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This link blast has news on Godzilla and the Punisher, the new Kindle format, Sire news, and more!

Shameless Self Promotion

The release date for Sire, the first novel in the new Vampires of St. Troy series, is drawing near! In the meantime, check out the cover image and download the first chapter!

Pop Culture

Is this what the new Godzilla will look like? I honestly love this. A great update to the classic look, and nothing like the abomination that was the American movie. This isn’t a sure thing, but the guy who created this model is apparently working on the new movie, so… fingers crossed.

Fox buys a Punisher TV show, doesn’t base it on The Punisher: “Hey guys! Let’s buy the rights to this property, and develop a show around it, and change fundamental aspects of the character!” I don’t even know.

Computers and Technology

Verizon Wireless now collecting damn near everything there is to know about you: There’s a link at the bottom of the article that will allow you to opt out of these shenanigans.

Amazon to support HTML 5 in Kindle: This is actually pretty important news, and it’s something the nook doesn’t currently offer.


Watch a cute cat fight a hair dryer: Cats will never stop being adorable.

Politics and Religion

Mummar Gaddafi is dead: Jesus, this guy’s name is spelled in like fifteen different ways.

0 responses to “Link Blast – 25 October 2011”

  1. Zoe says:

    I love that cat. Brilliant stuff. Although the mini-turtle trying to eat a strawberry will always remain my favourite animal meme. Next to the piano playing cat, obviously.

    When Gadaffi died, the newspapers here splashed a very graphic picture of his corpse (or him, looking near-death, begging for his life just before he was killed) all over all the front pages, where little kids could easily see it. It just seemed way too morbidly bloodthirsty, and not in the good morbidly bloodthirsty way.