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A controversial new story from a former believer.

Caden Lyndsey was a Man of God. He battled demons, saw visions of the future, and wielded the fire of Heaven.

He lost his faith, but not his power.

Now, his visions drive him toward rural Washington. A madman seeks to summon the Norse god Wotan and unleash the Wild Hunt on an unsuspecting populace. If he succeeds, hundreds will die. Caden must battle witches, monsters, and ancient deities in order to stop him.

The Wild Hunt is the first chapter in the thrilling new Godless Saint series.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

A shotgun barked, and the wall in front of me sprayed shards.

Demons aren’t supposed to use shotguns.

Burning sulfur summoned from the Dark Below? Sure. Barbed chains and rusty hooks? Classic. Hell, even a big ass kitchen knife? It worked for that guy in the Shatner mask in Halloween.

But they don’t use guns. Guns are too modern, too Michael Bay. What’s the point of being a spirit of darkness and hate if you’re just gonna pull a gun and shoot your enemy?

No one respects tradition anymore.

I was crouched behind my Jeep, at the dead end of an alley. It had snowed earlier and the pavement was still wet, which meant my jeans were soaked. Next to me, huddled in a ball, rocking slowly and whispering “It’s only a dream” to herself, was a twenty-something Pakistani girl named Aseelah. We’d met twelve hours ago.

So far, it had been the worst day of her life.

The demon’s shotgun barked again, and the window over my head shattered. Pieces of glass showered down on us. “Come on!” I shouted. “I just had this thing fixed!” I shook bits of glass out of my shirt.

The shotgun fired again, and the rear passenger tire exploded. The Jeep rattled and lurched toward the ground.

The demon had fired three times.

Boom! Chick-clack!


Boom! Chick-clack!

Five shots. The demon should be out of ammo.

I jumped to my feet. Aseelah grabbed for me, but I pulled out of her grasp. “All right,” I said as I came around the Jeep, “I’ve–”

Boom! The demon fired, right at my face.

It must have been a tactical shotgun. Eight, nine rounds, not five. Damn it.

The shotgun pellets met some invisible resistance, and the air around me rippled like a stone had been dropped into a pond. The lead balls stopped a quarter of an inch from my face, hung in the air for a moment, and fell to the ground.

The demon stared at me. She was attractive, or at least the body she’d hijacked was. Blonde, miniskirt, letterman jacket. But I had learned to see through illusion, to protect my mind from the glamours and veils of the spirit world. I opened my senses to the Æther, let the magic whisper to me, and I saw her for what she really was. Her hair was brittle, broken. Her teeth were rotted, cracked. Her skin was leathery and covered in sores. Her eyes were empty black pools.
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Here’s the cover art for The Wild Hunt, the first Godless Saint novel. I am, needless to say, thrilled.

The Wild Hunt

Click to bigger. This was done for me by a great guy named Phu Thieu, who you can find over at Fiverr. The Wild Hunt will be released in December.

I just got the cover art for Wish, the first Godless Saint short story, and I am thrilled.

Wish cover art

This was done by a great artist named Danh Nguyen, and you can find him over at Deviant Art.

Caden Lyndsey was a man of God, glimpsing vision of the future and calling down fire from heaven.

He lost his faith, but not his power.

In the small town of Mirrormont, a crazed cult attempts to raise their ancient deity from the dead. If Caden can’t stop them, hundreds will die … including a very special woman named Mirand DuBois.

It’s done.


I’ve been sitting on The Wild Hunt, the first Godless Saint novel, for almost a year. I’ve been working on other books — St. Troy, The Janus Project, and a few others — and giving TWH time to settle.

I did my final read through last night, and I think it’s ready for the world to see.

At least, some of the world. I’m ready to give TWH to my beta readers, and unlike previous books, I’m not going to ask you to send me an email to get a copy. I’m just going to put it up on my web site, tweet the link, and hope for the best.

In particular, I’m hoping that you’ll read The Wild Hunt, and that you’ll love it. But whether you love it or hate it, I would love to hear your thoughts. You can reach me through the contact page, or by sending me an email at

Without further ado, Download The Wild Hunt right here:

Gather round the crystal ball, everybody. It’s time to look into the future … of writing.

My writing, specifically. I have five titles out right now: three TVD recap collections, Sire, the first Vampires of St. Troy novel, and Debutante, a St. Troy novella.

I’ll have at least two more novels coming out this year. Scion, the second St. Troy novel, is complete. The only thing standing between me and publication is the copyediting. I’m working on that right now (I’m actually writing this just to get a break), and I’ll be sending the manuscript out to some volunteers sometime next week.

I’ve also started work on The Wild Hunt, the first novel in The Godless Saint series. TGS is the story of Caden Lyndsey, a man who receives glimpses of the future and wields the power to change it. In The Wild Hunt, he confronts a group of people trying to resurrecting an old Norse religion … and might end up resurrecting an angry Norse god instead.

TGS is a rare instance of maltheist fiction … in this series’ universe, God is real … and he’s the bad guy.

The first novel I ever wrote (which lives now and forever in my desk drawer backup hard drive) was set in the Godless Saint universe. This series has been kicking around in my head for years now, longer even than the St. Troy novels, and I’m excited to finally share it with people. I think people who like the CW’s Supernatural or Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files will get a kick out of this book.

I’ve been writing about ten pages a day on this, which is just about one scene. At that rate, the first draft should be done in two months. I think that the outline is strong enough that it will be ready for publication after a few tweeks and a copyedit, so expect The Wild Hunt sometime in mid-year.

After that … I’m not sure. St. Troy and The Godless Saint are both ongoing series, and there are more books coming from both; Regent from ST and Possession from TGS are the next titles in the queue. But I think I might introduce a third series, just to keep myself form getting bored.

What series? Well, I’m not exactly sure … and you might have a say in the matter. Here are some of the ideas I’m tossing around:

The Witches of Castlewood: On her eighteenth birthday, our heroine finds an old leather book in her college’s library … and can hear it calling her name.

The Werewolves of Port Mercer: A girl finds herself being hunted by a werewolf, and may have to invoke ancient magics in order to protect herself.

Excalibur: This is a more traditional YA story. When a champion falls, the Lady of the Lake – yes, that one – summons a high school boy to compete for a the hero’s mantle. This story ends up with more of a Sci-Fi feel than fantasy.

The Janus Project: When a bully threatens her best friend, the heroine flips out and beats him to a pulp … and starts to remember the truth about her family. This one is also Sci-Fi

Or I could just bite the bullet and write a quick, trashy vampire porn and become rich.

And, of course, there will still be your weekly Vampire Diaries recaps (and, if fortune smiles on us, The Originals, too).

So what say ye, assembled hordes of the internet? Do any of these tickle your fancy?