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Neville’s fame grows by the day; he has once again been featured on Obsessive Corgi Disorder. The Lady tells me he’s also been featured on Corgis and Boobs, but … I’m not going to check until I’m home.

The Lady submitted a picture of Neville to, and the consensus is in: Neville Shortbottom is the best name for a Corgi ever.

I happen to agree.

This Week on the Web brings you updates on the animal life at Galvin Manor, the reason the Vatican hates this blog, a bunch of True Blood and Teen Wolf stuff, movie trailers, demons, the new Mac OS, and more!

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Galvin Manor – Night

Thomas: Well, that sure was a long day! Now it’s time to sit down, relax, and-

The Moon: Hello, Thomas!

Thomas: Wait for it… wait for it…

The Moon: Oh, I was just saying ‘hi’. Beautiful night, isn’t it?

Thomas: Lame.

Wishy the Devil Corgi: I’m venomous, not contagious!

This Week on the Web brings you The Fiancee’s notes on our first attempt to obtain a corgi, a bunch of trailers for vampires and wizards, the new Nintendo console, all the news from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, a stupid new law, and more!

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This Week on the Web brings you True Blood and Teen Wolf news, a bunch of trailers, clips, and concept art, corgi cross-breeds, spineless hedgepigs, Cthulhu, another Nook review video, the story of Paul Revere they were too afraid to teach you in school, and more!

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Happy memorial day! This week on the web brings you the Saga of Devil Corgi, the new Nook, a head in a jar, kitten hugs, and more!

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This one is sad, so if you’re here for vampires and dick jokes, head ye to the archives.

Wishy, the Corgi we picked up seven days ago, has been returned to the shelter we adopted him from.

You’ve probably read the story of how he gave me corgipox and put me in the hospital. We had hoped that this was just caused by the stress of moving, but his behavior has gotten steadily worse over the course of the week.

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Galvin Manor – Lounge of Longing

The Fiancee: We should get a Corgi!

Thomas: Well…

The Fiancee: Super Fiancee puppy eyes powers activate!

Thomas: Okay!

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