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This week’s edition of links comes a bit early, since I expect to be cut off from civilization all weekend, doing the final edits on my manuscript. Read on for news on Apple, Batman, realistic lightsabers, the obligatory vampires, Steampunk Optimus Prime, and more!

Apple releases a bunch of stuff that fails to impress me: I had high hopes for the Apple TV; specifically, I was interested in the rumors that it would allow you to buy subscriptions to television shows, essentially making it a cable-killer. I would have bought that in a heartbeat. All this had, though, is Netflix Streaming, and I already own a Wii for that. On the other hand, I am rubbing my hands in gleeful anticipation, waiting for the whole “iTunes Social Network” to erupt into an RIAA-led donkey show. Slashdot and CNN have more.

Two Batmen for the price of one: In you haven’t been keeping up with your comics lately, you might not know that Bruce Wayne, also known as The Batman, was killed by Darkseid, also known as The God to Whom Satan Prays. Well, Batman wasn’t going to take that lying down, and he’s been crawling his way back to life – and the present – ever since. In the meantime, his first student, Dick Grayson, has taken over the cape and cowl. DC just announced that, once Bruce returns, there will be two Batmen operating in Gotham – Dick and Bruce.

Villains for Batman: Arkham City: These models are incredible, and almost make me wish I played video games. Also, the comments contain a heated discussion about breast-physics, which is hilarious.

Steampunk Optimus Prime: What’s better than a Steampunk Optimus Prime? A Steampunk Optimus Prime that turns into a goddamn locomotive, that’s what.

Does this book cover look familiar?: I know the big trend right now is to ape the Twilight series covers, but this is just blatant. I actually saw this in Barnes & Noble the other night and took a picture, I was so amazed. (via AJ Wiswell)

Vampires Suck Other Guys: (image) My girlfriend has been looking for this on a marquee for weeks.

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Television Series in Development: Dammit people, stop making TV shows I want to watch. It’s becoming pretty much impossible to keep up my “I don’t watch television” snobbery.

Incredibly detailed replica lightsabers: Not only do these match their movie counterparts exactly, they have authentic-looking innards, including glowing emitter crystals. These things are unbelievable. (via Slashdot)

Textee!: (video) The concept is reasonable: little thumb-gloves that make it easier to use a touchscreen. The advertising… well, the advertising makes me want to murder everyone involved in this product. (via AJ Wiswell)

If God had a Facebook: (image) What can I say? I’m still not tired of “history via Facebook” jokes. (via Katie Grasso)

This! Is! Painting! (image) Leonidas as Bob Ross painting Sparta. I am happy on the inside.

Stay Puft Marshmallows: ThinkGeek has started selling Stay Puft Marshmallows… yes, as in the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbuters. And because it’s ThinkGeek, the marshmallows are caffeinated. (via Matt Burdell)

Green Ranger poster: Power Morphicon, a Power Rangers convention, started this week. Yes, there is a Power Rangers convention. But whatever; the point is, Scott Shaw made a neat poster of the Green Ranger controlling the Dragon Zord with his Power Flute. (Every single word of that made sense to me… please kill me now.) (via Comics Alliance)

Luna Vachon dead at 48: TMZ reports that Bam Bam Bigelow’s “main squeeze” has died. I suspect that drugs had nothing to do with this. Also: does someone want to look into the fact that almost no professional wrestler lives to see 50?

Surfing our way to stupid: Long story short, because the internet encourages skimming and multi-tasking, our brains are being trained to – ooh! Shiny!

Is Barack Obama a Muslin?: A very quick answer to this burning question. (via GodlessGirl)

Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury: A good – but long – article on Sarah Palin: who she is in public, and who she is in private.

The ultimate marijuana security system: I would imagine that pot-growers spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to keep the police away from their crops. These guys may have had the best idea ever: bears.

If Websites were pets: If you haven’t checked on it in a year, are you sure it’s still alive? (via AJ Wiswell)

Bathtime for Hedgehogs: The spines! They do nothing! Help! (via AJ Wiswell)

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