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Sire Book Club

The last five chapter recaps of Sire are up; we’ll have a discussion about the book as a whole some time next week. In the meantime, if you haven’t read the book yet and want to catch up on the hottest novel written by a TV recapper named Thomas, you can • pick it up for just $2.99.

Sire Book Club – Chapter Twenty-One

Sire Book Club – Chapter Twenty-Two

Sire Book Club – Chapter Twenty-Three

Sire Book Club – Chapter Twenty-Four

Sire Book Club – Chapter Twenty-Five

Tales of the Supernatural

Meet Neville, the latest addition to our furry family, join in a really good discussion we’ve been having about race on TVD, find out who Carina’s favorite ship is (hint: just shut up and enjoy the show!), watch Team Elena eviscerate each other on Fangbook, and lose all hope that the new Beauty and the Beast show won’t be terrible.

Neville the Corgipire

Table For Two: Kendra And Jordan Break Down The Vampire Diaries

Entertainment OCD Interviews Carina MacKenzie

Follow the Mystic Falls gang on Fangbook

At least one new Beauty and the Beast show will probably suck


Lots of good trailers this weel. Chronicle is the one I’m probably the most excited about, Alan Ball is back to tease us with the idea of a watchable season of True Blood, and Game of Shadows promises to melt out faces off with awesome.

Superhero-shaped UAVs buzz Manhattan

Chronicle HD trailer

G.I. JOE: Retaliation Super Bowl spot

New season of True Blood might not suck

Three clip from Daniel Radcliffe’s “Woman In Black”

Game of Thrones: Shadow teaser

Computers and Technology

Amazon is taking over the world and Netflix is doing its best to go out of business.

Amazon Select: We are All Junkies Now

Netflix is pretty sure it has no future in DVDs


Mutant turtles, sloths, cats, and brainwashed avenging angels in the service of a quasi-Catholic secret society.

First Look: new TMNT toy line

In which The Lady approves of my fake girlfriend

First world cat problems

DC Direct to release Azrael, other unimportant figures


Watch a former slave troll his former master and Miss Piggy troll a faux news organization.

Letters of Note: To My Old Master

Miss Piggy: Fox News Is Not News

So, what do you guys think of the new format? I kind of like posting things as I find them, but I think the weekly recap is still useful. And of course I’ll be posting the Recap Roundup on Thursday.

Several weeks ago on the web, I was still collecting links to share with you guys. Here they are!

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This Week on the Web brings you another Top Three list for TVD, a shot-by-shot breakdown of the Prometheus trailer, a sample chapter from the upcoming Morganville Vampires book Black Dawn, the official Legend of Zelda timeline, Christmas Book Club, the least grateful people in the world, and more!

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This Week on the Web brings you a host of Dark Knight Rises news, The Hobbit, Prometheus, and Wrath of the Hair Stylist Titans trailers, a baby polar bear that can’t seem to keep its tongue in its head, the Republicans caving at the last minute, and more!

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This Week on the Web brings you a chance to win a signed copy of Sire, a sad farewell to Christopher Hitchens, dispatches from the front lines of the eReader wars, the real job creators, a whole bunch of Vampire Diaries news, and more!

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This week on the Web brings you the latest (badass) Batman poster, Klaus’ Original siblings, Breaking Dawn (ten times shorter and one hundred times more honest), Voyager hauling ass for interstellar space, Verizon and Amazon being dicks, a raging bigot running for President, and more!

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This Week on the Web brings you more of our wedding photos, how PayPal stole Christmas, a bunch of Top Three moments of TVD Season Three (they’re all wrong of course, because internet), the trailer for Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods, a fifteen inch MacBook Air, the Obamacare Bomb, and more!

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Holy Shit it’s Twilight week

Twilight: Braking Dawn Part One: Distilled: My recap.

Entertainment OCD’s review of Breaking Dawn: A pros and cons list.

Bill Condon reveals Breaking Dawn spoilers: The big news is that the second movie will (apparently) diverge greatly from the book. This can only be a good thing.

Bill Condon on why Breaking Dawn is uniquely female horror: “So is Bella a good role model for young women?” “Um…”

How I learned to stop worrying and love the RPatz: “The longer the series goes on, and the fewer possible repercussions, the more sh*t he talks. I’m convinced that no one hates Twilight as much as Robert Pattinson…”

The 25 most disturbing Twilight products: This list fails because it doesn’t include the sparkling dildo that comes with a suggestion to put it in the refrigerator for that “authentic Cullen experience”.

Kristen Stewart offered lead in American Akira: Jesus, I’m going to go hide in my basement while the riots die down.

Pop Culture

The Top Three Moments of Season Three (So Far): I wrote a guest post for

NBC orders a pilot for The Munsters: I loved this show when i was a kid. I hope they don’t feel the need to make it all dark and gritty.

ABC to air a TV show set in the Avengers universe: It’s called AKA Jennifer Jones, and is about a retired superhero that runs a private investigation agency.

First trailer for Pixar’s Brave: The Lady and I will be there opening night.

Mirror, Mirror trailer: I vastly prefer the look of the other Snow White movie they’re making right now.

Sneak peak at The Woman in Black: This looks fantastic.

Syfy greenlights Booster Gold: I really like this character, so I’m hoping the show works out.


This dude makes samurai swords the old fashioned way: I would love to own one of these.

Watch a real-life Street Fighter destroy a car with his bare hands: Well god damn.

Amazon review of pepper spray: “Even the mighty First Amendment doesn’t stand a chance against its many scovil units of civil rights suppression.”

Science and Technology

New data confirms neutrinos traveling faster than light: We (and by we I mean “me and a bunch of people who are smart enough to have an actual opinion on this”) is still skeptical, because this is a bold damn claim, and a bold damn claim requires astonishing damn evidence, but… wow. Just wow. We might be watching a revolution in our basic understanding of the universe happening in real time.

Politics and Religion

Occupy DC sends a budget proposal to the Super Committee: Rumor has it the Super Committee replied “thanks, but we’re busy fucking America. Come back in January.” (via Brian in Shortsville)

Obama should abandon reelection bid, turn the whole thing over to Hillary Clinton: I agree completely. Obama has been really good at caving in to the Republicans, and not much else. Hillary with bitch-slap some sense back into the shitheads currently fucking things up in Congress.

Scott Adams is running for President: “So, as President, I would appoint ex-President Bill Clinton as my only advisor … and I’d pretty much do whatever he told me to do.” And with that sentence, he has my vote.

This Week on the Web brings you The Evil Blood Sluts, love interests for Alaric and Bonnie (not each other, you sickos), the story of a man and his buffalo, Barnes & Noble telling Microsoft to fuck off, and Michele Bachmann telling you what Jesus would do: let your lazy ass starve. And some other, less depressing stuff!

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This Week on the Web brings you Vampire Diaries news, a new Underworld trailer, a dissection of the Batman: The Animated Series opening, the Kindle lending library, a new Nook tablet, a cop killing a plane with his car, the best lawyer in the world, advice on how to run, and more!

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