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This Week on the Web: Stephen Colbert takes invades Congress, the Batmobile is for sale, some guy dresses up like Link, Katy Perry in a really tight Elmo t-shirt, a whole horde of Vampire Diaries recappers, and more!

Stephen Colbert testifies before Congress: And he did it in character. Two quick points: One, he is amazingly fast on his feet, and Two, dear god, he has balls the size of Kentucky.

It Gets Better: Are you an outcast? Does it seem so bad that you think suicide might be the answer? Dan and Terry have a simple, powerful message for you: it gets better. There’s also an entire project page.

Obsessed with a gay young man: Andrew Shirvell, an Assistant Attorney General – yeah – in Michigan has launched a crusade against a young man named Chris Armstrong. Armstrong’s crime? He’s advocating a radical gay agenda. Armstrong’s position: he’s the President of the Student Body at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Yeah, the Assistant Attorney General started a blog and picketed Armstrong’s house because he’s gay. Fortunately, his boss is taking legal action, and this disgusting fanatic should be out of a job soon. One-stop shopping for TVD related news, rumors, and recap roundups.

I Heart Vampire Diaries: Another fan-site with recaps and news. I like how they used quotes as the section breaks in the Bad Moon Rising recap.

Vampire Eyes Online Source recaps The Vampire Diaries: very well-written recaps.

Heroine TV recaps The Vampire Diaries: more well-written recaps, and another person who hates that they’re calling Alaric “Ric”.

First Novels Club takes on Bad Moon Rising: If you’re in the market for more screenplay-esque recaps, give Frankie Diane a look. Favorite line: “Dude, did Mason Lockwood just Billy Black us?”

And we have a Renesme: I don’t know… I don’t think she’s scary enough. But whatevs. (via Cleolinda Jones)

Katy Perry responds to Elmo controversy on SNL: In case you weren’t aware, she has big boobs.

1966 Batmobile for sale: One of the coolest cars ever made, though I have to admit I like the 1989 Tim Burton Batmobile a little bit better. Also: a website dedicated to the 1966 Batmobile, and a complete history of the Batmobile. (via Matt Burdell)

The Zelda Project: Epic real-life photos of people cosplaying Zelda. The locations are beautiful, the costumes are pitch-perfect, and the only thing photoshopped is Navi. Amazing. (via Unreality)

Segway CEO rides Seqway off a cliff, dies: From the Ironic Irony Department. (via Roger Ebert)

Stunex worm is unlike anything we’ve seen before: we’re screwed and everybody is going to die.

Former Air Force officer: UFOs visited bases, messed with nukes: we’re screwed and everybody is ging to die, part 2.

Obama: I am a Christian by choice: Obama makes it very clear that he is part of Team Jesus. My prediction: neither the Evangelicals nor the Atheists will believe him, and this will keep being an issue. (via Roger Ebert)

Al Franken wants to put an end to abuse by debt collectors: Of course, since this will protect regular Americans from predatory corporations, the Republican outrage should be starting any moment now. (via Bibliotech)