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This week on the web brings you Kato Vision ™, new pictures of Spider-Man and Captain America, Google’s guide to the internet, the tea party, and more!

Pop Culture

Introducing: Kato Vision!: This single clip has convinced me to go see this The Green Hornet. It’s kinda-sorta reminiscent of the slow-mo fighting from 300, mixed in with Steven Seagal Vision ™ from Steven Seagal: Lawman.

First look at Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man; new image of Captain America: Well, it certainly does look like Spider-Man. I think I can get on board with this. I don’t know it the image of Captain America is supposed to be from the 40s or not, but I hope this isn’t the modern, sleek suit. Because it is neither.

The high school Batman cartoon that never was: I’m not much for animated shows, but wow would I watch the hell out of this.

First picture of Edward and Bella’s honeymoon: “Pale and tasteful,” as io9 calls it.

Smallville teaser poster: I might honestly download tune in for the episode where Clark finally becomes Superman, so I guess these posters are doing their job.

New Red Riding Hood poster: This Fiancee will be taking me to this, so I guess these posters are doing their job, too.

Alternate Lord of the Rings ending saves a whole lot of trouble: Gandalf knows giant eagles. This whole thing should have taken like thirty minutes.

The Animatronic Hulk that could have saved Ang Lee’s film: Now this thing is cool. We’ve made some fantastic advances in CGI, but I still love animatronics and puppets. I would watch this in a heartbeat.

Spartan Fett helmet: Two great tastes that taste great together.

Japanese woman explains Titanic: It so cold. So cold. (via John Myers)

Science & Technology

20 things I learned: A Google-written guide to some of the terms and technology behind today’s internet.


Coolest chameleon ever: Your weekly dose of squee.

Health & Fitness

Autism / Vaccine link was a scam to make money: From the “color me shocked, shocked I say” files, the lying asshole whose lies led to the deaths of children lied so that he could make money.

Cool Stuff

Fuck You performed in sign language: This is the Cee Lo Green song, not the Lilly Allen one. But the performance is amazing. (via Katie Beth Ainslie)

Pranksters dye Canadian river bright green: This is kinda pretty, actually.

Wandering mummy terrorizes Texas neighborhood: Because why not?

An orange alligator: This doesn’t technically qualify as squee, since it’s covered in scales, so I’m tossing it in here.

Politics & Religion

Arizona: a look at a Tea Party controlled state: The Tea Party leadership has done something amazing: they’ve convinced thousands, maybe millions of people to vote against their own self-interest. Arizona provides a glimpse at what America might look like if the Tea Party takes over: crumbling infrastructure, hemorrhaging jobs, foreclosures, and a bankrupt government. (via Roger Ebert)

0 responses to “This Week on the Web – 17 January 2011”

  1. Sami_Elly says:

    Red Riding Hood looks amazing, but that red hood is so “The Village” that I’m afraid to see it. D:

    Bella looks so happy, I wonder if she’s still that happy when her pelvis breaks and she bleeds all over the floor.

  2. Sami_Elly says:

    And I don’t think the spoiler tag I put after happy worked. 🙁

  3. Thomas says:

    I actually liked The Village.

    Spolier tags only work if you’re a registered user, and logged in. But honestly, I don’t think there’s anyone that cares that doesn’t know about Renesme.