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As you can see, I did a complete re-write of my website, including a new landing page, where you can find all of my novels and stories. I did a similar thing for my publishing company, St. Troy Press.

The websites are running the same WordPress backend, but the frontend has been completely redone in Bootstrap, a Javascript/CCS framework developed at Twitter and released as Open Source.

Bootstrap is stupid easy to use; if you have a basic understanding of CSS, you’ll be up and running in minutes. It took me about a day to figure out how to create a three-column, collapsible layout, and it took me another day to write this website from the ground up.

Best of all, Bootstrap is “mobile first,” which means the site should be way easier to use on a phone. All of the functionality will still be there, but scaled and formed to fit on a tiny screen. And that comes for free.

I know I’m a little late to the game, but Bootstrap is amazing.

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bother you guys, but I’ve had to move to a new mailing list. If you’re subscribed to the old one, please go here and sign up for the new one.

I’ll be sending out some info over the next couple of weeks, including preview chapters for The Janus Project and cover art for The Demon in Keystone Apartments.

The next few months are going to be pretty busy for me, and I should have four new books out by the end of the year. The mailing list is the best way to hear about them as they’re released.


Hi everyone,

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for so long. Nothing’s wrong (and thanks to those of you who’ve written with your concerns), I’ve just been super busy as of late. I’m currently working on:

The Godless Saint. I’m really excited about this series. I’ve actually been working on it longer than any of my other projects, and started it well before the Vampires of St. Troy.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge sci-fi / urban fantasy whore, but there is one big problem I have with a lot of fantasy: it’s based on Christian theology. From Lord of the Rings to The Dresden Files to Supernatural, there’s always an implicit assumption that Jehovah and Jesus are real, and that they’re in control. TGS offers something a little different. In this series, Jesus is real… but only because we made him real. And he’s the bad guy. TGS is urban fantasy for the atheists and agnostics among us.

TGS follows Caden Lyndsey, a man of God who lost his faith, but not his power. Caden can see the future, or at least catch glimpses of it, and he’s pretty good at making things blow up with his brain. In the first book, The Wild Hunt, Caden confronts a cult bent on summoning Wotan, a Viking god of death and slaughter, to earth, just in time for the holidays. Book one is complete, and I’ll be asking for beta readers soon.

Book two, Possession, is about half done, and I’ll be asking for beta readers for that in a few months.

I’m also working on The Janus Project, which is both a novel and a screenplay. The treatment for the screenplay won third place in the New York Screenplay competition, and our manager is really excited about our prospects. The novel will be out later this year, and the movie, well… fingers crossed.

Honestly, I’m not hugely enthusiastic about this season of TVD. Part of it is probably because I’m so freaking busy right now, but part of it is echoing hatred for Buffy’s Initiative storyline. I don’t like mixing science with my fangs.

So I’m about six weeks behind on my recaps. I might try to catch up over the hiatus, but I might just call it a day. I have enough to do in my own sandboxes without playing in anybody else’s right now.

You can still follow me on Twiter: @thomascgalvin. I’m still live-tweeting Vampire Diaries, and offering my usual mix of profanity and venom.


Gather round the crystal ball, everybody. It’s time to look into the future … of writing.

My writing, specifically. I have five titles out right now: three TVD recap collections, Sire, the first Vampires of St. Troy novel, and Debutante, a St. Troy novella.

I’ll have at least two more novels coming out this year. Scion, the second St. Troy novel, is complete. The only thing standing between me and publication is the copyediting. I’m working on that right now (I’m actually writing this just to get a break), and I’ll be sending the manuscript out to some volunteers sometime next week.

I’ve also started work on The Wild Hunt, the first novel in The Godless Saint series. TGS is the story of Caden Lyndsey, a man who receives glimpses of the future and wields the power to change it. In The Wild Hunt, he confronts a group of people trying to resurrecting an old Norse religion … and might end up resurrecting an angry Norse god instead.

TGS is a rare instance of maltheist fiction … in this series’ universe, God is real … and he’s the bad guy.

The first novel I ever wrote (which lives now and forever in my desk drawer backup hard drive) was set in the Godless Saint universe. This series has been kicking around in my head for years now, longer even than the St. Troy novels, and I’m excited to finally share it with people. I think people who like the CW’s Supernatural or Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files will get a kick out of this book.

I’ve been writing about ten pages a day on this, which is just about one scene. At that rate, the first draft should be done in two months. I think that the outline is strong enough that it will be ready for publication after a few tweeks and a copyedit, so expect The Wild Hunt sometime in mid-year.

After that … I’m not sure. St. Troy and The Godless Saint are both ongoing series, and there are more books coming from both; Regent from ST and Possession from TGS are the next titles in the queue. But I think I might introduce a third series, just to keep myself form getting bored.

What series? Well, I’m not exactly sure … and you might have a say in the matter. Here are some of the ideas I’m tossing around:

The Witches of Castlewood: On her eighteenth birthday, our heroine finds an old leather book in her college’s library … and can hear it calling her name.

The Werewolves of Port Mercer: A girl finds herself being hunted by a werewolf, and may have to invoke ancient magics in order to protect herself.

Excalibur: This is a more traditional YA story. When a champion falls, the Lady of the Lake – yes, that one – summons a high school boy to compete for a the hero’s mantle. This story ends up with more of a Sci-Fi feel than fantasy.

The Janus Project: When a bully threatens her best friend, the heroine flips out and beats him to a pulp … and starts to remember the truth about her family. This one is also Sci-Fi

Or I could just bite the bullet and write a quick, trashy vampire porn and become rich.

And, of course, there will still be your weekly Vampire Diaries recaps (and, if fortune smiles on us, The Originals, too).

So what say ye, assembled hordes of the internet? Do any of these tickle your fancy?

Update: I’ve disabled the Markdown plugin, because it just ate a (4,500 word) post. I had a backup, but this plugin is officially on my POS list.

Earlier this weekend, I enabled Markdown in the comments. That means you can now style your comments without using (or even knowing) HTML.

Markdown is pretty simple: if you’ve ever used plain text to “format” an email, you probably already know the basics:

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If you’re reading this, you’re looking at my new blog, served up by HostGator. Thanks for being patient while I got all of the technical details sorted out.

If you have any problems, please send me let me know.

As many of you noticed yesterday (and thanks for alerting me), my blog crashed due to bandwidth limitations. I was kind of shocked that that was even possible (bandwidth is cheap), but at least I’m not in the middle of a series of recaps.

Anyway, over the next few days I’m going to be moving over to a service provider that can accommodate our new bandwidth needs. It should be a fairly straightforward process, but to prepare for it I’m disabling comments, and won’t be adding any new content until at least Monday.

Hopefully this will all happen transparently. It won’t, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on how I’m going to be handling comments here on the blog and on Twitter.

One of my favorite parts of running this site is all of the comments I get, and all of the awesome discussions we have. I really, genuinely appreciate you guys taking the time to leave me a note, tell me you liked an article, and share your theories. You all make writing worth while.

In the past I’ve tried to respond to every comment left here, and I’ve been pretty successful. It’s getting to the point, though, that I just can’t keep up. The TVD recaps alone generally pull in somewhere around a hundred comments a week, and I spend a large part of my weekend trying to respond to all of them. Add it the TSC recaps, all of the miscellaneous articles I link to during the week, and all of the @tags I get on Twitter, and it’s kind of overwhelming. Like, I’d have to stop writing new stuff in order to respond to comments about the old stuff overwhelming.

This is kind of a great problem to have, because it means we have a great little community going here. But it also means I have to stop replying to every single comment. I’m going to try to keep responding to most of the TVD and TSC posts, but the other articles and Twitter comments won’t all be getting individual replies.

I do promise, though, that I read every single comment, even if I don’t respond to it. I love hearing from you guys, so thanks for taking the time to write.


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on my writing schedule. Things have been crazy around here lately, and my writing (and my writing time) have taken a big hit.

The biggest hurdle lately has been travel. Every once in a while I get tagged as a customer rep for my company, and that means I have to go on the road helping them install our software, work through some bugs, collect feedback, and so on. I was on travel all last week, so I basically had no time to myself … I didn’t even get to watch TVD live, which pushed back the recap by at least a day, which pushed back the TSC recap by a day … and so on.

Last night, NewCorgi (whose name for the moment is Neville Shortbottom, but that’s subject to change at a moment’s notice) found a chocolate candy bar I had left on my desk. Since chocolate is about as good for dogs as arsenic is for us, we kind of freaked out. The emergency vet told us to give him some hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up, then watch him over night. The good news is that Neville is feeling fine (he murdered a box of cat food over night), but I wasn’t in much of a mood to write after all that happened.

So, the TVD recap will be up some time after work tonight. The TSC recap should be up tomorrow.

I also plan to get back to This Week on the Web and Sire Book Club, now that I will actually have some free time at night. Scion, the sequel to Sire, is still in progress, but I underestimated how much effort the TVD and TSC recaps were going to be, so it might not be finished as quickly as I want. I’ll let you know when you can expect it as soon as I know myself.

As you can see, I’ve created a shiny new layout, with a shiny new banner image courtesy of The Lady. So what do you think?

Also, I’m thinking about taking the Facebook and Google+ links off the banner; I’m not shy about my profiles or anything, but I honestly don’t use those sights anywhere nearly as often as Twitter, and they just seem kind of unnecessary. Opinions?