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– Castle Cullen – The Most Important Day Of Her Life – And Bella’s, Too –

Alice Cullen: …

Thomas: SQUEE!

Alice Cullen: …Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Hi Bella I love you Bella and I love the shoes I bought you Bella and the dress I picked out for you Bella and if my family doesn’t get on board with this whole thing and make the wedding happen in exactly the way I have envisioned it I might snap and murder them all!

Bella Swan: …I don’t know how to walk in high heels.

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This Week on the Web brings you your regular Vampire Diaries recaps, Superman giving up his US Citizenship, The Faincee’s expose on our forthcoming bundle of joy, and a whole lot more! Oh, and some NAVY SEALs have an important announcement…

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This Week on the Web brings a host of Vampire Diaries recaps, more Spider-Man photos, a new Wonder Woman, humans talking to dolphins, and more!

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This week on the web brings you Kato Vision ™, new pictures of Spider-Man and Captain America, Google’s guide to the internet, the tea party, and more!

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The Greatest Thing in the History of Ever

XKCD: Misconceptions: It’s pretty much a given that whenever a Wikipedia article is mentioned in XKCD, it will be created within ten minutes. But this article is real. And amazing.

Pop Culture

The Batmobile needs gas, too: So some Swedish company is sending out a guy dressed like Batman to buy gas, get stuck in the snow, and so on.

Awesome home-made light saber: This thing is simply amazing. Now if only we could figure out how to trap plasma in a blade-shaped, electromagnetic well… (via Unreality)

V‘s visitors’ true form revealed: I gave up on this show, but I kinda want to know how they cram this thing into a human suit.

Street Fighter gets Troned: Tron was disappointing, but dammit if I don’t love me some glow in the dark armor.

Every batmobile ever: If it isn’t Burton’s, it’s crap! Seriously, I have such a rager for the Burtonmobile (via Matt Burdell)

World’s biggest Twilight tattoo: Sweet holy hell, that’s a lot of sparkling vampire. I’m sure this decision will never be regretted. (via Matt Burdell)

Cool Stuff

Puck splits in half: This guy shot a puck so hard that it split in half when it struck the goal. Physics is wacky. (via John Myers)

Science & Technology

People who use social media display symptoms similar to drug addicts: But really, I can quit any time I want. (via Brian Byerly)

Health & Fitness

Autism / Vaccine study “an elaborate fraud”: Not that anyone still believed that vaccinating… wait, what? Shit. (via The Friendly Atheist)


Baby chameleon: Your weekly dose of squee (via AJ Wiswell)

Politics and Religion

America in decline: why Germans think we’re insane: AlterNet asks a compelling question: how can caring for the poor ever be a bad thing? (via Godless Girl)

The censorship of Huckleberry Finn: The article summary puts it perfectly: “an Alabama publisher named NewSouth Books will be editing and censoring the book so that schools and parents might provide their children the ability to study the classic without fear of properly addressing the torturous history of racism and slavery in The United States of America.”

Discovery Chanel and Vatican plan exorcism reality TV show: From the “what could possibly go wrong” files… (via Official Jesus) Update: It turns out, the Vatican is not collaborating on this show. Details here.

This Week on the Web brings you “real” vampires burning copies of Twilight, first pics of the Green Lanter’s power battery, ten ways to kill someone real good, The Rent is Too Damn High Guy, an interview about why Steve Jobs is so great, an article on why Steve Jobs can go straight to hell, and more!

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This Week on the Web: Stephen Colbert takes invades Congress, the Batmobile is for sale, some guy dresses up like Link, Katy Perry in a really tight Elmo t-shirt, a whole horde of Vampire Diaries recappers, and more!

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This Week on the Web brings you some awesome Voltron concept art, Bruce Wayne’s sketchbook (spikes!), Apple and Google fighting over your television, a Robocop cutaway diagram, Terry Prachett’s Meteorite Sword, a Sesame Street True Blood parody (really), and more!

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This week’s edition of links comes a bit early, since I expect to be cut off from civilization all weekend, doing the final edits on my manuscript. Read on for news on Apple, Batman, realistic lightsabers, the obligatory vampires, Steampunk Optimus Prime, and more!
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This Week on the Web brings us news on Deadpool and Green Lantern, Batman, vampires, ignorant preachers, and more!
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