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Previously, on The Secret Circle

– Meade Manor – Loft of Leaving –

Cassie Blake: Hi Diana! Thanks for letting me crash at your place, but a little birdie told me I’m going to have adult supervision again at the end of this episode!

Diana Meade: Thank God! Now I don’t have to talk to you at three AM anymore!

Cassie Blake: And I don’t have to listen to you snore!

Charles Meade: Goodbye, Cassie! You’re like the daughter I always wanted!

Diana Meade: …

Charles Meade: I’ll miss you!

– Grandma’s Gingerbread House – Breaking and Entering –

Cassie Blake: That’s odd! I don’t remember leaving my door slightly ajar!

Jake Armstrong: Hi Cassie! I broke into your house because I think witch hunters broke into your house! Mostly because of this Witch Hunter Ash scattered all over the place. And this note tucked into the door that says “Dear Cassie, We’re coming to murder you and all of your family and all of your friends. -XOXO The Witch Hunters”

Cassie Blake: Awesome! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to check out my “turn your umbrella into a Taser with your brain” spell!

Jake Armstrong: What now?

Cassie Blake: “My situation is kind of frightening, so zap this boy with magic lightning!”

Jake Armstrong: You stupid bitch.

Cassie Blake: What was that?

Jake Armstrong: You’re a super witch!

– The Boat House – Painful Employment –

Adam Conant: Hi Cassie! If I teach you how to hold a tray, will you let me into your pants?

Cassie Blake: Nope!

Adam Conant: Lame.

Faye Chamberlain: Hey Cassie! If I harass you endlessly due to your new, menial position, will you throw yourself off a bridge?

Cassie Blake: Nope!

Faye Chamberlain: Lame.

Melissa Glaser: Yes, yes you are.

Callum: Hi guys! I’m having a voodoo drug blowout at my place, wanna come catch a disease?

Faye Chamberlain: Hell no!

Melissa Glaser: Hell yes!

Faye Chamberlain: Wait, what?

– Grandma’s Gingerbread House – Entryway of Bold Entrances –

Cassie Blake: Hi Grandma! Yeah, I told the Diana you were coming home tonight. Well, I didn’t want to impose any more, and it’s a hassle living out of a suitcase, and I’m pretty sure Charles put a camera in the bathroom.

John Blackwell: Hi Cassie! I have a craggy face, a sweet coat, and sixteen years of catching up to do! Let’s have tea!

Cassie Blake: I have a better idea! Why don’t I go steal another boyfriend from another girlfriend, and why don’t you go to hell?

John Blackwell: Trust me, I’m headed there! But first I need to blah blah blah, deep dark secrets, meet me in an hour, don’t tell anyone I’m here.

Cassie Blake: Okay!

– Fifteen Seconds Later –

Cassie Blake: Hi Adam! I just met John Blackwell!

Adam Conant: Well that’s frightening! Whatever your plan is, I preemptively disagree!

– Chamberlain Chamber of Horrors – Dereliction of Duty –

Diana Meade (on the phone): Hi Faye! I’m worried about Melissa, so could you keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t go over to any voodoo drug dealer’s parties or anything?

Faye Chamberlain (on the phone): Funny story, but I just got back dropping her off at Callum’s voodoo drug party!

Diana Meade (on the phone): …

Faye Chamberlain (on the phone): You’re welcome!

– Lee LaBeque’s HooDoo Hideout –

Lee LaBeque: Hi ladies! Did you come here to make out with me again?

Diana Meade: Make out with you why would I make out with you I never made out with you!

Faye Chamberlain: …I could get on board with that.

Team Fayana: Explodes.

Diana Meade: Anyway, we’re looking for Melissa, and since she’s on the fast track to Junkieville, we figured you’d probably be able to lead us to her.

Lee LaBeque: Hey, just because I hooked you up with one bag of unpronounceable voodoo drug doesn’t mean I know where every single rave in Chance Harbor is!

Diana Meade and Faye Chamberlain: …

Lee LaBeque: Okay, I’ll take you there.

– Chance Harbor – Bridge of Bad Plans –

John Blackwell: Hi Cassie! Sorry I abandoned you for sixteen years and kind of spawned you from the seed of a demon! But I think it would be a really good idea if you gave me the Magic Murder Medallion so I can protect you!

Cassie Blake: I can protect myself!

– Fifteen Seconds Later –

Baldy the Badass: Hi Cassie! Super witch hunter abduction powers activate!

Cassie Blake: Murphmble Mephemble!!*

*Why are you kidnapping me! I’m not Elena GIlbert!

– Chance Harbor – Voodoo Lounge –

Callum: Hey babe, wanna play with my magic stick?

Melissa Glaser: Boy do I!

Callum: Great! Grab this here evil totem and rub your hands together, and I’ll zap you with my hoodoo!

Melissa Glaser: Oh. I thought you meant … nevermind. Voodoo hexes are cool, too. I guess.

– Creepy Cabin of Coven Craft –

Jake Armstrong: Cassie! Cassie! Cassie Cassie Cassie Cassie Cassie!

John Blackwell: Hi Jake! I’m not dead! Now what’s wrong with Cassie?

Jake Armstrong: Well, I found ashes sprinkled around her house and she hasn’t answered my text messages in the last fifteen seconds, so I just kind of assumed she’s either dead or kidnapped. Fortunately the Witch Hunters always bring their kidnap victims to the same place!

John Blackwell: Awesome! To the Blackwell Mobile!

Jake Armstrong: You have a Blackwell Mobile? That’s awesome!

John Blackwell: Yeah. It’s a 65 Yogo.

Jake Armstrong: Oh. That’s less awesome.

John Blackwell: Say, there’s no chance you’re working with the witch hunters or planning to betray me or anything, is there?

Jake Armstrong: Hahaha! No way bro!

– Chance Harbor – Docks of Doom – Back Room Bargaining –

Jake Armstrong: Hi Baldy! I came over to betray John Blackwell in exchange for Cassie!

Baldy the Badass: Your ideas intrigue me, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

– Chance Harbor – Docks of Doom –

Baldy the Badass: Hi Cassie! Don’t worry, you aren’t in any danger. Just lean back, open wide, and let me pour this mind erasing voodoo gunk into your eyes!

Cassie Blake: My life has taken a turn for the worse, lately.

– The Boat House –

John Blackwell: Hi Adam! Jake is busy selling me out, so I figured I’d drop by and recruit you!

Ethan Conant: Hi John! If Charles hadn’t stolen my magic rock, I’d be kicking your ass right now!

John Blackwell: Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Now go away, Im busy contributing to the delinquency of minors.

Adam Conant: Hi Diana! What? No, no I haven’t realized the error of my ways and decided to rekindle our years-long romance. Actually, I wanted to see if you’d help me rescue the girl I left you for. You would! Great!

– Chance Harbor – Voodoo Lounge –

Callum: Okay Melissa, let’s stop pretending. We’re both young, attractive people with needs … and I need you to hook me up with the magic power you’re obviously hiding.

Melissa Glaser: Well, I could do that … or I could light your willie on fire with your brain!

Callum: Well thanks for stopping by but you should really be going nice talking to you bye bye!

Faye Chamberlain: Hi Melissa! We need to go save Cassie! Again!

Melissa Glaser: Hi Faye! Hey, I learned something cool about that totem Lee gave you! It doesn’t unbind circles at all! It just sucks out your power and gives it to comatose girlfriends!

Faye Chamberlain: I should have known! I always get in trouble when I play with a boy’s magic wand!

– The Lost Woods –

Jake Armstrong: Hi Baldy! I’m here to betray John, like we agreed!

John Blackwell: Facepalm.

Baldy the Badass: Hahaha! My clever plan has fooled you! You see, instead of killing the most dangerous dark magician in living memory, and his hellspawn daughter slash bringer of the apocalypse, I’ve decided to let them go and kill a high schooler that can’t read a horoscope right!

Jake Armstrong: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

– Chance Harbor – Voodoo Lounge –

Callum: Hi Lee! Those girls are witches!

Lee LaBeque: I smash you with what I hope the audience interprets as chivalrous rage!

– The Lost Woods – Meadow of Murder –

Cassie Blake: Hey daddy? YOu should probably know that Baldy used magic eye drops to mind-whammy me into murdering you!

John Blackwell: Ow! Ow ow ow ow ow!

Cassie Blake: But you can use you rmagic to protect yourself, right?

The Producers: Hahahahahahahaha! She thinks people on this show are allowed to do magic! Hahahahahahahaha!

Baldy the Badass: Okay Jake, time to die! Just like your father died! When I murdered him!

Adam Conant, Diana Meade and Faye Chamberlain: “A gruesome death we’d like to see, so impale that bald guy on that tree!”

Baldy the Badass: “The need to run is now quite clear, magic make me disappear!”

John Blackwell: Ow ow ow ow ow!

Cassie Blake: Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!

Adam Conant, Diana Meade, Faye Chamberlain and Jake Armstrong: “Since this season needs a baddy, magic save Cassie’s daddy!”

John Blackwell: Ow ow ow ow ow!

The Secret Circle: “This situation is so dire, magic out out Cassie’s fire!”

John Blackwell: Oh thank god.

– Creepy Cabin of Coven Craft –

Faye Chamberlain: Hey… didn’t we just save the guy who murdered our parents, and is probably going to usher in the end of days?

Everyone Else: …Oh.

– Grandma’s Gingerbread House –

Cassie Blake: Hi Daddy! Sorry about the brain fire! Say, how did you lose your magic?

John Blackwell: Budget issues and questionable writing.

– Chamberlain Chamber of Horrors –

Lee LaBeque: Hi Faye! I came over to destroy the soul-sucking voodoo totem I was going to use to bring my girlfriend back to life!

Faye Chamberlain: Aw, that’s so sweet I’m going to drop my panties for you!

Eva the Comatose Girlfriend: Hi guys! What did I miss? Guys? Guys? Anybody?

– Armstrong Apartments –

John Blackwell: Hi Jake! So, about your plan to sell me out to Baldy…

Jake Armstrong: Crap crap crap crap crap…

John Blackwell: That’s the kind of ruthlessness I look for in a guy that’s going to look out for, and breed with, my daughter!

Jake Armstrong: Score!

– The Boat House –

Cassie Blake: Hi Adam. Wanna pretend to have some chemistry again?

Adam Conant: Sure, whatever.

The Plot: Thickens.

– Post Mortem –

You know what this show needs? A character that can reliably do magic whenever they want.

Cassie can kind of pull it off, but not always, and it usually gets away from her. This leads to some awesome moments – like when she exploded her own grave with her brain, or when she force choked Adam a few times – but for the most part it leads to her standing around not doing much of anything.

Jake had dark magic, too, at least I think he does. But he never seems to do anything with it either. He just kind of stands there, rocking the deep-V and showing off his cheekbones.

And they’re nice cheekbones, but they’re not why I watch this show. I watch this show, which is about teenagers with magic powers, to see teenagers using magic powers. And time and time again, TSC tells me “no”.

The Circle can’t use magic. The Nefarious Adults can’t use magic. Grandma Jane can’t use magic. The Elders can’t use magic. The Witch Hunters can use magic, I guess, but hey prefer to use roofies and pig masks.

And then there’s John Blackwell, the Looming Menace, the Whispered Threat, the Shadowy Danger. He’s been talked up for an entire season, and in the brief glimpses we’ve had of him, he was a complete badass.

So, of course, he can’t do magic, either.

And this is just about unforgivable. You’ve been building this guy up for weeks, and we’ve all been expecting him to bust onto the scene like a boss, kicking ass, taking names, and unleashing eldritch terrors like it’s his job. Because it is his job. Everything you’ve told us about this guy points to that specific role. But instead, he’s just another has-been.

On top of that, I still don’t know what the overall season arc is supposed to be. We’re three-quarters of the way through, and I don’t know if the adults searching for the crystals is the point, or if the witch hunters are the point, or if John Blackwell is the point. I don’t know if they all tie together. And worse? I kind of don’t care.

There’s no momentum. There’s no urgency. There’s no edge-of-your-seat, god-I-have-to-know-what-happens-next. On TVD, we’re always rushing toward something, I always know what everyone wants, and I always care whether or not they get it.

And maybe that’s not a fair comparison. TVD is one of, if not the, best shows on right now. Nothing else I watch has the same tempo as TVD.

But it’s a comparison that’s going to be made. Because you come on right after TVD, and you have the same executive producer as TVD, you have the same writers as TVD, and you have the same source material as TVD.

On paper, this should be a home run. But in practice…

I’m rooting for you, TSC. I want you to succeed. But you have to give me something.

On to the next episode!

0 responses to “Secret Circle – S01E15 – Return”

  1. Mary says:

    My big problem with the show is unfortunately Britt Robertson. She just isn’t as strong of a an actress as the rest of the cast. The only reason Cassie and Jake have any chemistry is because of Chris Zykla. I actually don’t have a problem with Adam’s actor. His scenes with Diana are great. He just isn’t strong enough to pull up Britt

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Mary,

    I don’t have a problem with Britt, at least not when she’s doing the Darth Cassie thing. Adam does have a lot more chemistry with Diana, I agree.

  3. I really don’t have anything to add to your post-mortem that’s either relevant or true, but I just cracked my 2nd Guinness, and lit a fresh cigarette, so I might as well pick up where you left off with the comparisons to TVD this show just can’t live up to.

    Cassie = Elena. Weekly abductee. Needs a Salvatore Brother Jake and/or Adam and/or Caroline and Bonnie any/all of Faye, Diana and the one that used to start off each episode by putting her bra back on to save her about half the time.

    The other half of the time, she gets herself out of her own mess just as the cavalry arrives to witness her Crowning Moment of Awesome.

    Cassie’s Crowning Moments tend to be awesomer, but she hasn’t gotten nekkid either. PUSH.

    Love triangle with the Boring One and the Dark One. Check.
    Powder Puff Girl teammates/Frenemies? Check.

    Sweet Grandma that knows you’re a witch, and helps you out in a pinch?
    TVD killed Grams early
    TSC gave Grandma Jane Magic Parkinson’s early.

    Dead parents John and Miranda? Amelia Blake.
    Supposedly, but not-quite-dead parent Isobel? John Blackwell.

    Uncle Snark Daddy, Carol Lockwood and Liz Forbes? Ethan, Charles and Dawn.

    Early Dead Regular Cast Sibling Vicki Donovan?
    Early Dead Regular Cast Sibling Nick Armstrong.

    Lost lost Abby Bennett returns to help her daughter with a spell, but has no magic?
    Yeah, we’re going to give bonus points to John Blackwell for counting as two items in the same scavenger hunt.

    Tomb Vamp/Werebilly/Hybrid Mook Army? Witch Hunter Mook Army.

    That they’re making the same show with the same characters is an insurmountable problem in and of itself. Expecting to catch the same lightning in the same bottle twice is an insurmountable problem in and of itself.

    So, starting with both hands tied behind their back, they made the choice to shoot themselves in both feet by:

    1. Spotting TVD a two-year head start. Once 3.5M fangirls picked Team Damon or team Stefan they’re invested and have no desire to pick between cardboard cutouts of the same characters.

    IF they’d both premiered on the same September night in 2009, only one would have survived. Would it have been Stefan’s Abs and Damon’s Eyebrows, or Jake’s Collarbones and Whatever-it-is-Adam-is-supposed-to-bring-to-the-party? We’ll never know, because it DIDN’T go down like that and the TSC writers didn’t figure out a way to steer into that skid. The ONLY way to do that was:

    2. Lots of action, lots of effects, lots of shit blowing up real good, lots of Cassie’s naked back and shoulders and a Big Big Bad.

    Season One TVD was all “ooh Katherine, she’ll rip both our hearts out without breaking a nail, ooh Katherine.”

    And the FIRST episode we saw her, we ONLY saw her from the last commercial to the end title card. In that little bit of time she kissed Damon, got invited into Elena’s house, lopped the fingers off Uncle Snark Daddy with a foot long knife, THEN shoved said foot-long knife four feet up John’s ass.

    Yes bitches. I AM THE BIG BAD. Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID.

    John Blackwell showed up in a gray trench coat needing a shave. Oooh, can’t wait to see how our heroes will defeat this vile demon-spawned threat to humanity.

    I found out I can the episode before this one. I got a business call about 9:15 and was on the phone for the middle half of the episode, then caught the last 15 minutes. I didn’t bother to re-watch it to see what I missed. I was pretty comfortable betting I didn’t miss anything.

    I caught up when Thomas posted his recap.

  4. sepiriz47 says:


    I think the cafe scene was the best.

    Eva is a better character than Blackwell.

    Faye’s power is off the charts according to Callum.

  5. Ellyria says:

    How does one manage to remember all the table’s coffee orders perfectly and then give them to the wrong table? That’s just… I don’t even know.

    Charles Meade got a haircut. *SADFACE* First Elijah, now Charles. Why do you hate me CW, why?

    I still enjoy watching TSC, but still… magic please. Bad guy using magic, kids using magic, parents stop chasing after crystals and getting their magic back. Please? Pleeeeeeeease?

    Oh, and please don’t turn Cassie into Elena. It’s started already, and it needs to stop. Being super special and having a vagina that brings all the boys running (including her best friend’s ex-boyfriend AND father) is not cool. I like Cassie and Elena fine (not the best), but when they’re constantly reminding us of this fact by having everyone with a Y chromosome fall for them and wanting to save them PLUS being the special snowflake and the centre of attention when they’re not that interesting is well… annoying and boring.

  6. Ashley says:

    This show makes my head hurt. And not in the good way that TVD does.

    Look, I’m rooting for this show just as anybody else is. I like the idea. I like the actors. I just don’t like the writing and the plotting because it keeps failing to deliver. If they don’t have one hell of a season finale, there’s no way they’re getting a season two. I don’t know if I’ll even care enough to be disappointed by that fact.

    Just like you, during the whole TSC episode, I’m still on twitter talking about TVD. That shouldn’t happen. And it’s frustrating because I want the show to have me on the edge of my seat. The last time I actually full paid on attention was when Diana was high.

    Because, let’s face it. Diana high is simply gold.

    As for the Witch Hunters… well, I’m not sure what their deal is. Do they want John Blackwell? Do they want Cassie? The Circle? Jake? I suppose he would be in the Circle, but Jake has his own v-neck category. I’m just saying that the Witch Hunters have been saying that they’re going to kill these kids since the very beginning and they’ve either failed or gave up their chance. I mean, they had Cassie. They HAD her, at their mercy. And fine, if they traded her for Blackwell, it might have made sense. BUT NO. They wanted Jake. WHY? What’s so valuable about Jake? Either he’s way more important than we know or the Witch Hunters are really indecisive.

    I do hope they give Faye her powers back so someone will actually use their magic. Its a popular complaint but this is a show about WITCHES and we focus more on their dry love life than the actual magic. I say dry because unless your name is Jake or Faye, you’re probably getting none. And if you are, it’s because you’re being forced together in hopes that everyone will ship you and you’ll be endgame because omg!!! Cassie and Adam are so perfect for each other, they’re both equally stupid!!

    Okay, Cassie isn’t stupid, but Adam is a douche.

    MELISSA. Who are you? Stop falling for this lame Callum dude. Nick was like… ten episode ago or something. In TVD world, everyone would’ve already forgotten who you were and where you’re buried. Drugs are fun, but unless they’re giving you powers and they have a use, let’s steer clear, okay?

    Lee and his coma girlfriend seem like another pointless side plot for Faye because everyone enjoys looking at her face. Unless the girlfriend is super Witch Hunter extreme or if she’s an actual witch and can kick everyone’s ass, it’s bothersome. Could you imagine Lee’s coma girl being the Big Bad? No one would expect it and it would put Faye in the more center because it would be a triangle between her, coma girl, and Lee. And girl/guy/girl triangles are just so much more fun and catty.

    I don’t know what I’m going on about anymore. It’s 1am and TSC frustrates me beyond belief. This recap made me laugh so much and you did a great job, as always.

    “John Blackwell: Trust me, I’m headed there! But first I need to blah blah blah, deep dark secrets, meet me in an hour, don’t tell anyone I’m here.

    Cassie Blake: Okay!

    – Fifteen Seconds Later –
    Cassie Blake: Hi Adam! I just met John Blackwell!”

    This part was the absolute best. Kudos to you.

  7. That’s actually an interesting thought exercise for those so inclined:

    Keep everything else the same, but flip the premiere dates of TVD and TSC.

    Put TSC, written by KW & JP’s first-call writing team (Caroline Dries, Brian Young, Craft and Fein, and Mike Daniels and them) on at 8PM September 2009.

    Let everyone get sucked into Fayke, and Jaksie, and Adassie and exploding graves and whatnot for two years, THEN put TVD on after it at 9PM, with crows and fog and Stefan and Elena writing in diaries all the damned time.

    Would they also trade levels of success and acceptance here in March, 2012?

    Maybe so. A supernatural-themed show about witches might have gotten off the ground a little easier than yet ANOTHER vampire show, ripping off Twilight and Trueblood. It may have had less to overcome at the beginning, and if it had caught on, could TVD have come along two years later and topped it?

    They say timing is everything. Two shows, similar enough tocall them the SAME show, one makes it big, the other is struggling. May just be a simple case of TVD getting there first, planting their flag in the ground, and leaving no room or indulgence for an imitator.

    But what if it was TVD that WAS the imitator?

  8. The_Void says:

    TSC is boring, has been boring from the start, and is wasting any potential it has.

    Big Mistake Numero Uno has to be the binding of the circle and removal of the individual power. It leaves so much less potential for exploring the characters as individuals discovering their power. You could do so much more with each character having a slightly different power, perhaps relating to their personality. Plus, more badass moments for everyone.

    As it is, the “spell-by-committee” is just super-lame. I get second-hand embarrassment from watching all of them chant in unison. And on the subject of chanting, the little rhymes they use to do magic are cringeworthy. They should’ve gone with Harry Potter-style faux-latin, or even better, wordless magic. It’s a lot more respectable I feel. It’s pretty hard to act badass while chanting nursery rhymes.

    I feel like the only they did this was so that Cassie could be pushed more into the centre. I feel like they’re constantly trying to push Cassie. I get that she’s the main character, but does everything have to revolve around her? She gets so many plotlines, it’s unfair on the other characters.

    All the other characters are being wasted. Jake and Adam are trapped in the lame love triangle and have been since their first episodes. Any potential for Jake as a morally ambiguous character or villain vanished after her fell in love with Cassie after about 5 minutes and now just mindlessly protects her. Adam was likeable at first, but has gotten douchier and now does little but pine after Cassie.

    Diana hasn’t had a proper storyline since the circle was bound. She’s stuck in the background, interacting with other characters a lot but having no storyline of her own. Because Shelley Hennig is a god, she takes what little she gets and turns Diana into one of the best characters on the show, but she needs a proper storyline. And by proper storyline, I don’t mean some random guest-star love interest, which will probably be all she gets.

    Melissa desperately needs a plot as well. She’s had barely anything since the show started. And this super lame “magic drugs” storyline is certainly not going to cut it. (Seriously, who thought “magic drugs” was a good idea? Didn’t we learn anything from season six of Buffy?)

    As for Faye… Phoebe Tonkin is a goddess and makes all of Faye’s scenes great. But she too is being wasted. Faye/Lee needs to stop right now. I’m really starting to despise it. First of all, it alienates Faye from the circle, and her interactions with the other main characters are her most entertaining. But more importantly, it wastes Faye because this stupid voodoo storyline is no longer about Faye at all. It’s all about Lee. It’s about him as his coma girlfriend and realising he wants to protect Faye and being all chivalrous-rage about it. Faye is passive in this whole storyline, it’s all about Lee. And NOBODY CARES ABOUT LEE. I bet at least half the people still watching are watching for Faye. We want to see her in an actual storyline that she’s active in, not stuck in a dumb storyline that has become all about this minor character.

    And I have nothing to add on John Blackwell. You said it perfectly, he should’ve been a badass, but he’s done nothing. Really, he should’ve been the Elijah of this show. Breezes into town, starts kicking ass and taking names, is more powerful than anything we’ve seen before and while his main goal is to protect the main character, he is ruthlessly efficient and willing to get his hands dirty while doing so. We’ve gotten nothing like that. Just another bland, powerless character to add to the heap.

    Seriously, what is the point of having a supernatural show about magic if NONE OF THE CHARACTERS CAN ACTUALLY DO MAGIC?

    Basically, Lee needs to GTFO and Faye needs to be single ASAP. If the “searching for individual power” storyline continues, make it actually about her and not about some random dude. Make Diana or Melissa the Blackwell sibling, and give the other a decent storyline also. Either take a pause on the Adam/Cassie/Jake storyline or hook one of the pairs up instead of dragging on this dull triangle. Start exploring the characters as individuals more. Lets have some magic flying around from people other than Cassie. Focus the storyline, decide who your villain is. Just do something interesting.

  9. Thomas says:

    Hi Brian,

    I don’t think that having a similar template is really a problem. There are plenty of decent shows – like every medical or police procedural on the planet – that follow a template and still make it work.

    If anything, I think the issue is that TSC isn’t ripping off TVD enough. They have a lot of the same pieces, like we’ve been saying, but they aren’t using them in the same way. If TSC had as many OMG moments and cliffhangers, burned as much plot, and killed off as many characters, I’d be in love with the show, rather than kind of following along just because.

    I really think it’s the writing, primarily the pacing, that’s the problem, not the template or theme or target audience.

    And if the two shows switched places? TVD would still come out on top, because it’s a better show. It was rough in the beginning, sure, but they had their act together by the fifth episode. Here on TSC, we’ve burned through fifteen episodes, and they still don’t seem to know what the show is about.

    If I’d been putting up with that for two and a half years, and then TVD came along? I’d be doing a dance in the streets.

  10. Thomas says:

    HI sepiriz47,

    Blackwell is just … so disappointing. He could have been so much more.

  11. Thomas says:

    Hi Ellyria,

    Yep, Needs More Magic. And there really is no reason for every male in the city to be hounding after Cassie the way there are, you’re right.

  12. Thomas says:

    HI Ashley,

    TSC really suffers from following TVD’s act, and I agree, they need to do something special with these last few episodes. I guess they’re on the cusp of being renewed or canceled, and they need to bring their A-game.

    As to the witch hunters, it seems like Cassie is their big target, because she’s got the whole Balcoin thing going (and unlike everyone on the damn show, still has magic powers). And they can’t just kill her because that would unleash her evil energies. But I don’t know why they keep blowing their opportunities. Seems like such an important target would be their first target, but whatever.

  13. Thomas says:

    HI The_Void,

    I have to assume that the producers either couldn’t afford the budget for a lot of magic effects, or the writers are afraid of writing about kids throwing magic around. Which really makes me wonder why they wanted to do this show at all.

    Wordless magic would have been a far superior choice to “fire energy, return her will” or whatever the fuck they were going on about at the end of this episode. I mean, seriously, what did the fire have to do with goddamn anything? Faux-Latin would have been fine, too.

    Jake needs to go on a “Well Cassie is shacking up with that douche with the eyeliner” bender. Preferably with Faye. Maybe they could burn down the Voodoo Drug Factory together. With Lee and Callum inside.

    Your take on what Blackwell should have been was spot-on. He was screaming to be the Evil Good Guy.

  14. rump says:

    omg…you are on point with the post mortem stuff..this show promised so much on the pilot even killing off a main character along the way,which made me more interested in it.

    i dunno, the writers just deviated from the main point of the show and started doing the typical teenage love triangle,which is just overdone and annoying…and the magic/abilities and powers are just secondary which is nt supposed to be so…

    i hope they get back to the MAIN point of the show and just make the love triangle subtle pending the time they find their footing and can start exploring that aspect..but for now WE NEED MAGIC/POWERS/ABILITIES, we need a character that is as ruthless as LEX LUTHOR a really nonredeemable villain,just to kick this show going..

    i love the show and i want it to do well..hope its picked up for a second season.. and ship is nt even a couple nor canon..and i hope TSC can start taking risks with storylines..dont give us convenient stories…it will keep pple interested and inturn make the show unpredictable and more viewers..

  15. Thomas says:

    Hi rump,

    Yeah, I don’t really care about teenage love angst just for its own sake. If its wrapped up in supernatural shenanigans, that’s one thing, but on TSC… the angst is the main point, not the magic. And it’s getting harder and harder for me to care.

    Ad a real villain is a desperate must. I guess they’re trying to push Baldy as the Big Bad, but… he has no motives, no backstory, no reason for us to care.

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