo-fest? You guys look like your long lost vampire wife / mother came back and threatened to murder the whole town or something.

Everyone Else: …

Damon Salvatore: …goddammit.

— Isobel’s House of Ill Repute —

Isobel Flemming: Hey Uncle John Gilbert! I’d like to introduce you to Mostly Naked Jazz Singer Chick and Largely Nude Sometimes Gay Cowboy! Vampire mind control powers rock!

Uncle John Gilbert: Look, babe… I may need you, but that doesn’t mean I like you. I do not approve of your lifestyle.

The Republican Party: Hey, we hate gays vampires, too! We should do lunch!

Isobel Flemming: Anyway, did you find the Original John Gilbert’s Vampire Gizmo yet? No? Well, in that case, vampire bitchslap powers activate!

— Alaric’s Classroom of Doom and Gloom —

Damon Salvatore: Allright, allright, letting Isobel murder the entire town is off the table. But I still don’t think it’s a good idea for you to meet with her.

Elena Gilbert: But why? She’s my mother and well I don’t really love her in fact I kind of hate her but I still want to know where I come from because I never really believed that story about the stork and now I think it might have been a bat because you know vampire and besides it isn’t like she’s going to fang me or something! Tee hee!

Damon Salvatore: Facepalm.

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Elena Gilbert: Can you hear me, Stefan?

Stefan Salvatore: Why yes, my wildly inconsistent powers of vampire hearing allow me to hear your hushed whisper in this crowded bar with perfect clarity!

Elena Gilbert: Oh good! I was afraid that I’d have to meet my mother all alone and there would be no one to protect me from the evil, child abandoning, husband leaving, whole town threatening vamp-

Isobel Flemming: Hi Elena!

Elena Gilbert: -ire.

Isobel Flemming: Time for some character development! I’ll go first! I’m a huge bitch!

Elena Gilbert: That’s it?

Isobel Flemming: Yep!

— Bromance Park —

Alaric Saltzman: I don’t get it! Why is my wife so cold and callous? Stefan is a vampire, and he’s all noble and good! You’re a vampire, and you’re… well, a dick, but at least you have feelings! What happened to Isobel?

Damon Salvatore: Super vampire sociopathy powers activate. It’s a thing. Can we kill her now?

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Isobel Flemming: So, long story short, I want The Original John Gilbert’s Plot Device, and I’ll murder the entire town until you give it to me. And did I mention that I’m a huge bitch? Because I am. Tootles!

Elena Gilbert: Weep!

Stefan Salvatore: Cautious attempts at comfort!

Bonnie Bennet: Screw you, vampire boy! I’m outta here!

— The Gilbert House of Young (For a Vampire) Love —

Jeremy Gilbert: Hey Anna, Jeremy again. I’ve tried to leave you like three hundred voice mails today, but I guess you’re not getting them, because you didn’t call me back instantly. I heart you!

Uncle John Gilbert: Girl trouble, huh? I hope she’s not off plotting revenge for the murder of her mother or anything! But seriously, if you need someone to talk to… well, let’s just say I have intimate knowledge of the female of the species, if you know what I mean.

Aunt Jenna: Gag!

Uncle John Gilbert: I got into your pants, didn’t I?

Jeremy Gilbert: Gag!

— Isobel’s House of Ill Repute —

Damon Salvatore and The Mostly Naked Jazz Singer Chick: Play Strip Poker.

Damon Salvatore: Is losing.

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: Swoon!

Isobel Flemming: Hey Damon! I want the Plot Device! Oh, and did I mention that I want it so I can give it to… Katherine? Also: sexy time now?

Damon Salvatore: One: I like this town, and I would appreciate it if you could not screw this up for me. Two: I like Elena, and I”m pretty sure she’s going to get bored with Stefan’s emotude soon-

Team Damon: Yay!

Damon Salvatore: …and I would appreciate it if you would not screw that up, either. Three: Katherine is a bitch. Four: I’m all about killing the messenger, because it sends a message. Also: throat grab! Head slam! Angry face!

Thomas: I still <3 Damon.

— The Gilbert House of Reconciliation —

Bonnie Bennet: Elena, I’ve been a terrible friend! I know something’s wrong… what happened?

Elena Gilbert: I met my birth mother!

Bonnie Bennet: That’s great!

Elena Gilbert: She’s a vampire!

Bonnie Bennet: That’s less than ideal!

— Mystic Falls Flotilla Construction Facility —

Tyler Lockwood: Hey bro, how’s your mom?

Matt Donovan: Oh, you mean the mom that I caught you playing tonsil hockey with? Eat me.

Tyler Lockwood: That… didn’t go how I planned.

— Mystic Falls High Mad Scientist’s Laboratory —

Bonnie Bennet: Hey Elena! All of those Plot Devices the Original John Gilbert invented? Total crap! My ghost-witch-aunt used magic to make them work! The one your mom wants is a weapon! It kills vampires! That makes me happy!

— Mystic Falls Flotilla Construction Facility —

Jeremy Gilbert: Hey Elena! Do you know where Anna is?

Elena Gilbert: …how would I know where Anna is?

Jeremy Gilbert: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the vampire you’re sleeping with, or the vampire everyone watching wants you to be sleeping with, has talked to her recently.

Elena Gilbert: Sure, Elena. Just write everything down in your diary. No one’s ever stolen a diary before. And if they did, they wouldn’t believe vampires are real! They’d just assume you’re crazy, and throw you in a looney bin. Great plan, Elena, great plan.

Isobel Flemming: Hi Elena! This is my gay cowboy friend! He’s going to jump on that float and make it come crashing down on your ex-boyfriend!

Gay Cowboy Friend: Leap!

Float: Crash!

Matt Donovan: Scream!

Stefan Salvatore: Vampire lifting the really heavy truck thing off my girlfriend’s ex boyfriend powers activate!

Isobel Flemming: Wow, breaking humans sure is easy! And fun! Also, I have your brother! Tell Damon I said hello! Also: I’m a huge bitch!

— Isobel’s House of Ill Repute —

Isobel Flemming: Hey Uncle John Gilbert! I invited you over to my house of ill repute so I could tell you that I kidnaped your nephew! That advances my plans somehow!

Uncle John Gilbert: Isobel, I know that there’s good in you. I can feel it. Let him go. </heartfelt>

Isobel Flemming: Well, that’s one option. Alternatly:

Gay Cowboy Friend: Lamp smash! Throat stomp! Rib kick!

Isobel Flemming: Ring of Not Dying snatch!

Uncle John Gilbert: Bleeds quietly on the carpet.

— Castle Salvatore —

Elena Gilbert: So the plan is, you give us the Plot Device, Bonnie un-magics it until it doesn’t work any more-

Bonnie Bennet: I’m a witch!

Elena Gilbert: -and we get Jeremy back without any more bloodshed.

Damon Salvatore: …okay, you lost me at “no more bloodshed.” Also, I don’t really trust Bonnie. You know, since I tried to kill her and all.

Elena Gilbert: Soulful eyes. You can trust me, Damon.

Damon Salvatore: …I am so getting into those pants.

Team Damon: Yay!

— Isobel’s House of Ill Repute Exposition —

Uncle John Gilbert: Bleed. So the Original John Gilbert invented a Weapon of Mass Vampstruction. Groan. And there’s a group of evil(er) vampires coming back to Mystic Falls, to take revenge on the town. Whimper. Isobel wants them dead, too, which is cool. Bleed. But she also seems to want me dead, which is less than ideal.

— Castle Salvatore —

Bonnie Bennet: Special effects powers activate! There, the weapon designed to get rid of vampires, for whom I have shown an intense, personal hatred, is destroyed. No, I’m not lying about it so Isobel can wipe out all of the vampires in Mystic Falls! Why would you ask that? Nervous laugh.

— Mystic Falls Park —

Isobel Flemming: All right Elena, Jeremy and Uncle John Gilbert are safe back at home. Gimme the Plot Device that I know Damon gave you, because he’s in love with you.

Damon Salvatore: Well that’s awkward.

Team Damon: Yay!

Stefan Salvatore: I am going to severely brood at you when we get home.

— The Gilbert House of The Truth Comes Out —

Elena Gilbert: Jeremy, I can explain everything…

Jeremy Gilbert: Sweet! Because I’m really wondering what happened during the period of time you had Damon erase from my memories! Doorslam!

— Mystic Falls High School —

Isobel Flemming: Hey Alaric! Loooook into my eyyyyyyyyyyes! </dracula> You’re totally over me! But don’t worry, I’m still a huge bitch!

— The Gilbert House of Solace —

Anna: My momma’s dead!

Jeremy Gilbert: So… no nookie tonight?

— Castle Salvatore —

Stefan Salvatore: So, about you putting the moves on my girl…

Damon Salvatore: No worries, bro! We’re just friends. The kind of friends that talk to each other about the deepest secrets, and cry on each other’s shoulders, and stare longingly into each other’s eyes while the boring other vampire detoxes in the wine cellar. By the way: Uncle John Gilbert is also Papa John Gilbert! I’m going to go practice my comforting skills! Tootles!

Stefan Salvatore: …sonofa…

— The Gilbert House of Slowly Healing —

Isobel Flemming: Hey Uncle John Gilbert! The Plot Device and your Ring of Not Dying are on the doorstep. Do me a favor and kill all those vamps from the tomb. Also: could you murder Stefan and Damon until they’re dead?

Uncle John Gilbert: Boy can I!

Isobel Flemming: Thanks babe!

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Caroline Forbes: Bonnie! What’s wrong!

Bonnie Bennet: Well, I may have deliviered a weapon capable of killing her boyfriend into the hands of a woman who really really wants to kill her boyfriend. And then promised them that the weapon was a dud. Also: what do you think about my new bangs?

The Plot: Thickens.

On to the next episode!

— A Quick Glimpse Behind the Scenes —

I have a folder of bookmarks in Firefox labeled “Vampire Positions.” It contains research for a story I’m working on, primarily a bunch of web pages on Feudal and Victorian government. Still, every time I see this folder, I stop and ask myself “was I really that hard up for porn? Did I really go looking for the fanged Kama Sutra?”

— —

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

— Castle Salvatore – Conveniently Located Dungeon —

Stefan Salvatore: Oh, man, what a hangover! It’s like someone jabbed me in the side with a dart filled with anti-vampire pot or something! My head’s all fuzzy! In fact, I’m having a fever dream of…

— Mystic Falls – 1864 —

Stefan Salvatore: Damon, I know how to rescue Katherine from the villagers and the pitchforks and the torches! All we have to do is make a lot of noise until the Original Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council shoots us!

Damon Salvatore: Wait, that doesn’t sound like a very good pl-

The Original Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council: Bang.

Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore: Die.

— Castle Salvatore – Conveniently Located Rehab Clinic —

Elena Gilbert: Oh, but it is ever so hard to see my Stefan locked up like this!

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, it’s a tragedy. Wanna see what’s on TV?

— Mystic Falls – 1864 —

Stefan Salvatore: Hey, guess who’s not really dead… this guy! Wait, why am I not dead?

Emily Bennet: Oh, Katherine’s been mind-whammying you into drinking her blood for weeks. You’re a vampire now. Surprise!

Stefan Salvatore: Wait, Damon’s alive! Katherine must have tricked him, too!

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, she… tricked me. Yep. That’s how it went.

— Castle Salvatore – Damon’s Love Parlour —

Elena Gilbert: Figure out what the Original John Gilbert’s gizmo does yet?

Damon Salvatore: So far, it looks like it’s a plot device.

Elena Gilbert: Neat! Is it cool if I crash here again tonight?

Damon Salvatore: If I say “no,” will you do that thing where a girl wonders why you’re rejecting her, and throws herself at you? Because if yes, then no.

— Mystic Falls 90210 —

Anna: Hey Jeremy! I convinced my mommy to let me come to school, and I mind-whammied the guidance councilor to give me all of the same classes as you!

Jeremy Gilbert: …hot.

— Castle Salvatore – Conveniently Located Feeding Trough —

Damon Salvatore: Hey bro! Brought you some rabbit blood! Drink up!

Stefan Salvatore: I’m sorry, I have like two whole episodes worth of brooding to catch up on. I’ll just be over here in the corner, glowering at the floor and flexing my shoulder muscles.

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: …hot.

— Please Stop With the Cell Phones so I can Tag These Correctly —

Alaric Saltzman: Hey Damon! I’ve got a friend who’s a private investigator, and he thinks my vampire wife, who is also Elena’s vampire mother, is in Grove Hills!

Damon Salvatore: That’s nice. Can you not call me please?

Damon Salvatore’s Product Placement Blackberry: Beeps.

Elena Gilbert: Hey Damon! Just putting together some clothes, and I’ll be right over!

Damon Salvatore: That’s great. Hey, Alaric… I changed my mind, come get me the hell out of here. Oh, Elena? Stefan like puppy blood. Big, floppy eared, golden retriever puppy blood. Can you bring some by? Tootles!

Uncle John Gilbert: Hey Elena!

Elena Gilbert: Eep! Uncle John! What are you doing here?

Uncle John Gilbert: Oh, just watching you rifle through your underwear drawer. Also: what would your mother think if she knew you were dating a vampire?

Elena Gilbert: Um… would that be the mother who is a vampire, or the mother who never told me I was adopted?

Uncle John Gilbert: …fair point.

— Castle Salvatore – Brooditorium —

Stefan Salvatore: Broods.

— Mystic Falls – 1864 —

Damon Salvatore: Well, Katherine’s dead, our father betrayed us, and the villagers shot us. There’s nothing left to live for, so we might as well kill ourselves before we turn completely into vampires.

Stefan Salvatore: Okay, but first, let’s bathe in the river. Together.

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: Squee!

— Castle Salvatore – Brooditorium —

Elena Gilbert: Stefan you have to eat because if you don’t eat you’ll get all dried out and corpsey and then how can I kiss you?

Stefan Salvatore: Brood!

Elena Gilbert: Stefan I love you and I want you to get better and I even brought you puppy blood please eat!

Stefan Salvatore: Suicidal brood!

Myspace, LiveJournal, Etc: We did that first.

Damon Salvatore: Drama queen.

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Uncle John Gilbert: Well Pearl, I know you have no intention of giving me the Original John Gilbert’s Vampire Gizmo, but I don’t think you counted on the power of my wit and charm. Behold… may I buy you a drink?

Pearl: …that’s it?

— Gilbert House – Jeremy’s Bungalow of Passion —

Anna: …blah blah blah, and they’re all looking for this Vampire Gizmo my mommy gave Damon, and now your uncle wants us all dead.

Jeremy Gilbert: How do you know Uncle John wants you all dead?

Anna: The Welcome to Mystic Falls fruit basket, with a card that says “Hey vampires, I want you all dead! Love, Uncle John Gilbert” was a big clue.

Jeremy Gilbert: You’re hot!

Anna: I’m naked!

Jeremy Gilbert: That’s convenient!

Anna and Jeremy Gilbert: Smootch!

— Uncle John Gilbert’s Halfway House for Vampires —

Damon Salvatore: No barrier on the threshold, bunch of blood in the fridge, looks like this place is home to a bunch of-

Henry the Random Vampire: Surprise fang tackle!

Alaric Saltzman: Surprise wooden stake knuckles!

Damon Salvatore: Vampires.

— Castle Salvatore – Brooditorium —

Elena Gilbert: Weep!

Stefan Salvatore: Brood!

— Mystic Falls – 1864 —

Papa Salvatore: So, about this Watcher’s journal… I was thinking that my sons’ entries would read better as “hapless victims of the Battle of Willow Creek” than “dirty rotten hellbound vampire sympathizers.” What do you guys think?

The Original John Gilbert: Agrees.

— Castle Salvatore – Brooditorium —

Stefan Salvatore: Brood!

Elena Gilbert: Oh my! Someone went and unlocked this big old dungeon door! Well, I might as well bring in this bottle of blood!

Stefan Salvatore: Fangs! Bottle slap! Intimidate!

Elena Gilbert: Get over yourself, Stefan. I’m not going anywhere. You see this face? This is my serious face. :-{ You know what happens when I put on my serious face.

Stefan Salvatore: Pout! Brood!

— Uncle John Gilbert’s Halfway House for Vampires —

Damon Salvatore: So, what’s Uncle John up to these days?

Henry the Random Vampire: Oh, you know. He got me this house, taught me how to use the microwave, he’s having me spy on all of the other vampires so he can either kill them or take over the town or both, told me to separate my whites and my colors, the usual.

Alaric Saltzman: Neat. Oh, by the way: stake!

Henry the Random Vampire: Dies.

Thomas: Still wants to know why Alaric isn’t Team Uncle John Gilbert, and why he’s so buddy-buddy with Damon “I Ate Your Wife Then Vamped Her” Salvatore.

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Uncle John Gilbert: Hey, did I ever tell you how much The Original John Gilbert loved you? Wait, did I say “loved?” I meant “regretted not driving a stake through your heart.” My bad.

Pearl: Hey, did I ever tell you that I gave The Original John Gilbert Vampire Gizmo to your best buddy Damon? And that you can rot in hell?

Uncle John Gilbert: Well that’s less than ideal.

— Castle Salvatore – Brooditorium —

Stefan Salvatore: Brood!

Elena Gilbert: Why are you so broody?

Stefan Salvatore: Well, since you mention it…

— Mystic Falls – 1864 —

Stefan Salvatore: Father, I have come to say goodbye!

Papa Salvatore: Egads! How can this be? I watched you die! After I shot you! For being a dirty vampire sympathizer! Stake!

Stefan Salvatore: Stakeblock! Bloodlust! First time fangs!

Papa Salvatore: That went differently in my head.

— Uncle John Gilbert’s Halfway House for Vampires —

Alaric Saltzman: The only woman I ever loved left me without any explanation!

Damon Salvatore: Dude, I know, what with the sleeping with her and the fanging her and all. But I feel your pain. The only woman I ever loved left me without any explanation, too. Beer?

Alaric Saltzman: Mmm. Blood?

Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman: Coming Summer 2010: Bad Boys III: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Fang On You?

— Pearl’s House of Runaway Vampires —

Pearl: Hey Anna, is that boyfriend I smell in your hair? Oh, and did I mention that we’re leaving town tonight?

— Castle Salvatore – Damon’s House of Flashbacks —

Damon Salvatore: So, Stefan eating yet?

Elena Gilbert: No, he still feels too guilty! And I blame you!

Damon Salvatore: Oh really? Because…

— Mystic Falls – 1864 —

Stefan Salvatore: Hey Damon! I just got back from killing our father, and I brought you a present! It’s a girl! Fangs!

Damon Salvatore: Sip, sip, fangs!

— Castle Salvatore – Now Where Did I Leave That Vampire? —

Stefan Salvatore: Brood! (Offscreen)

Elena Gilbert: So, uh, Damon? I may have accidentally left Stefan’s cage open, and he may have kind of wandered away without his Ring of Not Exploding in the Daylight. You wouldn’t happen to know how long it is until sunrise, would you? Tee hee!

— Gilbert House – Jeremy’s Bungalow of Passion —

Breakup Music: Plays.

— Mystic Falls – 1864 —

Damon Salvatore: Hey bro, thanks for making me a vampire! I’m going to thank you by making the rest of your unending life a living hell!

Emily Bennet: And I just dropped by to tell you that you’re under a Gypsy curse: your heart is pure, and you shall never know true happiness!

Angel: I did that first… but at least you get to wink-wink and nudge-nudge the lead girl.

— Misery Mire —

Elena Gilbert: Stefan, with this ring, I thee prevent from exploding in the sunlight, and promise to love you and wink you and nudge you, till next season do us part.

Stefan Salvatore: Brood! Smooch! Brood!

Team Damon: …goddammit.

— Pearl’s House of Runaway Vampires —

Pearl: Oh, how sweet! The Token Black Vampire packed up my things for me! Hey, where did this stake in my heart come from? Dies.

— Castle Salvatore – House of Prodigal Brothers —

Damon Salvatore: So, you feeling all righteous and straight edge again?

Stefan Salvatore: Sure do!

Damon Salvatore: Thank God… this whole “not quite so evil” thing was getting to be a drag. Now I can go back to hating you and eating cute young couples!

— Pearl’s House of Runaway Vampires —

Anna: …Momma?

— Mystic Pizza Grill —

Alaric Saltzman: Wow, my life sucks. Just about the only thing that could make it worse would be if my vampire sort-of-ex-wife showed up.

Isobel Flemming: Hey Rick!

The Plot: Thickens.

On to the next episode!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

— Mystic Falls High School and Rehab Center —

Stefan Salvatore: Sports car: check. Leather jacket: check. Sunglasses: check.

Midlife Crisis: Underway.

Elena Gilbert: Hey babe! Does this mean you kicked your drug blood habit?

Stefan Salvatore: Ha! No! Now where are your cheerleader buddies?

— Justice League HQ —

Uncle John Gilbert: So, looks like your brother some as-of-yet unknown vampire has been stealing blood from the local Red Cross. Wanna help me track him down and stake him?

Damon Salvatore: I’m thinking… no.

Uncle John Gilbert: Hey, Sheriff Forbes! Guess how Damon has been spending his nights!

Damon Salvatore: Why, helping you track down evil, evil vampires of course! Innocent smirk!

Sheriff Forbes: It’s all right, Damon. I know all about your porn collection. You don’t have to be ashamed.

— Mystic Falls High School – State Curriculum Be Damned —

Stefan Salvatore: I’m back in school! And I’m a vampire!

Bonnie Bennet: I’m back in school! And I’m a witch! With straight hair! And bangs!

Alaric Saltzman: I’m teaching a class on Founder’s Day! Because this story needs exposition!

— Castle Salavtore – Peace Council —

Anna: My mommy’s very very sorry that her friends kidnapped and tortured your brother!

Damon Salvatore: But not sorry enough to come and tell me herself?

Anna: Mommy doesn’t do apologies!

Damon Salvatore: Huh. Well, Damon doesn’t do forgiveness, so that works.

Anna: By the way: your brother’s robbing the blood bank!

— Mystic Falls High School – Today’s One Class is Over —

Elena Gilbert: Bonnie! We haven’t talked in weeks! How’s it going, bestest of bestest buddies!

Caroline Forbes: Bonnie! We haven’t talked in… oh, that’s right! We’ve talked on the phone every night since you left! Mostly about how you hate vampires! And the girls that date them! Hey, I need help picking out a dress for Miss Mystic Falls!

Elena Gilbert: Miss Mystic Falls?

Caroline Forbes: You know, the beauty pageant that we’ve been planning for months, and that the writers totally didn’t come up with at the last moment! But you could totally drop out if you’re too busy!

Elena Gilbert: No, that’s all right. My mom had a whole Barbie doll thing going on with me. She’d want me to beat you enter.

Caroline Forbes: Sadface.

— Castle Salavtore – House of Lies —

Damon Salvatore: Wow, Stefan! You sure are chipper! And that can only mean one thing…

Stefan Salvatore: No, Elena did not agree to dress up like the Biker from the Village People. Pout.

Damon Salvatore: I was going to say “human blood,” but that was way more intriguing…

— Castle Salavtore – Stash House —

Elena Gilbert: Hey baby! Will you take me to the Founder’s Day dance? And eat all of the competition for Miss Mystic Falls?

Stefan Salvatore: Sure, babe! But first…

Stefan Salvatore: Has enough blood stashed away to keep the Red Cross going for the next decade.

Damon Salvatore: Aw, man! I was hoping for Village People costumes! Anyway: you haven’t had human blood for a century and a half, and I know what you’re going through. You’ve got to be careful, man! You can’t go running around robbing blood banks and beating people up!

Stefan Salvatore: Are you trying to be the voice of reason here?

Damon Salvatore: …Goddammit! You see what you’re addiction has done to me?

— Miss Mystic Falls Selection Committee – Because Someone Has to Care —

Caroline Forbes: Here’s an extensive list of my civic involvement, charitable contributions, and noble character traits! Also, I’m pretty much the most beautiful human being alive!

Elena Gilbert: My mommy’s dead! Pity vote powers activate!

— Castle Salavtore – House of Confrontation —

Uncle John Gilbert: So, Elena’s mom and I shared a common interest: sex. Also, some weird invention that Ye Old Gilbert Ancestors cooked up, which happened to fall into the hands of a vampire named… Pearl.

Damon Salvatore: Light switch. So… I’m thinking you need to A) shut the hell up, and B) get the hell out of my house.

Uncle John Gilbert: Gee, it sure would be a shame if someone told the Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council that you’re a vampire, don’t you think?

Damon Salvatore: Gee, it sure would be a shame if someone ate the entire Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council, then cut your hand off, smashed your Ring of Not Dying, and flayed you alive, wouldn’t it?

Uncle John Gilbert: Hey look at the time! Got to be going now! Tootles!

— Miss Mystic Falls Boot Camp —

Mama Lockwood: Honor your partner…

Thomas: Is that what they call it these days?

Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: Flirty face!

Mama Lockwood: So, this dance is all about not actually touching your partner.

Edward Cullen: I approve!

Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: Lame.

Caroline Forbes: I deserve to be MMF! My Grandma was MMF! Both my Aunts were MMF! But Elena’s probably going to win, since her stupid mother is all dead and stuff! Pout! </entitled-rich-white-girl>

Stefan Salvatore: Hey Bonnie!

Bonnie Bennet: Icy stare.

Elena Gilbert: Bonnie! What’s wrong?

Bonnie Bennet: You mean aside from the fact that your boyfriend is a blood-sucking fiend that got me kidnapped, my grandmother killed, and set a horde or vampires loose on the town? Nothing!

— Mystic Falls High School – Parking Lot of Doom —

Unimportant Guy: Oh no! I tripped and fell and cut open my leg!

Stefan Salvatore: Bloodlust!

Alaric Saltzman: Intervention!

Stefan Salvatore: Throat grab!

— Casa Gilbert —

Alaric Saltzman: So… is Stefan doing all right?

Elena Gilbert: Well, he went through a rough patch, but he’s bouncing back.

Alaric Saltzman: And by “bouncing back” you mean “eating the basketball team?”

Uncle John Gilbert: Hey Aunt Jenna! Care to accompany me to the Founder’s Day Dance?

Alaric Saltzman: That’s all right, I’ve got this one! Cock block powers activate!

— Mystic Falls Town Hall – Totally Not Built By Slaves —

Damon Salvatore: So Uncle John Gilbert knows our secret and thinks Pearl might have a MacGuffin that he really really wants and boy it would be a shame if my two worst enemies destroyed each other, wouldn’t it? Innocent smile.

Pearl: …

Jeremy Gilbert: Hey Uncle John! Have you read any of Uncle John the First’s journals? Sure is crazy, what with all the vampires, huh?

Uncle John Gilbert: Sniff, sniff. Is that a future vampire hunter I smell?

Damon Salvatore: Hi Elena!

Elena Gilbert: Damon! I’m getting dressed for the beauty pageant!

Damon Salvatore: Don’t let me stop you. Anyway, just thought you’d like to know Stefan’s off the wagon again! Later!

Anna: You used me! For sex fangs!

Jeremy Gilbert: Oh, and you weren’t going to give my blood to your mother, like it says in John Gilbert’s Guide to Plot Complications?

Anna: …damn. Busted.

Stefan Salvatore: What’s up, you guys!

Elena Gilbert: I know you’re drinking human blood again!

Damon Salvatore: And I’m going downstairs to get drunk. Graceful exit.

Stefan Salvatore: Elena, what’s wrong? I mean, aside from the stealing and the lying and the violent urges, I’m still the same broody guy who slept with you because you look like my ex!

Elena Gilbert: …

Stefan Salvatore: Rage! Angst! Mirror smash!

Amber: Eeep!

Stefan Salvatore: Fangs! Kidnap! Mind whammy!

Announcer Dude: Ms. Elena Gilbert, escorted by Mr. Stefan Damon Salvatore!

Team Damon: Squee!

Team Stefan: Grr!

Team Switzerland: Chocolate?

Elena Gilbert: This is horrible! What are we going to do?

Damon Salvatore: For now? Fake it. You should be used to that. You are dating my brother, after all.

Within Temptation: Plays.

Thomas: Already owns the album.

Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: Dance.

Team Stefan: Rage!

Team Damon: Swoon!

Team Switzerland: Cheese?

Stefan Salvatore: I shouldn’t do this I can’t do this I’m the good brother and if I do this there’s no going back but you’re so tasty looking and I haven’t had a blonde in ages and oh emo!

Amber: Go for it!

Stefan Salvatore: Okay! Fangs!

Mayor Lockwood: Well, before I crown the winner, I’d like to thank all of these ladies for their efforts to better our community. By being physically attractive. And now, without further ado, the Elena Gilbert Award for being Really Really Hot goes to… Caroline Forbes!

Uncle John Gilbert: Signs of a struggle, blood in the sink, missing girl… you know what this means.

Sheriff Forbes: It means we need Damon to save us!

Uncle John Gilbert: Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what that means. Facepalm.

Stefan Salvatore: Fangs!

Amber: Scream!

Damon Salvatore: Stop my brother from eating the human girl powers activate!

Stefan Salvatore: Throw my brother across the woods because I’m all hopped up on human blood and I’m not a wuss anymore powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Woe! Shock! Misery!

Bonnie Bennet: Did I mention I’m a witch? Mind ray powers activate!

Thomas: Huh. Well played, madam. Well played.

Uncle John Gilbert: So, who’s the girl chatting up Jeremy?

Aunt Jenna: That’s Anna! Her mother’s Pearl! They’re vampires!

Alaric Saltzman: Hey Elena! You look like your boyfriend just fanged another woman!

— Castle Salvatore – Plot Devices ‘R’ Us —

Pearl: Hey Damon! Here’s the MacGuffin! We heart Mystic Falls! Whoo!

— Castle Salvatore – Heartbreak Hotel —

Elena Gilbert: Stefan! I know that wasn’t the real you! It’s the drugs blood that makes you do all these mean things! I know you really love me! And if Hollywood has taught me anything, it’s that a bad boy can be saved by the love of an innocent girl!

Stefan Salvatore: Rage! Smash! Sorrow! Hug!

Elena Gilbert: It’s all right, Stefan, it’s all right. But, um… could you not put your face so close to my neck? Oh, and: verveine!

— Castle Salvatore – The Dungeon was an Addition —

Damon Salvatore: Hey Stefan? Remember how you locked me in this dungeon a few months ago? Really, this is for your own good.

Elena Gilbert: Keeping a vigil on my addict boyfriend powers activate!

Damon Salvatore: Well, I’ve got nowhere better to be. Guess I’ll chill with you for a while.

Team Stefan: Weep!

Team Damon: Sigh!

Team Switzerland: Expertly crafted watch?

The Plot: Thickens.

On to the next episode!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

— Castle Salvatore – Rehab Clinic and Gym —

Stefan Salvatore: Is using the “exercise and more exercise” method of dealing with his sexual frustrations bloodlust.

Damon Salvatore: Wow, you sure worked up a sweat! You know what you need? A nice warm glass of type O-Negative.

Stefan Salvatore: No! I cannot! For it is wrong, and I am a noble, penitent vampire! Perhaps even with a soul! </angel>

Damon Salvatore: Okay then. Well, I’ll just leave this glass sitting here on the end table..

Stefan Salvatore: Salivate, tummy ruble, drool…

Damon Salvatore: Ha! Gotcha!

— Gilbert House of Awkward Family Relations —

Uncle John Gilbert: Has never been a good guy on a show ever, even if he seemed like a good guy to start out. Chances he’s a dick on TVD: about 100%.

Aunt Jenna: Hey uncle John! Did you sign the escrow papers so I can sell the old office so I can put Elena and Jeremy through college, and pay for the treatment for Lassie’s cancer, and feed some starving orphans?

Uncle John Gilbert: Ha, no! I’m going to use this one area of power to force myself back into your life, and make you cater to my every whim!

Uncle John Gilbert: Is a dick.

— Mystic Falls High School, 90210 —

Elena Gilbert: My family situation is all screwed up!

Matt Donovan: My Family situation is screwed up!

Elena Gilbert: Let’s console each other!

Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes (Offscreen): Grumble, angst, pout.

— Mystic Falls High School, 4:20pm —

Tyler Lockwood: Did you hear? They say Vicki ODed!

Jeremy Gilbert: Really?

Tyler Lockwood: Yeah man. They found a needle hole the size of a wooden stake right through her heart.

Jeremy Gilbert: Damn, that’s hardcore.

— Justice League HQ —

Uncle John Gilbert: So, fellow members of the Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council, I fear I must report that the local blood bank had been raided, and numerous hikers and campers have gone missing. Those found have had their throats torn out, and been drained of blood. I fear there are vampires in your midst!

Mayor Lockwood: Is an adult in a teen horror series, and thus doesn’t believe him.

— Mystic Falls High School – Come in and Close the Door —

Alaric Saltzman: Hey Elena! Check out this history paper your brother wrote. It’s about vampires!

Elena Gilbert: What? But how could he know? I’ve done everything possible to protect him from this terrible knowledge! Like having Damon loooook into his eyyyyyyyyyyes </dracula> and burry his vampire ex-girlfriend’s body in a shallow grave and everything!

— Gilbert House of Even Awkwarder Family Relations —

Aunt Jenna: Hey Uncle John! You’re a dick!

Jeremy Gilbert: Dude, why does she hate you so much?

Uncle John Gilbert: I never told her the Gilbert Family Secret: we’re vampire hunters! Also: we used to sleep together.

Aunt Jenna: Hey!

— Gilbert House – Elena’s Bedroom of Winks and Nudges —

Elena Gilbert: I’m worried about my brother! And I’m tired of all these secrets!

Stefan Salvatore: Have you thought about telling him the truth?

Elena Gilbert: What? That’s crazy talk! Anyway: smooch!

Stefan Salvatore: Grr! Arg! Ugh!

Elena Gilbert: What’s wrong?

Stefan Salvatore: My… fangs… are popping… out.

— Gilbert House – Elena’s Bedroom of Meeting with the Enemy —

Elena Gilbert: I’m worried about Stefan!

Damon Salvatore: Me too! He’s got a real chance to stop being such a boring dick all the time, and I’m really worried he’s gonna blow it. Hey, nice underwear drawer!

— Castle Salvatore Rehab Center and Wet Bar —

Stefan Salvatore: You know what always helps me get control of myself? Whiskey! Clang!

— The Lost Woods —

Elena Gilbert: I’m adopted! Let’s talk about vampires!

Jeremy Gilbert: …?

— Justice League HQ – Party like it’s 1999 1860 —

Stefan Salvatore: I need a drink! Clang!

Momma Donovan: I need a drink! Clang!

Tyler Lockwood: I need a drink! Clang!

Momma Donovan: I need a drink! Clang!

Thomas: Loves these people.

— Justice League HQ – Play That Funky Music White Boy —

Stefan Salvatore: Hey Elena! Wanna dance!

Elena Gilbert: You hate dancing!

Stefan Salvatore: Sober me hates dancing. Drunk me is about to act a fool!

Elena Gilbert: No one else is dancing!

Stefan Salvatore: That’s because this music sucks! Hey DJ: Loooook into my eyyyyyyyyyyes! </dracula> Whoo!

Damon Salvatore: That’s my boy!

— Justice League HQ – Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting —

Elena Gilbert: You spin me right round baby, right round!

Elena Gilbert: Bumps into some dude on the dance floor.

Some Dude on the Dance Floor: Watch it, you clumsy cow!

Stefan Salvatore: Beer muscle powers activate! Plus, Dracula eyes!

Some Dude on the Dance Floor: I am very very sorry and it will never happen again and I think I wet myself can I go now please don’t eat me.

Stefan Salvatore: See babe! Nothing to worry about when I’m around!

Elena Gilbert: 0_o

— Justice League HQ – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor —

Uncle John Gilbert: Hey, did you hear the story about the vampires who got sealed in an underground tomb, and were set free by a vampire named Damon salvatore, who happens to be masquerading as a member of the Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council?

Damon Salvatore: Hey, did you hear the story about a guy who tried to threaten a vampire and got his neck snapped, and then got tossed over the balcony?

— Justice League HQ – Tell Me Lies —

Jeremy Gilbert: Elena! Tell me the truth! Do you believe this story about Vicki ODing?

Elena Gilbert: What? What do you mean? Of course I do! Nervous laugh.

Jeremy Gilbert: Why won’t you look me in the eyes and say that?

Elena Gilbert: What? That doesn’t mean anything!

Jeremy Gilbert: Yes it does! I watch Lie to Me! And The Mentalist!

— Justice League HQ – Bad Romance —

Momma Donovan: Awkward sexy time?

Tyler Lockwood: Eh, why not?

Matt Donovan: Dude? What the hell! Facepunch!

Tyler Lockwood: Grr! Reversal! Mount! Facepunch! Facepunch! Facepunch!

Alaric Saltzman: Dude, what the hell’s wrong with you?

Tyler Lockwood: Oh, I don’t know. Must be the full moon or something.

— Justice League HQ – Real Bad News —

Damon Salvatore: So, do you want to hear the bad news, or the really bad news?

Stefan Salvatore: Nope! Whiskey!

Damon Salvatore: Allow me to rephrase: do you want to hear about how the Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council is back in vampire hunting mode, or how I just killed Uncle John Gilbert?

Thomas: Really. Direct quote. <3 Damon.

— Justice League HQ – Addicted —

Momma Donovan: Weep, bleed, weep!

Stefan Salvatore: Why Mrs. Donovan! You combine two of my favorite traits in a woman: emotional dependency and open wounds! FInger lick!

— Justice League HQ -Bad Body Double —

Damon Salvatore: Wow, they sure did hire some hot women to come to this party!

Uncle John Gilbert: Hi Damon! I’m not dead!

Damon Salvatore: …goddammit.

— Justice League HQ – Let Freedom Ring —

Damon Salvatore: Hey Alaric! Did you notice Uncle John is wearing the same kind of Ring of Not Dying that you are?

Alaric Saltzman: You mean…?

Damon Salvatore: Yep. Pretty sure he was sleeping with your wife, too.

— Justice League HQ – Mama Said Knock You Out —

Some Dude on the Dance Floor: Shove! Taunt! Punch!

Stefan Salvatore: Fist grab! Hand crunch! Veiny Eyes!

Some Dude on the Dance Floor: Hey look at the time go to be going what the hell are you please don’t eat me!

— Gilbert House of This is Going to be Hard to Explain —

Jeremy Gilbert: Rummages through Elena’s room.

Elena Gilbert’s Diary: “Dear Diary, Stefan is a vampire! So is Damon! So was Vicki! But Stefan killed her and Damon took away Jeremy’s memories! So glad that’s over! Hehe! <3 -Elena”

— Justice League HQ – Bad to the Bone —

Elena Gilbert: Hey, Some Dude on the Dance Floor was beaten up and is laying on the ground! Sure hope Stefan doesn’t have anything to do with this! Tee hee!

— Justice League HQ – Bad Moon Rising —

Tyler Lockwood: I’m sorry dad! I don’t know what came over me!

Mayor Lockwood: Oh, it’s okay, son!

Tyler Lockwood: Really?

Mayor Lockwood: Ha, no! Faceslap!

— Justice League HQ – Complicated —

Uncle John Gilbert: Hey guys! I know all about you vampires, and Katherine, and I’m also the one that sent your wife to Damon to get vamped, oh, and I’ve got a kill switch on my computer that will email all of the sexy photos dark secrets I have on you guys to the Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council if anything happens to me. Tootles!

Damon Salvatore: …but I, er…

Alaric Saltzman: …but he, wibble…

— Gilbert House of Truth and Lies —

Elena Gilbert: Hey Jeremy!

Jeremy Gilbert: Hey, you lying hussy!

Stefan Salvatore: Window creep! Hey, Elena!

Elena Gilbert: Heart attack! Hey babe! What’s up?

Stefan Salvatore: I got Mama Donovan’s blood on my hands, and it freaked me out, and I almost ate a guy, and I think I’m an addict and please please help.

Thomas: Well I’ll be damned. He actually told her.

Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: <3

— Castle Salvatore – Enablers ‘r’ Us —

Damon Salvatore: Hey Stefan! We’ve got a problem… … and wow, you look like crap. Tell you what, I’m going to leave this cup of blood sitting here on the table, and head to bed. Later!

Stefan Salvatore: …Clang!

The Plot: Thickens.

On to the next episode!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

Gilbert House of Poor Life Choices

Jeremy Gilbert: You have to make me a vampire!

Anna: No! I cannot condemn you to a life of… being able to walk around in the sun with our magic rings of not exploding, and living off of… conveniently available blood supplies, and being eternally young, and hot and… um… trust me, it’s a curse, all right! And why do you want to be a vampire, anyway?

Jeremy Gilbert: Because, um, well, er, you see…

Anna: Huh. Compelling argument, sparky.

Pearl’s House of Angry Vampires

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Grr! Me am angry vampire! Angry vampire smash stupid Salvatore brothers!

Pearl: You mean like you did last episode? How’d that work for you? Girlfriend still dead?

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Grr! Me am sad vampire! Sad vampire smash stupid Salvatore brothers!

Pearl: That’s great, honey. I’m going into town tomorrow, to check out the Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council.

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Grr! Me am angry vampire again! Angry vampire smash stupid Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council!

Pearl: …goddammit.

Castle Salvatore – War Room

Damon Salvatore: Let’s go kick Pearl’s ass! With two of us, I bet she won’t even gouge out my eyes again!

Stefan Salvatore: Let’s think this through carefully, and concoct a plan that will result in minimal conflict, causalities, and entertainment!

Elena Gilbert: Can I get kidnapped again? Please?

Mystic Pizza Grill

Anna: Hey, nice anti-vampire pot bracelet!

Jeremy Gilbert: Thanks! My sister gave it to me! Wanna wear it? I <3 you!

Anna: You just wanna get in my pants coffin.

Jeremy Gilbert: Well, not just

Castle Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore: Going hunting!

Damon Salvatore: Say ‘hi’ to the squirrels for me!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Hey Stefan! Stake!

Gilbert House of We’re Not Here

Elena Gilbert’s Product Placement Blackberry: You have 6 new messages from Damon Salvatore.

Damon Salvatore: You’re ignoring me.

Elena Gilbert: You’re a douche.

Damon Salvatore: Stefan is missing.

Elena Gilbert: Did I say “douche”? I meant “Charming, dashing, ever so helpful vampire who’s going to help me get my hot undead boyfriend back.” Tee hee!

Pearl’s House of Kidnapped Vampires

Damon Salvatore: Pearl! Open this door or I’ll find someone older than you to kick your ass!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Sorry, Pearl’s not here right now. If you’d like to leave a message, please scream “stop torturing my brother!” after I insert a stake in his gut. Stake!

Fredrick’s Cellar of Bondage Porn

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Hey ladies, what do you say to a little fan service?

Stefan Salvatore: Is tied up, mostly naked, and heaving.

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: Squee!

Mystic Falls High School

Elena Gilbert: Please use your magic ring of not dying to help me get my hot undead boyfriend back from the skeezy undead kidnappers!

Alaric Saltzman: Sorry miss, this ain’t my fight.

Damon Salvatore: Pearl can help you find your wife.

Alaric Saltzman: Let’s saddle up!

Mystic Pizza Grill

Jeremy Gilbert: You should turn me because my life sucks and I’m alone and oh emo!

Anna: You want a pity turn?

Thomas: Loves the writers.

Anna: No way, babe. We only turn people for various nefarious purposes. Oh, and true love. And there’s no way I’m going to truly love you for at least another episode or two.

Mayor Lockwood: Why hello there Pearl! It’s always nice to meet a hot potential voter! This is my son Tyler, who is still on this show!

Mystic Falls High School

Damon Salvatore: Wooden stakes, tranquilizer darts filled with anti-vampire pot, Anne Rice novels… looks like you’re good to go, Alaric.

Elena Gilbert: Ooh ooh ooh I wanna join the suicide mission too!

Damon Salvatore: Yeah yeah yeah, true love, I’d die for Stefan, blah bah blah. I can’t kick all manner of vampire ass if I’m also worried about your pert, nubile… ahem, so you can drive the getaway vehicle.

Fredrick’s Torture Shack

Alaric Saltzman: Hey, can I use your phone? My car broke down.

The Human Who Owns the House: Sure!

Alaric Saltzman: And can you invite in my super good friend Damon?

The Human Who Owns the House: Oh, no, he’s not allowed in the house.

Damon Salvatore: Well that’s inconvenient. Say, do you have anyone else living in the house? Husband, kids, grandkids?

The Human Who Owns the House: Why no! It’s just me!

Damon Salvatore: Excellent. Neck snap!

Thomas: Standing ovation!

Mystic Pizza Grill

Jeremy Gilbert: I’m bored. Wanna fang?

Anna: Hey! We’re a secret, remember?

Pearl: So, who’s that boy chatting up my sweet, innocent daughter?

Mayor Lockwood: Oh, don’t worry about him. That’s just Jeremy Gilbert, of the Vampire Hunting Gilberts.

Pearl: Angryface.

Fredrick’s Bondage Palace

Damon Salvatore: Stake stake stakity-stake!

Elena Gilbert: Sneak sneak sneakity-sneak!

Alaric Saltzman: Goddammit Elena. Rescue, rescue, rescity-rescue!

The Lost Woods

Caroline Forbes: Well, here I am, with a broken down car, no cell phone service, and rather insensible shoes. I better go traipsing through the woods! Hey, look, a dead body! Aieee!

Mystic Pizza Grill

Pearl: Stop seeing Jeremy Gilbert!

Anna: Okay.

Thirty seconds later:

Anna: Hey Jeremy, wanna fang?

Fredrick’s Kink Corner

Elena Gilbert: Stefan! I missed you and I love you and wow you sure are hot when you’re all naked and tied up and that gives me ideas for later tonight but wait you’re still in danger so let’s get you out of here and get you fed but not on me that’s gross and then let’s wink-wink and nudge-nudge!

Damon Salvatore: Women. Anyway, you two get out of here. As for me: Avenging Angel of Death powers activate!

Damon Salvatore: Leaves a trail of bodies all through Pearl’s House of Significantly Fewer Vampires for Fredrick to find, and kicks all manner of ass.

Thomas: Note to self: do not piss off Damon.

A Bunch of Vampires: Vampire gang bang!

Damon Salvatore: Sadface

Alaric Saltzman: Rescue! Despite the fact that you ate murdered vamped my wife!

The Lost Woods

Elena Gilbert: Oh no! I have tripped and fallen and cut open my hand! I hope this doesn’t drive Stefan into a blood-crazed frenzy! And look, our car has been inconveniently disabled!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Window break! Boyfriend grab! Stake! Stake! Stake!

Elena Gilbert: Anti-vampire pot tranquilizer dart!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Erk!

Stefan Salvatore: Ack!

Elena Gilbert: Weep!

Pearl’s House of One or Two Vampires

Some Vampire: Fangs!

Alaric Saltzman: Anti-vampire pot tranquilizer dart!

Damon Salvatore: Let’s blow this popsicle stand!

Dozens of Vampires: Surround Pearl’s House of One or Two ^Lots and Lots of Vampires.

Damon Salvatore: Back door?

Alaric Saltzman: Back door.

Donovan House of Newly Tranquil Domesticity

Momma Donovan: I made dinner!

Caroline Forbes: I found a body!

Sheriff Forbes: It was your daughter!

The Lost Woods

Elena Gilbert: Stefan you need to wake up because I love you and I love your abs and you can’t die because I’d miss you and also that skeezy vampire is waking up and I’d really like it if you killed him and hey look I’m bleeding and now I have a plan!

Stefan Salvatore: Reluctant fangs!

Elena Gilbert: Ambiguously orgasmic expression!

Pearl’s House of Wanton Slaughter

Pearl: What did you do?!?

Damon Salvatore: Um, rescued my brother from your merry band of torturers?

Pearl: Oh. Well, that’s awkward. Carry on, then.

The Lost Woods

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Grr! Me am angry vampire! Angry vampire stake stupid Stefan Salvatore!

Stefan Salvatore: Hey, guess who just drank human blood for the first time in a century, and is feeling a lot better? <– this guy!

Stefan Salvatore: Fangs! Range! Stake stake stake stake stake!

Elena Gilbert: Stefan! Stop!

Stefan Salvatore: Shove! Shock! Sorrow!

Elena Gilbert: Pout!

Castle Salvatore – My Boyfriend Has an Anger Problem

Stefan Salvatore: So, it sure was awkward how you saw me go all medieval on that skeezy vampire, wasn’t it? Nervous laugh.

Elena Gilbert: Oh, it’s all my fault! My delicious blood done drive you into a frenzy!

Elena Gilbert’s Product Placement Blackberry: Rings inconviniently.

Elena Gilbert: Hold on… Wait, they found whose body where?

Donovan House of Woe

Caroline Forbes: Matt, I’m so sorry, is there anything I can do to help?

Matt Donovan: No, thanks, I’m going to cry on the shoulder of my hot ex-girlfriend, of whom you are vastly jealous.

Elena Gilbert: Hi, Matt!

Mystic Pizza Grill

Damon Salvatore: Dude, we were bad. ass.

Alaric Saltzman: Facepunch!

Damon Salvatore: So, same time next week? Call me!

Castle Salvatore – Rehab Center

Damon Salvatore: Walks past lots and lots of empty blood bags.

Stefan Salvatore: Is huddled in a corner like an addict on a three day Meth bender.

The Plot: Thickens.

On to the next episode!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

Pearl’s House of Oh My God That’s a lot of Vampires

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Om nom nom.

The Lady Whose House They’ve Stolen: Orgasmic sigh.

Anna: Um… you okay?

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Loooook into my eyyyyyyyyyyes. </dracula>

The Lady Whose House They’ve Stolen: Yes I am perfectly fine and no there are no vampires holding me hostage and drinking my blood would you like some pie? </stepford-wife>

Anna: D-:

Donovan House of Irresponsible Parenting

Matt Donovan: Mom, we talked about this. You were out way past your curfew, you brought a boy home with you, and you need to get a job.

Caroline Forbes: Hi, Momma Donovan!

Momma Donovan: Rowar! Cat Hiss!

Caroline Forbes: D-:

Mystic Falls High School – Yes, We’re Still Open

Stefan Salvatore: Woe is me! Damon still won’t make out talk to me!

Elena Gilbert: Woe is me! My mother is missing got eaten by Damon is a vampire! Who’s related to the vampire that sired you, and screwed damon over!

Stefan Salvatore: Vampires suck.

Jacob “Abs” black: Word.

Matt Donovan: Wanna watch a movie tonight?

Caroline Forbes: And spend time with your deadbeat alcoholic mother who also hates me? Boy do I!

Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: Smooch!

Matt Donovan: She used to kiss me like that…

Caroline Forbes: What was that?

Matt Donovan: What nothing got to go late for class pick out a movie I’ll see you later bye!

Pearl’s House of Vampire Modernization and Career Services

Pearl: And this is how you send a text message, which is what you do when you don’t want to talk to somebody.

Anna: I mind-whammied us a car and an ATM card! Let’s go shopping!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Grr, I’m overbearing and paranoid!

Harper: I’m meek and helpful, just like my kind should be!

Thomas: Well that’s awkward.

Mystic Falls High School – Now Celebrating [1] Weeks Without a Mysterious Death

Caroline Forbes: We should go on a double date! So I can make sure my manwhore of a boyfriend doesn’t still have the hots for you!

Elena Gilbert: That sounds…

Stefan Salvatore: Like a great idea!

Elena Gilbert: Wait, what now?

Castle Salvatore – Pearl Couldn’t Have Gotten in if Damon Hadn’t Killed Uncle Zack

Pearl: Hi, Damon!

Damon Salvatore: Hi, Pearl! Throat grab!

Pearl: Aww, it’s so cute when you pretend to be all tough. Damon tossing powers activate!

Anna: Smirk!

Gilbert House of Poor Research Skills

Jeremy Gilbert: I’ve recently discovered that vampires are real, and I need to know how to defend myself and the people I love! Where can I find this information I know, an internet chat room!

Castle Salvatore – New Carpets Weekly

Pearl: So Anna tells me you’re a member of the Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council. Have you ever considered a career as a double agent?

Damon: Have you ever considered a career in shutting the hell up?

Pearl: Hm. You make an interesting proposition. To which I reply: eye gouge!

Thomas: Huh. Pearl’s kind of a badass.

Gilbert House of We’re All Normal Here

Stefan Salvatore: Surprise! Flowers!

Elena Gilbert: Aww! That’s so sweet I want to cancel our double date!

Stefan Salvatore: I thought you wanted to be more “normal teenager” and less “I’m dating a vampire who’s brother is a vampire, and they’re both surrounded by vampires that keep trying to eat me and do that freaky dracula-eyes thing.”

Elena Gilbert: Have you ever even been on a double date?

Stefan Salvatore: Sure. ’72. Twins. Playmates, actually. I got Ms. June.

Elena Gilbert: Is oddly okay with that.

Mystic Pizza Grill Bar

Momma Donovan: You’re an alcoholic! That’s sexy!

Damon Salvatore: You’re an old woman. That’s not sexy.

Aunt Jenna: I used to be an alcoholic! I’m twenty!

Shots: All around.

Pearl’s House of Stir Crazy Vampires

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Push!

Harper: Shove!

Pearl: Throat grab! Bad vampire! No treat!

Mystic Pizza Grill Bar Falls’ Only Restaurant, Period

Elena Gilbert: So how do you like working here at the Bar-Grill-Pizzaria-Pool-Hall?

Matt Donovan: It’s great! My girlfriend looks down on me, I’m trapped in a dead-end job, and I don’t make enough money to take care of my deadbeat mother! Also: they cannot keep a bartender.

Ben the Vampire Bartender: I’m dead!

Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: Knowing look.

Damon, Momma Donovan, and Aunt Jenna: More shots whoooooooo!

Everyone else: 0_o

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Well, I’ve decided to ignore Pearl’s orders and head into town! Sure hope no one gets staked!

Gilbert House of We Really Need to be Less Hospitable

Anna: He Jeremy, I’m back!

Jeremy Gilbert: Hi Anna! I’m anemic! I bet my blood tastes horrible!

Damon Salvatore: The primary reason for my existence has deserted me, and after the events of today, the shaking remains of the ground I walk on are about to go “kaboom.” Crazy eyes.

Momma Donovan and Aunt Jenna: …so… more shots whoooooooo!

Elena Gilbert and Matt Donovan: Hey, do you remember all of those stories from when we were dating, that totally don’t involve the people we’re dating now? Weren’t those great?

Caroline Forbes: Gilbert. Bathroom. Now.

Aunt Jenna: Ooooh crap they saw us I know they saw us dammit we’re busted how am I ever going to be a responsible adult now that my niece has seen me doing shots with her ex-boyfriend’s deadbeat mom and her boyfriend’s ridiculously hot brother?

Jeremy Gilbert: So… have you ever wondered if vampires might be real? And living in Mystic Falls? And sitting on my couch?

Anna: What no why would you say that that’s just silly and I totally made everything I ever told you about vampires up. Nervous laugh.

Mystic Pizza Grill – Hot Mess for Table Two

Caroline Forbes: So rowar could you scratch stop hitting claw on my bite boyfriend?

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Hey, Katherine!

Elena Gilbert: Wow, this double date was a great idea!

Stefan Salvatore’s Cell Phone: Hey babe! The skeezy guy over buy the bar just called me Katherine! Hoping to not get kidnapped again tonight! <3 E (Sent from my Product Placement Blackberry)

Salvatore House of Gilded Excess

Stefan Salvatore: So Matt… you know how you said people didn’t like me because I seem rich and entitled and spoiled? You are really going to hate my mansion and my really old, really expensive sports car that Thomas can’t identify.

Mystic Pizza Grill – Enabling Bad Choices Since 1987

Aunt Jenna: I’m drunk! And I broke a heel!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Well allow me to break the other one! Also: Loooook into my eyyyyyyyyyyes. </dracula>

Aunt Jenna: Wide, glassy eyes. Ha! Did I mention I’m drunk! And you’re kinda lame!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Pout. Hey, what’s that scent you’re wearing?

Aunt Jenna: Oh, Elena gave it to me. I think it’s called “eau de anti-vampire pot.”

Gilbert House of Frequent Cooking Accidents

Jeremy Gilbert: Let’s have dinner! I’ll slice up the meat!

Thomas: He’s going to cut himself. There is no way he’s not going to cut himself. If he doesn’t cut himself, I’ll eat this keyboard.

Jeremy Gilbert: Cuts himself. On purpose.

Thomas: I’ll be damned. They still managed to surprise me. Well played, show, well played.

Anna: Grr! Arg! Yum!

Love’s Lane

Matt Donovan and Caroline Forbes: Make up, kiss, manage not to get eaten.

Castle Salvatore – Damon’s Love Shack Version

Damon Salvatore and Momma Donovan: Bow chicka bow wow!

Matt Donovan: Mom?!?

Momma Donovan: Well this is awkward.

Perl’s House of Your Grounded Until You’re A Hundred and Twenty

Pearl: Anna! Where have you been, young lady?

Anna: Well I sure wasn’t making out with / snacking on the Gilbert boy, that’s for sure! Nervous laugh.

Castle Salvatore – I Would Hate to See Their Insurance Rider

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Window Crash!

Damon Salvatore: Vampire wrestling powers activate!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire’s Skeezy Girlfriend: Window Crash!

Stephan Salvatore: Vampire stake through the heart powers activate!

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: Hey look at the time got to be going bye!

Stephan Salvatore: Waitaminute, they were trapped in the tomb…

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, about that…

Pearl’s House of I Told You So

Fredrick the Skeezy Vampire: So… Skeezy Vampire Girlfriend might have gotten staked when we attacked the Salvatore brothers, kinda like you said.

Pearl: Hmm. Well, no biggie. Also: stab!

Cell Phones Make It Really Hard to Label Some Scenes

Elena Gilbert: I had a really good time on our date tonight!

Stefan Salvatore: You are such a liar!

Elena Gilbert: Am not! Aside from Matt hitting on me all night, and Caroline getting all catty with me, and your brother making out with Momma Donovan, it was great!

Damon Salvatore: Burns the Skeezy Vampire Girlfriend’s body in the fireplace.

Gilbert House of Plot Thickening

Anna: How did you know I was a vampire?

Jeremy Gilbert: Oh, I don’t know. It might have had something to do with all of the articles you gave me to read on vampires, oh, and the way you fanged out when I kissed you. Also: can you make me a vampire please huh please can you?

The Plot: Thickens.

On to the next episode!

A quick glimpse behind the scenes:

Moonlight shines down on an empty clearing in the woods, casting everything in an eerie glow. Nearby, empty cans of beer and the smoldering remains of cigarettes – and other smokeables – litter the ground, evidence of a party that has recently broken up. The moonlight glistens off a recently used flamethrower, laying next the the charred body of a creepy-ass former bar-tending vampire. The detritus of some arcane magical spell tell those knowledgeable in such things exactly what occurred here.

With a creak and a groan, and old stone doorway, inscribed with a pentagram, slides slowly open. A man stands inside, looking at the desiccated corpses of starved vampires all around him. He clambers out of the tomb, and stands blinking in the moonlight.

Thomas: How long have we been in there? How long have we been trapped in that tomb?

Producer: A long time, son.

Thomas: How long? Tell me, I can take it.

Producer: (after a long, pained silence): Six weeks.

Thomas: Nooooooo!</vader>

Producer: (puts a comforting hand on the man’s shoulder) It’s all right, it’s all right. There’s a lot you need to know…

Thomas: (steadies himself) What’s happened?

Producer: Well, previously, on The Vampire Diaries….

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

Thomas: just realized that if Isobel is Elena’s mother… Alaric might be her father. God, I hope she doesn’t think he’s hot…

Happy Go Lucky Forrest of Joy

Average-Looking Hiker Dude: Hikes through the forrest, in the middle of the day, with cheerful sunlight beaming down on him, nary a care in the world.

The Vampire We’re All Pretending Wasn’t a Slave: Dude, what day is it?

Average-Looking Hiker Dude: Saturday.

The Vampire We’re All Pretending Wasn’t a Slave: What year?

Average-Looking Hiker Dude: Um… two-thousand… ten…?

The Vampire We’re All Pretending Wasn’t a Slave: Woah. Bummer. Well, it was nice to meet you! Fangs!

Thomas: So, all of Katherine’s vampire buddies have Rings of Not Exploding in the Sunlight. We’re less than a minute into this, and already the Plot: thickens.

The Vampire We’re All Pretending Wasn’t a Slave: Aaaand since you aren’t using these clothes anymore… yoink!

Gilbert House of Disfunction

Elena Gilbert: Hey Bonnie I love you Bonnie and I miss you Bonnie and I’m sorry your Grandma died but I know what that’s like because my fake mother died only I didn’t know she was my fake mother so it really really sucked and I hope you come back soon because it’s in your contract and the producer would get all angry again! Bye bye!

Aunt Jenna: So, who wants to know about their biological mother?

Elena Gilbert: Oh, oh, I do, I do! Pick me, pick me!

Aunt Jenna: Okay! So I borrowed the medical records from you fathers practice, because HIPPA doesn’t apply on television, and then I used my awesome detective skills to track your mother’s sister-cousin-whatever down!

Elena Gilbert: You mean you used-

Aunt Jenna: That’s right! Bing!

Thomas: Eff you, show.

Elena’s Bedroom of No Winking or Nudging

Stefan Salvatore: Wait, so your biological mother might be Alaric’s wife? But she’s dead!

Elena Gilbert: Oh no! That would mean both my mothers are dead! Pout.

Stefan Salvatore: Nah, it can’t be. There’s no way your mother was married to a vampire slayer, and got eaten by Damon.

Elena Gilbert: Wait, what?

Stefan Salvatore: Hey look at the time got to go Damon needs me see you later call me babe! Two fingers, miming a phone.

Salvatore Bordello Manor

Damon Salvatore: Is mourning Katherine’s loss/betrayal/indifference. And by “mourning,” of course, I mean “cavorting with and snacking on a bunch of mostly naked sorority chicks.”

Stefan Salvatore: So… did you eat Elena’s real mother?

Damon Salvatore: Oh, probably. Who can keep track, amiright? Anyway, I need to go exploit some women! TTFN!

Thomas: Really doesn’t have to change Damon’s dialog to make it funny.

Matt’s Bachelor Pad Mom’s House

Matt Donovan and Caroline Forbes: Cuddle on the couch, watching some kind of sports show.

Caroline Forbes: This is boring. We should do something not boring.

Matt Donovan: Like…?

Caroline Forbes: Sexy time!

Mamma Donovan: Oh god, not on the couch.

Matt Donovan: Ah!

Caroline Forbes: Eep!

Matt Donovan: Strategically places a pillow on top of Caroline.

Random External Location

Aunt Jenna and Alaric Saltzman: Hang up a sign for the Mystic Falls Meat Parade

Aunt Jenna and Alaric Saltzman: Smootch!

Aunt Jenna: So… this seems like a convenient time to ask… were you married to Elena’s mother?

Alaric Saltzman: No way, Isobel never had a baby.

Aunt Jenna: You sure? Here, look at this photo I have on my Product Placement iPhone.

Alaric Saltzman:

Trudi Peterson’s Den of Iniquity

Elena Gilbert: Is now driving a Product Placement… car I don’t recognize. But it’s sporty!

Elena Gilbert: So, do you know Isobel Flemming? And did she happen to look a lot like me when she was a teenager?

Trudi Peterson: OMG you’re her daughter!

Elena Gilbert: Well that was easy. Do you know who my daddy is?

Trudi Peterson: Yes I do, and holy hell does that answer scare the crap out of me. No, no I most certainly do not. Oh, tea’s done! Lemme go grab that!

Trudi Peterson (on her cell phone): She’s here!

Neutral Ground of Meeting

Alaric Saltzman: So about your brother eating my wife…

Stefan Salvatore: Dude, now is seriously not the time.

Alaric Saltzman: …and Elena’s mother…

Stefan Salvatore: Jaw clench, angry pout, close face.

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: Kiss him kiss him kiss him!

Stefan Salvatore: I’ll deal with it. Stalks away angrily.

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: They never kiss. Pout.

Flashback! Alaric Saltzman House of Pancakes Marital Bliss

Alaric Saltzman: So whatcha up to babe?

Isobel Flemming: Nothing much. Just researching vampires!

Trudi Peterson’s House of Lies

Trudi Peterson: Hey, I’ve got some photos to distract you until the creeper I called shows up show you! And you haven’t touched your tea which I roofied!

Elena Gilbert: Hey, this tea tastes like anti-vampire pot!

Trudi Peterson: Hey look at the time well it was nice talking to you now could you please get the hell out of my house now k thnx bye!

Creepy Ass Old Guy: Lurks creepily in the middle of the street.

Ominous Music: Lets us know that we should be afraid. Thanks, music!

Mystic Pizza Grill

Alaric Saltzman: Deals with his grief in the traditional manner: alcoholism.

Damon Salvatore: Hey bro, mind if I join you! Being sober is depressing!

Alaric Saltzman: You aren’t the type to get depressed.

Damon Salvatore: Do you… know me?

Alaric Saltzman: What me no never saw you before and I’m sure not looking for revenge for you eating my wife!

Damon Salvatore: Note to self: eat new history teacher.

Damon Salvatore: Hey, Sheriff Forbes! I’m mourning the loss of my psycho vampire ex! And your husband went gay! We have so much in common! We should be drinking buddies!

Sheriff Forbes: Hey, do you want to be part of our Bachelor Raffle?

Damon Salvatore: A room full of women, clamoring for a date with me? Sounds… tasty.

Thomas: Really, I just quote him. That’s all I need to do.

Damon Salvatore: Oh, and can you check out Alaric Saltzman for me? He seems shifty.

Trudi Peterson’s House of No I Won’t Invite You In

Creepy Ass Old Guy: Thanks for letting me know the kid showed up.

Trudi Peterson: Dies.

Town Square, Circa 2010

The Vampire We’re All Pretending Wasn’t a Slave: Culture shock!

Some Woman on a Park Bench: Meaningful look.

Salvatore House of I’m Drunk and Randy

Elena Gilbert: Stephan?

Damon Salvatore: Even better! Me! And I’m mostly naked!

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: Squee!

Stefan Salvatore: So… your mom was totally banging your history teacher.

Elena Gilbert: OMG WTF I have to talk to him.

Stefan Salvatore: Yeah, so… could you not?

Elena Gilbert: What? Why?

Stefan Salvatore: Because Damon killed your mom and Alaric wants him dead. Oh, no reason. Innocent whistle.

Mystic Falls Meat Market

Aunt Jenna: Sorry I had to tell you your wife had a kid! But now you can be bestest friends with her daughter, my niece, and your history student: Elena!

Alaric Saltzman: Hello bourbon, my best and only friend! Clang!

Caroline Forbes: My boyfriend is cougar bait!

Mamma Donovan: Hey Elena! You broke my son’s heart! Hey rebound girl from the couch!

Sheriff Forbes: So I did some checking. Alaric Saltzman’s wife was murdered. Her name’s Isobel. Here’s here picture!

Damon Salvatore:

Damon Salvatore: Hey Alaric! Did I ever tell you how I met your wife? Had a drink with her once. She was… delicious.

Thomas: Seriously. Direct quote.

Salt and Wound: Meet.

Stefan Salvatore: Facepalm.

Elena Gilbert: OMG WTF you rat bastard!

Damon Salvatore: Oh relax, he’s just the history teacher.

Elena Gilbert: That was my mother!

Damon Salvatore: …well that’s awkward.

Creepy Ass Old Guy: I have a message for you. Stop looking for your mother. She doesn’t want to know you.

Elena Gilbert: My mother’s alive! I have to find her.

Creepy Ass Old Guy: That’s… kind of like what I had in mind. But whetevs, my mission here is done. Plays in traffic.

That: Ends splat-ily.

Salvatore House of Let’s Settle This Like Men

Damon Salvatore: Are you really that stupid?

Alaric Saltzman: Yep! Stake lunge!

Damon Salvatore: Falcon punch!

Falcon Punch: Solves teen pregnancy. And vampire slayers.

Alaric Saltzman: What did you do to my wife?

Damon Salvatore: Slept with her, of course. Oh, and turned her into a vampire. And then slept with her again. Stab!

Alaric Saltzman: Gurgle, gurgle, dying.

Stefan Salvatore: WTF man? These are nice carpets!

Damon Salvatore: Whatevs, man. I’m going to go back to obsessing about Katherine. Later!

Alaric Saltzman: Twitch, groan, oh god I almost wish I was still dead.

Stefan Salvatore: Um, so you a vampire now?

Alaric Saltzman: Nope! My wife gave me a Ring of Not Dying When Damon Rams A Stake Through My Lung! The little strumpet.

Gilbert House of Much Drama

Elena Gilbert: Dials the Creepy Ass Old Guy’s phone

Isobel Flemming: Was there a problem?

Elena Gilbert: Mommy?

Isobel Flemming: Click

Creepy Ass Forrest of Mystery

The Vampire We’re All Pretending Wasn’t a Slave: Meets up with Pearl and Anna-No-Last-Name.

The Plot: Is already pretty thick, thank you very much.

On to the next episode!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

Shady Dealings Motel – We Rent By The Hour

Elena Gilbert: Ow why does my head hurt… and why am I in a strange bed… and why is there a vampire bartender sitting in a chair right beside me… oh crap.

Elena Gilbert: Sneak… sneak… sneak…

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Vampire hearing Elena trying to escape and waking up and scaring the crap out of her powers activate!

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Don’t try to escape. Loooook into my eyyyyyyyyyyes. </dracula>

Elena Gilbert: Gets all glassy-eyed, agrees dumbly, tries to escape anyway.

Anna No-Last-Name: Um, hello, idiot? She dates a vampire. She’s totes stocked up with anti-vampire pot. Idiot

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Sadface

Elena Gilbert: Well, here I am, locked in the bathroom in Shady Dealings Motel. Oh, hey, Bonnie is trapped in here with me!

Bonnie Bennet: I’m unconscious!

Salvatore House of Brotherly Feuding

Stefan Salvatore: Dude they took my girlfriend you gotta help even though I totally stabbed you in the back last episode!

Damon Salvatore: Hm. I’m thinking… no.

Stefan Salvatore: Pleeeeeeease! Look, I’ll admit that I was a jerk and that you’re better than me and that you’re cuter than me and I’ll even say that you’re taller if you want just please help me get my hot girlfriend back!

Damon Salvatore: Well, when you put it that way…. no.

Stefan Salvatore: If I wasn’t such a pansy, I would totally get back at you for this.

Shady Dealings Motel – Four People, One Bed, Same Low Price

Elena Gilbert: Bonnie, they need a witch to open the tomb to free Katherine to advance the plot!

Bonnie Bennet: I’ll never help them!

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Oh, well, I guess we’ll just let you go then.

Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennet: Really?

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Ha! No! I’m gonna torture Elena until Bonnie behaves!

Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennet: Sadface

Mystic Pizza Grill

The Entire Cast: Hey! Remember us? We’re still in this show!

Caroline Forbes: Matt, I wrote a speech. It’s a “you kissed me and I don’t want things to get weird” speech.

Matt Donovan: That’s… weird.

Grandma Bennet’s Gingerbread House

Damon Salvatore: Hey Gramma B, have you seen Bonnie?

Grandma Bennet: Your kind ain’t welcome here, vampire. No matter how cute you are.

Damon Salvatore: Oh yeah? Step out here and say that!

Grandma Bennet: Steps out there.

Grandma Bennet: Super witch mind pain ray vampire felling powers activate!

Damon Salvatore: Ow! Man, it sucks when they fight back!

Shady Dealings Motel – Fresh Sheets Weekly

Anna No-Last-Name: My mother is trapped in the tomb! Because she’s a vampire! Pout.

Elena Gilbert: My mother is trapped in a tomb! Because she’s dead! Pout.

Anna No-Last-Name: So, enough bonding. This your phone?

Elena Gilbert: Hey, gimme back my product placement blackberry!

Anna No-Last-Name: Ah ah ah! Hey Stephan, I’ve got your girlfriend and your witch. Let’s do lunch!

Bonnie Bennet: I can start fire with my water with my brain!

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Stops, drops, rolls. Wow, that really works! And now I’m angry! This is my angry face! >:-= Grr!

Mystic Falls. Daytime. Which Apparently Doesn’t Bother Anna At All

Jeremy Gilbert: Hey, wanna go to a party tonight? It’s by the cemetery in the woods, near the Ominous Vampire Tomb!

Anna No-Last-Name: Boy, do I!

Shady Dealings Motel – You’re Totally Paying For The Damage

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Mutters ominous threats. Ominously.

Stefan Salvatore: Breaks down the door and tears down the curtains, letting the sunlight stream in, sending Vampire Ben screaming into the corner. Which is what the girls should have done, oh, an hour ago.

Stefan Salvatore: When the sun goes down, leave town. If I ever see you again, I will kill you.

Wesley Snipes as Blade: You better wake up. The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping! There is another world beneath it – the real world. And if you wanna survive it, you better learn to pull the trigger!

Thomas: What Mr. Snipes meant to say is that Stephan is a huge girl, and might want to think about killing the evil demon monsters that keep kidnapping his girlfriend.

Salvatore House of Deep Understanding

Elena Gilbert: Okay, look, I know I hurt you and I know you’re angry, but I promise cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die (but not really please don’t hurt me) that I’m telling you the truth! I’ll help you get Katherine back! Look, here’s my anti-vampire-pot necklace! Do the Loooook into my eyyyyyyyyyyes. </dracula> thing! Ask me if I’m lying.

Damon Salvatore: Steps in close, looks Elena in the eye, and… fastens her necklace around her throat.

Damon Salvatore: I trust you. Don’t make me regret it.

Thomas: That was… kind of hot, actually.

Party By The Vampire Tomb!

Caroline Forbes: Elena! Where have you been?

Elena Gilbert: Not plotting to unleash Damon’s psycho vampire ex, that’s for sure!

Matt Donovan: Hey, I’m Matt. We haven’t met.

Damon Salvatore: There’s a reason we haven’t. Let’s go. Grab’s Elena’s arm, drags her away.

Thomas: Brief aside: I know they’re trying to play up a whole “Caroline is insecure because Matt isn’t over Elena” thing, but after watching Damon drag her off like that, he would be totally right to be worried about her, and Caroline, who was eaten by Damon on numerous occasions, should understand that. Also: the whole creepy-stalker-edward-cullen-obsessive-controlling-boyfriend thing is not okay. </soapbox>

Stefan Salvatore: Magical supplies: check. Witches: check. Flamethrower for the other vampires: check. Okay, let’s do this thing!

Grandma Bennet: Casts a circle, calls the towers, and gets ready to rend the veil.

Thomas: Has already spotted half a dozen mistakes in her formula. Don’t ask.

Bonnie Bennet and Grandma Bennet: Mumble mumble something vaguely Latin.

The Seal to Katherine’s Tomb: Slides open like a low-budget stone prop.

Damon Salvatore: Sweet! So… I’m going to take Elena with me and get my psycho vampire ex back! Let’s go, insurance policy!

Anna No-Last-Name: I’m going to get my mommy back! And Ben the Vampire Bartender is going to eat Elena’s brother if you try to stop me!

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Grr! Arg! Charge!

Stefan Salvatore: Clothesline!

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Is that all you got?

Stefan Salvatore: Nope. I got this. Flamethrower!

Thomas and Wesley Snipes as Blade: Slow clap, building to thunderous applause.

Grandma Bennet: Hey, did I mention how I only opened the door, and didn’t break the seal? And how Elena can get out of the tomb because she’s human, but Damon and the rest are stuck down there forever?

Anna No-Last-Name: Mommy! You look thirsty! Bites Elena.

Elena Gilbert: Screams.

Stefan Salvatore: Rushes in stupidly heroically.

Damon Salvatore: Katherine’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here! She’s not here! Throws a bag of blood on the ground. Epic. Sad. Face.

Elena Gilbert: Consoling hug.

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: Awwwwww!

Gilbert House of Frequent Concussions

Elena Gilbert: So you don’t remember anything? At all?

Jeremy Gilbert: Nope! And I’m definitely not going to Google “vampires in the real world” as soon as you’re gone!

Shady Dealings Motel – Our Repair Guy Fixed The Door

Anna No-Last-Name and Mamma No-Last-Name: Have rather poor night vision, for vampires.

Damon Salvatore: Lurks creepily in the chair in the corner.

Damon Salvatore: Where’s Katherine? Throat grab! Menace! Grr!

Anna No-Last-Name: Oh, didn’t I mention? She turned one of the guards at the church into a vampire, and he let her go. She was in Chicago not too long ago. And is totally not that into you.

Damon Salvatore: Epic. Heart. Break.

Millions of Teenage Girls Around the Nation: Awwwwww!

Grandma Bennet’s Gingerbread House

Grandma Bennet: Well, that was quite a spell.

Grandma Bennet: Dies.

Bonnie Bennet: Grandma? Grandma! Grabs the Book of Shadows. I can fix this! I’m a witch! I’m a witch. I’m… a… witch…

Thomas: Is now Team Bonnie. Well played, show, well played.

Katherine’s Vampire Tomb

Some Random Vampire: Grabs Damon’s bag of blood, drinks it, stumbles out into the night.

The Plot: Thickens.

On to the next episode!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

Mystic Falls – 1864

A Creepy-Ass Carriage: Trundles down a dark, woodsy path.

Katherine Pierce and Damon Salvatore: Wait for the Creep-Ass Carriage to run them over.

This: Will become much more dramatic when someone invents the internal combustion engine.

Rich Southern Drawl Guy: It ain’t safe out here, ma’am!

Katherine Pierce: Why, no, it isn’t! Fangs!

Rich Southern Drawl Guy: Dies.

Let’s Pretend That This Guy Isn’t A Slave: Also dies.

Katherine Pierce: Is a messy eater, and a sloppy kisser.

Damon Salvatore: Is strangely all right with this.

Mystic Falls – Present Day

Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: Cuddly nakedly.

Damon Salvatore: Morning, guys!

Elena Gilbert: Eep! Cover-snatch!

Damon Salvatore: Please, if I see something I haven’t seen before, I’ll throw a dollar at it.

Damon Salvatore: Gets all the best lines.

Damon Salvatore: So, you guys look for the journal that will lead us to the Book of Shadows that will lead us to some other McGuffin that will eventually lead us to Katherine. I’m going to go eat someone. Tootles!

Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: Wait for it… wait for it… smooch!

Mystic Falls – 1864

Katherine Pierce and Damon Salvatore: Giggle, tussle, smooch, fangs!

Asian Vampire Chick: So, the townsfolk are hitting up the anti-vampire pot. We’re getting really close to pitchforks-and-torches again. Time to move on?

Katherine Pierce: Pish tosh! I’m not done sullying the Salvatore brothers yet!

Anna No-Last-Name: Sup folks! Bet you never would have guessed that I have a long and torturous past with Katherine and the Salvatores, would you?

Mystic Falls – Present Day

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Ow! Sunlight burns!

Anna No-Last-Name: You’re a vampire. And an idiot.

Elena Gilbert: So, do you think Damon’s figured out we’re gonna stab him in the back yet?

Stefan Salvatore: Nah! I’m sure that my evil, deceitful brother, who has a century and a half’s worth of experience lying and detecting lies, trusts me fully.

Elena Gilbert: And if he manages to set Katherine fee?

Stefan Salvatore: Oh, you know. Wholesale slaughter, the end of days, the usual. Also, probably cake. Katherine loves cake.

Jeremy Gilbert: Hey, look at all the old crap you guys found! It’s almost as old as the journal of our vampire-slaying forefather, which I lent to Alaric “Why No, I’m Not a Vampire Slayer” Saltzman!

Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: Significant look.

Alaric Saltzman: Treats one-hundred-and-fifty year old historical relics with all the care and concern you’d show an old issue of TV Guide.

Creepy Shadow Vampire: Creeps through the shadows.

Alaric Saltzman: Pulls a pneumatic stake launcher out of his school locker.

Thomas: 0_o

Alaric Saltzman: Stake launch!

Stefan Salvatore: Stake catch! Teacher throw! So, what’s with the Van Helsing routine?

Alaric Saltzman: Oh, you know. Wife murdered by vampires, sworn to a life of secrecy and revenge, became a high school history teacher because the girls are hot. The usual.

Stefan Salvatore: The Gilbert journal?

Alaric Saltzman: On my desk.

Stefan Salvatore: No it’s not.

Alaric Saltzman: Oh… poop. sadface

Anna No-Last-Name: Blah blah blah, stilted English, oh creepy he thought my mom was hot, Katherine is going to turn the Salvatore brothers, Damon has daddy issues… God, this diary sucks. Is Jersey Shore on or something?

Damon Salvatore: Cooks dinner for Aunt Jenna.

Aunt Jenna: Hey, have I ever told you how my single defining character trait is talking about my bad romances? See, there was this guy, Logan Fell… Slams a glass of wine.

Damon Salvatore: Oh, yeah, him. They never found his body him, did they? Hey, here, have more wine!

Elena Gilbert: Um…

Alaric Saltzman: Oh, by the way, your brother was totes the guy who ate my wife, and I’m totes going to ram a stake through his dead, black heart.

Stefan Salvatore: You… might want to keep that tidbit to yourself.

Damon Salvatore: So, can I trust Stephan?

Elena Gilbert: What? Why would you say that? That’s crazy talk! Of course you can trust him he’s your brother and he loves you and he would never lie to you and he would certainly never hatch a plan to lock you in a magic witch tomb with your psycho ex vampire lover so that he can finally catch up on Days of Our Lives without worrying about whether or not you’re going to eat the cleaning lady! Nervous laugh.

Damon Salvatore: Well, that was… convincing.

Mystic Falls – 1864

Stefan Salvatore: So, I’m thinking about telling Dad that we’re both shacking up with a vampire.

Damon Salvatore: Our dad, the Founder and President of the Mystic Falls Watcher’s Council, and Treasurer of the “We Hate Vampires” club? That dad? Sure, sounds like a great plan. Idiot.

Mystic Falls – Present Day

Aunt Jenna: Your hot boyfriend’s hot brother is hot! And he cooks!

Damon Salvatore: Smirk.

Elena Gilbert: He’s an ass.

Damon Salvatore: Eye roll.

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Sings Metallica Karaoke

Thomas: Has been there, done that.

Bonnie Bennet: I love Elena! I’d like die for her!

Ben the Vampire Bartender: That can be arranged.

Bonnie Bennet: Wait, what?

Damon Salvatore: So, about the weird hot asian chick that’s always asking about Gilbert the Vampire Slayer’s journal?

Jeremy Gilbert: Yeah, she’s so clingy. She wants to meet at the grill tonight.

Damon Salvatore: Great! I’ll drive!

Damon Salvatore: Hey, that weird hot stalker asian chick looks a lot like Katherine’s vampire friend’s… daughter… OMG WTF?!? Dun dun dun!

Elena Gilbert: Hey, it says here that your father promised to carry the secrets of the Book of Shadows with him to his grave!

Stefan Salvatore: Wow, I bet that totally doesn’t mean it’s literally buried in his coffin with him! And there’s no way Damon’s going to go exhuming his body or anything wacky like that!

Mystic Falls – 1864

Stefan Salvatore: So, dad, I was thinking… how do we know vampires are all evil? What if one of them was good? And hot? Like, really, really hot?

Daddy Salvatore: What? Have you any evidence of this foolishness? Have you even met a vampire?

Stefan Salvatore: What? No! Haha! Of course I’ve never met a vampire. And I’ve definitely never wink-wink-ed and nudge-nudge-ed one. Why do you ask? Nervous laugh.

Mystic Falls – Present Day

Stefan Salvatore: Holy crap, the Book of Shadows is literally buried in his coffin with him! And we’re going to go exhuming his body or something wacky like that!

Damon Salvatore: Throat grab!

Anna No-Last-Name: Throat grab!

Damon Salvatore: Okay, okay, we both let go on three… two… one…

Mystic Falls – 1864

Stefan Salvatore: You’re hot.

Katherine Pierce: I know. Tackle, smooch, bite! Gag! Anti-vampire pot!

Daddy Salvatore: What ho! Her true form is revealed! You go get the Sheriff! And I shall stand here ineffectively, watching her until she inevitably recovers and murders me!

Mystic Falls – Present Day

Ben the Vampire Bartender: So, the night is young and I’m all yours… what do you want to do?

Bonnie Bennet: This! Smooch! Gasp! Freak out and quickly recover!

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Wait, what’s wrong?

Bonnie Bennet: Oh, nothing! I just should have waited until the end of the night to kiss you! I totally didn’t have a psychic flash of impending doom and death and woe, like I did the first time I touched Stephan, who is also a vampire! Nervous laugh. Hey, I have to run to the bathroom real quick!

Ben the Vampire Bartender: Okay! Oh, and by the way, Fangs!

Stefan Salvatore: Digs up his father’s grave.

Elena Gilbert: Helps by standing by and making inane comments.

Damon Salvatore: Hey guys! That sure is a nice Book of Shadows you got there!

Damon Salvatore: So, since you’re obviously not going to just give me the Book of Shadows… hey Elena, here, drink some of my blood!

Elena Gilbert: Gurgle, cough, sputter!

Damon Salvatore: So… gimme the book, or I snap her neck, which would turn her into a vampire, which wold mean you’d have to put up with her forever.

Stefan Salvatore: Well since you put it that way…

Mystic Falls – 1864

Daddy Salvatore: Slaps a Vampire Chastity Belt over Katherine’s fangs.

Damon Salvatore: Stephan! I’ll never forgive you for this! At least until the second season!

Anna No-Last-Name: Me, either!

Stefan Salvatore: Sadface.

Mystic Falls – Present Day

Jeremy Gilbert: Hey, have you guys seen Anna No-Last-Name?

Stefan Salvatore: Wait, what? Super speed Elena protecting vampire powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Is missing.

The Window: Is open conspicuously.

The Plot: Thickens.

On to the next episode!