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This Week on the Web brings you The Lady’s first batch of wedding photos, the Battle of the Corgi Names, Black Friday brawls, Dianne Sylvan’s top three moments of TVD Season Three, the end of the Batman franchise, a sweet-looking new eReader, and more!

Shameless Self Promotion

On the way to the wedding: The Lady’s first round of wedding photo festivities

Battle of the puppy names: Help The Lady and I pick a name for our new Corgi.

Black Friday, Bitches!

Black Friday shopper pepper sprays rivals

Two shot, fifteen others pepper sprayed

Violence erupts at Wal Mart, at least 24 injured

Police slam grandfather to ground on Black Friday

Video: Black Friday at the Mesquite Wal Mart

Black Friday brawl reported at Walmart in Rome: This is where I live. Represent.

Pop Culture

Dianne Sylvan’s top three moments of TVD Season Three: Part two of the hellatus-filling recap series. My thoughts are here.

Harry Connolly releases the Twenty Palaces prequel novel: I devoured this entire (three book) series in about two weeks. If you like grim-n-gritty urban fantasy stories, these are definitely for you. Sadly, the publisher isn’t going to release any more of these, but if this (self published) novel takes off, maybe we can convince Harry to release them himself.

Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan are done with Batman: Which raises the question: will Warner Bros. reboot the franchise, or just recast Batman?

Computers and Technology

Is this the future of eReaders? The kyobo XGA has a full-color eInk-like display that looks incredible… at least in the promo video. I’ll want to see one in person before I make a call on this.


Google Chrome to get native game pad, web cam support: The browser is the computer, et cetera et cetera.

Man-size Hobbit House: I want to go to there. As long as it gets cable.

They see me rolling: Squee.

Politics and Religion

A new translation for the Catholic mass: Now that this important work is done, maybe they can get around to doing something about the rampant child rape.

0 responses to “This Week on the Web – 28 November 2011”

  1. Ellyria says:

    I hope the Batman franchise continues in the direction Christopher Nolan has the series going in, even when they bring in someone new. I don’t care for Christian Bale as Bruce/Batman, but the rest of the casting was great. Hopefully, if they continue, it won’t go back to the campy 60s style Batman like Batman & Robin (shudders) and Batman Forever (which I enjoyed, but it’s still campy). There’s some great darker-type stories from the comics, like Killing Joke, Death in the Family, Hush, Long Halloween, Under the Red Hood, and the Azrael storyline, that they could use. I wouldn’t mind a live-action Batman Beyond either. =D

    Yes, I’m a big Batman fan, and it could go on until the end of time and it’d never get old to me.

  2. Alicia says:

    The wedding pics are awesome! Congrats again to u both 😉

  3. Brian in Shortsville says:


    Verily hath I called upon mine powers of divination, and determined that your pup, sight unseen, ought be called either “Ivor” or “Roderick” (in the event he is birthed complete with external genitalia).

    Shouldst thou be blessed with a puppy of the fairer gender, you’re on your own. The dog spirits ain’t telling me nothing.

  4. Thomas says:

    Right now, the leading contender from the guys at work is “Wants Thomas Dead”.