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This Week on the Web brings us news on Deadpool and Green Lantern, Batman, vampires, ignorant preachers, and more!

Is Warner Bros. trying to kill Deadpool?: I. Will. Cut. A. Bitch. Topless Robot has more, including a picture of Green Lantern’s sweet costume, and not-so-sweet domino mask.

Green Lantern‘s Kilowog: (image) The first image of the character as he will appear in-movie.

Batman Inc: (image and article) Grant Morrison talks about his plans for the Caped Crusader, and reveals the latest bat-costume. I approve, yellow oval and all.

Rolling Stone‘s True Blood Cover: (image) This is just, well… don’t click the link at work, that’s all I’m going to say.

Mark Driscoll on Twilight: (video) Mark Driscoll, for those of you who haven’t traveled in Evangellical Christian circles recently, is the pastor of Mars Hill Church. He’s also the guy that said Avatar is the most demonic movie ever filmed. Here are his totally reasonable thoughts on Twilight (and other such writings). I do have to give him credit for working the term “cougar mothers” into his sermon, though. (via Leah Snowden)

Battle of the Abs: Twilight v. Vampires Suck: Who has the better washboard: Jacob Black or Jacob White?

Mandatory Radios in Every Cell Phone: From the “I hate everyone and want them to die” files, the RIAA and the National Broadcaster’s Association want to mandate – in law – that every single portable electronic device in America include a chip to receive FM Radio. Your cell phone? An FM radio. Your Nintendo DS? An FM Radio. Your iPad? An FM goddamn radio. They claim that this is to give people “more music choices,” but note how they don’t want you to have any choice in the matter at all. Assholes.

Jon Stewart on Google/Verizon’s Net Neutrality Plan: “We’re completely fucked.” That’s about right.

Starbucks Barrista v. Enraged English Teacher: Fight!: “I will not say ‘no whip!'” (via AJ Wiswell)

The designer you treat like shit has quit unexpectedly: (image) If this said “developer”, I know a whole bunch of people that would be displaying this dialog.

Headlines gone horribly right: (images) Personal favorite: “Republicans turned off by size of Obama’s package.” (via Javi Siddiqui-Ricaurte)

Baby turtle noms tiny leaf (video) Nom nom nom nom squee! (via AJ Wiswell)

Homogeddon , Part 2: You know what? I’m really sick of these idiots. People that want equal rights under the law are “militant”. sam-sex marriage will destroy “the very structure of reality that God Himself has revealed to us”. Religion cannot die out soon enough.

Last Combat Convoy Leaves Iraq: So there are a lot of things that I wish Obama had done differently, but here’s one more story that makes me very glad that I voted for him. Good job, sir, and welcome home, troops. Now let’s get the rest of them back – including the “support troops” still in Iraq.

Sarah Palin Continues to Hate America: “But it is impossible to be the voice of America when your idea of America doesnโ€™t extend beyond uneducated white people who are Christians. And when you think that is the only kind of America that should exist, that is known as hate.” (via Bibliotech

Fox News gives up any pretense of fairness: Instead of shilling for the Republicans, why don’t we just give them a million dollars? Fair and balanced!

Weak References in Java: Warning: computer programming nerdery ahead. A good article on a feature Java has had for a few years, and I had never heard of before this week.

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