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Emily Mason is like any other girl, with one exception: she has a split personality. Emily learns that she is part of a classified government program that has created the next generation of super soldiers. Once she’s activated, Emily’s happy, well-adjusted personality disappears, replaced with the sarcastic and deadly Nocturne.

Emily’s family is a fabrication, her memories are a lie, and her life is on the line. Once she discovers her secret, Emily becomes obsessed with escaping from the Project. She will do anything necessary to reclaim her life …

But Nocturne will do anything to stop her.


A Final Draft / Big Break screenplay competition quarter finalist!

Emily is like any other teenage girl. She goes to high school, has a crush on her best friend, Duncan, and is stressed out about college applications. Oh, and one more thing: Emily isn’t real.

She’s actually Nocturne, the leader of a team of super soldiers created by the Janus Project. Genetically engineered. Surgically enhanced. Chemically altered. Psychologically conditioned.

Perfect. Driven. Deadly.

Emily’s cover identity is so convincing that even Emily herself doesn’t realize that she’s been turned into a human weapon. When a crazed soldier from the rival Ares program comes gunning for her, Emily’s perfect life is shattered, and Emily has to fight to discover who–and what–she really is.

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