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This Week on the Web brings you The Evil Blood Sluts, love interests for Alaric and Bonnie (not each other, you sickos), the story of a man and his buffalo, Barnes & Noble telling Microsoft to fuck off, and Michele Bachmann telling you what Jesus would do: let your lazy ass starve. And some other, less depressing stuff!

Pop Culture

The Evil Blood Sluts is a great name for a band: Drawn by KT, one of our commentors.

A love interest for Alaric? Some Vampire Diaries spoilers, if you’re so inclined.

A love interest for Bonnie? Some more Vampire Diaries spoilers, if you’re so inclined.

Muppets meet Twilight: Vamphibian = pure win.

Hunger Games theatrical trailer: These movies are going to print money.

Snow White and the Huntsmen trailer: I’m still not clear on why Snow White wears armor and leads an army, but whatevs.

Stephen King’s Under the Dome headed for Showtime: Well, they did a great job with Dexter, and a longer-running miniseries is really the only way to do one of King’s monsters justice, so… consider me excited.

Robocop director talks about his movie: Apparently, it’s going to feature a lot of the building and programming of Robocop, which I think will be fascinating.

More of David Tennant as an asshole vampire hunter: This will be a feature on the DVD. There are rumors of an upcoming all-Tennant Fright Night sequel, which I would see in a heartbeat.

If I was going to reboot Batman: A neat “alternate reality” type of thing. This guy did an previous version of a Batman reboot, as well as the justice league and the legion of doom (via io9)


Whatch’a thinking about: The thoughts that go through a bear’s brain. (Via Kate Morris Ainslie)

The story of a man and is buffalo: Sometimes a dog just isn’t enough.

Computers and Technology

A brief rant on the future on interactive design: This whole thing is awesome, but my favorite quote is “a tool converts what we can do into what we want to do.”

New obesity drug cuts off the blood to your fat cells: Rhesus monkeys dropped 27% of their abdominal fat in four weeks, which is hella impressive. Almost as impressive as the first comment on the article, which state the drug caused “electrolyte abnormalities, dehydration and reversible kidney failure”

Barnes & Noble to Microsoft: Go fuck yourself: B&N has blown the lid on the patents Microsoft is using to hold Android hostage. Spoiler: they’re all trivial pieces o functionality that should never have been granted a patent in the first place.

Politics and Religion

Michele Bachmann: if you’re unemployed, you should starve: Republican asshole using Bible to justify their assholeisness. News at eleven.

0 responses to “This Week on the Web”

  1. Alicia says:

    Evil Blood Sluts still make me LOL a lot!!! 🙂 Btw, I finally joined the Twitter madness and I’m following you now 🙂 Lots of modes of communication, LOL.

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Alicia 🙂

    I’ve kinda-sort abandoned my Facebook and Google+ pages. I still drop in once in a while, but nowhere near as often as I used to. They’re just exhausting.

    Twitter, on the other hand, is open pretty much constantly when I’m at a computer. It’s really my preferred method of communication now.

  3. Ellyria says:

    The comments on the “New Love Interest for Alaric?” article frighten me. >.<

  4. Alicia says:

    Cool I’m following you on Twitter now and I sent you a message the other day 🙂 Can’t wait to get the paperback 🙂

  5. Thomas says:

    Hi Ellyria 🙂

    Apparently some of Paul’s “fans” tried to trend Divorce Torrey last week, because they wanted him to know that she isn’t good enough for him. The obvious conclusion being, of course, that they would be better for him.

  6. Thomas says:

    Hi Alicia 🙂

    The paperback is out now!

  7. Ellyria says:

    Seriously? That’s just terrible. Fans like that give fans like us a bad name. If I were an actor, I wouldn’t want to day a starstruck fanboy (or girl), it’d be kind of creepy.

    I was actually referring to the “If I would on TVD, I would be a vampire/werewolf/hybrid, and I would be Klaus/Damon/Stefan’s girlfriend!” comments. Seriously, does nobody want to be the snarky human who constantly breaks the fourth wall? Or is that just me? 😉

  8. Thomas says:

    I read an article last night about how girls in rock bands never get laid, because sleeping with a guy that’s fanboying all over you is just creepy, and kind of sad. I can understand that.

    If I was on TVD, I’d be a werecorgipire, but I don’t know that the audience could handle the awesome of that storyline.

  9. Anita says:

    A werecorgipire is exactly what TVD needs! He could be adopted by Damon and be his sidekick.

  10. Thomas says:

    I would be a fantastic sidekick for Damon. I wouldn’t even get fangirl on him.

  11. Brian in Shortsville says:

    At least we learned in Psyche 101 that we can look forward to a cross-eyed, drooling Michelle Bachmann exiting this world with a load in her depends.

    Provided she doesn’t reach a position of real influence and have all of us killed first (either through an act of commission or omission).

    And the Evil Blood Sluts look like a Norweigian Death Metal version of Josie and the Pussycats.

    And I’ve already done the cost/benefit analysis and laid out what my strategy would be for having Damon as a wingman. Just don’t poke the bear when he’s in a mood, and there’d be a lot of potential upside.

  12. Thomas says:

    Michelle Bachmann is more frightening than Sarah Palin, and if you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you that was impossible.

    The more I think about it, the more I want Hillary Clinton to run for President. She’s the most progressive (potential, viable) candidate out there, and these self-hating, assclown, Jesus-bothering, quiverfull excuses for women are setting back feminism a hundred years. Which is what they want, but still.

    Damon would be the best wingman ever. And if he liked your schtic, he could be your wingman forever. Literally.

  13. Brian in Shortsville says:

    I smell a rat on TVD. And I’m spoiler free, so all I’ve got is a hunch.

    I can TOTALLY see Torrey DeVito, whom I wouldn’t recognize if she slapped me so I have no preconceptions, joining the cast as a regular. Would seem to make sense as far as her and Paul Wesley being newlyweds, not being separated by work, etc.

    But Alaric’s love interest Mary? As in “I’m Meredith, but my friends call me Mary?” Meredith WAS Alaric’s “love interest” in the books from what I read on teh innernets (I read Thomas’ list of Things That Are Less Painful For An Adult Than Reading The Books instead of the books), though they were both younger in the books -Meredith was a HS student. If she’s an MD and not a Dougie Houser prodigy, she’d be at least 26-27 on the show.

    Season 1, Vicki dies, Alaric (a prominent character in the books) joins as a regular.
    Season 2, Jenna dies, Klaus (THE Big Bad from the books) joins the cast as a regular.
    Season 3, Someone’s ’bout to kick it, so ‘Mary’ from the books can join the cast as a regular?

    Times like these, I’m glad I’m not on Twitter. Actors are people too.

    The comment under the article I liked was form the older lady that said she wanted to be a witch dating a werewolf so she could have both a man and a dog. That got me thinking… “Honey get me a beer, now transform, now go lay down so Daddy can watch football. Good girl.”

    Aussie pups are +$200. And they say the economy’s bad.

  14. Thomas says:

    Hi Brian 🙂

    I could totally see them spinning this chick as Meredith. I hadn’t even thought of that. Good call.

    And yeah, Alaric’s relationship with her in the books is just skeevy. It’s like Innocent High in paperback.

    And really, saying “someone’s about to die” on TVD isn’t the biggest leap to take. My money would be on Matt, though.

  15. Brian in Shortsville says:


    Mary is Mary Fell. Maybe a relative of the late Logan Fell. Unless she married into the Fell family, she ain’t Meredith ‘Mary’ Sulez from the books. All new character.

    Less than two weeks left in the hellatus.