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This Week on the Web brings you prototype Iron Man armor (kinda), The Green Lantern trailer, Koalas (they some little bitches), Apple joining the OpenJDK project, airport security, and more!

The awesome power of battlesuit and armor concept art!: Powered armor FTW!

New Green Lantern trailer: I really want to like this, but I don’t know that Ryan Reynolds was the right guy to play Hal Jordan. Hal should be epic, not… Van Wilder. Now Deadpool, Deadpool should be Van Wilder.

Batman: The Return annotations: I’m just posting this because I absolutely love (the Bruce Wayne) Batman’s new costume. Mostly gray, black cape and cowl, yellow bat-oval? Yes please.

Red Riding Hood trailer: This 1) has absolutely nothing to do with Little Red Riding Hood, 2) will almost certainly be terrible, and 3) will definitely have my money on opening night.

Koalas aren’t hard they some little bitches: Written by an either-grader, a nice little exposition on why Koalas should all just fucking die. (via AJ Wiswell)

You Park Like an Asshole: This site is fantastic; now if they only had You drive Like an Asshole, You Talk Like an Asshole, You Use the Self-Checkout Like an Asshole, You Write Code Like an Asshole, You Dress Like an Asshole, et cetera. (via LifeHacker)

The shadow scholar: The frightening tale of a man who’s worked on a master’s degree in cognitive psychology, a Ph.D. in sociology, and bachelor’s degrees in hospitality, business administration, and accounting… for other people. (via Cleolinda)

Westboro Baptist tires slashed, locals refuse to make repairs: The WBC is perfectly within their rights to protest at funereal, like they were doing in Oklahoma, but the local businesses are perfectly withing their rights to say “we don’t do business with homophobic, hate-filled, quite-possibly-closet-case, also-maybe-inbred assbags like you.” (via Bible Also Says)

Wall Street’s dirty, rotten scoundrels: Roger Ebert on why anyone that isn’t in favor of Wall Street regulation is simply wrong.

Apple joins the OpenJDK Project: This is a huge relief to me; it looks like Apple is going to contribute most of the code/bindings/design that makes using Java on Mac so easy to the OpenJDK project, so there should be very little, if any, slip when Oracle has to pick up the Java 7 slack for Apple. Ars Technica has more.

Ultimate Kitten Snuggle: Your weekly does of squee. (via Boing Boing)

Faith healing debunked by Christians: It’s nice to see that some Christians realize that the whole thing is a scam, too. Now if they’d just figure out that god really doesn’t need their bank account number…

The Israelification of airport security: Israel deals with far, far greater security threats than we do, yet their airport security is quick, efficient, unobtrusive, polite, and more effective than ours. Of course, they hire people that are qualified to do the job, and have security programs designed by counter-terrorism and psychology experts, while we hire Wal-Mart greeters and give them badges.

Rate My Backscatter: Speaking of the stupid things we do in the name of security, here’s a Hot or Not for the nudie pics the TSA US Marshals have been collecting. And yes, they have been collecting them. (via Boing Boing) (John Meyers points out that the TSA has not, as far as we know, been collecting nudie pics, but the US Marshals have.)

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