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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

– The Lost Woods – Tree Stumps of Terror –

Caroline Forbes: Hi Stefan! As you know, odd social rituals are the most important thing in Mystic Falls, and I was wondering when you were going to show up to the High School Beauty Pageant of Doom 2012?

Stefan Salvatore: Sorry, but Elena is on Team Damon now, so I’m going to channel my sexual frustrations into sweaty, shirtless workouts and then probably murder a ton of people. I’m booked solid!

Caroline Forbes: What? Elena has feelings for Damon? The Damon who has saved her life countless times? The Damon who stood by her side when you went off and murdered literally hundreds of innocent girls? The Damon who didn’t threaten to murder her in the same way her parents died just to get back at Klaus? The Damon who was enough of a gentleman to not take advantage of her emotional weakness to get into her panties? The Damon who tired to help he get her urges under control instead of bottling them up like some kind of fanged time bomb? The Damon who tried to convince her to become strong and independent? That Damon?

Stefan Salvatore: I know, right? Like what the actual fuck?

The Lady of the Manor: Not even Caroline Forbes can make me like peplum tops.

Thomas: What in the nine fucks is a peplumb top?

The Lady of the Manor: See? You aren’t a complete girl!

Thomas: …Thanks?

Klaus: Hi Stefan! Remember how we talked about revealing Jeremy’s Hunter Mark so we could find a map so we could find a McGuffin so we could cure your girlfriend so you could have your sex doll back and I could have a hybrid-making blood bag again?

Stefan Salvatore: Sure do, boss!

Klaus: And remember how we talked about this being a super duper secret that no one should know about?

Stefan Salvatore: Yep! Mum’s the word!

Klaus: Then can you please explain this full-page ad in the Mystic Falls examiner, which reads, in part: “Wanted: Do you have strong urges to murder people with pronounced canines? Do you have dreams about slaughtering people who explode in the daylight? Do you have a magic tattoo that you don’t remember getting and that no one els can see? If so, call Hero Hair Enterprises at 1-800-4-STEFAN and we will provide you will all the cannon fodder you can stab (and tie you up naked so my girlfriend’s little brother can draw you (but don’t worry, it’ll be tasteful))”

Stefan Salvatore: To be fair, no one reads the newspaper anymore, so the chances of someone actually seeing that are slim to none.

Klaus: Good point!

– Castle Salvatore – Tag Me In Bro –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Stefan! So I’ve been researching this cure, and in order to find the Magic Wobbley of Unvampiring, we need a hunter who’s killed enough vampires to reveal the magic skin map! And since we probably don’t want Elena’s brother to actually turn into a rage-driven murder machine hell bent on our painful destruction that we will probably have to murder, we probably should not, repeat should notjust start throwing chained up vampires at him like they’re getting shot out of a pitching machine.

Stefan Salvatore: Wait a second … throw chained up vampires at him like they’re getting shot out of a pitching machine. until he becomes a rage-driven murder machine hell bent on our painful destruction that we will probably have to murder, who also has a magic skin map to the Wobbley of Unvampiring? That’s a brilliant idea!

Damon Salvatore: …Oh god fucking damn it.

Stefan Salvatore: Anyway, I have to go into the woods to cry slash masturbate over my recent breakup. Tootles!

Damon Salvatore: …Wait a second…

The Lady of the Manor: I hate Elena-free, pissed-off Stean way less than regular Stefan.

– Lockwood Estates – I Will Support the Shit Out of You –

Caroline Forbes: Hi Elena! Now, I’m your best friend and I will support you in whatever decision you make, but if you break up with Stefan and start sleeping with Damon I will personally cut your lying whore tongue out and staple it to the wall as an example anyone else who might dare offend the noble manifestation of goodness that is Stefan Salvatore.

Elena Gilbert: Thanks for all the support and not judging, Caroline!

Caroline Forbes: No problem, Elena! That’s what makes me awesome!

Professor Shane: Hi guys! Since there are only seven people still alive after last week’s series of odd gas main explosions, I’m here to judge the swim suit competition! Where are all the hot high school girls?

Caroline Forbes: Speaking of hot high school girls, have you seen Bonnie recently?

Professor Shane: Oh yeah, she’s tied up in the back of my van. It’s okay, we have a safe word!

– Lockwood Estates – Bros and their Hoes –

Matt Donovan: Hi Jeremy! Your sister is making me take her to the dance tonight! It’s like she totally doesn’t remember ripping my heart out, trampling on it, and then rubbing my nose in all of the hot, dirty Salvatore sex she’s been having!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of how incredibly strong my secret vampire hunter tattoo makes me!

The Lady of the Manor: …Jeremy and Jeremy’s muscles are making me feel uncomfortable feels…

– Mystic Falls Hospital – No One Here But Us Killers –

Stefan Salvatore: Let’s see … I need to murder someone, using Jeremy as a weapon, but I also want to pretend that I’m still a good guy! Good thing that Mystic Falls hospital has a convenient supply of convicted murderers that I can turn and then kill!

– Lockwood Estates – Is That A Triangle In Your Pocket –

Klaus: Hi Caroline! I’m here to take you up on that date you offered me!

Caroline Forbes: Date what date you’re dirty and you’re disgusting and you’re British and you’re charming and you’re evil and you’re scruffy and wait why are my panties on fire?

Klaus: So, 8pm?

– The Red Room Busted Old Barn of Pain –

Heather Hybrid: UWAUGH!!!

Tyler Lockwood: Hi Haley! My girlfriend is going on a date with Klaus!

Heather Hybrid: RAAAAAGHHARAH!!!

Hayley: Oh, that is terrible. Yes, indeed, I am sincerely broken up about this. Truly, my heart weeps for the fact that Caroline’s affections may fall on another man. Woe.


Hayley: So … should’t we go to the dance together? You know, to “pretend” that we’re “fucking” “each other” so that “Klaus” will “believe” he has a “shot” with “Caroline”?


Tyler Lockwood: Yeah, sure, whatever. I’ll pick you up at seven.

Heather Hybrid: MY EXISTENCE IS PAIN!!!

The Lady of the Manor: Fayley makes a fantastic dominatrix.

– The Gilbert House of Homicide –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Hi Elena! Choke stab smash bang boom murder death kill!

Elena Gilbert: Alas! For I am dead!

– The Gilbert House – Mourning Wood –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Wait, it was all a dream! And what’s this? I carved a Hunter’s mark on this stake while I slept? How odd! Usually when I dream about a girl it isn’t my sister, and I wake up holding a totally different kind of wood!

– Donovan Domain – Just Two Guys Getting Dressed Together –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: And then I choked her! And Then I woke up! And then I my stake had a hunter’s mark on it!

Matt Donovan: Yeah, I hate nocturnal whittling.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: I’m worried that my Magic Ring of Not Dying (And Going Batshit Insane And Murdering Everybody) is making me go batshit insane!

Matt Donovan: Well, that’s one possibility. The other possibility is that you’re a new vampire hunter, and your Magic Tattoo of Vampire Slaying is making you want to, you know, slay vampires.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: That’s crazy talk!

Matt Donovan: Seriously, it says so right here in the Newbie Vampire Slayer’s Handbook.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Whatever, dude. You’re just jealous of my sweet ink that no one else can see.

Stefan Salvatore (via text message): Hi Jeremy! Need to turn you into a homicidal maniac so I can get laid again! Meet my in the Lockwood Slave Pen! And don’t tell anyone else! -XOXO Stefan

– Lockwood Estates – Say Yes to the Dress –

April Young: Oh no! I can’t decide which dress to wear!

Caroline Forbes: You should wear the blue one!

Elena Gilbert: I totally agree!

Damon Salvatore: I like red!

Elena Gilbert: Please do epic amounts of sex to me!

Caroline Forbes: Wait what?

Elena Gilbert: I meant … yeah, the red one. Totally the red one.

– Lockwood Estates – Hallway of Hope –

Elena Gilbert: Damon Hi Damon I need to talk to you Damon! I broke up with Stefan Damon! Because I think I love you Damon! All I can think about is your penis Damon! Like I went to Starbucks and they asked what I wanted to drink and I was like Damon’s penis! And then I went to Dunkin Doughnuts and they asked what I wanted for breakfast and I was like Damon’s penis! And then Caroline asked me what I was wearing to the ball and I was like Damon’s penis!

Damon Salvatore: Hold on, I have to order an industrial sized jar of lube, an economy box of condoms, and Barry Manilow’s greatest hits.

Elena Gilbert: Wow, you can do all of that from your phone?

Damon Salvatore: With Windows Phone 8, I sure can!

– Lockwood Estates – Cotillion of Chaos –

Damon Salvatore: So Professor Shane, what’s the scoop on tracking down vampire slayers?

Professor Shane: Well, you could start with that guy over there, currently jamming pieces of wood into random stranger’s hearts!

Damon Salvatore: Why am I the only person who realizes that turning Elena’s brother into a mass murdering psycho is a bad idea?

Professor Shane: Whatever dude, I have to go watch some high school girls strut around in high heels and bikinis!

Damon Salvatore: You do that. Remember, no pity votes for April Young, even if you murdered her father.

– Lockwood Estates – Cell of Slavery –

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Jeremy! Can I interest you in murdering another guy who has never done anything to you in the probably vain hope of helping your sister?

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Boy can you! Super vampire slayer vampire slaying powers activate!

Stefan Salvatore: Good work, Jeremy! Now if you’ll just –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Super vampire slayer Stefan stabbing powers activate!

Stefan Salvatore: My foolproof plan may have developed complications!

– Lockwood Estates – Pick Up Artist –

Caroline Forbes: Bus boy! Pick up those empty glasses! String quartet! Pick up the tempo! Klaus! Pick up my panties! I seem to have dropped them on the ground at your feet!

– Lockwood Estates – Pageant of Pain –

Caroline Forbes: And now I’d like to introduce our debutantes and their escorts! Except for April’s escort, who is currently plotting the murder of his own sister!

April Young: My babysitter was killed by psychotic bunny rabbits! It was an adorable way to die!

Matt Donovan: I would be honored to escort you to my untimely demise, m’lady!

Damon Salvatore: Hey, does the way Matt stepped up to escort April remind you at all of the way I stepped up to escort you last year?

Elena Gilbert: Yes it does and in other news please have all of sex with me.

Damon Salvatore: Check please?

– Lockwood Estates – High Court of Hypocrisy –

Caroline Forbes: Elena! Where is your brother! Why is he not dancing with April!

Elena Gilbert: It might have something to do with all the homicidal dreams and visions he’s been having, but that’s just a guess.

Damon Salvatore: Okay, everybody relax. I’m sure Jeremy is fine, but I’ll go check on him just to be sure!

Caroline Forbes: Oh right! When has Damon ever been right, or helpful, or useful?

Thomas: Would like to introduce you to a little show called The Vampire Diaries, particularly seasons One, Two, Three, and Four.

Caroline Forbes: Elena Effing Gilbert! I can’t believe that you’re planning to do the sex to a disgusting, murderous bastard like Damon Salvatore! And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go plan to do the sex to that guy who murdered you that one time!

– Lockwood Estates – Slave Pen of Slaughter –

Damon Salvatore (on the phone): Hi Stefan! Just wanted to make sure you weren’t actually doing something as stupid as turning Elena’s brother into a homicidal death machine hell bent on murdering her. I mean, that would just be crazy, right?

Stefan Salvatore (on the phone): Hey, funny story …

– Lockwood Estates – Miss Mystic Makes a Mistake –

Caroline Forbes: I don’t understand why Elena is so into Damon! Damon is gross and a murderer and a schemer and a scammer and … why are you laughing?


Hayley: Hey, is that your airquotes girlfriend airquotes having a legitimately good time with the guy who almost murdered the entire town last season?

Tyler Lockwood: Yeah, if you could stop rubbing salt in that particular wound, that would be awesome.

Hayley: I’d rather rub something else, if you know what I mean.

– Lockwood Estates – Sexy Stand Up –

April Young: Hi Jeremy! Thanks for standing me up and making me look like a fool in front of the entire town!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Sorry April! I was busy plotting the death of my own sister! Just like your dad would have wanted! BRB, gotta commit a murder.

– Lockwood Estates – Which Witch –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Shane! I’m really interested in finding a cure for Elena’s being interesting, and I’m seriously considering murdering you to make it happen!

Professor Shane: Bad idea, Damon, because in order to unlock the cure, you need the elhp of a witch! A very particular witch! A witch that only I can help!

Damon Salvatore: …You don’t mean…

Professor Shane: Yes I do!

Damon Salvatore: …It can’t be…

Professor Shane: It sure can!

Damon Salvatore: …It’s not…

Professor Shane: It sure is!

Bonnie Bennet: Say my name, bitch! Say it!

– Lockwood Estates – Awarding April –

Carol Lockwood: And now for the moment absolutely no one gives a shit about, here’s my son’s ex-hussy to tell you that April Young is the new Miss Mystic Falls!

April Young: I won! I really won! You all love me! Just like my mother loved me before being torn to pieces by rabid squirrels!

– Lockwood Estates – Anybody Have a Lozenge –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Jeremy! I’ve been worried about you! Hey, what’s up with that wooden stake? And that wrist-mounted pain cannon? And that head-chopping machete? And that crossbow? And that-

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Super vampire slayer stabbing my sister in the neck powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Okay, I guess that’s fair. Eye for an eye and all that.

Matt Donovan: Hi Jeremy! I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend you not murder your sister in cold blood. Get it? Cold blood? Because she’s a vampire, so her blood is cold? I’m not helping, an I?

Stefan Salvatore: Super Stefan trying to undo the epic clusterfuck I created powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Thanks Stefan! You saved my life!

Stefan Salvatore: Aw, it was nothing! I just-

Elena Gilbert: Now I can get back to doing all of the sex with your brother!

Stefan Salvatore: …god damn it.

– Lockwood Estates – Two Killers Catching Up –

Hayley: Hi Tyler! I found out I was a werewolf when I drank, drove, and crashed my boat into somebody’s head! Then I turned into a dog and peed on my adopted parent’s carpet! And then they kicked me out! What happened to you?

Tyler Lockwood: Someone who looks exactly like Elena but with more style and less boring compelled Matt to murder me and I managed to break the spell but then Not!Elena’s backup plan kicked in and a girl tried to stab me to death with a fire poker and I shoved her away and she fell and hit her head on thirty two tables and broke her noggin and then the moon was like HELLO and I was like WOOF and Not!Elena was like GET ME THE MOON STONE and then that was all a JOKE and you know what I forget the rest, just buy the DVDs.

Hayley: …I kind of hate this town.

– Lockwood Estates – Making Death Sound Delightful –

Caroline Forbes: Hi Klaus! Did you ever thing about taking the cure yourself?


Caroline Forbes: …

Klaus: Okay there was this one time I saw a humming bird and it was so cute and so fragile and I thought I might like to be cute and fragile but it was ONLY THAT ONE TIME and besides if I took the cure I’d just become a werewolf and then my bones would shatter ever full moon and what’s the fun in that am I right?

– Lockwood Estates – Please Stop Helping –

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Elena! I’m starting to think that killing vampires makes vampire hunters want to kill vampires ever more!

Elena Gilbert: …You mean THE EXACT FUCKING THING everyone has been saying for weeks now? You’re starting to think that might be a thing? Is that what’s happening now? Hold on, my magic hoo haa needs to go wrap itself around someone with a couple of brain cells, I’ll be right back after I’ve made all of the vampire babies. Jesus.

– The Gilbert House – Young Adult Supervision –

Matt Donovan: Hi Jeremy! It suddenly occurred to everyone that maybe living with and being supervised by a bunch of vampires wasn’t the greatest thing in the world for a baby vampire hunter! And since I’m wearing Damon’s “nobody makes sense but me” hat today, I thought I’d move in and keep an eye on you!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: That’s great, but where’s my sister going?

Matt Donovan: I don’t know, but she was packing all of her fancy underwear …

– Castle Salvatore – You Can Sleep on the Couch – Or In the Kitchen – Or on the Stairs – Or in the Tub – Or in the Jacuzzi –

Elena Gilbert: I Stefan! I can’t stay at home anymore, since you turned my brother into a homicidal maniac bent on my destruction, and since I technically own this house …

Stefan Salvatore: No, it’s cool, I’m going to go watch Sex in the City II and eat a tub of ice cream with Caroline. Then we’re going to do each other’s hair!

Damon Salvatore: That’s a great idea! Me and Elena are going to do each other, too!

Stefan Salvatore: Do each other’s what?

Damon Salvatore: …

Elena Gilbert: …

Stefan Salvatore: Oh.

– The Red Room Busted Old Barn of Pain –


Tyler Lockwood: Okay, it’s over!

Heather Hybrid: You’re lying to me, aren’t you?

Tyler Lockwood: Yeah, you’re totally going to die a terrible, painful death in order to fulfill Team Elena’s plans. Sorry!

– Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Mystic Falls Satellite School –

Hayley: Hi Professor Shane! Tyler just sent me a text message telling me we’re one step closer to our secret evil plan of world domination!

Professor Shane: Great! Boy, I sure wonder if your feelings for Tyler will make you betray me in order to protect him!

Hayley: Nah, what are the odds of that!

– Castle Salvatore – Or on the Bar – Or in front of the Fireplace – Or on the Floor –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Damon! I’ve just realized that you are literally the only person who loves me for who I am, respects me, and consistently acts in my best interests instead of for your own selfish ends!

Damon Salvatore: Hey! Keep your voice down! I have a reputation to maintain!

Elena Gilbert: Also, when I was watching April dance with my old boyfriend because my brother was too busy assembling weapons with which to kill me, it made me remember that time we danced! And now I want to dance with you again! And by “dance” I mean roll around without very much clothing on at all!

Damon Salvatore: Elena, I want you to be sure that-

Elena Gilbert: Super Elena tearing Damon’s clothes off and showing him the night of his life powers activate!

Team Stelena: Dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Team Delena: Dies from self-inflicted orgasm.

Twitter: Fucking explodes.

– Chateau Forbes – Epic My Ass –

Caroline Forbes: I don’t understand it! Damon is so evil! And you’re so good! You were meant to be together!

Stefan Salvatore: That’s what I keep saying! Hey, remember that time I murdered all of those innocent people?

Caroline Forbes: Yeah, that was wacky!

Stefan Salvatore: Oh, and that time I threatened to throw Elena of Dead Parent Bridge just to make Klaus mad?

Caroline Forbes: That was hilarious!

Stefan Salvatore: Oh, and that time I convinced you to murder an innocent guy who was actually just trying to help us out!

Caroline Forbes: That one’s going on the highlight reel!

Stefan Salvatore: Oh yeah, and that time I turned her brother against her, and pretty much ensured that we’re going to have to slaughter him in the very near future!

Caroline Forbes: Exactly! You’re always doing what’s best for Elena! I can’t believe she’s not here right now, apologizing profusely with blow jobs and beer!

– Castle Salvatore – Bedroom of Boinking –

Damon Salvatore: Wink wink wink!

Elena Gilbert: Nudge nudge nudge!

Team Delena: Fap fap fap!

Team Stelena: Cut cut cut!

The Lady of the Manor: I love me some Damon, but I just cannot watch Ian and Nina together.

Thomas: …I do not share this problem.

– Chateau Forbes – That Spinning Wheel Just Keeps on Turning –

Caroline Forbes: Of course! Elena is Sired to Damon! I mean, he said she needed to drink human blood, and she needed to drink human blood! And he said he liked the red dress, and she liked the red dress! And he said he loved her, and she acted like the last three seasons of build up, earned trust, and intimacy actually meant something!

Stefan Salvatore: OH MY GOD YOU’RE RIGHT!


Team Delena: BRB, crafting a letter bomb for Julie Plec.

The Plot: Thickens.

– Post Mortem –

Like I said last week, Stefan isn’t a good guy. What he is is a tragic hero.

He tries to do the right thing, he really does. He tries to keep the Ripper under control. He tries to keep the people he loves safe. He tries not to let innocent people get hurt. But, he has a tragic flaw that keeps thwarting his efforts, leading to inevitable disaster.

Now, you could argue that that “tragic flaw” is being a fuck-brained idiot who should just listen to his goddamn brother every once in a while, but that’s neither here nor there.

Take blood drinking, for example. Stefan is so terrified of the monster inside of himself that for the most part he refuses to even consider drinking human blood.He takes those dark urges and locks them down tight, shoves them under the bed and hides them. And it works. For years. For decades.


Ninety percent of alcoholics relapse within four years of getting sober. The statistics are the same for drug users and sex addicts. The thing that made them addicts in the first place never really gets defeated, it just gets suppressed. And the relapse mechanism is built in to our psyche.

The same is true of Stefan. He never learns to control his urges, to master his darkness. He just hides it, bottling it up until the pressure makes him crack. And when it does, all those years of denial suddenly demand to be satisfied.

Damon’s approach is actually more sensible. He doesn’t deny himself, and he often even enjoyshimself. Because he’s learned to control his hunger, rather than letting the hunger control him, he isn’t prone to the same multi-state killing sprees as his brother.

But Stefan won’t, can’t, hear that. In Stefan’s mind, abstinence isn’t just the best policy, it’s the only policy. So much so that he tried to inflict the same thing on Caroline and Elena. He was so sure that he was right, that he just had to deny himself more, that he risked turning both girls into mirror images of himself.

He tries to do the right thing, but his methods are flawed. And sometimes, “the right thing” is very narrowly defined.

Right now, making Elena human again is “the right thing.” Sure, she said she never wanted to be a vampire, and he (and Caroline) could argue that finding the cure is the right thing to do. But Stefan doesn’t just want Elena human, he wants her to be hisagain. He isn’t motivated by what’s best for Elena, he’s motivated by his own … hunger.

And when he starts to tap into that hunger? Everyone around Elena is in trouble.

That’s why he went on that murder spree last summer. For Elena. That’s why he did Klaus’ evil bidding for months on end. For Elena. That why he willingly became the Ripper again. For Elena.

And now Elena “needs” Stefan’s help again. Stefan tries to do the right thing. He finds murderers to kill, so that his conscience will be clean. But the fact that he’s forcing Jeremy to kill, and to become an engine of death that will very certainly go after his own sister, doesn’t bother him. This is for Elena. Everyone else is collateral damage, just like all those sorority sisters from last summer.

Stefan’s trying to be the good guy, and thatis what makes him a villain.

And that is fantastic drama. I fucking lovethis characterization of Stefan, and I love Paul Wesley’s portrayal of it. This is both great writing and great acting. I love the Ripper, and I love the Ripper dressed up in Hero Hair.

What I don’t love is how nobodyon the show (aside from Damon) seems to realize this. In particular, Caroline.

Caroline’s hatred of Damon is completely justified. He used her, abused her, fed from her, terrorized her, and tried to kill her. That isn’t something you get over or forgive. It would be completely out of character for Caroline to be on Team Damon orfor her to be okay with Elena taking a ride on the elder Salvatore.

What doesn’tmake sense is how tirelessly she defends Stefan. Damon is evil, but Stefan is awesome! Damon is selfish and destructive, but Stefan’s love is epic!

Epic, sure. In the same way Greek tragedy is epic.

Stefan’s epic love for Elena resulted in hundreds of innocent deaths. Stefan himself terrorized Elena in a way Damon couldn’t have dreamedof harrowing Caroline. Stefan’s love for Elena made him turn her own brother against him … and into a monster that the Salvatores may very well have to kill.

There is no way Caroline should be blind to this, and no way she should be cheering for Stefan and Elena to be together. Their love is toxic, to themselves and to everyone around them.

I know Damon’s blood turned Caroline, but I honestly thing she’s somehow sired to Stefan. It’s the only explanation for why she’s clinging to Stefan’s jock so hard.

Or maybe, just maybe, Caroline is cheering so hard for Stefan because of her own dirty little secret. She’s falling for Klaus. Not because she has to pretend in order to keep Tyler safe, but for real. Something about him, his charm, his accent, the way he saved her life by explaining that eternity might not be so bad after all, or hell, maybe it’s just the pony he drew for her … Caroline is falling, hard.

And she probably hates herself for it. She hates that she’s betraying Tyler, she hates that she’s falling for a monster – again – she hates that she’s not really the good little girl she pretends to be. So maybe her hatred of Elena and Damon is a bit of projection? It’s possible. Because otherwise Caroline is just a huge, huge hypocrite.

Now let’s talk about siring.

Delena finally happened, for real, and then it was instantly yanked away by those cruel, poopey-headed writers. What the fuck do you mean Elena is sired to Damon? What, so he just fucking raped her? Had sex with her against her will? Bullshit! Fuck you! Death threats!

Hold on.

First, it’s been clear for a long time now that Elena has romantic feelings for Damon. That didn’t start when she became a vampire, although it did increase in intensity. And Damon didn’t forceElena into anything. Even if her actions were totally because of Damon’s blood, he didn’t know that. He didn’t violate her.

But this, like the whole cure plotline, has the potential to be awesomely dramatic.

To tell a good story, you have to walk a very fine line between denying the audience what they want without destroyingall hope.

If you just give the audience what they want, there’s no reason to watch. Oh well, Damon and Elena will be happy together forever with no conflict and no excitement and hey I wonder what’s on another channel?

The only kind of entertainment that can get away without conflict is porn, and despite how hot some of the scenes on this show can get …

You have to have conflict. You have to have tension. You have to have your characters come this closeto happiness, and then you have to yank it out of their grasp, because otherwise, what story are you going to tell?

But in addition to conflict, you need two other things: advancement and hope.

I said a couple of weeks ago that TVD was in danger of losing Delena fans because of the eternal cock teasing. There comes a point where the audience just looses hope, where they come to believe that they’re nevergoing to get an emotional payoff … and when that happens, they just stop watching.

For a story to work the characters always have to be advancing toward a goal. Even thought they suffer setbacks, they have to be moving forward.

So here’s what the TVD writers did: they let the characters advance – Damon and Elena had sex! – and they immediately added more complication. Wait, Elena is sired to Damon? Does that mean she doesn’t really love him?

Here’s what I think is going to happen. Elena’s feelings for Damon will prove to be real, and she is no longer going to be the one doubting their relationship. Instead, Damon will worry that Elena is only acting like she loves him because of the Sire bond, and Damonwill be the one moving away.

Damon finally has the one thing he most desperately wants … and he’s going to take it away from himself.

And that is some fine fucking drama. The people writing this show? Know what the fuck they are doing. Delena fans now have hope: Elena and Damon both realize they love each other, and they even acknowledge that fact with tasteful nudity! But there’s still conflict: now Damon is unsure that he’s right for Elena.

I also want to quickly mention how TVD and Twilight treat free will. In TVD, being sired, having your free will taken away, is seen as an evil to be overcome. In Twilight, on the other hand, imprinting (which has a similar affect to being sired) is seen as the highest form of love. Twilight argues that the truest love is the one you can’t chose not to give. TVD argues that without choice, it isn’t love at all.

I think you know which side I come down on.

Quick thought: even if Jeremy complete’s the hunter’s mark … why would he help them when his sole motivating force will be the murder of vampires? He’s not going to help Stefan if he was willing to kill his own sister, and that’s just going to get worse the more vampires Jeremy kills. This plan? Is not well thought out.

Also, I love that Faye is working for the bad guy. Phoebe Tonkin is a fantastic actress, and I’m excited to see her have more to do. Also: I noticed that she’s in the opening credit crawl now. Yay!

Finally: I love Hulu’s description of ths episode: Damon seeks to uncover Professor Shane’s motives! Yep, that’s the most important thing that happened this week …

On to the next episode!

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    Tomas, you are awesome. Don’t you mind if I translate your recap into Russian?

  2. Yennifer says:

    An awesome recap. Better than ever. I quoted the hell out of it on Tumblr because you’re so right about everything. I usually don’t agree with some things you say, while I agree with most, but this time it’s like 100% agreement. Well, maybe 99 – just in case. 😉

  3. TeamElijah says:

    I think damon and elena won’t last because she will always have feelings for stefan. me thinks she will porbably end up back with him towards the end of this season early next season.

    stefan and caroline needs to get together asap

  4. katyazack says:

    Great recap as usual, Thomas. The conversations between Stefan and Caroline were particularly…epic.

    I also agree with your postmortem for the most part, especially the Stefan/Caroline/Jeremy stuff. The sire bond I’m a little more iffy on.

    I think where the sire bond reveal went wrong was the cutting between that and the Delena sex. It was this huge cathartic moment and was too immediately snatched away. It would have probably gone over better if the audience’s discovery of it was timed better.

    And I’m personally really confused by what a sire bond exactly is on this show. Because even after becoming a vampire, Elena hasn’t shown the kind of unwavering obedience to Damon that Tyler showed to Klaus.

  5. Candy S says:

    I love darker Stefan, I love the Stefan with some bite and some attitude. But what I don’t love is the Stefan who thinks he’s better than Damon. I had no problem with him telling Damon last season that Elena’s too good for him (Damon), because he said she was too good for Stefan, too. He – for a short time – recognized that he’s not the “good brother” and I appreciated it.

    But as soon as Elena “chose” him this season, it’s like that new-found realization went away because NOW he really IS good again. I mean, if she chooses him it’s GOT to be because he’s the better brother, right? That’s how his brain worked, and that’s what gives him worth. So he got all worked up again about good vs bad and hopped right up on his high-horse and is back to being the sanctimonious jerk I can’t stand.

    One of the reasons I always appreciated Damon was that he owned every single thing he did, even to the point of self-deprecation. He’s not a hero, but he’s NEVER claimed to be. Which, ironically, makes him more of one than Stefan.

  6. Lilian says:

    I couldn’t agree MORE with all that you said !

  7. Lindy says:

    This was so fun to read! How have I not read this every week? You had me laughing the whole time.
    I think you’re right about Caroline’s love of Stelena being at a bit motivated by her feelings for Klaus. I am really looking forward to how this sire bond is going to make Elena feel, and am hopeful (as the writers want!) for what is to come. I think you’re right, Damon will deny himself what he wants, and it will be a big move for his character.
    Do you think Steroline is a possibility? Do you think they might introduce a love interest for Stefan?

    Thanks again!

  8. Lori says:

    Excellent recap! Not only laugh out loud funny, but your analysis was insightful and spot-on. The answer that elena is sired cant possibly be the end the story without a tiotal recon of season 3. Great point about stefan being a villain. Totally agree!

  9. Jen says:

    I’m so glad that you, and a lot of other people, noticed in this episode that Caroline’s Damon hate was a little over the top. He has been right before and he has done some good things for more than just one character on the show. Hes certainly grown as a character from when he met her first….while still being able to maintain the snarky remarks and unpredictability that made his character great. I thought they were leading up to something in the episode, but I was on te wrong track because Caroline was shipping Stefan so hard that I thought that last scene bettween them was heading towards a hook up.

    Also I’m very curious on what you think the chances are that Stefan will accept Elena back after she has rode his brother for a while. Does that seem realistic? Maybe if Damon had compelled her back in the day, but this? It was her willing choice. Knowing how the show works I won’t be surprised if she ends back with Stefan but to me that doesn’t make sense. That’s not how life works, how could they, as a group of 3, return to normalcy after that? Thoughts?

  10. CC says:

    Awesome recap! Said everything I was thinking. Caroline was just like the biggest fucking hypocrite ever. I want Elena or SOMEONE to call her on it! After this episode, I really felt for Elena, all her crappy friends want to ‘fix’ her and the term alone enrages me.

  11. Rachel G. says:

    Okay so my big rant that I was planning on has been diffused. Well not so much a rant but a confused “what?! what?! how?!”. I thought the show was going to go with the implication that Damon knew somehow about the sire bond and this whole time had been manipulating Elena and taking advantage of her in a way that would make the likes of Othello’s Iago and BTVS’s Angel weep at the gloriousness of his lying and manipulation skills. Obviously this is not the case from what I’ve read in Julie Plec’s new interview about the whole sire thing and the newly released sneak peek. So with that complete character assassination (yes Damon is a bastard but he would never do that to Elena post mid season 2) thing out of the way and not being a thing, I have a much clearer mind on the sire bond. I like it, it gives conflict and makes things a lot more gray and confusing. I think what will end up happening is that the sire bond will be broken and Elena will still choose Damon because Stefan’s become such a crazy, morally gray, byronic anti-hero. Which is sort of ironic looking at season 1…I love the development of the Salvatore brothers and what great foils they play too each other. Also it would be so terribly tragic. I really do feel bad for Stefan, but at the same time I find myself outraged with him. What he did to Jeremy is awful, not to mention his arrogant mindset of “fixing” Elena. But this episode has made it abundantly clear that Stefan is pretty much a broken man without Elena. She is his humanity pretty much now. It’s so beautifully awful and tragic. It also explains Damon and Stefan’s wildly different reactions to their brother getting the girl. Damon takes it gracefully, even trying to leave at one point, but staying to solemnly “take care of the kids”.

    It should also be noted that Julie Plec has pretty much stated that just because Stefan thinks somethings right, it does not mean it is right. She’s said the writers have made it a point to make things morally gray. Which this season is pretty unfolding to be.

    Also Paul Wesley your acting. Please your acting is so glorious, I don’t know what to do. You are doing this weird duality thing so gracefully, and you have such a wide range it’s…damn. ALL THE OSCARS TO THIS MAN. HE DESERVES THEM. As a humble young actress I can only sit in awe of such talent. He’s almost as good as James Marsters…

    This hunter subplot is turning out as beautifully as I expected. GOOD FUCKING PLOTS Y’ALL. This is a good episode and is really getting me pumped to see the climax of season three and the later half in general. I hope they have some sort of episode that reveals more about Jeremy and Elena growing up, maybe to contrast with the conflicts they have now. All they have anymore is each other really when it comes to family, and they have this tearing them apart. It’s like they were destined to be torn apart, Jeremy being one of the Five and Elena being a doppleganger.

    I think TVD is trying to will itself into some sort of epic tragedy like Antigone…I guess that would probably make Stefan Creon.

    Okay so Mr. Atticus Shane. Either one of two things is going down with him: he will ultimately be the big bad or he’s red herring. I am starting to think he’s either a priest of that great wizard/god/whatever the fuck dude Silas who got sealed by his witch or he IS Silas, somehow possessing a mortal body that doesn’t have any magical talent and won’t be able to get his powers until he is unsealed. Bonnie is obviously a descendant of the witch lover he scorned, she had to have been a Bennet. And that’s why he wants the map completed. Hell what if there’s not even a cure? What if they just made up the cure so a bunch of people would try to figure it out and inadvertently unseal Silas? Sort of like the curse of the moon and sun was horseshit, just made up by Klaus to attract people to look for the magical piece of soap. Anyway if Shane is Silas than I think he is either just using Bonnie or he does really like her and will somehow bring her to the dark side. That’s why he’s pretty much like “fuck the spirits, their being assholes.”, he’s planting the seeds for her to guiltlessly do black magic and do all these dark things.

    Caroline is just doing some hard core projection. It’s pretty clear by now that the writers are setting up her getting together with Klaus. It’s very easy to see a parallel between Caroline/Klaus and Damon/Elena. Klaus was even the darker brother in the Original Petrova love triangle. She’s also got this really deep bond with Stefan over him helping her during her early days as a vampire. So in that sense she IS sort of sired to him. Really while she was being a bitch, I understood it. It’s a combination of different things about her: she’s a little judgey, she’s high strung, and Elena is reflecting stuff she doesn’t want to accept about herself. So Caroline gets a free pass from me for this episode. I understand it, doesn’t make it less annoying though.

    Trivia about this episode: My Brother’s Keeper was a book about two brothers who went insane over their love for two different women in their lives. They both became increasingly anti-social and murderous if I remember correctly. The writers of TVD really like using novel titles and sticking them in for appropriate episode titles. Other examples is Dangerous Liasons, Brave New World, and As I Lay Dying. They also use references to famous poems I think. This is probably something a lot of other people of noticed but eh, I wanted to share.

    Last Note: WHY IS ELENA SIRED TO DAMON? Like, no, why? They gave a reason for why Tyler was sired to Klaus. Well Elena I don’t think was necessarily grateful that she was a vampire and alive. She never wanted to be a vampire, and I think she seemed sort of at peace with dying in that river, as dark as it sounds. Previous relationship does effect whether someone’s sired I think, so I guess you could say it’s because Damon and Elena loved eachother. But would that mean if it was Stefan’s blood she’s be sired to him? Why wasn’t Damon sired to Katherine? Anyway we’ll probably not get an answer to this, but it’s good food for though.

  12. Elena says:

    Thomas, an excellent recap. Caustic, ironic and true. I agree with your point of view on the DV and his characters. I look forward to continuing.

  13. boochan says:

    I think you’re right in the sire thing could lead to it being Elena chasing Damon when he’s trying to get some space, which would make for a nice change. It’ll also probably lead to him being more on board with the “cure” Elena thing. Besides poking Damon with sharp sticks and then seeing what he does is pretty much the best part of the show.

    I think Delena fans are just smarting a bit from the whiplash, moving the sire reveal thing to the start of the next episode might have mollified them a bit. I’m just annoyed because now anything that Elena has done this season that was starting to make her look like she was interesting/had an actual personality has an asterisk beside it.

    I think its nice as a possibility, just like the cure vampirism thing, but if its actually true would be kind of icky. Besides even if it is true it will be fixable, because a love triangle with the girl not having any actual choice in the matter would be a bit boring.

  14. Rachel G. says:

    @Candy S

    Good theory about Stefan thinking if Elena chose him he must be the better brother. And her going back on that and choosing Damon set him off. Sort of reminds me of how Angel went into a depression after Spike beat him in a fight in ATS.

    I still think Stefan’s violent reaction to Elena breaking up with him is because he basically sees her as his humanity and the thing keeping him from going bat shit though. Oddly enough despite how impulsive Damon is and how badly reacts when Elena does something to piss him off, I think it’s Stefan who need Elena more.

  15. Rachel G. says:

    Also your recap was great Thomas! Laugh out loud funny! I just got really absorbed about your post mortem and I needed to talk about this episode really badly.

  16. Kinge says:

    Great recap and I always look forward to your post mortem. You always have hilarious and sarcastic, but thoughtful and solid points. I have one question for you. Now that Jeremy has activated the hunter’s curse/mark does his ring no longer work? He seems to have some supernatural help now with his super strength and not being able to be compelled. Thoughts?

  17. Katie says:

    Can we, for a second, worry about the disturbing trend I am noticing around the internet in light of the episode? All the fangirls proclaiming “the sire bond is hot”?

    Now to be honest, Elena is probably my most hated, least sympathetic character on the show – I couldn’t give a rats ass about her most of the time, and I think BOTH brothers can do better. But still, it worries me that these young girls watching the show seem to think that a lack of free will is “hot”. I am not negating the truth of Elena’s feelings for Damon – they are very much real and should, in the name of story telling be explored. And the Sire Bond has the potential to be great dramatic story telling if done right, but it just bothers me on a deeper level that even small choices like the colour of a dress are being taken away from Elena, to the point where she will always do as Damon asks, and people think it’s “hot”. It’s not. It’s disturbing.

    Loved your argument about TVD vs Twilight on the sire bond/imprinting. Personally I fall on the side of the fence that the love you choose to give is truer. You can love someone and not act on it because you know they are bad for you, toxic, a bad choice. But if you love someone ans choose to act on it, it seems purer to me.

    I feel very strongly about the Caroline hypocrisy brigade, mostly because at this point I pretty much watch for Caroline and Klaus. I think Caroline believes in Stefan’s love for Elena because Caroline would have fallen apart in her early vamp days without him. He held her together and now she is trying to do the same for him. Okay so she hasn’t brought up the killing spree or Wickery bridge, and no one should forget that he did those things, but are we forgetting the Damon KILLED Jeremy in front of Elena because he was pissed off? That he killed Vicki? (no great loss, I hated her but that’s neither here nor there), that he compelled Andi?

    I adore Damon, don’t get me wrong, I do. But I am sick of people bashing on Stefan and forgetting everything Damon has done wrong. Caroline seems to be taking an approach I have used myself a time or two when dealing with shades of grey…. Stefan has never hurt HER, Damon has. and okay Damon has never hurt Elena directly and Stefan has. But both of them have hurt others. As far as I am concerned they are as bad as each other so when dealing with picking a side Caroline is obviously choosing the side that hasn’t hurt her. Much like she is giving Klaus a chance. He’s done some awful things -but not to her. And you can judge everyone’s choices all you want but no matter what Stefan’s faults are, he’s been there for Caroline, so I have no problem at all with her defending him.

    Also, just wondering where you stand on Stefan killing people in general? In this recap its a BAD THING and yet in your recap from 4×01 you LOVED it when he bashed in that guys brain to feed Elena blood.

  18. Ellyria says:

    *double checks* This isn’t season 1! Why was Caroline acting so season 1-ish? Other than her interactions with Klaus, I wanted to slap her (and I say this with massive amounts of love, Caroline is my favorite character). I get it, she likes Stefan more than Damon for a variety of justified reasons, but goddamn, are we sure she didn’t drink Stefan’s blood in S2 and is not sired to him? She’s pushing “Team Stelena” way too hard that it seems out of character.

    The sire bond, jesus christ. I already waded through a million “It was rape!/no it wasn’t!” comments on Price’s recap today. *shudders* I KNEW they were going to go that route, because heaven forbid. Stefan gets almost everything handed to him, whereas everything Damon *might* get comes with more strings that a puppet show. Although this is why Delena is more entertain and Stelena is just snore worthy, IMO. (Also, LOL because the “sire bond” was in the books, let me give you a quick rundown: Elena wakes up a vamp and attacks Stefan and says she loves Damon. Five pages later the entire thing is dropped and she’s back to cuddling with Stefan. My god the books are SO BAD.)

    Poor Jeremy. He’s going to end up dead by the end of the season unless this “Hunter” thing is curable or somehow controllable.

    So… are 99.9% of all witches Bennett witches or something? Because seriously, Bennett witches sealed Esther’s coffin, Bennett witches spelled the MacGuffin Cure, Emily Bennett spelled all of the Gilbert devices… Is this just some lame ploy to keep Bonnie relevant? If so, stop that, show. Bonnie had the perfect amount of screen time this episode. She’s just a magical plot device at this point. At least on Buffy they weren’t turning to Willow every episode and asking her to deus ex machina everything.

    Loved the recap as always, looking forward to the next!

  19. katyazack says:

    @Katie regarding the Caroline/Stefan/Damon thing:

    Maybe I frequent different parts of the fandom and don’t see it as much, but most Damon fans I’ve seen talking about Stefan tend to preface their comments with “Damon’s a horrible person, but…”. And Damon is a bad person. And the show calls him out on his moral misdeeds all the time. Bonnie hates him for what he’s done in both hurting her and her grams and mother. Elena refused to talk to him after he killed Jeremy. Stefan hated him for killing Lexi. Alaric got pissed and refused to talk to him after Damon killed him one too many times. Caroline called him on what he had done when she first turned. (And Caroline was totally justified in hating Damon this episode, IMO. In fact, I would have liked Caroline’s stance in this episode a good deal more if she had mentioned what Damon did to her, since her rant was far to general to get the point across well. And yes, Stefan hasn’t hurt her directly, but she never even showed the slightest awareness that Stefan has made bad choices, too.)

    But the show has been far less consistent in calling out Stefan for bad choices. Take this episode, what he did to Jeremy was so, so screwed up. Did anyone call him on it? Nope. Now this could happen later in the season, but this is part of a larger pattern that happens far too frequently. Stefan tries to drive Elena off the bridge? He was in Ripper mode, doesn’t matter. Stefan kills Andi? It was for Damon! Stefan kills a ton of people as he follows Klaus? It was for Elena and Damon! It seems like in order to keep the good vs. bad brother dynamic the show glosses over Damon’s good deeds and Stefan’s bad deeds. Neither of them are good people, and they should both be called on it in equal measure.

  20. Buffy19md says:

    “And that is fantastic drama. I fucking lovethis characterization of Stefan, and I love Paul Wesley’s portrayal of it. This is both great writing and great acting. I love the Ripper, and I love the Ripper dressed up in Hero Hair.”

    Can’t agree more Thomas. Very thoughtful recap this week – thought it was a great episode and one that changed what fans were expecting but set up some interesting drama to come.

    Also any job openings at Hero Hair Enterprises??

  21. vamomoftwins says:

    Thomas you never fail to entertain!!! I look forward to your recaps and find them so funny and always right on the mark!!

  22. sonia says:

    i had been waiting for your recap of the 4X7 so much and you dind’t disappoint me, and you never did.
    I laughted loud more than once, and I agree with everything you wrote, starting form Stephan and going to Klaus and Caroline


  23. nvo says:

    So in this episode Damon and Elena had sex and other things happened. I forget.

    No but seriously I really like the plot structure for this season. One of the problems with the last half of season 3 was the rapid plot points that were for the most point disjointed. TVD is known for the way it speeds through plots but last season it was a little too fast. The question of who’s in the coffin got solved in 3 episodes. Who is the council murderer got solved in like 5. What did these have to do with each other? In S1 it took a whole 9 episodes to find out what Damon was doing back in Mystic Falls. Then from there his desire to get Katherine out of the tomb and the consequences of that drove the rest of the season. In s2 we had at least three big bads but they were all connected to each other and the events of s1 even came into play.

    Now it turns out that the cure and unsiring hybrids have something to do with each other. Also were 7 episodes in and we still don’t know why the pastor blew up the council. But it’s related. Now Buffy will always be a better show, at least thematically speaking, but what TVD does better is introduce a basic plot outline for a season and manages to introduce different elements of it in every episode. So no fillers!

    I don’t know if anyone read Julie Plec’s interview with zap2it but she said the sire bond thing was introduced in season 3 just so they could sire Elena to Damon. I love it when storyline are planned long in advance.

    Your theory about Caroline is interesting. To me her lady boner for Stefan makes sense. It’s not about how either of the Salvatores have treated Elena but how they’ve treated Caroline. Stefan was always good to her and Damon was always rude. Even when he was saving her life.

    This is now the longest comment I’ve ever posted and most of it wasn’t about the sex. Go figure.

  24. Sarah M says:

    Great job yet again! Thank you!

  25. Katie says:


    To be honest I don’t frequent much of the fandom at all, just more in a broad general sense. I always read Thomas’s stuff and I browse for the most part after that. But what I’ve browsed for the past couple of days is all basically saying “Saint Damon”.

    Stefan has done some truly horrible stuff and you’re right. On reflection, he doesn’t get brow beaten on the show for it as much as Damon does. I put this down to Damon being the classic “villain”, Stefan being the so called “hero” for much of the early seasons. I guess in the eyes of the characters, each bad act committed by Stefan was justified in some way. I would like to stress again that I am team Salvatore, and don’t have a preference over which brother has the misfortune to be with Elena from week to week, but in the last few days I find myself with a need to defend him (must be channeling Caroline) because everyone is getting SO DOWN on him and acting like Damon has never done anything wrong. The point I am simply trying to make, though maybe not very eloquently, is the same one you did.

    They have both done bad things, and both should get equal treatment for it. Damon certainly gets more backlash on screen. But in fandom I think Stefan gets a lot more of the hate. Again, this is just from a casual observer.

  26. sarah says:

    Oh my, I actually enjoyed the Stefan/Caroline conversation at the end. At university, I have studied flawed decision-making processes and especially so-called “group-thinking”. Stefan and Caroline are textbook cases for group-thinking, seriously they have been worse than the Bush administration prior to the Iraq War. They have a theory (Elena = sired) and they want to believe that it is true, mainly due to their own private issues as you already pointed out. However, they ignore actual facts (Elena often disagreeing with Daemon and acting against his wishes)and they interpret incidents like the dress thing in the most negative light even though there are completly reasonable alternative interpretations.
    Just analyse the dress incident and put two other spins on this:
    – Elena does not care all that much about April´s dress, she has enough other problems, so she initially backs Caro who can be very confrontative when faced with disagreement over such issues. Daemon comes in and favors the red dress. April obviously is utterly charmed and probably feels more self-confident when being encouraged by this hot,older guy. Elena feels that April needs all the self-confidence she can get and decides to go along with Damon´s recommendation.
    – The innuendo about safe/unsafe choices. Elena went for the safe choice (the blues dress/ Stefan) and she lost. In one case it was pretty inconsequential (she did not win the pageant) but in the other it was a disaster: the safe choice Stefan did not turn out to be safe at all. Her voting for the red dress is a subtle screw you to Caroline who still promotes Stefan as safe and good choice

    (Funny fact about Carline claiming Daemon is always wrong. Not only is she wrong in generally but her statement is directly refuted in the follow-up scene when April wins the contest wearing the dress Daemon voted for.)

    To me Elena´s behaviour makes very much sense. If the writers are any good they might to go for another route: Klaus is not only that pathetic guy with the backpacker platitudes and the pony drawing, he also has an actual plan to divide the Fang Gang and to ensure Caroline and Stefan´s complete cooperation by suggesting Elena is a mindraped zombie.

  27. Kazy says:

    And again, I have nothing to add to your analysis because I completely agree with you.

    Actually no, I have to say something. Even though I came down to the same conclusion, I was really disturbed and pissed and I could not find out why. I mean, at first I felt like it cheapened the “Delena” part of the show. But it’s not it. What disturbed me was the explanations for the sire bond. Elena fought Damon’s orders on many occasions, mainly the one where he told her not to go after Connor and she told him straight up that she’d go anyway.

    Caroline’s arguments were about the blood from the vein. Except Damon offered blood from his vein, and considering everything you would think that he would want for her to be able to keep it down. Then the red dress thing. I honestly thought when I watched that scene that that dress represented what Elena thought, wished she wanted, “safe is good” and realizing when Damon swooped in that it wasn’t safe she really wanted anymore. As for the “Damon told her to kill Connor”, I cannot agree. When Elena insisted, he explained how she was supposed to do it without taking risks. So appart from the “chillax I’m not worried” part, NONE of the arguments made sense and sounded like hypocrisy and an inability to face reality.

    So this whole sire-bond drama is an excellent idea. It just sounded like the show’s Team Stelena was looking for any stupid clue to make their (right) deduction. And impose it to the viewers. I don’t know if I’m the only one who felt that way. Am I?

  28. katyazack says:


    Ah, that makes sense. I’ve seen some people do that to Stefan in the fandom, so I totally agree with you that it makes no sense to call Damon a saint. And I wasn’t thinking you were Team Stefan 🙂 (Though it would be ok if you were.) I was mostly curious about which corner of the fandom was so riled up. Most of the places I browse are pretty evenly split between bashing Stefan and Damon.

    Honestly, I think if the show were more even about it, the fanbase might calm down a little. I think the fanbase feels the need to take up for Damon since the show seems less willing to do so.

  29. sarah says:

    Do we actually really know that the bond is real? Or is it maybe a sun-and-moon coursy thing? At the moment I am still hoping it is a Klaus setup

  30. Jawly says:

    I laughed like an idiot when they said Elena was sired to Damon. Tumblr, help me out here:

    I love how Julie screwed over both fanbases AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Forget Elena, Julie is the one who has this shit MADE.

    Elena is a joke. Love Stefan, canoodle Damon. I didn’t like how she got over him within the time span of not even one episode. She ran into Damon’s arms like it was the best thing that ever happened to her. Biggest slut ever. I’m glad Stefan dumped her ass.

    Delena disgusts me as a couple. Says she hasn’t stopped loving Stefan. Does it with Damon just hours after she broke up with her boyfriend. Damon is NOT the good brother Thomas. He was happy that Stefan broke up with her, uncaring when he left, had no regard for Stefan’s feelings and had no qualms about moving in on her. You’re as biased as Caroline.

    I don’t give a banana sandwich about who you people ship. Reality or tv, it’s gross as shit to sleep with someone else a day you got dumped just because you have lingering feelings for someone else. This entire series she loved him through it all, but the moment Stefan wasn’t a liability to her, she moves on to someone else so easily. To see how little he meant to her this whole time.

    Stefan deserves better.

    And don’t give me any of that mass murderer bullshit because at the very least, he did it to save Damon. Remember when Damon mercilessly killed innocent people in season EVERYTHING?! Yeah, that was out of complete free will and everybody seems to have forgotten that he kills people when he doesn’t get his way. He is not a hero in any way so people shouldn’t be praising him like a saint. Stefan is no better, but have the decency to call both of them out, not just the one you don’t like.

    I knew something big was going to happen. There was way too much Delena. There was something that they were building up to, and I knew it wasn’t about Delena’s crappy ending. AND I WAS RIGHT.

    Matt: Jeremy, tell Elena about your hunter drug addict issues!
    Jeremy: I will!
    Jawly: You have AN ARTIST’S MANNEQUIN in your room! SQUEEEE!!!!

    Yeah, that was the highlight of the episode for me. 🙂 There’s a cd cover that was made using a mannequin which I really like for Suicide Ali’s Favorite Song single (scroll down):

    Anyone know of any other cd covers/artwork/anything that was made using a mannequin? Just need some inspiration.

    Why don’t you make fun of Damon just like you do with everyone else? If Damon did the shit Stefan did, you wouldn’t say a word. But Stefan does it and he’s wrong? Because Damon likes Vampire Elena? Because Damon is bad and that’s to be expected from him? But Stefan and Elena liked it better when she was human. Even if Elena turns back human and doesn’t love Stefan or Damon, she’ll have the free will you cherish. But you don’t want the cure, so in turn, you don’t want her to have free will so you’re somewhat Delena here. Personally I think the sire bond is just a cop out so that the cure storyline is here to stay, but the vampire is changing her into an even worse person.

    Maybe I’m hard on these characters, but this just isn’t a good show anymore.

  31. Lynyrd says:

    So, I kind of thought that Caroline’s rant to Elena in this episode was justified. First of all, I get why she doesn’t like Damon. Damon is and ASS to everyone who is not Elena. The only time Caroline saw Damon’s human side was when he told Liz that Caroline was still her daughter. Other than that, he’s treated the whole group like disposable crap. She’s never seen the Damon the viewers have fallen in love with, so why would she prefer him to Stefan who helped her when she was first turned?

    Plus, Caroline was genuinely worried for Elena. Her behaviour is this episode was more obviously erratic than in othes. She simply wasn’t acting like herself. When has Elena EVER taken an optimistic view when something could be wrong with someone she cares about? Caroline was freaked out.

    And, obviously, I think you’re theory about projection also plays a part. Klaus is evil and diabolical, yet he’s sweet and charming to Caroline and she’s always being forced to be Klaus bait, so she’s starting to fall for him. All these things combined, I can’t really blame Caroline for being so harsh with Elena. I think it was her attempt at a verbal slap to get Elena to snap out of it.

    As for Stefan vs. Damon… well, I wouldn’t want either of them to date my friend. You have Stefan who loses control so easily, and Damon who just doesn’t bother to control himself when he feels upset enough. Stefan has a history of falling off the wagon, and Damon has a history of turning off his humanity when things don’t go his way. Neither of them are exactly good boyfriend material.

  32. Lindy says:

    I think Katyazack is on to something:

    “Honestly, I think if the show were more even about it, the fanbase might calm down a little. I think the fanbase feels the need to take up for Damon since the show seems less willing to do so.”

    I think if the show provided more critique of Stefan, there wouldn’t be SUCH a strong defense of Damon.

  33. Jim S says:

    You’re right about Stefan. That is one well articulated point. But let’s not forget all the people Damon has killed. There is the football coach, the six or seven druggies, Vickie (he turned herinto a amp which led to her death so it is on Damon) that poor woman who stopped on the road to help Damon. He flat out killed her because he was sad. That olld woman who was compelled to house vamps. Uncle zach. There is a huge amount of blood on his hands. It is not like he has total control . Again see woman on size of road. Maybe the ultimate end game is Elena rejecting both because both are mass murderers. But excellent analysis.

  34. Katie says:

    @Lindy and @Katyazack


    This so much.

    Damon gets all the hate from the writers so Stefan gets it from the fans.

    Let them both own their shit and let them both be accountable and I think they will both be more liked and respected and maybe some of the crazies will back off a little.

    Also, @Lynard, you are totally right… The only person who has seen any kind of humanity from Damon is Elena, of course no one else can understand her choice. I was about to type that he doesn’t care about the rest of them but I’m not entirely sure that’s true. When he was talking to Alaric at his grave the way he called them kids was almost fond. But even if he does care about anyone but Stefan and Elena, he’s never showed it, so of course to Caroline he seems like an awful choice.

    For some reason I am reminded of the episode when Caroline was kidnapped by the wolves and tortured and Stefan showed up with Bonnie and Elena to take care of her. There has been consistency on the show of a Caroline Stefan bff theme. And there has been a consistency of antagonism between Caroline and Damon – Damon talking to Liz aside.

  35. Malcolm says:

    “What? Elena has feelings for Damon? The Damon who has saved her life countless times? The Damon who stood by her side when you went off and murdered literally hundreds of innocent girls? The Damon who didn’t threaten to murder her in the same way her parents died just to get back at Klaus? The Damon who was enough of a gentleman to not take advantage of her emotional weakness to get into her panties? The Damon who tired to help he get her urges under control instead of bottling them up like some kind of fanged time bomb? The Damon who tried to convince her to become strong and independent? That Damon?”

    Wellll, I do love me some bad Damon, but to play Devil’s Advocate, because the comments on your posts are usually 95% pro-Damon anyway, he’s also the same Damon who:
    used one of her best friends as his own personal sex slave; tried to compel Elena into kissing him (remember, the reason Elena was given her vervain necklace was to prevent Damon from doing to her what he did to Caroline); tried to kill her other best friend; threatened to kill Elena herself then forcefed her his blood and threatened to turn her into a vampire just to spite Stefan; snapped the neck of Elena’s douchebag uncle/father; the same Damon who forced himself on Elena when Katherine rejected him, then snapped Jeremy’s neck when Elena rejected him; forcefed his blood on Elena a second time; killed Alaric (who at this point was the closest thing Elena had to a father) just because he was annoyed, right in front of Elena etc.

    My own personal opinion? I kinda wish Damon and Stefan would just kick Elena to the curb, and enjoy themselves rather than fawning over her. I thought they were SORT OF leading to some form of this last season when Damon was helping Stefan learn the joys of moderation. But then Elena came along and gave Stefan a judgmental look and sent him back to his bunny-eating ways.

    Ugh, Elena, I miss Katherine… apparently Julie Plec (who I think is amazing btw and I can’t believe the abuse she gets; she’ll tell her story and if people don’t like it they can stop watching) said Katherine won’t be back while Klaus is still in town. And it looks like he’s here for a while. Shame. I think it’d be really interesting to see what Stefan would be like with Katherine now that Elena’s jumped brothers.

    Oh wow, this is a long comment. Sorry.

  36. Jagna18 says:

    So was Klaus cracking up because he recognized the sire bond, or because he was self aware enough to realize that Caroline was a hypocrite for complaining about Delena when she is on a date with him?

  37. Sara A says:

    I wasn’t that worried by the sire bond thing – I knew the writers were going to screw up Delena in this episode somehow, and a sire bond seems as good a way as any.

    What REALLY pissed me off was that the Delena scene fans have waited 3 seasons and 7 3/4 episodes for WAS INTERCUT WITH TWO IDIOTS TALKING ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

    That’s just rude. It’s total and utter disrespect for such an important moment. The writers would never dream of intercutting Stefan and Elena’s first time with some mood-killing babble because they know that moment is too important to fuck with.

    So why did they do it with Delena? It’s not amateur hour, these are professional writers, directors and producers. Over at Hollywood TV there is a video with the Stefan and Caroline scenes cut out, slowed down a bit and the song playing all the way through and it is AWESOME. That is the scene that should have been on my TV screen.

    They should at least have had the decency to give the fans heaven BEFORE crushing their dreams. Why couldn’t the Stefan/Caroline scene have waited until after, and then cut back to a shot of Damon and Elena sleeping blissfully, unaware of the shitstorm approaching tomorrow?

    It was just fucking criminal and it escapes me how that shit got out of the editing room.

  38. Roger says:

    Great recap again.

    Uncool and a huge missed opportunity for Gabby Douglas that she barely got any screentime and no lines. Still, credit to her for being a huge fan and getting a chance to be on the show.

    Love Phoebe Tonkin. Love that she’s finally getting things to do. Like Price Peterson, I have a hard time being 100% certain that her character and Prof Shane are up to no good. Credit to the writers that stories like Hayley’s keep me coming back each week dying to find out what happens.

    Didn’t like how dismissive Matt was that the ring of evil alter-egos wasn’t a big deal anymore. Basically half a season of Evilaric is now irrelevant. Hope the writers tie those stories together some how.

    Not sure about the sire-bond. The moral implications of Damon sleeping with her aside (I’m not crying rape, but it doesn’t feel 100% comfortable either). It cheapens the significance of the cure, because now it seems like the only reason Stefan has to find the cure is so he can break Elena’s sire bond. If the sire bond or the cure had come up in different seasons I would be more enthused.

    I miss Claire Holt. I hope she comes back soon.

  39. je says:



  40. je says:

    AND ABout stefan he is the most hated right now in the fandom.

  41. Aranka says:

    Excellent recap and as always, I loved your post-mortem. Very insightful (and calming me down :P)

  42. J. says:

    First off, Thomas – great recap. I was impressed with the assessment.
    Now just a quick note to Katie – in regards to your first post, where you say that people encouraging the sire bond is disturbing as it sends the wrong message to the girls, but then you go into how he DIRECTLY hurt Elena…so the message you are sending is that abuse is okay.

    And further than that, you are team Salvatore over team Elena, and they deserve better???
    So the message you are sending is that: It is better to be supporting a calculating, manipulative, and planning serial killer (aka Stefan) and a crime of passion killer (aka Damon), rather than an innocent girl, who because of one brother’s selfish need to have to know her has lost her aunt, her dad (Uncle John), Alaric, and is in the process of losing her brother, has died twice, and turned into something she never wanted to be and that they deserve better.
    Interesting choice, and then the message for today’s girls is clear…………..

    Nobody that I know would ever say that Damon is a saint – actually this makes me laugh. But Damon, unlike his brother has never pretended to be something he is not, and that deserves respect. He owns what he did, and does not blame it on the other guy (aka Stefan blaming it on the ‘Him’, aka Ripper).

    And the most important part which is why I would never be team Salvatore, or team Stefan is that Damon, in all the time that we have watched this show, has never bad mouthed his brother to anyone, least of all Elena, while Stefan (who pretends to love his brother) has made it his mission to diss his BROTHER to everyone, and mostly to Elena.
    There is no respect in me for Stefan because of the way he treats his brother, because his loyalty should have been to him since the beginning (going to 1864 where he disregarded that his brother was involved or interested in Katherine, because what Stefan wants, Stefan gets, and consequences be damned), instead, Stefan’s loyalty is only to one person and that is himself.

  43. J. says:

    And I forgot to mention the Caroline bit: If Caroline was a true friend to Elena, and really wanted what is best for Elena, she would have to tell her that at this point Elena should be alone, until she figures out what is best for her. Instead Caroline is all Stefan is EPIC, which shows us that she is NO FRIEND to Elena, and has never been.

    I am looking forward to the girl fight one day, and I am not talking about Damon kind of girl fight where he lets Caroline take him down in S3, but the real fight because those two vamps are really close in age, and one should not be ‘stronger’ than the other…or the one will be angrier…………:-))))))

  44. amxo says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL oh my GOD. this is actually hilarious. youre so biased its not even FUNNY.

  45. allana403 says:

    really graet recap thomas. i think it was one of your best. had me LOLing all the time
    first off caroline really annoyed me this episode like we really needed to be reminded every five minutes that stefan and elena’s love is epic. why do they have to turn caroline into a hypocrite. plus wasnt she the one last season practically badgering elena to admit she had feelings for damon and now act like it came out of nowhere (from the episode with the chilli cookout or something not sure).
    loved klaus and caroline’s scenes together but felt sorry for tyler.
    not sure what to think about the sire bond or cure too much theories going around in my head

  46. A says:

    I agree that Caroline bitching at Elena about Damon is probably her projecting a bit due to her obvious interest in Klaus. And it seems hypocritical on the surface.

    But you also have to consider the fact that to her, Stefan is a hero. Because he was the only one who was really there for her and walked her through the whole newbie vampire ordeal. He’s her friend. He treats her well, where as Damon used and abused and almost killed her.

    Caroline is biased, and it’s a perfectly human and understandable thing, even if her overlooking Stefan’s flaws is not right.

    Just some thoughts.

  47. epicknot says:

    General response:
    I am SO over this Stefan vs Damon crap. Who is the better brother? There is none. They are vampires for crying out loud. This splitting hairs to have one trump the other is as drawn out and lifeless as Elena herself. The bl is DAMON finally got the girl. I dont care how he got her at this point. I dont really feel like hearing rants/ raves about the social implications of siring and how it affects the self esteem of young girls. This TV show is not for young girls. It hasnt been for a long time. There are very few if any role models on this show. The kids are hardly in school half the time. In each season there is enough sex (including innuendos) and booze to revive the entire rocknroll genre.

    So with that being said Delena was SO hot this ep!!!I watched their scene like 10 I thought the cut through where Caroline suggests that Elena was sired was perfect. It made the scene tastefully erotic …and very passionate. The control someone has over you when you are consumed with them and vice versa is not always healthy but it is real. It brings out the rawest of emotions. I love seeing this in Delena. Not what I expected but it was worth it!

    About Caroline, she has always been a loyal friend. Damon almost destroyed her. Stefan was her saving grace when her world was changing. She’s gonna go in hard for him. Yes she is biased. So what? The writers can make Bonnie team Damon then all will be right in the world. Wait Damon turned her mother pushing her to leave Bonnie again. Dah well guess not causing her to leave Bonnie again.:( Elena’s social circle does not like Damon because he came in as the actually…the terrible guy. First impressions are lasting impressions. Plus he has taken an ‘I don’t care. No time for full on redemption’ attitude with almost everyone except Elena. This may be a stupid town but people are not dumb to Damon’s general intentions towards others.
    Also,Caroline has not fallen for Klaus yet. Let us reserve the word hypocrite until then please and thanks! 🙂

    To Thomas:Great recap as usual.

  48. Marnie101 says:

    I’m in 100% agreement with the editing thing. It was a distinct CHOICE to cut the sire bond conversation with the sex scene. This is very interesting, did the writers intentionally not want the audience to marinate on Delena?

    Another interesting choice? The ominous music near the end of the sex scene in response to the sire revelation. It was like suddenly all Elena’s free will was gone! What the audience is now watching is a rapist and sex slave! They chose to imply this. The other message choice, “if Elena’s feelings were real”, could have been achieved by placing the sire conversion at the end as a cliffhanger. The editing choice says a lot about how the writers feel (or want us to feel) about Damon.

    Or maybe this was not a choice they realized would make this kind of impact, or simply ran out of episode time for two scenes.

    And bottom line, from a cinematic perspective, it’s just jarring and strangely edited. Stefan and Caroline chatting away while this huge moment was happening. It’s just one important scene interrupting another.

  49. Sarah M. says:

    OK. probably the stupidest question ever.. Is “the lady of the manor” your wife? At first I thought she was just some made up person, but with this one I wasn’t sure. THX!

  50. Kevin says:

    So just out of curiosity, what is a peplum(b) top?

  51. Alicia says:

    Lol, yes The Lady is Thomas’ wife. Her comments are awesome!! 🙂

  52. Eve says:

    Damon Salvatore: Hold on, I have to order an industrial sized jar of lube, an economy box of condoms, and Barry Manilow’s greatest hits.

    Elena Gilbert: Wow, you can do all of that from your phone?

    Damon Salvatore: With Windows Phone 8, I sure can!

    Lol! Hilarious. 🙂

  53. Eve says:

    Another really awesome episode! Wow!

    So…..Professor Shane and Hayley are involved with de-siring all of the hybrids. Okay, that is interesting.

    Stefan & Damon scenes, “don’t pretend this isn’t the best day of your life” – *always* my favorite part of TVD.

    Klaus’ hummingbird story – LMAO! Seriously? Hummingbirds? I’m with Tyler. How could Carolyn buy this? It doesn’t even make sense. Hummingbirds don’t “work” to hover around the way they do, that’s just what they do. And they don’t feel satisfied at the end of each day because of a satisfying day of “work”. Lol!

    Carolyn and Stefan together: real chemistry there. More than Elena and Stefan.

    Jeremy and Elena mutually trying to kill one another: I don’t even know what to say, it’s sort of hard to take seriously. Although Hunter Jeremy is cool. So being a hunter gave him super strength?? Whatever.

    But the main thing here is…. Elena is *sired* to Damon? She is? And he knows? Doesn’t know? I have to go with “doesn’t know” because otherwise he is at best, pathetic or at worst— well taking advantage of her. I can’t say anything stronger because as you said, Elena’s had feelings for him for a long time, although they were conflicted feelings.

    Elena moving in with Stefan and Damon: HAHAHAHA. Yeah, that’ll work out great. Now I like Elena – I like all of them, really, except for Bonnie – but come ON. Get a hotel room. Spend the night with Bonnie. Or Caroline. Don’t move into the same house with two brothers who are both in love with you. Is it really necessary to torture both of them (Stefan more, at the moment) at the same time?

    I think you are very likely to be right. Damon finally gets what he wants most – but he won’t be able to believe it and will end up denying Elena’s love is real, even if it is. And that really is great drama.

  54. sef75 says:

    Honestly I dont understand all this delena stelena thing.Sadly its clear that for them Delena is an excuse to keep this triangle thing but in the end will be as always Stefan and Elena.They are following the books more than we think and we already know the ending and the show will end the same way. Delena will never really happen and wont end up together.They are telling you that cristal clear .

  55. Jenny says:

    @sef75 Do you mean the ghostwriters ending? Well if that’s the case, it’s all very…….predictable then. Maybe too predictable. Think about it.

    Thanks again for a great laugh Thomas. I look forward to your recap every week.

  56. sonia says:

    Wait, it was all a dream! And what’s this? I carved a Hunter’s mark on this stake while I slept? How odd! Usually when I dream about a girl it isn’t my sister, and I wake up holding a totally different kind of wood!

    that line made me laugh silly… anyway, greetings from Italy… i love your recaps, but this one, this one is great…
    I agree with you in every single word. Caroline should focus on her own changing feelings… and let the two of them ( Hailey and Tyler) cross their pawns and claws…

  57. Katie says:


    I’m sorry you feel like I am saying any form of abuse is okay because it just absolutely could not be further from the truth. I actually used to quite enjoy the early seasons when Elena had a snarky little attitude to Damon – she was fun and she was strong and she didn’t let herself be charmed by him. Now the fact of the matter is in her eyes he can do no wrong, and the sire bond is really strengthening that. She has lost all her spark, no longer stands up to him even in small matters and whether or not you believe the show is for young girls – they certainly watch it. I’m not trying to turn this into social commentary but the fact is the relationship is now being played out like Elena will do whatever Damon says, and these girls watching the show think its hot. I fully stand by my assessment that it is disturbing from that point of view. It makes for great TV, but in the real world, anyone would be horrified by such an unbalanced, unhealthy relationship.

    As to both brothers deserving better -The fact of the matter is that Elena has made bad choices throughout the whole series, not just since she became a vampire. Also, she is a teenage girl, I was one once myself, she is allowed to be conflicted and confused and not always be smart and rational especially given the high stress situations she usually finds herself in. As I said above, I used to LIKE Elena, I really did. But not anymore. She has had feelings for Damon for a long time, and the girl, to her defense, did try to fight them, but in the process she tortured him emotionally, and expected Stefan to play the perfect understanding boyfriend, even though he could see what was happening right before his eyes. You very clearly hate Stefan and that’s fine, no one has to like all the characters, but because I am Team Salvatore and not Team Delena or Stelena I am not restricted by a dislike for either brother and you won’t find me bashing either of them. I like them both for various reasons and I am willing to criticize both their actions.

    Yes. Damon always owns what he does and should be respected for that fact. And since you read the other comments you will have seen me acknowledge that in the show at least Stefan is not criticized as harshly as Damon. The point I am making is that while neither of them are perfect, and a lot of the time they straddle morally grey areas, both have always been clear about their motivations. Both have made mistakes, and both have been assholes to giant proportions. Just because Damon admits it more easily than Stefan doesn’t mean he gets a free pass but this is the exact reason I don’t really participate too heavily in TVD fandom because no one is objective, everyone has an agenda and there is so much character bashing. I do think both brothers deserve better than Elena because she has led them both on for YEARS at this point and they have been shot, stabbed, risked their lives and killed for her. and they both always will, no matter what she does to them. And she KNOWS it. The whole time she was proclaiming her love for Stefan, she was turning to Damon to help her with things. She constantly plays the brothers off of each other and when she has to move out of her home, she moves in with them? Knowing what it will do to Stefan? She hops straight into bed with Damon a nanosecond after breaking his brothers heart, after kicking him out of his own home….

    I don’t give a crap who she ends up with, but a selfish bitch is a selfish bitch, no matter how you dress it up.

    Also Caroline has never been a friend to Elena? Try the other way around. The only time ANY of the Mystic Falls crew call on Caroline is when they need something from her. With the exception of Stefan, Claus and Matt. When Caroline turned, Stefan helped her through. When she was kidnapped and tortured by the wolves, Stefan had to go get her supposed best friends and tell them that she needed someone. When her dad died, the only person that even remarked on it was Klaus. When Tyler up and disappeared for months, where were her concerned friends? And you just know that when she does inevitably fall for Klaus, they are all going to hate her for it, despite the fact that they were all the ones pushing her to spend time with him in the first place. Personally I liked Caroline calling Elena out on the Damon thing because she is the only one in the whole damn show that has ever dared criticize her!

    I love debates 🙂

  58. Elsa says:

    I (im)patiently waited for your recap of this very frustrating TVD episode, it is always my highlight after every episode but this week in particular I really wanted to read your views on what took place.
    Boy did you nail every point in your recap, and I wouldn’t know where to start so thank you for the analysis, I agree with a lot of with what you say. I have already ranted and raved about what angered me in this episode. The top spot goes to Caroliine’s exaggerated and unfair behaviour both towards Elena and Damon. I mean I usually like Caroline but as a friend she behaved appallingly and of course she did not recognise it because she thought she was ‘shaking sense’ into Elena but OMG does she not live in Mystic Falls? I mean I laughed so hard when she said ‘Damon’s never right’, oh the irony in that! I know she has her reasons for hating Damon but l have said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t like when people are so ungrateful and forgetful when it comes to Damon, he’s the only one who generally uses his brain and has repeatedly acted selflessly and prevented situations from escalating so. And talk about hypocrisy, she was being all judgy while she was on a date with Klaus, who amongst other things wants to turn her best friend into a human blood bag AGAIN (so yes, please hurry up and find that cure Klaus)! Speaking of Klaus, I never thought how Caroline might be acting the way she is because she is falling for him and it would not be out of character for her, she is a bit like a female Stefan in some ways so she would indeed be hating herself for it. Loved the interactions between Caroline and Klaus btw, hilarious!
    I really enjoyed how you highlighted Stefan’s and Damon’s differences and how these have been defined by their actions; all the wrong Stefan’s done while trying really hard to keep the good guy mask on! Naturally Caroline chooses to ignore all of this, I guess she has no opinions on Stefan’s Ripper years….? Call it selective memory, double standards or just playing devil’s advocate, whatever the term Caroline’s got it!
    I was annoyed with the intercutting between the Delena scene and the Caroline/Stefan bitching session (you are right, Caroline must be sired to Stefan lol!). I agree with what others have said, the writers could have been kinder towards the fans by having the sire bond realization made before this long awaited scene, it basically ruined the moment.
    As for the siring bond thing, it needs to be defined, because it can be interpreted in different ways and we have not seen any siring examples between vampires because we are told is rare. Everyone has their theories on this. I personally think that the sire bond is more complicated compared to the hybrid/Klaus siring, but without it entirely affecting the sired party’s feelings (she is consumed, as per Damon’s words in ep.3×22 because of her vampirism not because of the sire bond, her existing love is magnified). The writers will have to tackle how deep this sire bond goes and how far it touches Elena at an emotional level. But this is one of those occasions where vagueness won’t do, the sire bond rules have to be made clear. Damon’s doubt of Elena’s feelings is another matter and I can see it playing out just as you said; and this might finally be the moment of clarity Elena has been seeking regarding her feelings for Damon. But in the meantime, I think the fans will seek clarity on the sire bond rules. And at the end I want Stefan and Caroline to fall on their faces when they realize that despite all this the love is already there and it is real!

  59. Jamie says:

    @sef75, you do realize that just because the books ended with SE (which actually was not what LJ Smith initially wrote, she wrote DE and got fired, hence the ghostwriter), it doesn’t mean they are automatically going to be endgame on the show right? That kind of logic is completely flawed. Yes, the show is following the books closer than we think, but the show also has to take into account what is best for the storyline. They don’t HAVE to write SE, because the ghostwriter did. It’s not a given.

  60. sef75 says:

    @Jenny @Jamie,Twilight and TVD (for example) are based on books and we had movies and tv show knowing how the books ended and they ended the way they did and no problem.

    And with the Vampire Diaries will happen the same, maybe we will have more Delena moments just to please Delena fans and keep going the triangle until the end, and the ending will be Stefan and Elena together (they won´t betrayed the books that far) or the only change that I can see is Damon and Stefan together and Elena (who knows) so everybody is happy.

    Look to be honest I see TVD diaries on and off and read reviws mostly because let´s be honest they are way more interesting than the show itself. I think that the triangle is doing more damage than ever,I see plot holes and twists in the story that I hardly understand, just for the sake of ohh surprise. I don´t like Stefan (I think that character is way more interesting alone than when he is with Elena) and Caroline??? give a me break.

    Personally this let´s fix Elena?? I think Elena never been so interesting than now, as Damon said more alive.But above all in the end you see that the show is going circles, all I see is people complaining about the same damn thing. And at the end of this season Elena will come back to Stefan and all the same.

  61. Ailinon says:

    Hello Thomas, I love your reviews as always ^_^

    I love your analysis and I concur about Stefan being the Tragic Hero. I think it complements Damon’s Antihero pretty well because as we watch Damon’s constant struggles between doing the smart thing and the right thing, Stefan is the best when he falls. We’ve already watch him fall in the way of not giving a fork about anything and just giving up to his bloodoholism. Now it’s a really smart move to make him fall when he thinks he’s doing the right thing, it’s perfectly in character.

    Personally, since the beginning of the series Stefan was always the perfect villain and perfect tragic hero candidate for me. Stefan is destroyed by all the things he desires, by blood, by love, by family, by striving for perfection – I’ve always seen him as the character who ultimately needs to let go.

    There is one thing lacking in his character development though – Katherine. Stefan fell in love with Elena because she was Katherine 2.0, pure, just the way he hoped Katherine would be. I’ve always thought that this fact is not haunting him enough and we’ve never seen Stefan really dealing with this ghost of his past. Somehow this plotline seem abandoned, while for me it is the base of what this character really is. They solved Datherine, the story is finished and nothing else to tell, while Stefarine still hangs there and I really hope they know it.

    Maybe they save it for the end, as if Stefan finally manages to let go of his need of perfection when accepting Elena, he will see that the same act should make him rekindle things with Kath. He hated her because she was not pure, he found his pure replacement, but when the replacement is not pure anymore and he manages to accept that then why not return to the original? I’ve never seen anything more in Stelena’s relationship than dreams and that gone, really there is not much left, both sides considered.

    I hope they’re brave enough to approach this subject, we never got any sufficient exploration of Stefan’s side of Stelena and Stefarine, other that “you’re pure, Kath’s not”.

    I’m not a major fan of Elena, but I think you’re a bit biased here too. Stefan took a really high road with Elena after she turned, he kept secrets from her, he never had any proper talk about how she sees the whole cure thing, does she want it despite it will make her the blood bag and Klaus’ slave for the rest of her life, etc. He “fixes” her, he’s not “helping” her, if you know what I mean. He’s doing it for himself, not for her, because he cannot stand her that way.

    Stefan is a jerk to Elena and was a jerk the last season, when he put revenge before her despite her whole fighting for him. Sure, Elena is no saint, she has this Katherine trait that makes her want both in a way, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that it is Stefan who considers Elena is angel doll who is “supposed to be” pure and human and if she makes different choices than his own private list of choices which are “right”, then he thinks she must be fixed and set up again on the right path.

    Stefan was okay with Elena choosing to die, but is not okay with Elena wanting his brother? This whole talk about Stefan respecting her and her choices was purely bullshit, he’s doing no better than Damon who force-fed Elena his blood and this was a matter of life and death, not about Elena being a good girl or a bad girl.

    After he made Jeremy kill vampires he really deserves nothing from Elena, he is doing it for himself and for his own needs. And Caroline is helping him, because she is afraid of her own feelings for Klaus and compensates. Had she been a true friend for Stefan, she’d tell him “let her go, it’s her choice, her life and her own possibility to screw it up”. Even if she’s sired, they may tell her and Damon that, but it doesn’t excuse Stefan for doing what he’s doing and it doesn’t excuse Caroline from taking sides and being Stefan’s PR. She may consider him a better choice, but it doesn’t mean she should advocate him, especially to a person who clearly is emotionally confused and the last thing she needs is some random crazy shippers running around. If she’s not sure, she’s BETTER without Stefan. And Stefan’s BETTER without her. Unless, of course, we treat Elena as Stefan’s prize for being awesome to Caroline.

    Also, Caroline conveniently forgets that Damon took a werewolf bite for saving her and Tyler. He may have been a jerk to her, but she is alive because of him too. That should be enough for at least not calling him names.

  62. Christina says:

    @sef75: Except that the books were not supposed to end that way. As mentioned, the later books were written by ghost writers. The original author had planned for Damon and Elena to end up together. And considering how well received Delena is on the show, I would say a Delena ending or an ending that has neither couple together is much more likely than a Stelena one.

    btw, this was one of your most hilarious recaps Thomas!

  63. je says:

    stelena epic luv????????? they were togheter after 2 ep..had sex after 5,6 ep….and then by ep 10 they acted like a married couple…..BORING……this you call epic love????????

    if julie plec goes with stelena endgame that means that all the years of beautiful delena scenes…..was pointless… they had A KISS AFTER 2 SEASONS…..and were togheter after 4 seasons..this i call epic love….they have so many things to fight to be togheter…even this crap sire bond……Now elena will fight for damon’s love……

    ps: most of the fan base are for delena……

  64. je says:

    and about the cure…..I don’t know i PREDICT THAT DAMON GETS THE CURE…ELENA TURNS HER HUMANITY….

  65. lacysos says:

    Dear Thomas, your reviews use to be funny. Now they’re just mostly a Damon a** kissing rant. However, the summary I can get into. So here goes…

    Starting with Caroline, to your credit you recall Damon’s abuse of Caroline in season one. Yes, Damon has saved her life since that time, but so has Stefan. In fact, Stefan saved her twice from Damon killing her. YOu make it sound like Stefan forced his way on both these girls, In fact, I think they were both willing to try animal blood because neither want to kill people to survive. Caroline eventually rejected the animal blood and moved to blood bags and I think Stef was okay with that. Elena puked it up and Stefan was okay with Damon training her to drink from the vein.

    You claim Stefan went on a murdering spree “for Elena” but now he wants the “cure” for himself so he can get Elena back. First of all, I recall that Stefan made a 10-year deal with Klaus to get the blood to save your PRECIOUS DAMON. And did you forget that Klaus punished Stefan by compelling him to turn off his humanity for lying/hiding the fact that Elena was still alive. In order to protect Elena he was willing to give her up. That’s NOT my definition of selfish.

    Now you FLIP and say he wants the cure only to get Elena back. Did you forget he dumped her KNOWING about this possible cure??? So why is he still chasing the cure? Because he knows better than anybody that she does not want to be a vampire. Also, as TVD writing goes, last year Elena fought for Stefan to overcome Klaus’ compulsion, this year it’s his turn to fight for her. Personally, I’d be a lot happier if he walked off and found a new love interest cause I hate Damon and Elena and think they deserve each other.

    When Stelena broke up I fully expected Delena to happen but flipping brothers overnight was a little out of character, even for the queen of “I don’ know.” So yeah, sire bond would explain how we got here from “best choice I ever made” a few eps ago.

    And finally, Stefan didn’t know about the “uncontrollable urge” to kill vampires that comes with the mark until Jeremy attacked Elena. And to his credit he immediately confessed, unlike Damon when he KILLED Jeremy in front of her.


  66. Kathryn says:

    In regards to Caroline’s Stefan devotion anyone recall that in 3.01 she was basically telling Elena to move on because Stefan was gone, baby, gone. Or the episode where she was trying to get Elena to admit she was attracted to Damon? Where was all her Stefan love then? She barely even acknowledges Stefan in season three.

    And you want to know the irony? It’s Stefan’s fault little Caroline was almost killed. See Klaus ordered Tyler to bite Caroline because of what Stefan was doing and his ultimatum for Klaus to get his hybrids out of town. It’s Caroline’s fault Damon almost died because he took a werewolf bite for her and almost died, while she was whining that Damon’s dying was ruining her enjoyment of watching GWTW. Cacaline would have also died and should have died after her injuries in the car accident if Damon hadn’t fed her his blood. Cacaline would also have been dead if Damon hadn’t rescued her and had her cold little heart ripped out by her beloved savior Klaus.

    Also Stefan admitted he agreed with Damon that Caroline should be put down, but like with Vicky, he mentored her to do damage control to make sure not crap came on him. If she hadn’t taken well to the lessons, Stefan would have put little Cacaline down the same way he did Vicky.

  67. Kelly says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Great recap and post mortem. I think “Twitter: Fucking explodes” would have been a great title for this ep. 🙂

    Klaus: Then can you please explain this full-page ad in the Mystic Falls examiner, which reads, in part: “Wanted: Do you have strong urges to murder people with pronounced canines? Do you have dreams about slaughtering people who explode in the daylight? Do you have a magic tattoo that you don’t remember getting and that no one els can see? If so, call Hero Hair Enterprises at 1-800-4-STEFAN and we will provide you will all the cannon fodder you can stab (and tie you up naked so my girlfriend’s little brother can draw you (but don’t worry, it’ll be tasteful))”

    LOL all day long.

    I completely agree with you about Caroline. She has every reason to hate Damon, but her being Stefan’s personal cheerleader is getting a bit tiring. We get it already. Hipocrisy is not a good look on you, Care. The guy you just went on a date with has done things that make Damon’s most evil deeds look like child’s play. (Having said that, when Klaus pulled out Caroline’s Miss Mystic application and proceeded to read it, I could not keep the smile off my face.)

    I’m intrigued about Hayley’s connection to Prof. Shane. Will the unsired hybrids have a part to play in the Silas mystery?

    Definitely agree that the sire bond will lead to some great drama. Damon finally gets what he wants, but now he’ll be doubting that it’s real, which has been one of his sticking points in his relationship with Elena since season 1–“I wanted it to be real.”

  68. Salma_umar says:

    Katie and jawly i love you. You took the words right out of my mouth. I think elena is a SLUT, a whore i mean she broke up with a brother and immediately jumps into the others bed? I want katherine to come back to tell her the truth that she is exactly like her even worse. And moving in? Seriously?does she know what that would do to stefan? And as for damon congrats you have successfully had sex with elena and her biological mother. MAN SLUT! Caroline is totally justified for what she said i mean damon used her as a sex slave and blood bank and elena wants her to be on board with them dating?

  69. Barachiel says:

    I want to believe what you say about the whole “siring” business. But I’ve been burned far too much by bad writing lately to really believe it. Modern TV/Movie entertainment simply doesn’t know how to do a good love triangle anymore.

    Always, there’s the Official Couple and the Hanger-On. And honestly, that’s what this show has been, only with a little more teasing. I get where you’re coming from, and the part of me that still believes in good writing and character drama insists you’re right.

    But here’s what I see.

    For three seasons, Stefan and Elena have been the Official Couple. Damon’s been present, but never allowed to progress very far, and it’s been an endless series of cock-teases.

    Now, this season, Elena becomes a vampire, and the teasing gets dialed up a notch. Just a notch. THEN Stefan and Elena break up. The very next episode, Team Delena gets their wish, and at the END of the VERY SAME EPISODE, they introduce “siring” as an excuse for her behavior.

    See, to me, if this were going the way you claim, they’d drag it out a bit more. Built it up a bit. But the fact that they can’t even go a full episode with Damon/Elena says to me that they’re only doing this for drama-angst and it’ll be over as soon as the bond is broken.

    And this makes me very angry. Partially, because I’m a Damon/Elena fan (admitted bias), but also because it’s been so long since I’ve seen a good love triangle that wasn’t a foregone conclusion that to have the possibility of such a thing ACTUALLY happening and have it ripped away in the SAME FREAKING EPISODE, makes me want to throat-punch someone.

    I very much hope you’re right and I’m wrong. The next couple episodes will tell.

  70. boochan says:

    Anyone else find it weird that Stefan was wandering around a Mystic Falls social gathering with a bloodstain and hole in his shirt where he got staked? I guess all the Mystic Falls survivors are experts at not seeing things by now, all the smart ones have been killed off. Also whenever April gets screen-time it just seems like an attempt to make her a significant enough character that her death has some impact.

    Given that the meta is that everyone always loves Elena she doesn’t seem to have many real friends left. Since her brother now wants to kill her and Stefan/Caroline don’t seem to like the new Elena(who actually thinks/acts for herself *gasp*) it just seems like Matt and Damon left in her corner. Its possible that Damon/Elena are going to be driven together as mutual outcasts from the rest of the main characters. Besides it will be interesting to see how off the rails Stefan is going to get now that he thinks Elena is sired to Damon. Also the sired theory is going to be a hard sell given the list Elena’s actions that seem to contradict it and given the fact that Stefan/Caroline would probably make Fox News look “fair and balanced”.

    The difference I see between Stefan and Damon is that Damon has been on a 2+ season redemption arc and is still regarded as a bad person while Stefan is treated as the perfect person just as soon as he stops killing people and washes the blood off. Seems like a bit of a double standard. Plus Damon is just a more interesting character, in TV land it doesn’t matter how evil you are as long as you have style. But the simple truth is that they are both horrible people.

  71. Eve says:

    The Lady of the Manor: I love me some Damon, but I just cannot watch Ian and Nina together.

    Lady, I am with you on this. Damon and Elena: Fine. Ian and Nina: Ick. TMI.

    A weird dilemma, lol.

  72. Nikky says:

    Thomas, this is one of the best recaps I’ve ever read, really! I was depressed after seeing the episode, with all the sirebond drama… and then I read this recap and not only I laughed like there was no tomorrow, I also found some hope and explanation. Yes, explanation: why on Earth, I thought, did they break the Sirebond bomb on us like that? Well, for the exact reason you pointed out. For audience. It was too easy bring those two poor souls together after four seasons without heartbreaking dramas, that would have been suicide in the TVD’s writers point of view. And Caroline! My God, I’m so happy you explored her attitude like that! I totally agree: she behaves like that because she needs to believe that if Elena and Stefan can make it, if they are “epic”, then also Tyler and she are “meant to be”, and her developing attraction to Klaus is only a temporary obstacle in the perfect, boring, forced road she has in her mind. Yeah, believe it as much as you want, Care. But don’t cry if it blows in your face sooner than later! And please Caroline… Stefan might be a good friend for you, and a nice guy who tries to do the right thing, but stop defending him like that. He’s far from perfect. And no one asks Caroline to be a Delena shipper here, just to actually see the guy Stefan is, not only the good things but also the flaws, and stop blubbering about “epic love” and bullshit like that! Elena needs a friend, not a judge.
    Sorry if there are some grammar mistakes, English is not my language! But anyways, compliments for your awesome recap. You rock!

  73. nvo says:

    @Salma_umar I’m sorry but slut shaming Elena and Katherine is just messed up. A product of internalized misogyny. That’s one of the reasons I can’t stand this fandom that is, by the way, made up of mostly females. If you don’t like Elena that’s fine but a good portion of the hate she gets depends on which Salvatore’s dick she’s currently riding. First its “Elena is so boring she needs to be more like Katherine” then as soon as she acts on her feelings for Damon its “Elena is turning into Katherine ugh.” If Elena or Katherine or any female on the show wants to sleep with all of Mystic Falls they fucking well can.

  74. Beth says:

    Everything that anyone could ever say about TVD, the writing, the current plot line, Elena, Damon, Stefan and Caroline has all already been expressed in these comments so I won’t waste my time adding to the never-ending debate. I will say, however, that this makes for great entertainment. Fans coming together, taking the time to agree, disagree and debate with one another is exactly what a good show or book should have. It should make you deliriously happy and/or despairingly sad and/or infuriated at some point or another and this show manages to do all of these things most if the time in one episode! And those saying its not good tv anymore? Well, stop watching. Stop taking the time to read and comment on recaps or fan-related material if you don’t care anymore. I, personally, think the amount of passion surrounding this show, whether positive or negative, is an incredible thing and anyone who has anything to do with the making of this show should be given some serious kudos. I’d rather be watching something that makes my insides boil than to have my ass plastered to a couch watching mind-numbing television and eating potatoe chips just to pass the time. There is a serious lack of worthy entertainment these days in both books and movies (especially with all the vomit-inducing reality shows invading practically every network everywhere) so take a moment to get off the Damon/Stefan debate box and appreciate the fact that there are so many of us that care enough to take the time to debate at all! And Thomas, do I really need to tell you how much I love your recaps? None of us would be here taking up your precious time with our lengthy comments if we didn’t. 🙂

  75. Yelena says:

    The thing I don’t like about the sire bond is that, if it’s true that Julie knew it would have happened since last season, than why the fuck she left all those plot holes…
    in 4×01 Elena attacks Damon while he threatens Matt, and she threw up animal blood before he said the vein thing
    in 4×04 Elena doesn’t drink from the uni girl even if Damon told her to, and in the same episode she tells Damon she doesn’t wanna be like him.
    in 4×05 he tells her to stay in Alaric’s house and she doesn’t
    in 4×06 when he tells her to get away from the bridge and go with him, she doesn’t
    and again, since when sirebond makes you develop romantic feelings? I have never seen tyler showing interest in Klaus so far… Maybe they are keeping that for the future? A Klyler kinda thing? (i see it more possible than Delena at this point)
    I mean did they forgot on purpose or what?

  76. lia says:

    Awesome recap as always. I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

  77. Barachiel says:


    Wow, those are excellent points. My literary cynicism aside, I do credit the writers for having a pretty good eye for details.

    So what if… the Sire Bond thing is just the Wonder Twins grasping at straws and there’s not one involved at all? That would fall under Thomas’ concept of the Reverse Cockblock…

  78. Jade says:

    Hi Thomas, cheers for the great recap!
    I think I actually enjoy the recaps more than the actual show!

    There are just so many short memories, the characters are all seeming insincere these days.

    Elena: Oh, Jer, I would never hurt you!
    (Apart from when I killed you a couple of weeks ago. And apart from when I hurl you across the room with super-human strength right now.)

  79. Pauline B says:

    Hey Thomas !

    I’ve already told you on twitter, but this has to be your best recap / post mortem so far. And considering how good they always are, it means a lot 🙂

    “Elena Gilbert: Super Elena tearing Damon’s clothes off and showing him the night of his life powers activate!
    Team Stelena: Dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound.
    Team Delena: Dies from self-inflicted orgasm.
    Twitter: Fucking explodes.” → truer words were never spoken.

    I’m not going to comment about the perfection of the last scene, mostly because it’s 1h50pm here, and I have class at 4h50pm (yes, I’m pretty sure I could talk about this scene for 3h).

    So I’m just going to say that, once again, I totally agree about your post-mortem.
    Just wondering though, when you said “Even if her actions were totally because of Damon’s blood, he didn’t know that”, did you imply that she slept with him because of the bond ? Because I’m pretty sure the sire has to SAY something to his/her… whatever the word is, to do something in order to make they obey.
    Anyway, your whole explanation about the SB and Elena’s feelings was brilliant, and the fact that you’re not non-shipper makes it truly objective (I try my best to be unbiased, but I’m not sure I always manage to do so).

    The only problem I have with the sire bond revelation is that it exonerate Elena for Connor’s death : it clearly doens’t count. So I’m hoping that later in the season, she’ll finally have a “real” kill.
    A thought : maybe she’ll ask Damon to “command” her not to kill anyone, and they’ll discover she’s been un-sired only when she murder someone.

    Just wondering, why is Elena sired ? Doesn’t a human have to be grateful for being a vamp in order to be sired ? It can’t be Elena’s case, right ? So I was thinking : maybe it comes from the fact he saved her multiple times (including how it’s thanks to his blood that she’s “alive”). Or the fact she regained her memories during the transition, and saw how selfless his was ? Or the feelings she had for him BEFORE the transition are actually what caused the siring ? I personally believe it’s a mix of the three, but was wondering what you were thinking about it

    Oh, and Bonnie is involved in making Elena human again ? Muhaha, the girl is going to become an “original”. Or Bonnie will screw up and turn Damon human. As you know, I’m against this idea, but I was against the sire bond and now believe it was the best idea they ever had for DE so… Who knows ? Maybe they’ll turn Damon, have him knock up vampire Elena who will give birth to an human/vampire baby named Grayseppe (for Grayson & Giuseppe) who will fall for Katherine, and I’ll be on board with that. Or more likely, I’ll help you burn the TVD set down (I know, it’s just to show, but come on).

    Once again, thanks for the good laugh and the smart thoughts – weather for this recap or the previous one. Like I’ve said on twitter, your humor (and my “oh, but you only watched the first episodes, they were lame. The show improved so much since those days” rant) has convinced my friend to give TVD another chance. We only read them (well, re-re-read them for me) until ep 1×06, but she thinks your great 😉

    PS : 79 comments in 2 days ? It must be a record, right ? I usually try to read them, since your blog in one of this place were we can have smart, polite, civilized conversations about the show (or even DES actually), but I think I’ll pass for this one 🙁

  80. Izeinwinter says:

    I am currently considering a crackpot theory: That Professor Shady and Haley are not just another set of Evil Villains of Evil – But instead, they are the law. The mystics falls gang has been extremely unsubtle lately, so having the government send in the black ops (Occult division) to.. take care .. of things would be perfectly logical – and it would not be difficult to track the gang down.

    All those young strapping lads who have bodies in their past ? AKA, the werewolves Klaus is enslaving? Most of them are probably ex-soldiers. Heck, Haley herself is most likely lying her ass off about who she killed. And hey, summarily executing the Salvatores and entombing Klaus in Yucca mountain would be perfectly justifiable.

  81. Nina in Los Angeles says:

    Comments like some of the ones here make me wonder why I’m contemplating my own blog.
    Anyway, am I the only one who saw Delena sex being intercut with Atticus/Haley sex?

  82. Sara says:

    Hi Thomas,
    Wow, did this episode spur some debate! I wanted to thank you for making my day with a wonderful recap (again). As for the post-mortem, I wholeheartedly agree with pretty much everything you said. The sire thing may seem like a cruel twist to some fans, but it certainly makes sense from a storytelling point of view.
    Oh, and can we please agree on something for good? Jeremy *IS* a supernatural being now: he sees ghosts, he has supernatural strength and he has a magic tattoo crawling all over himself. So, this magic-ring-of-not-dying? Either make it a Christmas gift to Matty-blue-eye or give it to charity: at this stage, pretty much any remaining human in Mystic Falls (are there any left bar April, Sheriff Forbes and Faux-Mayor-Lockwood?) may benefit from it. In any case, just let the damned thing go already, its time is overdue, IMO.

  83. sarah says:

    at nvo
    Thanks for saying that! This attitude in fandom always bugged me the wrong way, too. Especially given the subtle (and not so subtle) sexism behind it.
    I might not always love Elena but I actually liked her in this ep. She – for the lack of a better word – owned her decisions and I liked how she called out Caro on her behaviour without resorting to hatefullness.
    I´d hate so see her agency removed ones more. Can casual viewers really deal easier with a mindraped zombie than a young women who makes choices who can be perceived as not entirely ethical?

  84. says:

    I officially declare that NONE of these people are healthy enough to be in a relationship.

    I do also agree about how this is an excellent story. To those who are pissed that the whole sire bond declaration being in this episode and during the sex scene. As an avid watcher of T.V. and once upon a time maker of T.V., I think it’s because they deliberately wanted a link between sex and the sire bond. I’m mean that’s obvious, but if they had showed the scene by itself then you would have had that moment to hang on to, but now it’s inextricably linked with the idea of the sire bond whether you like it or not.

    As to the Salvatore brothers, I liked Season 1 Stefan better than I like Damon, though I found Damon pretty hilarious. Season 2, Stefan was still my preferred brother, with Damon at least no longer being hated. Season Three, I moved towards Damon, because Ripper!Stefan was an ass of epic proportion and I will go into that more in a minute (Yes, this comment is going to be atrociously long.) Now, I like Damon better than Stefan even though Stefan’s Ripper free. Basically, what I’m saying is it’s their actions that decide who I root for. Damon’s a lot more interesting to watch practically always, but that doesn’t mean I like him.

    Honestly, neither Salvatore can be called good. No if, ands, or buts about it – for all those people who said Stefan did all of his awful Ripper stuff for Damon and Elena, to that I say – he got down right abusive of Elena when he was forced to guard her. He did not have to be an ass. They were all in a bad situation, but he got all bitchy because his free will was taken away and he made a bad situation worse of HIS own free will. He also could have threatened Andie, severely injured her but left her alive and he didn’t, because Andie didn’t matter to him and that was before he was compelled. And Damon? Damon is Damon and he laid a merry swath of victims before he got his heart broken. So morally, they are both a wash.

    Personally, I have to believe in redemption. That if you try to be better it should count for something. Besides, this is a T.V. show so I can afford to be more forgiving than I probably would be in real life. So it’s who are you right now + how did you deal with the same situation when it was reversed. The thing that is pissing me off most about Stefan is how snotty he gets when he doesn’t get his way. He becomes absolutely blind to everything around him. Klaus mind rapes you? Threaten to kill your ex in the most traumatizing way possible! Elena needs a vampire to die? Kill the one hybrid who has actually HELPED you at the detriment to himself. Elena’s a vampire who dumps you – get her brother to go on a killing spree to get a cure! She picks your brother over you? She must be sired! (I’m not yet debating the fact that she’s sired – I’m on the fence. My point is it shouldn’t have been the first conclusion Stefan jumped to.) In the same situation – (Elena picking Stefan over Damon) Damon manned up and said “I’ll leave town once you make your choice. Just pick for freak’s sake.” “Hey, you might pick me because Stefan lied to you? I’ll tell you why he lied because I’m not going to get you the sketchy way.” He wants Elena only if she wants him. Which is an awesome high road to take and I love him for it. Stefan, on the other hand, will not hesitate to say “He sucks and you must be under mind control to even consider this and I want you anyway I can get you.” That is what is most annoying to me. That and his Jeremy abuse.

    Last thing I hope – Caroline so disappointed me with her Damon!Hate this episode. Not so much because she hated Damon, but because she was so sure she was right. Not maybe I should think about it or why are you feeling this way, Elena? or We should talk about it, but I am right, you will agree with me and if you don’t there is something wrong with you. Especially in light of the whole Klaus thing, she’s got no high ground to stand on. Even if she is projecting, the fact that she downed Elena to her face is what killed me. I could have gone with her talking with Bonnie about it or talking to Damon, but she told Elena what she was feeling was wrong. Disagreeing with it I get, but flat out saying it’s wrong is a different story. She stopped being Elena’s friend and became her judge which is one thing a friend should never do.

    Whew, done.

  85. Alison Tipper says:

    Thomas I absolutely love your work! and agree with everything you say!! maybe we have a sire bond!? But seriously every week you are very witty and I was reading your recaps from previous series in public and laughing so much I got dirty looks and snot came out of my nose!!(I am living in Switzerland where you are not allowed to have fun!)I have been waiting so long for that Delena moment I knew the writers wouldn’t let us have it without some drawback!I didn’t apreciate it being interdispersed by the Stefan Caroline discussion though! Although this was probably to soften the blow for Stelena fans and halve the death threats! I don’t think being sired has anything to do with Elena’s actions (particularly liked the shirt ripping action!)As you say if there isn’t conflict it would get boring and Damon doubting Elena’s love is the perfect conflict. Delena/Stelena won’t be resolved fully until the show bows out finally which will hopefully not be any year soon!

  86. Salma_umar says:

    nvo don’t mean to be insulting but i just made an opinion so there is no need to be bashing it, if you do not agree with an opinion, don’t insult the person that made it,its rude. PS: great recap thomas.

  87. Salma_umar says:

    nvo don’t mean to be insulting but i just made an opinion so there is no need to be bashing it, if you do not agree with an opinion, don’t insult the person that made it,its rude. PS: great recap as usual thomas.

  88. Saggie22 says:

    Awesome…awesome recap, so funny my ribs hurt!

    Oh we missed you on Twitter Thomas, watching TVD live without your snarky, hilarious commentary isn`t the same.

    Caroline Forbes: Hi Elena! Now, I’m your best friend and I will support you in whatever decision you make, but if you break up with Stefan and start sleeping with Damon I will personally cut your lying whore tongue out and staple it to the wall as an example anyone else who might dare offend the noble manifestation of goodness that is Stefan Salvatore.

    Elena Gilbert: Thanks for all the support and not judging, Caroline!

    HAHAHA…I guess the writers figured that since Judgie Bonnie wasn`t in this episode, the episode wouldn`t be complete without some regular dose of judgment. But the moment Caroline opened her mouth in this episode, I was SOOO irritated, and that lasted the entire episode. I didn`t get to enjoy the episode at all because of her harpy personality and grating remarks. Ughhh…I guess I really just can`t stand judgmental people, it`s a pet peeve of mine.

    As for the Delena sire thing, I personally don`t think it`s a big deal. In fact I think it`s great, real or not. For if it`s real, then it will be real interesting to see the headstrong, stubborn, never-listen-to-anyone-Elena actually do as Damon command. Mind you, it hasn`t happened yet, since even at the dance, Damon told Elena to stay put and that HE would go check on Jeremy. And what did Elena do? Just upped and left to go check on Jeremy, who ended up almost killing her. So much for Elena doing as Damon commands.

    Anyway, it would be interesting to see her actually listen to Damon more often. And I also kinda think it`s hot, this sire thing. Especially since the sire bond thing is SOOOO rare among vampires/vampires. Wouldn`t this mean that there`s something REAL SPECIAL about Damon and Elena`s relationship for her to become sired to him? Just wondering.

    Your quick question about Jeremy? My thinking is wouldn`t he help Team Stefan get the cure because that would ultimately rid the world of vampires? After all, that`s Jeremy`s mission isn`t? To get rid of all vampires? Just my thought.

  89. Miranda says:

    I’d been looking forward to reading this recap because I really wanted to hear your two cents about the whole Delena sire bond thing, and you did not disappoint. I admit that I was one of the enraged Delena fans upon hearing about the sire bond, but I do understand why it was done. The triangle cannot be completely resolved– not yet, anyway. I think your opinion about Caroline’s projection onto Damon due to her insecurity about falling for Klaus is insightful, and I think it would be an ironic twist if it turned out that Caroline was the one sired to Stefan. As much as I normally love her, sometimes I just want to shake some sense into her when she goes about praising Stefan. Stefan being the bad guy is something I actually quite like, I just wish that some of the characters would be able to realize that he is not the “good” one, and Damon is the much more sane one.

    I remember reading somewhere that Stefan is the evil one pretending to be good, and that Damon is the good one pretending to be evil. It’s not quite as simple as that, but I think these two characters misleading themselves is what makes them so complex and dynamic. I just wish the others had a little more common sense to see it.

    I just realized how much I miss Alaric.

  90. Ss0j says:

    Hello Thomas!

    This is the first time I’m reading your review and right after I am done with this comment telling you what a great job you did in cheering me up(considerably), I’m going to go and read the reviews of the previous episodes.

    I agree with you and most of the comments on this. I am a Delena shipper but sometimes the show makes me think that Damon should just leave Elena and get the hell out of that damned town. My point is, in no way is anything that happens to Elena or her town or her friends was his concer(read Season1 mainly). He could have left any moment, because like most of you say he is NOT a good guy. But even back then, he did not. I’m not saying that was because of his all-consuming love for Elena(at least not in the beginning).
    He could have left again after Elena chose Stefan again in season 3, he wanted to but he stayed.

    No one, not even Damon-obsessors like me will say that Damon in any way is a hero. Or that Stefan is the bad brother. Both are gray to the point of complete black, it’s just that Damon seems to accept that part of himself and he really doesn’t care what is thought of him. While Stefan is just mainly in denial.

    “To tell a good story, you have to walk a very fine line between denying the audience what they want without destroyingall hope.”

    I totally agree with what you said there, because as much as it pains to see the slow burn for three and something seasons and finally when we think it’s happening, everyone is subjected to the thoughts of it being not-real. I, for one, understand and accept the sire bond concept(leaving out some huge gaping holes in the details), but it could never have happened if there weren’t intense feelings between them already. My explaination-CAROLINE!

    Again, I am not bashing Stefan or praising Damon or Elena. No one is pure enough on this show to judge anyone anymore, so the Stefan-Caroline scenes were hypocrisy to the heights. Let Elena be with Stefan if she wants to and properly let Damon go. Then, I’d accept that maybe, just MAYBE, they weren’t meant to be.(I’m not even convincing myself there.)

    So I’m Team Damon over everything. He has done a lot of bad things, maybe even more than Stefan, Caroline, or probably Klaus(it looks like everyone believes Damon is the only bad guy on this show. I love Klaus don’t get me wrong, but puhleeze!), but redemption or attempt at one means something. And he has never been loved guys and he constantly gets crushed. Not cool.

    Again, great recap! Loved it:)

  91. Candim says:

    I have been a reader of this blog for a while and an occasional commenter. After reading all the comments to get an idea of what was being said about this episode on here. I have to tell you its been a breath of fresh air to see that the majority of people on here regardless of what team you are on can make some real good points, be passionate about it and yet not be rude about it. I am a hardcore Stefan fan and I know Thomas is a Damon fan but he can see the point of view of what drives all the characters to do what they do(open minded). I love reading his tastefully done point of views as well as others on here. Glad to see there is some real classy people still in this fandom. 🙂

  92. I dunno, this one was kinda meh for me.

    Sure sign that TVD doesn’t want us to miss something is when it loses that element, the one Price describes at the show being like an inkblot – everyone sees what they want to see.

    EVERY one of us comedians made the same “Who are you and what have you done with Caroline,?” “nocturnal whittling” “a BLACK female witch Damon!” and “puppy-dog eyes” (I’m disappointed in Neville!) jokes; either during the live tweet, or in recaps.

    So they’re trying to drive some kind of point home that’s going to be important later, and they didn’t want any of us to miss it.

    I’m just not sure what it was.

    My theory on the Sire-bond is that Damon’s blood turned Elena, and they blood-shared shortly after she turned, equaling a Damon’s Bodily Fluid Overload on her delicate, former-Doppelganger metabolism.

    Stefan is gaining huge amounts of yardage running with the Idiot Ball.

    I think the seeds of the end of Klaus were sown in his desire to sire his own race. Now that Faye and Tyler are un-siring them faster than he can sire them without doppelganger blood, I foresee the hybrids getting a badass upgrade and ending him.

    Which makes the Klaus-Caroline storyline a bit of a means to an end.

    Tyler may finally be ready to assume the mantle of “Last Guy on Earth You’d Want To Fuck With.” If nothing else, he’s sitting pretty. If the perfect, Manic Pixie Dream Girl DOES go over to Team Klaus, he rebounds with miss Sex On (Two OR Four- Depending on Her Mood) Legs.

    April is still hanging around. She’s gotta be some kind of demon-succubi, frost gollem, girl with a dragon tattoo or some damned thing. They just keep investing small amounts of screen time into her character every week. She’s got to be tied to Faye and Professor Roofies. Safest to assume at this point that everyone who’s come to town lately is working together to unleash the Greater Evil. Watch her turn out to be Silas’ side-girlfriends doppelganger or some shit.

    Also, doesn’t there almost HAVE to be a hunter with a complete, or near-complete body map out there if Shane is trying to recharge Dead-Battery Bonnie? Methinks Team Mystic Falls has been beaten to the MacGuffin for the 4th consecutive season. I think Shane knows where to dig already, he just needs a black female who speaks faux-mumbly Latin to pick the lock.

  93. Sofia says:

    Wow, this show and the amount of passion it inspires! I guess everything has been said already, I’ll just weigh in on a few things.

    First, what the HELL was wrong with Caroline? She was being a royal bitch to everybody, except Klaus interestingly enough (after having yelled at him at first), It started well before Elena said a single thing about Damon. I guess the Tyler situation is the origin of her foul mood and she snaps at Klaus because it’s his fault that she and Tyler “broke up” and then, I guess, broke up. But it really doesn’t take Klaus long to charm her. I mean, who could ever resist the power of Joseph Morgans Puppy Dog Eyes? So with the almost ridiculous level of her Klaus infatuation she has no right what so ever to judge Elena. I get that she doesn’t like Damon much, it’s understandable, and that Stefan is her friend. But at this point I have been getting the feeling that the gang are more or less friends all of them, even Damon and Bonnie work together with impressive lack of friction these days. It makes me sad that they’ve turned Caroline into Judgey 2.0. Not even if she was projecting should she get to this level of bashing. “Damon is never right” Um, wanna try that again?. And what almost bugged me most was that she was actually SURPRISED about Elena having feelings for Damon. Wasn’t it Caroline who called Elena out on those feelings in season 3 in the first place? No, she’s being a shitty friend. Me and Caroline are not in a good place right now.

    And then there is Stefan. I don’t really want to get into the good guy/bad guy debate, but just like someone mentioned he gets really pissy when things aren’t going his way. Sure Damon has killed people when he’s gotten mad, but it’s usually snap decisions (except that one time, RIP Uncle Mason’s abs), but with Stefan’s evil deeds there is so much calculation behind somehow. He should be well aware of what he’s doing to Jeremy and how it’ll affect Elena. It’s like Stefan never developed passed his 17 years, he’s being childish and self serving under the guise of doing “what’s best for Elena” whether she wants him to or not. But then again, he’s just digging himself a deeper hole and I’m ok with that and I’m happy that Elena is starting to see his flaws.

    I absolutely love Elena right now. It’s like she’s finally getting comfortable in her own skin and I definitely don’t think a sire bond has anything to do with it. But if it did it only gave her a nudge in the right direction and I think that’s fine. The rape bs is just that, bs. Not one single time has Damon tried to manipulate Elena’s feelings or influence her to sleep with him. She did that all on her own and considering how many times she HASN’T done what Damon’s asked I’m very interested in learning exactly what’s included in the sire bond deal. I think this is gonna be awesome!


    Loved the recap Thomas, it’s going on the record as one of your greatest!

  94. Whycat says:

    Hi Thomas,

    As so many have said, your recaps are terrific—insightful and very, very funny, all in all a great pleasure to read. I always look forward to them, and to The Lady’s contributions; she is a wise woman with a great knack for the pithy remark. What I especially appreciate about your recaps is your perspective as a writer, and your respect for other writers, namely those of TVD, who have engaged such a passionate audience. My comments about this episode respond to yours and the many thoughtful commentators’ remarks.

    As others have noted (notably Dianne Sylvan in her excellent recap, a chief disappointment with this episode’s revelation about Elena ostensibly being sired to Damon is that it diminishes her agency. It’s unfortunate that at a point where she appears to be developing more self-awareness, being more honest in her relationships with others, and owning her sexuality, there is an implication that she is not acting freely. Granted, the nature of the sire bond hasn’t been fully explained, so to what extent that may be the case is unknown. Finding that out now becomes the key dramatic tension, and as you say opens up many places for stories to go.

    It seems that the sire bond functions both as a plot device and a metaphor for the need for the approval. In Elena’s case, that need extends not only to her boyfriend(s) but also her peers and parents/parental figures. TVD is about young men and women negotiating their early adulthood, cast in the genre of supernatural drama, hence the relative absence, ineffectiveness, destructiveness, or out-and-out irrelevance of parental figures; boyfriends and girlfriends are much more important. Parental strictures and expectations are often obstacles to be overcome, brothers and sisters are adversaries as well as allies, friendships are crucial, and romantic and sexual relationships are paramount. Many prioritize the latter over all others, leading to conflict all around. And, for many young women, coming to terms with cultural imperatives to fashion oneself as a sex object and having agency in intimate relationships is a daunting task. The line between “good girl” and “bad girl” is a fine one, and vigorously policed. It’s also one that Elena has been very fearful of crossing, in so many ways, and is now vigilantly guarded by many of those whose opinions matter to her. Thus, the sire bond provides the fantastical means for risk-free experimentation; she can finally act on the desires she’s been suppressing, and that’s a powerful fantasy for the audience. At the same time, the sire bond permits other characters (and the audience) to harshly judge the kinds of actions she’s taking under the presumption that she’s not acting freely, as ultimately they will be able to excuse the behavior they disapprove of. More importantly, so will she, which would undermine the agency she seems to have achieved. It feels unlikely that the sire bond will be fully explained any time soon, although one never knows; it depends whether the TVD writers plan to show it or tell it. My hope is that ultimately the sire bond scenario provides opportunities for Elena to act on what she wants and accept the consequences, regardless of disapproval.

    What Elena needs is a quest, typically the storyline for male protagonists, and she now has at least two: resolving the sire bond issue, and rescuing Jeremy. Both are encapsulated in the phrase “Bound by Blood” in her season 4 promo poster. TVD is complex, but not subtle; thus far the binds appear to be both the sire bond and her responsibility to her brother, which has been reiterated in many of this season’s episodes. The show’s creators do relish in leaving clues and laying false trails, a big part of what makes TVD so much fun to watch, albeit its frustrating moments.

    What made the first half of season 3 compelling was that Elena had a quest: to rescue Stefan. Granted, it was about her boyfriend, but in the TVD universe, most quests are about saving one character or another, usually Elena, and it was a welcome role reversal. She had conviction and purpose, and took the lead and persuaded Alaric and Damon to help her. Importantly, she and Damon formed a partnership on relatively equal footing. Their banter and sexual tension, played over their deep mutual love for Stefan, made them very engaging to watch, while Paul Wesley’s very fine performance of Ripper Stefan was riveting. Likewise, the relationship between Stefan and Klaus was fascinating, and it’s interesting that both of these dyads—Damon and Elena, Stefan and Klaus—are back in play in season 4.

    What made the latter half of season 3 sometimes hard to watch was Elena’s confusion and uncertainty as her partnership with Damon disintegrated as she attempted to reintegrate Stefan into her life. Although her indecision over the two of them made her less likable, it did capture some of the dilemmas characteristic of a young woman’s life, where choosing the right boyfriend can seem like the most important thing in the world. Like it or not, it was a pretty big deal that she was able to admit to the hurtful consequences of her actions and take a stand.

    What’s happening now with the three female leads, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie, could be very interesting. Each of them is involved with a powerful older man who is, has been, or potentially could be a mentor—explicitly in Bonnie’s relationship w/Shane, contentiously in Elena’s “vampire training” with Damon, and variably with Caroline and Klaus, as she wrestles with the appeal of his invitation to experience a broader world. Each of these men is characterized as dangerous and alluring. The situation of a young woman in a romantic relationship with such a man is a familiar one, and how TVD deals with the balance of power in these pairings will be very telling. I can only hope that these female characters will show their strengths. In many ways, Caroline’s path seems especially complicated. She has moved from being Elena’s “honesty police” to a more vulnerable place where, as you say, she may be projecting her conflict over her own desires onto her friend. It may make her less likeable, but it also makes her character more complex, and pulls the focus toward her rather than Elena, which is a good thing.

    There are also intriguing storylines in the works for Jeremy, Matt, and Tyler, with each character taking on new roles this season, which is great. It’s less evident what directions Stefan and Damon are going, even given that their relationship is central to the show and clearly the focus of the next episode. Stefan makes a great obsessive ex-boyfriend, that’s for sure, one who readily justifies his misdeeds in the name of love. I am apprehensive about Damon’s character development. I hope his and Elena’s relationship maintains the entertaining give-and-take it has always had. I think you are correct that the focus will be on his self-doubt, based on whether he believes Elena’s love for him is genuine. That doubt also extends to whether Stefan loves him. To revert to the character promo poster shorthand, if for Damon “Blood is Guilt,” that encompasses both the sire bond with Elena and fear of hurting and losing his brother because of his relationship with her.

    As for ending of this episode, I have to agree with those who objected to the scene of Damon and Elena being intercut with that of Stefan and Caroline. It certainly diminished enjoyment of the former, and didn’t seem to enhance the latter, which would have been more sympathetic if allowed to stand on its own. Especially because of the intercutting, it came across as too much “good girl” policing for me.

    I look forward to your recap of the next episode and the conversation that follows. Many thanks.

  95. Kristy says:

    The sad part is Julie’s confirmed the sire bond is real.

  96. J. says:

    Elena was glorious because for once she started slowly fighting for herself, and that is amazing to see for a girl who was a shadow of her former self.

    Whoever calls her negative names has their own issues to deal with…she did nothing wrong, she is an adult now, and can make her own decisions without ‘meeting anyone’s expectations”…wow…how liberating!

  97. Kumar says:


    Fantastic theory even though it is a bit crackpot. But you never know when it comes to this show. If this comes true, no doubt TB wing-nuts will cry “Authority”.

    Anyway, nice recap Thomas, although I like the post-mortem myself. Boy, did this episode set off the fuse for shipping wars! And to be fare, DE fans had been wanting to see them have sex for ages and the interruptions by Stefan and blondie just ruined what could have been a great scene.

    I completely agree about your and other peoples’ assessment of Stefan. What happened to the champion of “Elena’s choice”? The truth is that he only gives a shit about what Elena thinks if it is Team SE otherwise Elena is out of her mind and “needs to be fixed”. What a hypocritical asshole.

    Like many others blondie pissed me off immensely this episode. I know she ships SE but what the fuck man?! She completely chose to ignore St. Stefan’s mis-deeds and bashed Damon. I really believe that this is a sorta projections of her chastising herself for falling for Klaus.

    I want someone to call Stefan out his bullshit behavior. He considers himself to be the only right choice for Elena forget he ripper rampages amd killing sprees. I hope that this thing is acknowledged by the writers.

    Watching Jer slowly become more and more badass would be really cool. Imagine him teaming up w/ Matt to hunt and kill some vampires so he would behave around Mystic Falls’ vampires.

    I also agree w/ you when it cones to the sire-bond. It would prove to be real so Damon will put his relationship with Elena on a hiatus. That should create some sexual-tension.

  98. Jenna says:

    My favorite part of this episode was watching Stefan slowly crack. I wish all those pro-Stelena/Stefan twitterboppers would realize how incredibly important it is that he lose elena like this. I mean I’m all for some delena goodies but the only thing I truly ship is TVD with great story telling. (Needless to say, I’m almost always satisfied) Stefan losing Elena like this and right now is just about equivalent to Damon finding out Katherine didnt love him. It tore him apart and from that we got some of the best character growth of the entire show. Stefan didnt get a proper redemption after his whole ripper faze. He got off the people blood and went right back to being annoying-in-control Stefan. He still can’t handle the vampire aspect of himself. Which is why I think he mostly wants Elena human again. “When I’m around her I completely forget what I am”…his words. He needs to crack…accept…and grow. And hey if Caroline jus so happens to be the one who helps him……lol. Redemption for everyone! (Cause seriously she needs it after this ep. Lol.) I’m thinkin that’s maybe where the writers are taking this and I cannot wait.

    GREAT RECAP. Like always. I agreed with just about all of it.

  99. Sarah M. says:

    @Alicia thanks.. I felt stupid asking, but reading this one it finally kicked in that it was a person, not someone he made up 🙂 (blonde moment)

  100. Nisha says:

    Awesome recap :), OMG can somebody please make a gif of Stefan and Caroline making each others hair..I would die for such a pic.

    to the post mortem just want to say that Stefan didn’t went to the killing spree for Elena but for Damon, I would think that Salvatore love is in general very destructive when I look a Damon and Katherine or at Damon who wanted to take Stefan’s place at Klaus side….so I find it difficult to value what is worse..because it is the worst in general what length they go through, but as hell entertaining…so 😉

    to Stefan I have no idea where he is standing tbh. I think he tries to get control, but it doesn’t work for some reason, I don’t think he just pushes it away. And I remember JP saying that Stefan is ruled by blood in a way Damon never has, so maybe there is a reason????? I was kind of sad….even a little pissed they skipped the rippah recovery. Last we know is that Damon forced him to drink HB and promised to help him, but then there is only one scene where Stefan drinks from a blood bag alone in season3, so I thought he is drinking HB atm or maybe not???
    Maybe the writers have a plan..???

    I agree about Caroline…..just too much, but this happens a lot this season charcters overreact a lot like Elena who couldn’t handle being a vampire and drinking and dancing, but killing was after an episode okay…hmmm

  101. Shaynie says:

    I have spent the last 4 days catching up on every single one of your TVD recaps, Thomas! I’m late to the party, but I’ve brought the alcohol. And you are a genius.

    I didn’t think I could love an episode more than I did 4×02 but this one takes the cake. My Delena heart finally got to soar, but was promptly crushed by Caroline and her hypocrisy.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, though. She’s guilty for all of her Klaroline feels. I never thought I’d want Caroline to keep her mouth shut but I sure do now. Sire bond. Pft.

    Yep, it’s been confirmed yada yada, but Damon and Elena are going to shove all the past episodes’ emotional and sexual tension in everyone’s faces so we all can be reminded that Delena is pure. …Regardless if Elena is Damon’s bitch now.

    Side note: Klaus and his hummingbird are the most adorable thing ever.

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

  102. Kathleen says:

    Fab recap, as always.

    Caroline pissed me off the whole ep. She was bossy and hypocritical and it was all just obnoxious.

    Am i the only one who thought Damon’s suit looked a little young? Did they spend all the budget on those dresses and make him wear the same suit from Season 1?

  103. Hannah says:

    I don’t remember where I read this, but the comment always stuck with and I think it sums up those boys pretty well:

    Stefan is a bad guy trying to be good.
    Damon is a good guy trying to be bad.

  104. Tia Serena says:

    Thanks for making me see the reasoning behind the decision to propose the Sire bond. The way the sex scene was cut with the Sire dialog made me SO ANGRY!!!! After reading your recap, I realized I have been played like a fiddle!!
    The authors have been vague enough, duplicious enough to make the Site bond beliavable – except for the plot holes already mentioned here.

    But I was thinking, to have Caroline say that ” Damon is NEVER right!” and the for him to be right immediatelly (April did win the contest by wearing the Red Dress, and it WAS a bad idea to have Jeremy kill more vampired) might have been a way to present her as a Cassandra – and make her predictions more “unbelievable”….

  105. Doc East says:

    The only problem I had with the editing of the last scene for this one was that the music changed from “romantic” to “ominous” after Caroline made her declaration, which was… somewhat incongruous.

  106. Jenn P. says:

    I don’t really care much about Stefan, Elena, or Damon (or Stelena VS Delena), I pretty much watch the show for Caroline and the Forwood pairing. But I’m surprised by how much crap Stefan is catching and how much defense Damon is receiving from fans. I can see why the characters are so much more forgiving of Stefan than Damon. It’s probably the same reason I am: both have done terrible things and good things, the difference is that Stefan doesn’t do bad things on purpose whereas Damon often times does.
    When Stefan killed a bunch of people it was b/c Klaus made him as the price for saving Damon. Killing hundreds doesn’t really outweigh the life of one, but people do irrational things when family members are on the line. And Stefan felt guilty about it too. He hates the ripper, he doesn’t want to be the ripper. He snaps just like a crazy person who kills a bunch of people. That doesn’t make it okay, but it makes it easier for others to handle when the murderer isn’t murdering for fun and feels remorseful. When Damon kills people it’s often b/c he just doesn’t care or even worse, he wants to/feels like it.
    Similarly, Stefan does good things b/c they are the right thing to do (or at least, he thinks they are at the time.). A lot of the time Damon does things that help others b/c they also happen to help him. For example, he saved Caroline from being the vampire in Klaus’s sacrifice, but on the phone with Stefan it was clear he saved her b/c he was trying to take away one of the ingredients needed to perform the sacrifice, which was important to him b/c he didn’t want Elena to die. He had no intention of saving Tyler, but then did so b/c Caroline wouldn’t leave without him and he needed her to leave. If Stefan came across them, I have no doubt he would have saved them both without even thinking of it simply b/c he should. And Damon gets a lot of credit for ultimately saving the day, but half the time he’s fixing a problem he either created or exacerbated in the first place >__<), but I don't think it's fair to call her a hypocrite just yet. Save it for when she finally spends time with Klaus b/c she wants to, not b/c she owes him or the others are making her. Just saying . . .

  107. Jenn P. says:

    Huh, not sure what happened but a chunk of the post was missing. Here’s the rest:

    Damon gets credit for ultimately saving the day, but half the time he;s fixing a problem he either created or exacerbated in the first place. Like I said, neither brother is really a saint, but I think the example I just gave (saving Caroline from the sacrifice) is where the main line between “good brother” and “bad brother” lies.
    Really they both do extremely stupid things when Elena is involved. Like Stefan making Jeremy kill vampires so the mark will grow so they can find the cure for Elena. That was messed up, and I think Stefan knows that, but he’s seeing it as the lesser of two evils. Jeremy killed a convicted felon who wasn’t sorry for killing at all, so no real loss to humanity there, and the map to the cure grew some more getting us one step closer to saving Elena. Again, the difference between Stefan and Damon in this case would be that in trying to make a vampire for Jeremy to kill, Stefan at least turned a murderer who wasn’t even sorry he killed people, where as Damon probably wouldn’t have gone through the trouble, he would have just grabbed anyone. Is Stefan’s logic without flaw? No, but I still think it beats grabbing someone’s family member off the street to use b/c it’s more convenient.
    I’ve always been astonished by how much fans defend Damon given the things he does (I don’t blame people for liking his character, he’s entertaining, it’s the defending his actions that always surprise me), but it makes sense that it might be b/c the canon characters spend more time defending Stefan. I hadn’t thought about that until someone mentioned it here (which is why I read a lot of these comments, learn something you didn’t think about).
    I’ve also gone back and forth between Stelena and Delena (though admittedly I think Elena’s like poison for either of them, she clouds their judgement too much). As it stands, I’m more on board with Stelena. Though not exciting, I don’t think they are as boring as everyone says, nor do I think Delena is as passionate as everyone claims. Truth be told all their scenes feel awkward to me and actually make me physically uncomfortable lol I get a sense of love from Stelena , and a sense of lust from Delena. That’s just what I perceive when I watch the scenes.
    I honestly don’t know why either brother loves Elena. Everyone keeps throwing the word “hypocrite” around for Caroline recently, but Elena is the biggest hypocrite of the show. She just drags both of them down. Stefan and Damon are both more interesting without her. I especially don’t know what Damon sees in her. She’s really not his type, so I still feel like if Elena is a Katherine replacement for anyone it’s Damon. He didn’t really seem interested in her at all until he found out Kathrine was never in the cave and could have come to him anytime in the last century and a half and didn’t.
    Finally, I think people are being a little too hard on Caroline in her defense of Stefan. As others have stated, she’s going to be biased and no one can really blame her. But it’s not just that either. She’s the one who told Elena to forget abut Stefan last season b/c he was gone and she didn’t want her friend to waste her life waiting for him if he wasn’t going to come back (although I always thought that was OOC of Caroline, how she wasn’t really concerned about Stefan’s disappearance last season given how much she cares about him, which they are doing a better job of portraying this season. But that’s on the writers). She also told her she had to admit she had feelings for both brothers (of course that doesn’t mean Care will be happy if she picks Damon, or think it’s a good choice, and as her friend she has a right to express that, but ultimate has to let Elena do what she wants to do). I think what’s really standing out to her is how Elena just chose Stefan right before becoming a vampire, but then as soon as she turned she’s changing over to Damon. Elena’s reason is that ever since she turned her feelings for Damon have magnified, and I’m sure they have. But everything magnifies, and so that would mean her feelings for Stefan, feelings that were strong enough for her to choose him before going vampire, would have magnified just as much. So that logic didn’t sit right with me and it might be why this isn’t sitting right with Caroline. Clearly, Care isn’t happy Elena is moving to Damon, but she seemed more hung up on the fact that Elena was acting “weird,” and she definitely was. Elena’s had some feelings for Damon for a while, that’s no secret to us or the characters, but she still hasn’t agreed with him on everything or constantly run to him for help before. Then all of a sudden it’s like she is. And as it turns out Elena is sired to Damon, which explains that. So Caroline’s concerns were justified.
    She needs to stop catching crap for the date with Klaus too. So many people want her and Klaus to have a thing that it feels like they are conveniently forgetting that she was only on the date with him b/c that was the agreement for letting Jeremy kill a hybrid, which was all to help Elena of course. I’m not saying Caroline is blind or completely immune to how charming he can be, or that the writers aren’t going to have them end up in a relationship at some point (despite how unrealistic that would seem given all that Klaus has done to her and the fact that he hasn’t even really changed. Just a few eps ago he said he’d kill her if she didn’t stop talking. Yeah, that’s going to be a healthy relationship), but I don’t think it’s fair to call her a hypocrite just yet. Save it for when she finally spends time with Klaus b/c she wants to, not b/c she owes him or the others are making her. Just saying . .