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This Week on the Web brings you Vampire Diaries news, a new Underworld trailer, a dissection of the Batman: The Animated Series opening, the Kindle lending library, a new Nook tablet, a cop killing a plane with his car, the best lawyer in the world, advice on how to run, and more!

Ten reasons you should be obsessed with The Vampire Diaries: “Every time I believe this show has maxed out its AWESOME card it finds a way to charge more.”

Seventeen ways to fall in love with Candice Accola: Because we needed sixteen more?

The CW is now on Hulu: In case you need to catch up on Supernatural, The Secret Circle, or The Vampire Diaries.

Netflix gets Lost, Alias on streaming: I never watched the last season of Alias… it might be time to remedy that. Also: I am never going to have free time ever again ever.

New Underworld trailer: Apparently this one is about a super-mutant-hybrid-vampire-baby. Normally I’d say that this means the series has jumped the shark, but I kind of think that ship has already sailed.

Why the opening to Batman: The Animated Series is a masterpiece: This is really, really interesting, from a storytelling perspective.

Computers & Technology

Kindle Lending Library: A new benefit that comes with Amazon Prime: the ability to borrow and read one book a month, free of charge. As someone who’s now in the business of selling books, I kind of wonder what the royalty model on this looks like. Update: CNet has more on how Amazon is pulling this off. Long story short, the Big Six publishers are kind of pissing themselves over this, and Amazon is either buying bulk licenses for the Library books, or purchasing a new copy each time someone borrows it. I don’t know that this is sustainable, but it’ll be interesting to watch.

New nook specs leaked: I have absolutely no use for a tablet, but this does sound very nice.

Google to offer Cable TV service in Kansas City: This plan makes me happy in my pants. I would drop Time Warner in a heartbeat if Google offered a comparable solution.

Do a barrel roll: Just follow the link. Probably chrome/firefox only.


Watch a Brazilian cop kill an airplane with his car: FTW.

The best legal ad ever printed: I would totally hire this guy.

Watch an axe-wielding bird lay waste to everything in its path: More adorable animals should be armed and unleashed on the unsuspecting world.

Cats in movies: I would pay cash money to see The Pawfessional.


A corgi driving a car: Because why not?

Hedgepig after its bath: Daaawww…

Health and Fitness

How to run without hurting yourself: The short story is “land on the balls of your feet, and don’t over-extend,” but it’s good, bio-mechanically sound advice. It’s also the way we naturally run when we’re barefoot, which is why a lot of people are against fancy shoes.


Democrats introduce constitutional amendment to allow campaign finance reform: This is really the only option, since the Supreme Court ruled it legal to simply buy an election.

Twenty couples that put Kim Kardashian’s marriage to shame: Seventy-two hours of sanctity.

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  1. Zoe says:

    “Watch an axe-wielding bird lay waste to everything in its path: More adorable animals should be armed and unleashed on the unsuspecting world.”

    When I first saw that, I thought it was a link to a new angry birds game. But, in fact, it was the real thing. And so cute with it!

    I almost want to commit a crime just so I can hire that lawyer. So. Cool. *isjoking* *obviously*

    I could do the barrel role allllll day. Hee. *refreshes*

    You only need one reason to watch Vamp Diaries: begins with “Ian”, ends with “Somerhalder”. (The rest of the cast aren’t bad either….)