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This Week on the Web brings you a host of Dark Knight Rises news, The Hobbit, Prometheus, and Wrath of the Hair Stylist Titans trailers, a baby polar bear that can’t seem to keep its tongue in its head, the Republicans caving at the last minute, and more!

Pop Culture

Book Club: Twenty Palaces: If you’re looking for a great Urban Fantasy series, I’ve got a recommendation for you.

Official Dark Knight Rises trailer: The Dark Knight isn’t the only thing ris… no, sorry, I’m just not going to make any more boner jokes over this thing.

A screencap-by-screencap breakdown of the DKR trialer: Can someone tell me how to change Tom Hardy’s Dark Knight Rises credit to “Bane / Harvey Dent”? I wanna start some trouble.

Four hi-res images from DKR: I love the last picture of Bane.

First “who has the least intelligible voice” parody of Dark Knight Rises: Certainly the first of many.

Hobbit trailer: I know this is blasphemous, but I kind of can’t get excited about this. Maybe after I’ve gotten DKR out of my system.

Prometheus poster: The kinda-but-not-reall prequel to Alien

Prometheus trailer: Yeah, this is totally an Alien flick.

Wrath of the Titans trailer: “Damn the Gods” was one of my favorite taglines. Too bad the movie itself sucked. This one looks promising, but … who knows, really. Oh, there’s also a poster.


Well, Folks, It Appears Some Shithead Down There Is Shining A Laser Pointer Into The Cockpit And We’re About To Crash: The Onion never fails us. (via John Myers)


Tube kitten! Here’s some squee to tide you over.

Baby polar ear tongue! Via The Lady, more squee for your morning.

Computers and Gadets

Video Controller for Chrome: tell YouTube to STFU: This thing is solid gold.

So long, motherfucker

Kim Jong Il dead: It’s a bad year to be a dictator. He will be missed by no one.

Synchronized mourning for Kim Jong Il: Except these guys, apparently. Of course, if I had a gun to my head, I’d mourn the son of a bitch, too.

Health and Fitness

New wonder drug could give everyone super memory: But is shuts down a key component of the brain’s immune system so… yeah.

Politics and Religion

Portugal’s “war” on drugs: What happens when you treat drug addicts as patients instead of criminals? Progress.

Republicans cut off C-SPAN so you can’t watch them raise your taxes: These assholes are so completely corrupt it’s astonishing.

Republicans cave at last minute, agree to not (completely) fuck the middle class over: Though for some arcane reason this has to pass by unanimous consent in both houses, so one Tea Bagging shitweasel could still fuck up the whole thing.

Ashley Madison endorses Newt Gingrich: “Faithful Republican, Unfaithful Husband”. Game, set, match.

Democratic SuperPAC registers I posted this mainly for the lulz, but … do we really want people this goddamn ignorant setting policy for the country?

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  1. Ellyria says:

    I was going to watch the DKR trailer, but then it said to download Quicktime. Dear internet: Quicktime sucks, stop trying to make me use it. To Youtube!

    Heehee kittens. <3

  2. Thomas says:

    Quicktime is honestly the best video format, if you want good picture and sound quality. But yeah, it’s a pain in the nether regions is you just want to watch the damn video already geeze.