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I don’t know what this is (besides an ad for the very-real Rosetta Probe mission, which became the first spacecraft to successfully orbit a comet not too long ago), but it is awesome.

Zack Snyder, director of Batman v Superman, just tweeted this high-res image of the new Batmobile:


God. Damn.

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Yep. This is gonna do way better than The Secret Circle

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Google has given us our first glimpse at Project Glass, their augmented-reality glasses. Surprisingly enough, these aren’t anywhere near as hideous as I was expecting:

Of course, it helps that they have fashion models showing it off. You can check out a (smoke and mirrors) demo video after the cut.

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This is actually a really good commercial, from a marketing perspective. I nearly died from irony, though, listening to Rick fucking Santorum complain about people being ordered to march in lock-step, when that asshole wants to make condoms illegal.

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Welcome to the last week on the web for 2010! This edition brings you more reasons the next Batman film should be based on Prey, Schreudenfroud on YouTube, the last Bah Humbug of the year, and more!

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