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The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (S06E05)

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries…

Stefan’s Cabin of Carnage

Tripp Fell (on the phone): Hi Stefan! You know how I promised to murder that guy who knows all of your secrets and has a passionate hatred for you? That’s absolutely not gonna come back to bite you in the ass at all!

Stefan Salvatore (on the phone): …I may have slightly miscalculated.

Ivy: Hi Stefan! I murdered your boss and drank all your blood bags and destroyed your house and now I’m dropping Buffy references and mourning my Etsy store and I’m gonna kill you a ton!

Stefan Salvatore: Neck snap!

Ivy: …Or I could just take a little nap.

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Best. Thing. Ever.

For the second time, the Twitter Gods at the CW have deemed me worthy for inclusion in their weekly rehash.

Feel free to shower me with riches and fame!

OK Go’s I Won’t Let You Down

This is a Slow Loris, and also the cutted goddamn thing I have ever seen.

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Black Hole Sun (S06E04)

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries…

May 10 1994 – Again

Kai: And then I went to Disneyland and peed on all the robots! And then I went to Chuck E Cheese and pooped in the ball pit! And then I went to the White House, and got all the way to the Oval Office, and then I–

Damon Salvatore: If you say one word about a cigar, I will murder you with my eyebrows.

Bonnie Bennett: Damon, no! We need this guy to escape the perpetual hell that is your plaid shirt and my skorteralls!

Damon Salvatore: …You are so lucky that I experienced so much personal growth last season.

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Fucking hulkbuster mother fuckers!

From the fool me once department:

Hulk v Thor

(via Whedonesque)

Welcome to Paradise (S06E03)

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries…

Greaser Joe’s Grim Garage

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Greaser Joe! I need a few days off, and someone to take my recently-murdered girlfriend into the woods, bury her body, and leave his fingerprints all over the crime scene!

Greaser Joe: Yeah, no, that doesn’t sound like something I want to do at all!

Stefan Salvatore: ~~~look into my eyes~~~

Greaser Joe: On second thought, Holy fucking shit did you just admit to murder for no good reason?!?

Stefan Salvatore: Of course not! I have a very good reason. That reason is exposition for everyone who missed last week’s episode. Also, I’m kind of lonely and you’re the only person I have to talk to.

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