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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

– Castle Salvatore – Silk Sheets and Sin –

Elena Gilbert: Okay, I’m off to school!

Damon Salvatore: …

Elena Gilbert: …

Damon Salvatore: HAHAHA!

Elena Gilbert: Wink wink wink!

Damon Salvatore: Nudge nudge nudge!

Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes: Bitch bitch bitch!

Team Delena: Fap fap fap!

Team Stelena: Cut cut cut!

Team Producers: Muahaha!

– The Red Room Busted Old Barn of Pain –


Wendy Werepire: I’m starting to think that he might not be enjoying this whole “free yourself from Klaus via extensive acts of self torture” plan.

Tyler Lockwood: Well that’s too bad, because Wally is Klaus’ right hand man, and that means we can’t let him out of this barn until he’s playing for Team Tyler!

Hayley: And also I need twelve werepires to give to Shane to sacrifice to the fell god Moloch in order to raise Silas from his eternal prison so that he can let me see my (zombie) parents one last time.

Tyler Lockwood: Wait, what?

Hayley: Nothing!

– Castle Salvatore – Secret Sexing –

Elena Gilbert: Hey Damon I’ve been thinking Damon about Stefan Damon and how it isn’t right that he doesn’t know we’ve been winking Damon and Nudging Damon and maybe we should tell him Damon!

Damon Salvatore: Hey Elena I’ve been thinking Elena maybe it’s none of Stefan’s goddamn business Elena and maybe we should not invite him into our bedroom Elena!

Stefan Salvatore: Guys? I’m standing right here.

– Castle Salvatore – A Question of Consent –

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Damon! Great news! Elena only broke up with me and slept with you because she’s been sired!

Damon Salvatore: Hi Stefan! Go fuck yourself!

– Mystic Falls High – Classroom Confessions –

Bonnie Bennet: Hi Elena! Caroline told me that you had to move out of your house because your brother wants to murder you! How’s that going for you?

Elena Gilbert: It’s going great! I may have lost a brother, but I gained a penis!

Caroline Forbes: …

Bonnie Bennet: …

Elena Gilbert: No, I didn’t grow a penis, I’ve just been riding on Damon’s!

Caroline Forbes: Yeah, no, we got that.

– Mystic Falls High – Black Boards and Blood Bags –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Elena! Stefan had this wacky idea that you might be throwing up bagged blood (and screwing my brains out) because you’re sired to me, so if you could just chug this down …

Elena Gilbert: This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten that wasn’t you!

Damon Salvatore: …Fuck everything about my life, literally.

Elena Gilbert: Okay!

Damon Salvatore: No, not you.

Elena Gilbert: :-(=

– Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Mystic Falls Satellite School –

Hayley: Hi Professor Shane! I’m just rummaging through your desk looking for your files on my parents, information that I want so desperately that I’d gladly throw morality and common sense to the wind!

Professor Shane: That’s great! Just hand over Tyler Lockwood (and his hybrid buddies) and I’ll happily hand over this encrypted USB drive of doom!

Hayley: Yeah, so … that’s not going to work.

Professor Shane: Ladyboner for Tyler?

Hayley: Ladyboner for Tyler.

– Mystic Falls High – Hallway of Harrowing –

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): Hi Stefan! I talked to Tyler, and he says that the hybrids are sired to Klaus because he freed them from the horrible pain of monthly transformation!

Stefan Salvatore (on the phone): But wait! Elena isn’t a werewolf, and never experienced a painful transformation corresponding to the cycles of the moon!

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): I don’t know, she did turn into a real bitch once a month …

– Castle Salvatore – Piles of Paranormal Papers –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Stefan! You were right! Elena is sired! I hope you’re happy!

Stefan Salvatore: Yes, the girl I love is forever enamored with your penis because your dead drinking buddy’s psycho girlfriend happened to give her your blood before my ex threw her off of Dead Parent Bridge. I’m goddamn ecstatic.

Damon Salvatore: Hey, do you remember that girl I turned into a vampire because she started a Damon Salvatore(‘s Penis) fan club? Of which she was the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Parliamentarian? And remember how she killed that guy based on a casual comment I made? Wasn’t that wacky?

– New Orleans – 1942 – Blues, Brews, and Broken Dudes –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Charlotte! I’m going to go find us someone to eat! You watch my drink and kill anyone who touches it! Winkyface!

Sailor Sammy: Hey, look! Whiskey!

Charlotte: Hey, look! A dead man! Super vampire taking Damon’s instructions way too literally because well you know plot and snapping this poor fools neck powers activate!

Damon Salvatore: …I wonder what time the bus leaves for “the hell out of here”?

– Castle Salvatore – Dependable Dark Arts –

Stefan Salvatore: So how did you deal with this whole sired girl thing? I assume it involves tons of raunchy sex and blood?

Damon Salvatore: No, it involves a black lady who did black magic to free my black heart.

Stefan Salvatore: I’ll call Bonnie!

Damon Salvatore: Okay, and while you’re doing that, I’m going to track down a witch!

– Castle Salvatore – Girl’s Night In –

Elena Gilbert: Okay, one bottle of hundred year old, thousand dollar wine for Caroline, one bottle of hundred year old, thousand dollar wine for Bonnie, one bottle of hundred year old, thousand dollar wine for me, and –

Bonnie Bennet: A bag of O positive for Caroline?

Elena Gilbert: Actually, that’s for me! Damon said that if I drank my blood like a good girl he’d let me give him a sponge bath later! Tee hee!

Bonnie Bennet: And on that note, it’s time to spark up some spirit tea.

Caroline Forbes: Are you getting high!

Bonnie Bennet: What? No! This doesn’t make you high, it just makes you pass out for seven hours and wake up with no underwear!

Elena Gilbert: That’s funny, Damon’s smile does the exact same thing!

Caroline Forbes: …pass the bud, Bonnie.

– New Orleans – But He Said He’s Sorry –

Stefan Salvatore: Man, it’s awesome being able to make it from Virginia to Louisiana in one commercial break!

Damon Salvatore: That TARDIS was the best investment we ever made!

Stefan Salvatore: Hey, isn’t it wacky how Elena’s sire bond has blinded her to what an evil, murderous bastard you are?

Damon Salvatore: Hey Stefan? I’ve got a pot over here that would like to call you a fucking hypocrite.

– New Orleans – 1942 – Brothers Bonding in Bars –

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Damon! I’m sorry I blamed you for turning me into the worst serial killer in American history! Let’s be friends again!

Lexi: This is where you say how glad you are to have your brother back and promise to never lead him astray again or I will personally tear your heart out through your butt!

Damon Salvatore: So, what are you up to now that you’re avoiding human blood like the plague?

Stefan Salvatore: Oh nothing, just driving a military ambulance through war-torn Egypt!

Damon Salvatore: …Yep, no human blood there.

Charlotte: Human blood? Did someone say human blood? I’ve got human blood right here! Super vampire ripping the throats out of a dozen innocent bystanders powers activate!

– Mystic Grill – Pool Hall of Pain –

Hayley: Hi Tyler! What do you know about Alpha males?

Tyler Lockwood: Well, they’re … dominant, and … respected, and … people listen to them and … um …

Hayley: They get to see me in the shower?

Tyler Lockwood: Hold on, I have to go assert my dominance real quick.

Wendy Werepire: Hi Tyler! We were just playing a friendly game of pool! Would you like to-

Tyler Lockwood: Shut your idiot mouth and get your asshead buddy back to that barn and breaking his bones or some help me god I will ram that pool stick so far up your ass it’ll tickle the back of your throat!

Wendy Werepire: What was that? Kidnap and torture all of your friends? Okay!

Tyler Lockwood: How’d I do, babe?

Hayley: You’d totally be getting into my panties tonight, if I was wearing any.

– New Orleans – Counting Bricks with Crazy Chicks –

Stefan Salvatore: So, where’d you leave Charlotte?

Damon Salvatore: Well, I called her a psycho and told her to go count every brick in every building in New Orleans, and I’d come and find her when she was done. But there’s now way the sire bond is-

Charlotte: Hi Damon I love you Damon and I missed you Damon and I did exactly what you said Damon and counted all 391,347,692 bricks in all 15,279 buildings in New Orleans!

Damon Salvatore: Seriously, fuck everything in my life.

Charlotte: Okay!

Damon Salvatore: Goddammit.

– New Orleans – OCDD – Obsessive Compulsive Damon Disorder –

Damon Salvatore: Please tell me you’ve lived a long, full life and haven’t spent the last seventy years pining away waiting for the day I eventually returned?

Charlotte: Of course not! I went to school and got my law degree and opened up a practice and then shut it down when I realized court happens during the day and I burst into flames, and then I opened a bakery that served only blood pies but then I closed it down because everyone else thought it was disgusting, and then I found my purpose in life helping orphaned kitten cross buys intersections at night!

Damon Salvatore: Oh thank God.

Charlotte: I just come back here every night and start counting the bricks again because it reminds me of you!

Damon Salvatore: Fuck.

Stefan Salvatore: Smirk.

– Castle Salvatore – Slumber Party Shenanigans –

Bonnie Bennet: Let’s dance!

Caroline Forbes: And drink!

Elena Gilbert: And have a naked pillow fight!

Bonnie Bennet: …

Caroline Forbes: …

Elena Gilbert: Okay, no naked pillow fight. But can we at least get in the bathtub together?

Bonnie Bennet: Sure, I don’t have a problem with that.

Caroline Forbes: Yeah, makes sense to me.

– Castle Salvatore – Bath Tub Blowup –

Elena Gilbert: I love this tub! Why don’t we hang out in this tub more often?

Caroline Forbes: Because of all the disease ridden skanks that Damon has soaped up and washed down in that germ-ridden, economy sized petri dish?

Bonnie Bennet: Um, Caroline? As someone who has alienated quite literally every being in this town, living, dead, and otherwise, this might be a good time to stop talking.

Elena Gilbert: No, please, continue … icy stare.

Caroline Forbes: Okay, you want to know what I think? I think Damon is a poopy head and a jerk and a cad, and I think Stefan is good and honest and true, and sure he may have left you and yeah he may have threatened to kill you and okay he may be the most successful serial killer in history, but at least he didn’t sleep around!

Elena Gilbert: Hey Bonnie? Can you use your product placement Windows Phone 8 to Bing “priorities”, because Caroline seems to have misplaced hers.

– New Orleans – Malevolent Magic –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Nadi! I met your Great Grandmother a few decades ago, and she told me there was a way to break a vampire’s sire bond!

Nadi: Oh yeah, I remember you and her and that conversation! All you have to do is murder twelve innocent human beings, thus accruing enough malevolent magic to bend reality to your will! Or unbreak your girlfriend!

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, I was really hoping that you folks had figured out a way to unsire someone withoutcommitting mass mur-

Stefan Salvatore: What? I can have Elena back for the low low price of twelve extras? BRB, putting out a casting call!

– Castle Salvatore – Revenge and Revelations –

Elena Gilbert: Hey guys thanks for stopping by but the party’s over and you need to leave and also go screw yourselves!

Caroline Forbes: Elena, Damon is –

Elena Gilbert: Damon is Damon here I love Damon and I love Damon’s penis and I miss him and I miss his penis and I think this is the real thing and –

Caroline Forbes: He’s your sire!

Elena Gilbert: …Well, that explains why the sex is so good.

Wendy Werepire: Hi guys! Tyler made me angry, and I’m going to teach him his place by murdering his friends a ton! Especially the blonde one who I should think he broke up with, and therefore has no real affections for!

Wally Werepire: …I don’t talk a whole lot.

– The Lost Woods – Sire Bond of Sexiness –

Tyler Lockwood: Hi Bonnie! Yeah, I was wondering if you could do a locator spell so I can find my girlfriend before the pack rips her into tiny, judgmental pieces. What was that? You used up this episodes allotment of magic making some light bulbs explode? Okay, thanks. I’ll give you a call if I’m ever in bed and too lazy to walk all the way across the room to turn the lights off. Also, jump in a fire and die.

Elena Gilbert: Hey Tyler, I know you kind of have other things on your mind right now, but could you explain how the sire bond works real quick?

Tyler Lockwood: Sure! So, being sired makes you obedient, but it doesn’t change your actual feelings. Like, when I was sired I obeyed everything Klaus told said, but I hated him the entire time.

Elena Gilbert: So you mean …

Tyler Lockwood: Yeah, you loveDamon because you’ve secretly got a thing for bad boys with dark hair and sparkling eyes, but you let him video tape you because of the sire bond.

Elena Gilbert: It all makes sense now! But wait, why am I even sired to him in the first place?

Tyler Lockwood: Well, the sire bond is based on gratitude. For me, it was because Klaus set me free from the pain of transforming into a werewolf. For you …

Elena Gilbert: It must be because of all the orgasms.

Tyler Lockwood: Yeah, that would do it.

Elena Gilbert: I mean, like nineteen, twenty a night. In a row. I was screaming out the names of gods I’d never even heard of. This one time he-

Tyler Lockwood: Okay, we’ve crossed over from “too much information” and into “I might think about this when I’m alone tonight,” so this is probably a good place to stop.

– New Orleans – Black Magic and Bad Advice –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Nadi! I know that you don’t have any of the spell books I need to break Elena’s sire bond, and I know you wouldn’t use your magic for such an evil spell even if you did, but I figured I’d drop by and threaten you anyway!

Nadi: Hey, do you know what the first spell every witch learns to do is?

Damon Salvatore: It’s the brain ray thing, isn’t it?

Nadi: It’s the brain ray thing.

Stefan Salvatore: Hey, I enjoy watching my brother in agonizing pain as much as the next guy, but could you drop some season-altering exposition real quick?

Nadi: Sure could! One, there’s actually no spell that will break the sire bond. The spell actually opens the door to another plane, a plane of pure evil. Two, accessing that dark magic will destroy the world. Three, the craft that gives a witch access to that spiritual cesspool is called expression, so if you hear anyone using that term, you should murder them a ton. Four, you could break the Sire bond by telling Elena to choose for herself, but it will be way more dramatic if I tell you you have to force her to leave you and never think of you again. Bye bye!

– The Red Room Busted Old Barn of Pain –

Wendy Werepire: This little piggie went to market – snap! – this little piggie stayed home – break! – and this little piggie cried “why does everybody torture me why god why? all the way home! Snap crackle pop!

Tyler Lockwood: Hi Wendy! I’m going to murder you a ton!

Team Werepire: Hi Tyler! We’re going to murder you a ton … unless you come up with some amazing display of dominance, I guess.

Elena Gilbert: Hi guys! MY ladyboner for Damon wasn’t the only thing heightened when I became a vampire! My suicidal martyr complex is absolutely raging right now! So please, tie me up, whip my raw, hurt me until I love you and then cut off my head!

Tyler Lockwood: Yeah, that’s nice Elena, but I was really thinking it might be a good idea to stick my fist through this chick’s rib cage and gently massage her heart until she calls me daddy.

Elena Gilbert: Nobody ever lets me have any fun! :-(=

– New Orleans – Coffee Shop of Chaos –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Charlotte! As your Sire, I command you to forget we ever met!

Charlotte: :-(=

Damon Salvatore: And stop crying!

Charlotte: I’m sorry, have we met? Also: :-(=

Damon Salvatore: Fuck. My. Life.

– New Orleans – 1942 – Uncle Sam Wants You (To Leave Your Brother Alone) –

Lexi: Hi Damon! You know how you’re planning to go off to Egypt with your brother? And you know how he’s spent the last twenty years trying desperately not to murder every single human he meets? And you know how you just casually murdered twelve people because you’re too much of a pussy to properly break up with your girlfriend? And you know how every time Stefan hangs out with you he ends up relapsing?

Damon Salvatore: Do I look good in this uniform or what?

Lexi: You didn’t hear a single word I just said, did you?

– New Orleans – Transportation Center of Terror –

Damon Salvatore: Well, we sure have learned a lot today!

Stefan Salvatore: I guess it’s time to head back home!

Damon Salvatore: But I lost our TARDIS key!

Stefan Salvatore: That’s okay, let’s hail a cab!

Damon Salvatore: Cabbie! Take us to Virginia, henceforth!

Carl the Cabbie: Hi guys! Go fuck yourself!

Stefan Salvatore: Looks like we’re walking!

Damon Salvatore: But now it will take the entire commercial break to get home!

– Castle Salvatore – Awkward Reunions and Apocalyptic Revelations –

Caroline Forbes: Hi Elena! I’m sorry I was a judgy bitch! Hugs!

Elena Gilbert: …

Caroline Forbes: Also, if you don’t start hugging back real soon, this is gonna get awkward.

Elena Gilbert: I would, but you have my arms pinned down. And you’re kind of cracking my ribs. And also? I’m pretty sure your hand is on my butt.

Bonnie Bennet: Hi guys! Hey, this seems like a great time to tell you guys that the brand of magic Shane is teaching me is called … Expression!

– Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Mystic Falls Satellite School –

Hayley: Hi Shane! I finished breaking your twelfth werepire, so now you can do your black magic and I can see my parents again!

Professor Shane: That’s great! Here’s that USB drive, and here’s the password that will let you read the address to the cemetery in which their moldering corpses are burried!

Hayley: What? My parents are dead! Curse you and your tricksies yet technically true words!

Professor Shane: Oh, don’t worry, I can bring them back from the dead, right after I get done ushering in the end of days.

Hayley: Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your occult newsletter.

– Chateau Forbes – Sweet Schadenfreude –

Stefan Salvatore: So yeah, long story short, in order to set Elena free, Damon has to make her forget he even exists.

Caroline Forbes: …

Stefan Salvatore: …

Caroline Forbes: HAHAHAHAHA!

Stefan Salvatore: HAHAHAHAHA!

– Castle Salvatore – Breakup Aborted –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Elena! We need to have an awkward conversation …

Elena Gilbert: If it’s about me being sired to you, I already know! And also, being sired didn’t make me love you, it just made me into all those kinky things you wanted to do to my small, fragile body last night!

Damon Salvatore: I can’t be with you! It’s wrong!

Elena Gilbert: Does this feel wrong? Fcaetouch!

Damon Salvatore: …No, no it does not. Just … a little lower, please. Lower … lower … that’s the spot.

The Plot: Thickens.

– Post Mortem –

I feel the need to point out that Damon and Elena weren’t the only ones who woke up together … Caroline and Stefan alsomet the rising sun together. The details of how they spent their night I will leave to your fevered, fanfic writing imaginations.

The timeline of this show continues to befuddle. This week we learned that Katrina is a part of this show’s history. A couple of weeks ago we learned that Fifty Shades of Gray has been published. The Scoobie gang were juniors in High School when the show began, but now they’re just entering their senior year.

I can only assume that this show is actually unfolding in real time, and that they’ve just been held back for the last three years because they never ever go to class.

Tyler got his own Crowning Moment of Awesome this week, and I have to admit that he looks damn good with a bunch of people on their knees in front of him. Wait, not like that …

On the other hand, I think it’s kind of funny that he gave a stirring speech on breaking free from Klaus’ manipulation and control … in order to convince a bunch of people to do exactly what he says, when he says it, no questions asked.

It was nice to see a couple of hybrids that didn’t die as soon as Elena flashed her thigh at them, though. Hopefully they will, under Tyler’s leadership, become a force to be reckoned with and not a force to be laughed at until they slink away in shame.

So Shane has been teaching Bonnie black magic. And not just black magic, but the blackest magic, the most evil, dangerous, destructive magic ever conceived (at least until we need a badder bad guy next season).

I’ve actually been enjoying Bonnie’s story this season, and I’m still rooting for her to turn into a bad guy … even an unwilling one. Having her team up with Shane and be introduced (unknowingly) to the dark arts was a fantastic idea.

It occurs to me that we could be seeing an entirely different show right now if Elena had been healed with Stefan’s blood rather than Damon’s. If Siring is a result of human emotions plus vampire blood, it’s very likely that Elena would have ben sired to Stefan, and that … would have basically ended the show. There would be no tension … Elena would have chosen Stefan as a human and as a vampire, leaving Damon (and Delena fans) with nowhere to do.

And honestly, I would be perfectly happy to watch Damon have his own adventures while Stelean canoodle in their Bedroom of Boring. But the drama between the three main characters has been great this season, and I’m glad that they chose to go this route.

Again, Caroline’s hatred toward Damon is absolutely, one-hundred percent justified. He didn’t just treat her poorly, he was outright evil toward her. And not hey I slept with the head cheerleader behind your back evil, but hi I’m going to terrify you and then murder you evil. But the way she’s been expressing that is just stupid. “Sure, Stefan’s a mass murderer, but at least he didn’t sleep around!” Jesus. You know what would have been a good argument? “Hey, remember that time Damon raped me a ton?”

And yeah, I know that this issue is murky. She slept with him of her own free will, but he compelled her once she learned he was a vampire, so … I think people can genuinely disagree about the implications of this, and not just in a Republican district. The thing is, it would be totally plausible for Caroline to see it as rape, and that argument wouldn’t have left us all wondering where our ray of sunshine went.

Here’s the thing: Caroline’s argument would have completely destroyed Delena. “Hey, your boyfriend raped me” is kind of a conversation ender, and Elena, sire bond aside, would have to perform a lot of mental gymnastics to keep that relationship going.

So what’s going on? The writers need a dissenting voice, a Stelena voice, just to keep that half of the fan base engaged. Caroline is the obvious choice, because she’s suffered the most at Damon’s hands. But, I think the writers realize how much of a bomb Caroline would throw if she really went after Damon, so she’s been limited to making the completely lame-ass arguments we’ve seen over the last two weeks.

So everyone that says none of the writers is pro-Delena? Think about that. They could destroy the new couple with one sentence, but that haven’t. They’ve gone out of their way not to. Caroline has suffered for it, but Delena shippers? You should be throwing the writers a party.

I’m also really glad that Elena’s feelings for Damon are not a result of the sire bond. Not because I’m a Delena shipper, but because I really, really don’t want Damon raping the female lead every week.

The workings of the sire bond are actually brilliant. There was no way for Damon to win here. He could have driven Elena away, destroying himself in the process, or he could have lt her stay, earning the hatred of everyone else and raising new doubts in his own mind: is she doing this because she wants to, or because I’m making her?

I think we’re going to see Damon spiral down next week, plagued with doubts about his new relationship. He loves Elena (and she loves him), but there’s always going to be a question about what Elena is doing of her own free will and what she’s doing because Damon. I think he’s going to go absolutely crazy over this.

And so is everyone else. Expect the rest of the cast to forget that Elena’s love is genuine and start hounding Damon over taking away Elena’s free will.

Also note: Damon would have taken away Elena’s free will no matter what he did. He could have forced her to leave him, and probably driven her back into Stefan’s arms, but would she really have been choosing Stefan, or would it have been Damon making that choice for her? But as it is, Elena’s love for Damon is real … but her expression of that love is outside her control.

Damn fine drama. Again, these writers know what the fuck they’re doing, and watching them work is a privilege.


Okay, here goes. Rape is not my favorite thing to talk about. It’s actually right at the bottom of my list. But, to clarify, I’m not saying Damon raped Caroline, I’m saying that you could reasonably interpret what happened between them as rape. You could also reasonably interpret it as consensual sex with a whole side of fucked up.

I agree with the comments down below that the final arbiter of that would be Caroline herself, and the fact that she doesn’t claim that Damon raped her indicates that she doesn’t consider herself a rape victim. But if she did, I wouldn’t argue with her.

On to the next episode!

0 responses to “Vampire Diaries – S04E08 – We'll Always Have Bourbon Street”

  1. sophy says:

    I do love it when a recapper gives the writers the benefit of the doubt (and even appreciation!). Tired of all of the negative nellies and the complaining going on out there. It’s a good show . . . it’s even a great most of the time. And it feels new and fresh this season, and they keep surprising me. Loved every bit of this episode, and I’m completely on Team Vamplena Tells Everyone To GTFO Of My Relationship. Hope she does more of that next week. I think it’s past time for Vampire Elena to make it QUITE CLEAR to Stefan that he is a being a big old fail at letting go.

  2. Nia says:

    I have to argue with you about the “rape” thing Thomas. If Damon “raped” Caroline, he also raped Andie and a dozen of sorority girls, who would have never slept with him knowing he is a monster. But Stefan is also a rapist by your logic. He has also slept with girls (as we saw in the ’20s flashbacks) and abused them and drunk their blood. They would never have slept with him either, if he hasn’t compelled them, right? Klaus must have raped dozens, even Katherine must have … raped many men.
    They all have used compulsion to make a sex partner “agreeable”. Damon is a rapist bc we know Caroline and she is Elena’s friend and the others are not bc hey we didn’t know the girls? Umm, no. It doesn’t work that way. So, Caroline could never destroy anything and this is not the writers being “Hey, we love Delena” but the writers saying “Hey we don’t have a show where EVERY. SINGLE. MALE is basically a rapist”.

  3. MJ says:

    Great recap, Thomas! Interesting take on the rape issue. I actually thought the writers were addressing and negating the whole “Did Damon rape Caroline” thing by having Caroline straight-up admit that she voluntarily slept with Damon, and that her problems with him are because he’ was a manipulative, narcissistic douche to her (paraphrase!). In short, my take was that the show just established that Caroline sees Damon as an asshole, but not a rapist.

    In any event, it’s clear the writers are using Caroline to be the voice of the Stelena fanbase and, if they’re really clever about it, will use her to eventually bring some of them around by proving Caroline wrong. Stefan and Caroline are so over the top, there’s no way they aren’t going down by the end of the season. Or Stefan is, at least, with Caroline egging him along the entire way.

    And, yeah, this is going to just ruin Damon. There’s no way out for him, and it just twists the knife that he went from “I’m happy” to having his dream turned into a nightmare. I’m predicting he is either dead, human or possessed by Silas by season’s end, most likely due to Stefan’s blind obsession with this cure, which will also conveniently break the bond.

    And, Stefan is blindly obsessed at this point. He’s already proved willing to turn Jeremy into a vampire killing machine, banish his brother to an eternity alone, make a deal with the devil (Klaus) and disregard the fact that Klaus intends to use Elena as forced blood bag and breeder, all just to have the Elena who loved him back. You know, the suicidal, depressed and mopey version who cries all the time. (The threat of having that version of Elena back alone is enough to justify rooting against Stefan! Smiling, snarky and strong Elena was awesome in this episode.) Anyway, the foreshadowing that Stefan’s quest to “cure” Elena is going to cost Stefan everything he holds dear – his image, his brother and “his” Elena – is ridiculous. And fantastic.

    All in all, TVD has impressed this season. Here’s hoping that the back half is as strong as the front one.

  4. Jawly says:

    Stefan Salvatore: Hey, isn’t it wacky how Elena’s sire bond has blinded her to what an evil, murderous bastard you are?

    Damon Salvatore: Hey Stefan? I’ve got a pot over here that would like to call you a fucking hypocrite.

    Again, Stefan only went ripping to save Damon’s life. Damon does it whenever he doesn’t get his way, every season, any episode. They both suck, but at least Stefan wants to be a hero.

    And as for the sire bond/Delena? Meh. It’s just like Forwood-too much sex and drama and not enough love. Shows are ALWAYS about drama and who a person will pick, but Delena is more of a forbidden romance than a relationship. I’ll give it another episode or two before this relationshit ends. I’m glad they’re screwed. They don’t deserve to be together a day after Stelena broke up. Still gross.

    And yeah, I want the cure. Not saying everyone can’t get resired again, I just want to see how the cast would work out as humans for a while.

    What’s with twelve people? Why does Shane want to revive Silas? Will we see old fan favorite characters coming back along with him? Why is Hayley finding her parents so important and does it tie in with everything else? How can Bonnie do magic when she’s only useful for zapping lightbulbs? Will my headaches from the show’s stupidity ever cease? Find out all this and more when Julie gets her head out of her ass!

    Meh. This was a lackluster episode for me. I really wanted to see Ichigo Kurosaki–I mean, Jeremy kick someone’s shit. Are we forgetting that the Gilbert house isn’t too far away from the Salvatore place? Jeremy would have torn shit UP.

  5. Malcolm says:

    I think we were supposed to forget what Damon did to Caroline in the first season, seeing as it’s never mentioned why Caroline was so anti-Damon, making her just seem like a judgmental bitch for no reason.

    And then they had Elena slut-shame Caroline re: her jumping into bed with Damon, which just reminds the audience of what did happen, and Caroline’s blithe dismissal of it could POSSIBLY give the idea to an impressionable teenage audience that Caroline deserved what Damon did to her for jumping into bed with him.

    I’m not even sure Caroline did sleep with him willingly. She wanted to sleep with him, she took him home and was enjoying herself with him, but then he started feeding on her and she screamed in fear/pain; she woke up the next morning in different clothes (so we assume they had sex after he bit her) and was visibly TERRIFIED of him, crying “no, no, no”.

    By not mentioning why Caroline hates him, it makes her look stupid as well as judgmental when she says at least ripper-Stefan wasn’t a manwhore. That was a real facepalm worthy moment.

    Disclaimer to any Damon/Delena fans reading: I am well aware that season 4 Damon is not the same as season 1 Damon, and that his character has undergone a lot of growth. I know he’s going through a redemption arc, and he’s done many good things for Caroline and the rest of the gang since. I am not bashing Damon or his suitability for Elena.

    I am only commenting on the *writing*.

  6. Roger says:

    Thanks for the recap. As I mentioned after last week’s recap, I’m still worried that breaking Elena’s sire bond is a bad reason for Damon and Stefan to look for a cure to vampirism. Either they’ll fight about it and work against each other or Damon will join Team Stefan. Both of those seem forced. I don’t see Stefan relenting and fighting for Elena to stay a vampire on Team Damon.

    I loved your reaction on Twitter when someone mentioned that there might have been 12 humans in the council explosion. I think Carina confirmed that this was the case, but it’s possible she was speculating too. Has anyone pinned down JPlec for an answer?

    Shane. Loving the writing for this character. Loving Alpay’s portrayal. I’m still not 100% sure he’s evil. Credit to him and the writers for pulling that off. Did you catch him repeating “We are the beginning”? It’s the same line Pastor Young uttered when he blew up the council and I think in his letter to April.

    BTW: What’s your favorite single line this season? Of last season? Shane’s “We are the beginning” might be my favorite this season, though Rebekah’s lines have been awesome as well. Last season for me was Elijah’s “This is family business” (the Originals get some of the best lines…)

  7. Jen says:

    This is exactly the problem I have with the current direction the triangle is taking; Caroline is suffering for it. When it was just Elena and the Salvatore brothers becoming more tedious and annoying, I was bored, but okay, whatever. This is too much.

    I wasn’t pleased that they ignored the very complicated history Damon and Caroline had when she was first turned, but even that was better than this! Now Caroline is pissed and hates him because of what he’s doing to Stefan? Are you fucking kidding me?!? After everything that went on between them, she’s mad Damon’s sleeping with yet another woman Stefan’s already banged?

    Caroline should NOT be involved with this mess unless the writers are going to tell HER story. The fallout for the Sheriff Forbes/Damon friendship alone would be brilliant, let alone every other character on the show.

    This show has so much potential if they would just concentrate on something other than which brother will the teenager with the magic vagina choose. Being on the CW, they will never get an Emmy, but they should at least aim to make TV that deserves to be recognized. TVD has gone from guilty pleasure to quality TV to something I’m embarrassed to admit I watch.

  8. Saggie22 says:

    I loved this episode a ton(quoting you) and I loved the recap a ton too!

    So many things were happening, and so many plot points were starting to connect…making me feel so excited to see where this is all going. I also love the fact that maybe…JUST MAYBE, the Big Bad of the season will have something to do with someone/something intent on destroying the whole world, as opposed to destroying one person. The stakes feel so much higher when we have the whole world on the line. This Silas thing and black magic that could swallow the whole world is awesome!

    Bonnie Bennet: Hi Elena! Caroline told me that you had to move out of your house because your brother wants to murder you! How’s that going for you?

    Elena Gilbert: It’s going great! I may have lost a brother, but I gained a penis!

    Caroline Forbes: …

    Bonnie Bennet: …

    Elena Gilbert: No, I didn’t grow a penis, I’ve just been riding on Damon’s!

    Caroline Forbes: Yeah, no, we got that

    HAHAHA! I loved how…NOT TRAGIC…Elena was this episode. She seems to have so much life now, it`s great to watch. Of course she still has her annoying martyrdom thing going, but it`s less annoying when combined with her new personality of NOTMOPEY. It was so strange to see her laughing and smiling a ton, and even being snarky with Caroline. About damn time the girl came back to life.

    Tyler was awesome this episode as well(in my opinion he`s always awesome. I like how he doesn`t take crap from anyone and always tells it like it is). Of course that whole thing of Submit to me or die, didn`t make any sense to me since he was still taking the hybrid`s free will away, after saying he doesn`t hurt his friends. But it was still great to watch him become so dominant. Even now I still can`t believe he is the King of the Hybrids, and not Klaus…so weird! But I love it!

    When it comes to Damon, maybe I`m the only one who thinks so but I`ve always felt like the writers are on Damon`s side more so than on any other character`s on the show. He gets the best lines and the best storylines. Even when things aren`t going his way and he is being unstable and psychopathic, his storyline is always so much more compelling, to the point where I feel like the writers sacrifice Stefan`s character awesomeness for the benefit of Damon`s. Even when Stefan was the Ripper and was awesome, it was still Damon who reigned supreme and brought his brother back to sanity.

    Don`t get me wrong, I`m Damon`s fan, through and through, but I sometimes feel like Stefan`s character is written so faultily, and that only benefits Damon, because we compare the two brothers and Damon always comes on top in terms of awesomeness.

    Even when Elena turned, Stefan`s character was written so that Stefan looked like a complete idiot for allowing his girlfriend to die in order to save Matt, and we all know that no sane person would ever do that. In fact the show made it very clear that Damon would never make such a stupid mistake. So I don`t understand why would the fans think the writers are not on Damon`s side. By purposely writing Stefan as if he`s the good guy and Damon as if he is the bad one, makes the audience want to hop on Damon train and defend him excessively. No wonder almost two thirds of the fandom is comprised of Team Damon, even though it seems like the writers are not on his side. Clever writers these!

  9. MJ says:


    In the last episode, Damon said Shane managed to get “a dozen” Council members blown up via his phone calls with Pastor Young. Guessing that’s the source of the magic Shane’s trying to get Bonnie tapped into.

  10. nvo says:

    The writers may very well be using Caroline to prop up Delena or it might be just to create drama. I do think they made it clear the Caroline slept with him the first time willingly but every time after that can be construed as rape. And we know a good number of the vampires have done it. When Caroline called Damon out on his treatment of her in early s2 she did not use the word rape but she would be completely justified if she saw it that way. However, if Caroline told Elena “I hate Damon because he used me as a human blood bag,” I don’t think it would end Delena. Damon snapped Jeremy’s neck after all and Elena still loves him. He’s changed and that’s what matters to her and she could easily explain this to Caroline but still not expect her to be okay with Damon. But where would the tension be then? Instead Caroline looks bitchy and Elena lashes out because of it. The whole thing is in bad taste. The fan reaction to it is gross too. Now Caroline is enemy number one and Bonnie’s the great one.

    Other than that, it was a great episode. The sire bond storyline is very interesting because of how complicated it is. Elena is not sired the way Charlotte was, that much is obvious but how much free will does she actually have? I don’t necessarily think Elena would’ve been sired to Stefan if it was his blood that turned her. The vampire must have feelings before turning but it doesn’t me that every vampire with feelings will be sired. It is suppose to be rare right? And how many vampires have been turned to be with their loved one forever? A lot most likely. Damon wasn’t sired to Katherine, nor Sage to Finn, or Lexi’s boyfriend to her. At least not as far as we know. There’s still a lot more to be sussed out and I’m excited.

  11. Kathryn says:

    You seem to be the one that keeps crying rape. If Caroline thought it was rape, she’d be crying it louder than you are. The writers even said people need to stop trying to apply human morality to vampires. As a writer of the genre, one would think that would be something you’d already ascribe to, instead of the rape crying. I imagine if Caroline hadn’t copped to saying she slept with Damon willingly the first time, you’d still be saying that was rape, as well. It’s really getting old. And that time is the only time for sure we know they had sex. It was applied the kissing on the bed led there, but we don’t know for sure. Unless a vampire compels someone who doesn’t want them to have sex with them, you can’t say they raped them.

    On the Stefan/Elena front. I think Elena bunny-hopped in bed with Damon more because Stefan made it clear he can’t accept her as she is. He didn’t have to dump her because she said her feelings for Damon were heightened. Isn’t he the dude preaching to the choir that being a vampire heightens your feelings. So if she had feelings before she died for Damon, they would be heightened. He could have fought for his relationship with Elena if he loves her so much, instead he threw his hands up and walked away, because that was easier for him to do.

    It’s the same reason he didn’t incur Elena’s wrath and save her instead of Matt. It was just easier to do what she wanted him to do. Just like looking for this cure is easier than actually trying to accept Elena as she is as a vampire. After he cut off his first head, he could have gotten back on the wagon, but it was just easier to kill more people until his butt monkey Dead Lexi came to help him and make it easy for him to get back on the wagon. Stefan always does what’s easiest for him.

    And Caroline is not Elena’s friend. Friend’s support you even if they don’t agree with you. Especially considering last season she was twisting Elena’s arm to admit Elena was attracted to Damon and telling Elena to forget all about Stefan because he was gone.

    Maybe Elena should get all up in her business saying, “What kind of person are you? Klaus murdered my Aunt Jenna and ripped her heart out. He murdered Tyler. He used me as a blood bag and if he hadn’t kidnapped me and tried to bleed me dry, I wouldn’t have hit my head and gotten vampire blood in me and became a vampire. What kind of piece of shit friend are you to be dating Klaus?”

  12. Saggie22 says:

    I don`t remember Season ! too clearly, but I always thought that Caroline slept with Damon first – willingly – and then the next morning, when they woke up, that`s when she realized he was a monster and he had fed on her. He didn`t compel her to sleep with him the first time, only compelled her to be his mind slave the next day.


    My favorite line was this episode when the Salvatores were in New Orleans, looking for Charlotte, and she came charging Damon.
    Stefan asked, “What just happened?”
    And Damon said, “She kissed me!” I just cracked up laughing.
    Also when Damon said he told Charlotte to count every brick in all the buildings in Orleans. I rolled over with laughter. Damon is soooo bad!

  13. Malcolm says:


    Caroline wanted to sleep with Damon, and she took him home willingly.

    You can see in this clip she’s very much willing as Damon is kissing her stomach, but then he fangs out and bites her before they have sex. Then she wakes up the following morning in different clothes, implying they had sex at some point after he bit her. And she is so scared, and she’s crying when he shoves her onto the bed.

    Considering her reaction to him biting her and her reaction the following morning, I find it hard to believe she had sex with him willingly. At best, while it’s not shown, it’s possible Damon compelled Caroline not to be afraid the same way he compelled Andie to not be afraid and Katherine compelled Stefan to not be afraid. Which takes away their ability to properly consent.

    But if Damon compelled her to not be afraid, she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did when she woke up, right? It’s possible he compelled her to forget he bit her, or he compelled her to just be submissive? The latter would more obviously be rape, but the former doesn’t make me comfortable, either.

    We weren’t shown what happened between him biting her and her waking up, so…

    Again, to reiterate, I’m not bashing Damon. I just don’t like the way the writers have portrayed this whole thing. Especially when you consider how they intercut scenes of Caroline realising Elena is sired while Damon and Elena have sex.

  14. Toni says:

    I’m glad that they at least clarified that the sire bond is only about actions, not feelings, so that the last three years of Elena/Damon stuff wasn’t just thrown away. I did my best to keep the faith that they would make it right somehow, but it was hard.

    One thing I love about this show, even when they’ve shoved their hand in my chest and are not-too-gently massaging my heart, is that they still have the power to surprise and excite.

    If I’m being honest, I’m a Delena shipper, but that’s really only because Stelena is soooo boring. When Stefan was the Ripper, I found him interesting. And now that Elena is a vampire, she’s finally showing some personality that’s not moping and whiny. I wouldn’t mind Stelena now if it was Ripper/Vampelena; cause they would be fun.

    I do find myself feeling bad for Damon, cause he’s had so much character development since S1 and yet everyone treats him like he’s still that guy. Stefan on the other hand is still unable to control his urges, yet when he slips up, everyone falls all over themselves to make sure he knows it’s not his fault.

    Damon just wants to be chosen for himself, not come in second to Stefan. And yet, every time he does come in second, he steps aside and lets his brother win. Stefan has never done that for Damon.

    And don’t even get me started with what they’ve done to Caroline. She’s back to her S1 persona and it’s not pretty. I understand why she hates Damon and she should hate him, but I don’t get why she loves Stefan so much. Maybe she’s Stefan sired and is forced to agree with everything he says.

    As for the rape issue, I don’t think it was ever meant to be that way. I don’t think the writers see vampire sex as rape. It may all be semantics but rape, to me, implies force as opposed to omission. Like if Damon was a married man who has sex with willing partners who don’t know he’s married. Sure, maybe none of those women would have slept with him if they’d known he was married/a monster, but maybe they would have. There’s no way to go back and be sure.

    Also, I agree with whoever said that the writers probably don’t want to point out that the majority of the characters on the show would, by that definition, be rapists.

  15. Yasemin says:

    I realllly don’t like Elena but I hope she ends up confronting Caroline and Stefan about this whole sired to Damon thing. She needs to stand up for her choices and her relationship so they can move on.

  16. Pauline B says:

    Hey Thomas !(or should I say “Delena prophet” as a reference to yours and sophy tweets?)
    Do I even have to say great recap / insightful post-mortem ? Since it’s always the case…

    I assume Stefan slept at Caroline’s – and that she lent him a pink nightgown to sleep in it 😉

    I might be wrong, but wasn’t Katrina in 2005? And the show started in 2009, so no time-line problem there. As for 50 shades, Stefan could have read the fan-fiction that inspired it.

    Like others said, I don’t think Damon sleeping with Caroline could be qualified as rape. It was obviously wrong, and I’m not trying to defend him in any way, but rape seems a little harsh to describe what happened.
    And I agree with MJ : for me, Caroline’s line was a way to say “A treated me like crap, but didn’t rape me”.
    Just one thing though : in 2×20, Damon got bit by Tyler because he jumped in front of Caroline to save her. Now, I’m not saying that one (very) good action erase all the wrong he did to her, but shouldn’t Caroline at least acknowledge that ? But maybe she never realized it : it happened real fast, and I had to re watch the ep to see it. And while, ever since Caroline turned, Damon has been sort of protecting of her (look at his attitude towards her in 2×08 or 2×13), he’ll never admit he actually cares enough about her to save her life.

    As for the “none of the writers are being pro Delena” ? I never believed that. I mean, they are the one who gave SE the rushed, cheesy storyline, while DE had the slow, build-up, ansgsty journey.

    I hope you’re right about Damon’s slow down spiral. First, because he is going to be amazing to watch. Second, seeing Elena fighting for him is going to be fantastic.

    Oh, and I was RIGHT about Elena’s feelings being the cause of the sire bond. The show proves me wrong so many times, and I usually loves it for that, but it’s nice to manage to guess a “twist” every once in a while.

    You know where I stand about Dark!Bonnie : BRING IT ON !

    I can’t believe the hellatus is there already 🙁 But at least, I’ll have you Breaking Dawn recap to read, right ?
    It basically the only reason why I’ll watch this movie ^^

    One last thought : did I misread your recap or was the Lady absent this week ? I missed her snarky comments.I hope she’s well

    Anyway, have a great week !

  17. Eve says:

    Stefan Salvatore: Man, it’s awesome being able to make it from Virginia to Louisiana in one commercial break!

    Damon Salvatore: That TARDIS was the best investment we ever made!


    Lol! Seriously. TARDIS would explain it. It takes two hours for a *flight* from Richmond, VA to New Orleans. And that’s Richmond, not wherever MF is supposed to be. So how the heck Stefan and Damon made the trip twice in one evening, plus found Damon’s crazy ex, plus found the witch (twice), plus all the reminiscing they did… TARDIS it is.

    I guess the writers just don’t care at all about the travel issue. It’s up to us to accept it, and we do. Mostly. 🙂

  18. Eve says:

    Damon Salvatore: Hi Charlotte! As your Sire, I command you to forget we ever met!

    Charlotte: :-(=

    Damon Salvatore: And stop crying!

    Charlotte: I’m sorry, have we met? Also: :-(=

    Damon Salvatore: Fuck. My. Life.

    Haha! The Sire bond is brilliant. So funny!

  19. sepiriz47 says:

    Damon raped Caroline. Caroline is a hypocritical bitch.

  20. Eve says:

    Awesome recap, Thomas!

    I think I have to jump on the ship of those who would like both Damon and Stefan to dump Elena. They are both better off without her. They are so awesome together! Their bond is what makes this show wonderful, for me, anyway. Having Elena come between them sucks. They looked great as soldiers but, yeah, Stefan trying to avoid human blood by driving an ambulance in Egypt? Not the greatest idea, lol.

    Damon & Elena and the Sire Bond: That it’s SO literal is kind of hilarious. Damon needs to speak very carefully lol. How about if he says, “Elena, it would make me very happy if from now on you think for yourself.” Loophole?

    Awww, I had to feel sorry for Damon. He got his one day of happiness and now it’s in doubt. Or is it? What is the problem with believing Elena really loves him? As everyone said, it affects how she acts only, not how she feels.

    Damon and Charlotte, who counted bricks for 70 years: Creeeeepy! That’s like, right out of a horror story. What did she do during Katrina?

    Tyler takes charge of the Hybrid Army: Tyler was fantastic, and hot.

  21. Thomas says:

    Hey everyone, I added some more thoughts about above.

  22. Barachiel says:

    I am happy to say I’ve never been happier to be wrong in my entire life (as a TV viewer). This was a great episode, and TVD has once again proven why it’s so enthralling it’s watched on DVR every Friday night by a room full of 30+-year old men.

    And not just because of the CW Hotness Factor.

  23. Lynyrd says:

    I hate when people say what happened to Caroline wasn’t rape because “she willingling slept with him that first night.” That’s basically saying that as soon as a girl has had sex with a guy, it means he has a free-for-all over her body at any time. We saw that Caroline was terrified of Damon, and we saw that he compelled her. Anything done after she was compelled was not Caroline’s free-will.

    In fact, there’s an argument for Delena at this point not being entirely consensual. A sired vampire wants to make their sire happy, right? Well, Elena’s definitely making Damon happy. I’m not saying she doesn’t care for him, but I do wonder if Elena would have jumped into Damon’s bed so fast after the break up if she hadn’t been sired.

    Honestly, at this point the love triangle is so effed up that I would love to see Elena break away from both brothers and focus on figuring out who she is as a vampire. I mean really. She was just turned, her life was completely flipped updside down and we’re supposed to believe that her biggest worry is which brother she wants to bang? No. That girl needs me-time.

  24. Doc East says:

    Tyler’s free will/not free will strangeness comes from the difference between the way vampires work and the way werewolves work. On this show, lycanthropy is genetic (with a single sacrifice to get the fire lit, as it were) and so are the attitudes and emotions that go with it… and so is the social structure. I’m quite sure the Lockwoods are alpha material genetically (heck, Tyler’s father was mayor). So we’re not looking at a bunch of people forced to submit to a man’s will… we’re looking at a pack of (admittedly vampire) lycanthropes choosing their alpha.

    Alphas exist, as Fayley pointed out in the show, to prevent a pack from devolving into chaos. This is actually true, as it applies to wolves. The sire bond that Klaus imposes on his hybrids is entirely one-way, the alpha male in a pack of wolves is a two-way social contract, with benefits (breeding) for the alpha wolves (usually an alpha male and female) AND for the rest of the pack (care for the sick and injured, food distribution, etc.). Looking at the actions of the hybrids this episode, a beta female challenged the alpha male (wouldn’t happen in an actual wolf pack, but hey, the analogy only goes so far) for dominance and lost. She gets to stay in the pack and alive, but her social standing would probably take a hit. Still, she doesn’t HAVE to stay in the pack; she can leave and be a lone wolf or try to start another one. She probably won’t (for plot reasons), but it’s her decision. The sire bond isn’t.

    I found it more amusing when Tyler used what was actually a logical series of statements that SOUNDED like crowd-pleasing gibberish:

    “I don’t kill my friends.” “You’re either with me or against me.” “Submit or die.” The logic here is that if you’re against him, you’re no longer his friend. Still, it sounded like a blatant hypocrisy; the other wolves were just too terrified of him to say anything.

    As a side note, as an established alpha I’m quite sure any female werewolves around would suddenly become very interested in procreating Tyler’s line (in an actual wolf pack, this would bring status and favor with the alpha, and possible promotion to alpha status). I’m quite sure that “Wendy Werepire” is an omega now, though.

    Also, about the rape thing: Any time mind control is an element in a sci-fi or supernatural fantasy show, this issue will come up. Power imbalances in a relationship are the essence of good drama and bad ethics. Personally, I think that what Damon did to the clearly underage Caroline is rape by any definition; so is what Stefan did to Elena, consensual or not. I’m also sure that Caroline consent to Damon was clearly dependent on his mind control hiding his vampirism from her (or making her “cool” with it, as in the seriously creepy scene from season one where she casually asks if he’s going to kill her). All that said, I’m not sure why the rape would go over as a super argument ender when Elena’s ready to forgive Damon for killing her brother. Murder? Fine! Rape? Ewwwww.

    What’s more, Damon’s killing of Jeremy happened AFTER his discovery of the Katherine-less tomb, which is really the moment his redemption arc started. I’m pretty sure that’s around the time he set Caroline free, too. Elena seems to be focused primarily on his actions post-Tomb, which makes me think that’s when, being defeated in his lifelong obsession, he decided to just switch his humanity to a default setting of “on” instead of “off.” So, if she can forgive him that (probably partly based on Jeremy more-or-less forgiving him), I’m pretty sure Caroline couldn’t convince her otherwise.

  25. Jo says:

    I don’t like how they are doing Caroline appear, she is a badass character and has a lot of potential, but lately I forget that she is a vampire, obviously someone has to be the voice Stelena, and Caroline was chosen, I just do not like the argument “sleeping around “equals bad or worse than killing. I will not discuss her not liking Damon or even criticize him, his right. But that argument was about sex used against female characters too many times, and I always hated. As much as I hate a character not define him by the quantity of sex they had. I just think it’s a stupid argument and does Caroline sound stupid. I am free team Damon, and was sick of the constant cocktease, I really did not expect they would do so clear that the sire bond does not create feelings, but I’m glad it was, Elena left Stefan behind for a long time, I believe they not even had sex for many months before Stefan becoming a ripper again. Overall I really liked the episode, it’s clear that they joined Damon and Elena, but you have to create some kind of difficulty for both, and that is not Stefan is a bonus. Delena is all about now, with a little Stelena for others. is ok. but I do not think Elena to get back together with Stefan. Is all about Delena now, I like. I hope the writers get caught lighter with Caroline and she can go back to being the character that we learn to love.

  26. Del says:

    I strongly doubt that Elena would have been sired had she been turned with Stefan’s blood. It’s not like every time a human has feelings for someone and they’re turned by them they become sired. They’ve told us it’s extremely rare. And even if she was sired to Stefan, it still wouldn’t change the fact that she is a vampire and it’s her vampire side that is connecting more to Damon. I’m not saying that she would still be with Damon if she was sired to Stefan, but Damon wasn’t the only reason her and Stefan broke up. Perhaps he was the most obvious reason, but definitely not the only one. In any case, I’m really glad it was Damon’s blood that turned her. Because even though we have major DE angst, it’s the kind I actually enjoy watching because we’re still seeing something new as well as major character growth; we’re seeing her fight for him for the first time after 74 episodes. Oh, and all the sex is A+ too.

  27. Roger says:

    Thanks for the update re: # of human sacrifices. I’ll still wait till the show reveals the purpose behind the explosion, but it does sound like maybe it was for Bonnie’s dark expression. Credit to the writers then if that’s what they set up. I love how they can throw in these little details that end up being hugely important later on.

  28. je says:

    i am calling it;

    DAMON gets crazy because of this sire bond…dead or human……

    did someone noticed THE DEAD CROW in the witch store????????????? and when damon enter first..the camera was focusing on the dead crow….

  29. Lisa says:

    I kind of wished the dark magic wasn’t called EXPRESSION. Now all I can picture is Professor Shane telling Bonnie to practice “expression”, and she goes home and starts singing/dancing to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”.

  30. Annie G. says:

    I’m not going to get in to the Caroline/Damon rape dilemma, because I agree that the circumstances are too cloudy for us to really determine how the situation should be defined. However, I personally think that if Caroline is going to protest Elena’s relationship with Damon because of everything that Damon has done, she should be protesting a relationship with a Salvatore in general, given what Stefan has done to Elena (outright and inadvertently) all along. I don’t know though, maybe Caroline doesn’t know what happened on the bridge, and maybe she doesn’t care that Elena got progressively gloomier the longer she stayed with Stefan, and maybe she’s forgotten that Damon took a werewolf bite to protect herself and Matt back in season 2, as well as saving the lives of her other friends countless times (okay yes, and snapping a few necks early on, but he’s progressed since then). I don’t know. I’m just hoping that this doesn’t regress Caroline’s character in the long run.

  31. Doc East says:

    In TVTropes terms, Tyler’s assumption of the alpha mantle was an Awesome Moment of Crowning as well as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.

  32. Nisha says:

    I so agree about Caroline and that they let not say what she could have said about Damon. What irritates me is that people only talk about rape.I mean he tried to kill her twice. Once in season1, but she was full of vervein and in season2 when she was newly turned and in season3 he was about to kill her father, but Caroline stopped Damon. So it feels like too many bad things happened to Caroline next to rape and manipulation and terrorising her..
    Here are some nice pics to remember.

    I really hope they stop this who is the better brother thing…ugh

    It’s interssting that this episode Damon wants to break the sire bond, trying to talk Stefan in maybe not telling Elena, thinking at that point he has to kill 12 innocent people. Even when the hoped the recipe had changed he confirmed that he would do it in a heartbeat. Perfectly aware that Elena never wanted to get innocent people get killed for her, but nobody complains, but Stefan got so much hate for his similar murderous way to find the cure….ughhh

    Give Delena some time and Stefan something else to do maybe with Klaus 😉 I don’t want the triangle to be the most important sl…more something in the background.

    I really like the way the number 12 of hybrids, council members and innocent people came together..very clever writter..this is what I love about tvd.

  33. Marnie101 says:

    Ok hopeful/crackpot theory here. Due to the insane inconsistency of the siring thing in the previous eps (i’m sure someone has listed on here all of the things Damon asked that Elena didn’t do). What if in the end Elena was NOT sired to Damon? They only did the blood bag test. Maybe Elena just had a hard time adjusting or maybe it IS a doppelganger thing where it takes time to accept the blood. If siring is so rare, maybe it was just Charlotte it happened too. I don’t know, there isn’t enough evidence in my mind. Something is fishy.

    I refuse (and hope) the writers are not that stupid to leave THAT many inconsistencies. Maybe they have something up their sleeve. Maybe Stefan throws some bookshelves in the next ep because they all figure out Elena is NOT sired???

    That would be a great cliffhanger for the winter break, but another great cliffhanger would also be Damon doing the “Right” thing and telling Elena to get lost.

    The writers have pulled an amazing switcharoo in the past, maybe they will do it again. It would be kind of awesome, AND make sense. IF so, Plec’s done a great job in keeping up the ruse. She has a total right to lie to us (like what I said about the creators of lost). It’s her damn show and she wants to surprise and entertain us.

    Does anyone else see this as a possibility?

  34. saggie22 says:

    I just think Caroline is justified when it comes to why she hates Damon, not so much because he mind raped her. But because she has a long history of disliking Damon. I think some of the resentment she has for Damon came also from when Damon almost killed her dad in Season 3, and the two got into that fantastic fight. That was a great fight! She certainly didn’t forgive Damon for that, even though she forgave Alaric.

    I just bought Debutante Thomas. I’m so excited to start reading it as soon as my finals are done. Are you really going to recap Breaking Dawn? That would be awesome! I didn’t watch the last one, I just read your recap instead. I might go watch this one though if it’s not too bad.

  35. sepiriz47 says:

    Any sex where one party is under compulsion that would otherwise deny consent is rape: Damon/Caroline, Damon/Andie, Katherine/Stefan, Caroline/Matt, etc

  36. Marnie101 says:

    Also, I think they are trying their damndest to explain the sire bond to us, but the over all deal is that now viewers are more confused! The girl counting bricks, but she said she has done things with her life, but still comes back there? Then the human must have feelings before the turning? Then Tyler says it’s only about actions, not feelings? Whaaaaaaaa?

    It makes no sense to me. Damon suggested Elena do so many things in the previous eps that she said no to? Every time there has been a major plot hole, the writers always come up with an answer eventually, even if it is a crackpot solution.

    Did they really miss the boat with this? Something is’t right? What gives?

  37. Lizzie says:

    So the “Did Damon rape Caroline or not?” debates aren’t over. Why, I wonder, is it so difficult for the Delena fans to admit that what Damon did to Caroline is rape? After all, I don’t see any Delena or any Damon fan ashamed about the fact that he kills/killed people, heck they are proud of that.

    Damon FORCED CAROLINE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM which means that yes, he RAPED HER because she wouldn’t have been in a relationship with him if he didn’t force her she wanted to run away and since they had sex after that -and before anyone says “oh but we didn’t see them have sex!” we saw them half naked. In her room. Moreover, there is no doubt about this because Damon himself told Elena “Have fun with the Mystic Queen.[beat] I know I did.” in 1×21- this makes it rape. All the times they has sex after he compelled her are rape.
    How isn’t this clear?

    Every time there is this debate someone sooner or later is going to say “Damon didn’t rape Caroline! What, this i like saying Katherine raped Stefan!” So before anyone says it… yes, it’s the same thing. And yes Katherine raped Stefan. We know for certain that they had sex after she compelled him/force him to think that he loved her as before and to keep being in a relationship with her. Oh, and I say this as someone who *loves* Katherine. She is one of my favourite characters. But this doesn’t make me blind.

    I think that if anyone has a right to say anything she wants about Damon it’s Caroline and Bonnie.
    He ruined their lives.

    Then there is also Jeremy: he killed him and he apologized for it… to ELENA not to Jeremy. And he was sorry about it because it made ELENA ANGRY WITH HIM. Not because it was something horrible to do. He never apologized to Jeremy, you know the persone that DIED, the person HE KILLED. The day after killing him he threatened to do it again this time taking off the ring since now he knew that Jeremy had it (and he also wanted to kill Caroline and that was before he discovered that Jeremy was alive). And he still treats him horribly, makes comments like “As if you could make friends”.

    The list of the things what he did to Caroline is so long.
    He raped her,TRIED TO KILL HER at least three times, used her as a bloodbag, compelled her so many times that the poor girl had no idea what was happening to her, made her lie to her friends, made her manipulate her friends, made her believe that she was willing to do anything for him because she loved him so much, threatened her and he never once apologized to her. And he is able to apologize when he wants, he did it with Elena, he did it with Alaric, he did it with Stefan. It’s just that he doesn’t want to do it and he doesn’t care about it and he doesn’t care about Caroline or Bonnie or Jeremy.

  38. Caro says:

    @Lizzie then Stefan has also raped many girls. He was sleeping around with women that didn’t know he was a vamp right? Like someone said earlier in the 20s flashback we saw that he had sex with girls and used them as bloodbags. He has used compulsion on those girls, unless you think Stefan had sex and drunk only with the girls that were “ok” with him being a vampire? So, please! It’s not black or white here and stop with “why the Delena fans don’t admit blah blah” well, maybe because we actually think?

  39. Doc East says:

    I also wanted to comment on the Stefan/Damon good/bad dynamic. Augustine made a distinction between what he called the “Christian” hero and the existing “Pagan” hero of mythic literature. While these terms have undergone a lot of revision over time, this is the best distinction I can think of between Stefan and Damon.

    The interesting twist is that Damon is the Christian hero and Stefan is the pagan one. (I’m not using these terms in a religious sense at all, as I don’t believe in ascribing real-world religious or philosophical ethics to fantasy universes.) The Christian hero is the flawed hero whose heroism comes about through acts of redemption, whereas the pagan hero, the traditional “super” hero, is the hero whose heroism is inborn, the badass the audience loves to root for, in the sense of Gilgamesh, Hercules, etc.

    The essence of Stefan’s characterization is that he’s unrepentant. He feels guilt, not remorse. No sooner does he slip Klaus’s leash then he puts the entire Ripper experience behind him; not only does he not justify doing so in any way, he doesn’t even rationalize it. Stefan just blocks out the bad and tries to pretend it away, which is why it keeps creeping back in. His is a divided personality, and he has no interest in unifying it, as Stefan is, unsurprisingly, a complete anti-vampire zealot.

    Note as evidence the Vicky storyline, which has an absolutely crucial moment that many people don’t seem to recognize. Stefan knows that if Vicky doesn’t drink blood, she’ll die. Instead of getting her some blood from a safe source, he sends her to bed. When she escapes, he tracks her down. And when she drinks the blood of the Reporter Douche, his response is revealing: “Vicky! No!” Stefan was trying to mercy-kill Vicky Donovan rather than give her a chance as a vampire.

    The only reason Stefan allowed Caroline to live is because Elena insists it, and he doesn’t like doing so (which is made quite clear when it happens). I’m absolutely convinced that before Elena became a vampire, if Stefan had a clear run at it he’d have been willing to wipe out the entire vampire race via Originalcide and feel good about doing it (the writers were careful never to give him this clear run). In fact, should Elena receive a cure, I’m convinced that (perhaps after her natural death) he’d be perfectly willing to do so then. But for all his zealotry, Stefan is not interested in self-improvement, only self-denial. He craves heroic self-control, not internal consistency, because in his mind, any compromise with the vampiric half of his nature is wrong.

    Contrast with Damon, who is in fact a “Christian” hero, a hero who seeks redemption. The Christian hero must always be introduced as a sympathetic villain, and that is something the writers have done a fantastic job on here (more than they have with Stefan; I’m sure his flat characterization is the writers’ fault far more than the actor’s, as Paul Wesley has more than proven his range with the Klaus arc). Of course, he must then be redeemed, a process that often results in the death of the Christian hero, since dying for redemption is an act that wins the sympathy (and thus forgiveness) of the AUDIENCE. Redeeming the hero in the eyes of his universe is inconsequential next to redeeming him in the eyes of the audience, something we’re seeing play out in real time on this show. I’m almost positive that Damon’s arc will end in his death, because that’s the only reliable method to allow an audience to forgive.

    “We are tragedians, you see? We follow directions. There is no choice involved. The bad end unhappily, the good, unluckily. That is what tragedy means.”

  40. Drea says:

    I don’t define what Damon did to Caroline as rape and I don’t think she does either. If you watch season 2 episode 8, there is a scene where she is recapping some events to Damon while she is gettin dressed for s school in her bedroom. I can’t imagine she would be comfortable with that if she felt like he raped her.

  41. Doc East says:

    @Drea: There’s also the possibility that her perspective on what he did to her changed when she became a vampire. As Elena pointed out, the vampire’s perspective is… darker. Human Caroline, if she were able to remember it, might have classified it as him raping her; Vampire Caroline may have downgraded it (slightly) to him simply using and abusing her.

  42. nvo says:

    @Lizzie I am willing to call it rape but I can also see how murky the whole situation is. To be honest I’m not sure how to deal with these supernatural shows and the consent issue. Someone pointed out to me once that Willow raped Tara on Buffy and I never even saw it like that. Damon was horrible to Caroline and he never did apologize you’re right. There are some people who have their head so far up Damon’s butt that they’re willing to excuse and over look his behavior.

    But Damon is and will be rude and derisive to everyone and the people he ends up caring about are the ones who look past that. It’s not the nicest thing but that’s how he is. That being said he has grown a sense of responsibility for all these people that he has hurt in the past. He does not care about them they way he cares about Elena and Stefan and Alaric but he has never pretended to either. And I think his sincerity is part of his appeal.

  43. epicknot says:

    Good recap. Thanks for your sensitivity on rape and women’s issues.
    Damon is a bastard. He is only nice to Elena, Stefan sometimes, those who advance his schemes/plots when only and when they are useful, and those that Elena loves MAYBE and that is a weak maybe. And that is okay with me because his character serves purpose just as it is.
    Still what he did to Caroline was horrible. She was no Andy…who wanted to be compelled. Caroline was frightened and stressed the hell out. May she never be a Delena fan ever. May she continue to be a hating azz Stelena fan for as long as she feels like it. And may everyone who dislikes it kiss off. Everyone on this show has flaws but Caroline is expected to be perfect or she is called a bitch. That is ridiculous!

  44. Aili says:


    > I hate when people say what happened to Caroline wasn’t rape because “she willingling slept with him that first night.” That’s basically saying that as soon as a girl has had sex with a guy, it means he has a free-for-all over her body at any time.

    That means all the vampires on the show are rapists. They manipulate their lovers’ knowledge as they will. They make them to believe that they’re normal people, etc.

    Caroline was like an ignorant wife of a serial killer – in fact she was not aware of the fact who Damon was, because when he did show that, he erased it immediately. Does it mean he abused her, used as a living shield and a blood bag and deceived her? By all means. Does it mean he raped her? Not really, although in legal terms it may be seen as such. In the same way Katherine didn’t really rape Stefan although she compelled him to forget that she fed him his blood. It was said that Stefan was terrified by her true nature. That’s kinda the part of vampires’ modus operandi.

    I think the very nature of a vampire borders on rape. No sex needed, the blood drinking is a pretty good analogy on violating someone in a close physical manner. All vampires do that, that’s the price for immortality. Their actions will be always in an grey area. That’s why we have a “willing suspension of morality” when we watch the show. If we do not, we cannot relate to any of the characters, because they’re a bunch of murderers, manipulators, thieves and rapists.

    Damon, in the end, had a sort of moral code, even in his worst moments. He picked Caroline, because she picked him. He could have compelled anyone, but he always showed some need for his relationships to be real in some way. He picked Andie because she has shown a very specific interest in his person.

    Stefan, on the other hand, didn’t have any code at all. He ordered a guy to drink his wife’s blood, for fork sake! I do not know if any compelled rape is worse, that’s some strict and deliciously refined sadism. If we call Damon a rapist, then Stefan is a freaking Jigsaw.

    Do not misunderstand, I do not hate Stefan. Actually, I find him having a really interesting depth due to this very ugly trait of his, but when the whole fandom talks about if Damon raped Caroline or not and easily swallow the comment that at least the Ripper was not a manwhore, it makes me wanna laugh. Had he even raped her kicking and screaming, he would still be a fairly good citizen in comparison to Stefan who probably has a real fancy name in FBI headquarters right now. This whole show is about comparisons and about one’s most ugly nature. For Damon his most ugly nature is faking a relationship (that’s equal to giving roofies) because he doesn’t have a real one and having some serious anger control issues. For Stefan is his uncontrolled hunger with this tiny sadist streak. And we’re supposed to see their good part nonetheless, because that’s what this show is about.

    Elena just turned and she will experience all the stuff that will make her understand their fucked up world. It’s about her seeing it all grey and we seeing it all grey. Seeing how much it’s one’s choice to be a monster and how much it’s forced on us.

    This show is playing with some really hard questions, so that’s why we’re supposed to understand how it looks from the abuser’s point of view. It’s the quest for redemption that matters here, not the crime.

  45. Beth says:

    Another awesome recap and post mortem. Usually I read all the comments before I include my unwanted two cents, but I have three kids and dinner on the stove, which I’m probably burning right now….
    Anyway, I have a theory for how this season is going to go and I’ve never had any really good theories about this show before because they’ve always been really unpredictable and able to surprise me at every turn, but this season it’s like I’ve been able to guess almost every place they’ve taken it thus far. I predicted the sire bond last season for crying out loud! Not saying its not still a brilliant show because it is and there is every possibility that my theories for the future are totally wrong or else only half right, but I’ll share them anyway for the sake of saying “I knew it!” If any of it actually occurs.
    I think everyone is going to be on Damon about leaving Elena, which I agree, is just another way to take away her free will, but I don’t think he will be able to do it. It will torture him to stay with her knowing she’s sired, but I don’t think it will drive him to leave. Instead, I think it will push him to want to find the cure for vampirism even more. Stefan wants it because he can’t love Elena as a vampire, Elena’s friends want it for her because they don’t like who she’s becoming, klaus wants it because he wants his human, doppelgänger blood bag back and Damon will want it because its “the only way” to break the sire bond without taking himself and their relationship out of the equation. Nice little way to get everyone on the same page, right? What I don’t understand is this: if Elena does everything damon says, why doesn’t a simple “I command you to think for yourself” work? I think they will find this supposed cure for vampirism. Who will end up using it remains a mystery but it will probably be Elena and after that point I hope the show doesn’t do that really horrible and lame thing that the books did and turn Elena into a spirit, an angel, a fully grown baby human, a unicorn, a seahorse, a Pegasus and so on….
    I’m loving Damon and Elena together but the writers aren’t going to end their biggest selling point (the love triangle) this easily. I’m hoping we get to see plenty of Delena in the meantime though. I’m thinking that Elena is going to get comfortable in her vampire skin And when everyone starts trying to force this cure on her (& it works) she’ll be pissed at both Salvatore’s and it will give us all a much needed break from the love triangle drama. A short one, because that’s what a vast majority of viewers tune in to see, but a break nonetheless.
    I had some big point I was coming to but in the midst of trying to type this all out on an ipad and perform motherly duties as well, that point has gotten lost in the giant toilet bowl that is my brain this evening. So, if you’ve read my mind poop thus far, you’re totally awesome and I should (but probably won’t) bake you cookies or something. I’ll probably remember what I was coming to at about 3am and waste an hour of what could have been the best sleep of my life to come conclude my point after 200 other people have already made it for me. 🙂

  46. Drea says:

    Good points aili! Count me in among the people who think both Damon and Stefan are bad guys. It’s just that Damon revels in the bad while Stefan fights it off with everything he has. That’s why the tiniest bit of good Damon does makes you cheer and you’re horrified by the bad that Stefan does when it’s nowhere near as bad as Damon’s bad. The writers presented us with two brothers in season 1 with one clearly painted as a good guy and the other clearly painted as a bad guy. Now it’s so blurred that I can’t tell who I should be rooting for. I just know that when its all said and done i want Stefan to reign in his bloodlust and be a normal vamp. I want Damon to experience love and happiness and I want the brothers to mend their relationship for good. Who gets to stay with Elena for all eternity is irrelevant.

  47. Patric says:

    Like Thomas, I don’t like to talk about rape, either. But seeing this discussion, I’m going to add my own thoughts, because it unnerves me that people think Damon didn’t rape Caroline. I’m only going to focus on Caroline and Damon because the main issue seems to be Caroline not liking Damon, but I know there are many other situations in the show that can be considered rape but are glossed over e.g. Katherine’s treatment of Stefan.

    Damon raped Caroline. There’s no ambiguity; he raped her. She has the right to withdraw consent at any time. Just because she initially allowed Damon into bed, it doesn’t mean he can continue to do to her what he pleases. If you have the DVDs, or you’re in the US and have a streaming service, or if you even watch clips on YouTube: rewatch the end of episode 2 and the beginning of episode 3. Her reaction to Damon violently feeding on her was the moment she withdrew consent. Her reaction was that of fear and pain, not of pleasure. There is no way I can believe she would continue a sexual relationship with Damon without him using compulsion after that.

    In real life, a woman may take a man home fully willing to sleep with him; if he then starts beating her against her will, that consent is gone. If he uses drugs to make her compliant, her consent is gone. I don’t say this lightly, but Damon’s compulsion of Caroline is the fantasy equivalent of date rape.

    This has nothing to do with Caroline not knowing Damon was a vampire when she took him home, it’s all about the fact that he continued to sleep with her after he physically violated her.

    It boils down to this: Would Caroline have continued a sexual relationship with Damon had he not used compulsion? The visual evidence suggests not: she was clearly in displeasure when he fed on her and screamed out in pain; she was trying to get away from him in the morning; when he threw her onto the bed, she was crying, and saying “no” repeatedly.
    I also take issue with the idea that if Caroline doesn’t think she was raped then we shouldn’t either, for two reasons:
    1) In the real world, victims often don’t think of themselves as victims. In many cases, abused wives stay with their husbands because they think they deserve the abuse; abused children think they deserve being smacked around because they’ve done something bad. It’s natural to them, they don’t see it as something wrong and it takes an outsider to recognise it as abuse. This isn’t the case with Caroline, I know, but that’s only because:
    2) Caroline doesn’t think she was raped simply because the writers want to gloss over it, because it doesn’t fit with the idea of Damon as a romantic hero. It’s irrelevant what she (the writers) think, because we’ve SEEN what happened. Furthermore, if the writers have a fucked up comprehension of rape, it doesn’t mean we have to.

    It’s irresponsible of the writers to have written the situation in this way. They’re fully aware that the show has a large teenage fanbase. Yes this is a show about vampires, but children are impressionable and fiction has themes that inform our understanding of reality.

    For instance, I did a YouTube search for the Damon/Caroline scenes in question, and the comments to the video are littered with comments about how hot it is. On many Tumblr blogs you’ll see fans shipping Damon and Caroline using gifs of him abusing her. It makes me wonder if they think it’s “hot” for a man in real life to throw around his girlfriend/wife/a stranger while she cries begging “no, no”?

    So yeah, it’s still one of my favourite shows on TV, but I don’t like at all how the writers have decided to whitewash this.

  48. Aili says:


    For me it’s natural to root for Damon because all his evil stems from his low opinion of himself. He wants to be loved to the point of doing crazy things. He kinda reminds me of a starved man who does crazy things when he sees food. He is a manwhore, he compels girls to fake relationships, he turns random people – because he’s crazy of being alone. He kills out of sorrow, not out of hunger.

    Stefan… Oh, I love his bad side, but I do not really root for him. He is beyond redemption, in my opinion. He is not bad because he lacks something. He is bad, because he always had it all and wants more. Stefan always wanted more – he was daddy’s boy, he took his brother’s love, he turned him because he wanted company and this hunger turned him into the Ripper. The same hunger made him engage in the relationship with Elena. Stefan doesn’t know where to stop even though he knows it’s bad.

    In case of being an plot device, Stefan is more interesting, more broken and definitely more vicious. But in terms of sympathy, Damon is much more human because we feel for people who fall for love and we do not feel for people who fall for greed.

    For me there are two basic relationships in this show – Delena and Stefarine. Stelena is just a continuation of Stefarine, because Elena is for Stefan just Better Katherine. He wanted her because the previous one didn’t meet his expectations. Right now he dumped her because Elena didn’t either, so he tries to fix her. I really wish the show just explored the original relationship, because it’s still unfinished.

  49. Doc East says:

    @Aili: I’m pretty sure that relationship will be a lot more thoroughly explored when Katherine becomes a Thing again, which is probably post-Klaus. I miss her. Nina Dobrev is so fantastic in differentiating the two: Vamp!Katherine the snake and Vamp!Elena the feral kitten.

  50. Aili says:


    Really, sex doesn’t really matter in everything you said. All vampire victims are not happy to be victims, whether they’re in a sexual situation or not. I think you’re kinda missing the point that it’s not his sex thing with Caroline was wrong, it was his vampire thing. Had he not have any sex with her, it would be just as bad, it’s the very nature of the vampirism. It’s about violation and using people.

    What I mean, it’s not whether Damon had sex with Caroline. It’s whether any vampire uses their power to force a human into obedience. Talking specifically about this situation doesn’t make any sense. And Caroline is a vampire now and she murdered a man herself for his blood, so she really went through the same stage as Damon, just quicker.

    As I said earlier, by our morals they’re all a really dysfunctional lot, so focusing on this particular act doesn’t really make any sense.

  51. Aili says:


    I hope so 🙂 I love your “feral kitten” analogy 😀

  52. Ellyria says:

    Not touching the Caroline/Damon debate with a 100 foot pole.

    That being said, please writers, stop turning Caroline back into her season 1 self. She’s allowed to hate Damon and be pro Stefan all she wants, but they’re pushing it so much it’s ridiculous. Caroline is my favorite character and I hate seeing her getting used as a Stelena mouthpiece (a very loud one) and seeing the Caro-hate from fans that have resulted from it. Oh, and watching her get tortured. Please, cut that out!

    Finally, LOL Bonnie and her expression and witch weed. Maybe she should just be high all the time, she’d be more entertaining?

    Oh, and one more thing: I miss Elijah. =(

  53. Tymbrimi says:

    Interesting thoughts, Thomas. I’m not as convinced that the writers will delve deeply enough into the issues of free will and the extent to which we all lose some of it when we fall in love or otherwise commit to someone. We all attempt to do things to please the other person and compromise. Damon has done it for the past few seasons for Elena without being sired. It’s a matter of degree and we don’t know the extent of this in a sire bond. (It seemed ridiculous that neither E or D asked about this – maybe an Original or really old vampire would know.). Does everyone become as literal and crazy as Charlotte or was she already nuts? E doesn’t seem to be responding the same way. But ultimately, as D realizes, they can’t have a healthy relationship if E is compelled to try to please him.
    BTW, I’ve been distressed by so many fans calling E a whore. A young woman gives herself to someone she’s had long term feelings for and she’s a whore???!!!! What regression. Apparently, it’s easier to accept the murder of innocents by many of the characters but not sex.

  54. Marly says:

    Hey, Thomas:) Loved your recap as usual and agree on most points. I think the sire bond angle is smart from a story standpoint, but it still feels weirdly/haphazardly written to me. Not very tight. There are some inconsistencies in this season’s episodes with Damon ordering Elena and her refusing him that jangle quite a bit. It nags at me. The blood bag thing didn’t feel ENOUGH or definitive.

    I wish, instead of the blood bag test, that Damon had ordered her to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and gutstab Stefan immediately. I’d be more solid on the sire bond thing then. But that’s just me, I guess. 🙂

    However, I can now, after this episode, really see the possibilities with the sire bond angst. So, okay, okay, FINE…I’ll go with it. And the TVD writers are amazing. I’m trusting they’ll pull this off somehow and blow me away by season’s end. They generally do.

    As for “expression” and raising the dead? I had this sudden bizarre thought that I’d love it if APRIL is somehow the one behind all of it. She’s been around the edges of the show, oooooh so sweet and innocent, as a reminder that not everyone in Mystic Falls is aware of the supernatural stuff. I get it. But she’s IN this somehow, through her father and Creepy Professor To Kill A Klausingbird. I’d laugh my head off if she turned into the big bad of this season — queen of fucking armageddon. It won’t happen, but I still SO enjoy the thought of it.

    Thanks for the awesome and funny recap and the smart post mortem. I’ve enjoyed everyone’s comments as well. Thanks for exchanging viewpoints. Looking forward to next week’s show.

  55. Doc East says:

    @Marly: Remember, the writers set up the sire bond in advance. Tyler denied a request from Klaus (to bite Caroline) when he was sired… then went ahead and obeyed anyway. If Tyler had managed to change Klaus’s mind, he wouldn’t have had to bite Caroline. Generally, Elena has managed to win her arguments with Damon.

    The only one that bugs me is the lady with the cell phone she was supposed to feed on at the university. I think they tried to gloss over this by having Damon use sports analogies instead of direct orders, but it seems far-fetched.

  56. Marly says:

    @Doc: Hi:-) Thanks for responding:) I appreciate it! I see your point about the sired being able to argue with the sire, and the possibility of avoiding the order that way. Totally makes sense. But yes, the university blonde lady bugs me, too. Also, the fact that Elena fed “from the vein” from Damon and he seemed plenty pleased, so why’d she reject his blood? That bothers me. I agree that the Tyler situation sets up the sire bond. But there seems to be a lot of convenient gray area and “still refining the rules” in this sire bond thing that make it jangle for me and seem far-fetched. I know why Stefan and Caroline jumped all over it, and why they even got Damon on board (with his self esteem issues) but why would Elena accept it so readily?? Caroline blurts out that she’s sired and Elena just reacts like, “Oh. Bummer.” It doesn’t quite work for me. Why would she just accept what the admittedly-Damon-opinionated Caroline told her as some kind of irrefutable fact? I’d like her to be smarter than that. Hey, maybe she’s sired to Caroline, too. There’s some gray here, after all. (kidding lol)The bottom line for me is that I wish she and Damon had tested it together. If she had been directly ordered to do something she absolutely WOULD NOT DO but did it anyway? Then, I’d feel more solid about it. But hey, I get that the blood bag test was tying up that “why can’t she drink from the blood bag” issue, and the show is only an hour long. They can’t always go into everything indepth, particularly with the speed with which they burn through plot. I know it’s easy for me to nitpit and Saturday night writing quarterback. So I guess at this point, I’ll chalk it up to “they say there’s a sire bond so there’s a sire bond” and go along for the ride. In the end, I do feel solid that it will be a fun ride:)

  57. Mandalynn1 says:

    Awesome recap Thomas! So often after I read your recaps I have an aha! moment. It totally brings a little something extra to my own personal TVD experience! Keep up the good work!!

    To the expert rape analysts who have so cleverly broken down the lack of morality in Mystic Falls…. Please remember that this is a TV show. A guilty pleasure that is more smart then smutty, but still. So I say, season 1 Damon could rape the shit outta Caroline bc it was good ENTERTAINMENT and it solidified his villian status. As his (and Caroline”s) characters developed and grew, their actions in the first season become meaningless bc this is (let’s all say it together) a TV show!
    I love Damon and Elena right now for a few reasons that have nothing to do with sailing a ship or a kayake or whatever the fuck people take mythical vacations on. Here is why!!!!
    1. Elena is becoming FUN! INTERESTING! NOT SUICIDAL! I love Nina Dobrev and thank the sweet goddess that is Julie Plec for finally letting Elena be LIKABLE! And maybe, just maybe she will stop being a target and start being a bad ass. Damon makes her more real. He brings out a different side of her. So if Elena is less “woe is me” and more “pass the champagne” as a vampire with DAMON, then I say FINALLY!
    2. Stefan is a better character when he isn’t trying to fake chemistry with Elena. Rip on Stef, rip on! And rip with snark!
    3. I firmly believe the writers make the other characters rag on Damin so much for the simple reason that it makes the audience root for him. It makes him the underdog in a world were everyone deserves a Rudy-like ending. If EVERYONE LOVED DAMON it would make him and Elena’s first jog down romance lane boring and a lot less sexy….

    Ok. I’m done now… Last points
    -Sire bond =brilliant, brilliant writers. Someone give them a raise.
    -Expression=terrifying. So is the hidden promise of the dead coming back. But Evil Bonnie would be fabulous!
    -Silas= professor Shane. In sorry but he is…. I’ve even attempted to do the Atticus Shane spells out Silas so and so like Voldemort. He wants his power back after Ketsia took it. If I’m correct I will be giving myself a raise . Hell I’m never right, but it’s sure fun trying.
    – Caroline needs to STFU half the time, but I still love her. Fingers crossed for Klaroline!!
    – Delena sex is hot.

    I’m done now.

  58. Lisa says:

    Back to the “expression” magic. Professor Shane needs Bonnie to do “expression” for his plans involving Silas. If she was able to do magic still, she wouldn’t need to do “expression”. She only stopped doing magic because the “spirits” threatened her Grams. Convenient for Professor Shane that this happened when it did. Question: Did the “spirits” actually threaten her Grams, or did Professor Shane work some kind of mojo to make her think her Grams was in danger and make her more receptive to his teaching/counseling?

    I’m not sure Elena is actually sired to Damon. There might be another reason why she couldn’t keep the blood down, and Caroline’s belief about the dress decision is kind of flimsy. (I might have started out agreeing with Caroline on the color just to avoid an argument about it). I think if she was sired, she might have continued to party on at the frat house despite Bonnie’s interrupting. Or, does the Sire-er need to actually order the Sire-ee to do/believe something? Or put more intent in what he says? We’ll have to see if Damon accidentally orders her to do something.

    I also don’t remember, did Meredith actually say she used Damon’s blood to heal Elena? We know she “bloodjacked” Damon for his blood, but I got the impression she also got blood from other vampires (for her brand of “help”). With Klaus’ reaction to Elena with Damon, Caroline assumed that Elena was sired to Damon. But what if his reaction was because it was a different vampire? Maybe Elijah (obligatory Squee), who might feel obligated to her since he didn’t kill Klaus like he promised? Or maybe Klaus himself, who might have wanted his blood source alive so he could get her blood later (even though he had just tried to drain her)?

    With the TVD writers, we’ll just have to wait for the twists with the sire bond, the “expression” magic, the hunter’s marks and the “cure”. After the moonstone, and how killing an Original kills off their whole like, you know there will be some.

  59. OK, seriously, how hard is it every week coming up with a way to simultaneously punk Bonnie, and express (see what I did there!) hope she’ll become interesting at some point?

    “Oh noes! My friends are in danger! Let me dim the lights!” Not. This. Week.

    They didn’t even do her any favors when they named her new school of magic. Expression?! Sounds like a perfume girls from town surrounded on at least three sides by corn buy by the liter at WalMart.

    Oops. Probably a peek behind the curtain there. That might actually BE where the writers got the name.

    Surprised Oprah didn’t already have it trademarked.

    I’m disappointed they’ve actually set up a Season Two-style Follow the Bouncing MacGuffin (brought to you by the Number 12), and no one is talking about it. 12 council members? 12 un-Sired Hybrids? No? Teen drama triangle bullshit? OK, carry on then.

    Let’s see the cliffhanger they leave us with for the mid-season hiatus, maybe that’ll knock everyone off who Elena is bumping bits with and why. (YAWN!)

    Theory: those two actors don’t have to rehearse those scenes so it saves production costs.

    Elena had 20 minutes after emerging from her sex coma before school? Just how many times can two vampires grind one out in 20 minutes at blur-speed?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Kim and Adrian. The werepires were Kim and Adrian. At least they’re doing something with the Wolf/Hybrid characterization now that we have one besides Tyler we give a shit about. I guess they don’t all wear dirty wife-beaters and drink amber firewater out of unlabeled bottles.

    Tyler dropped the Anakin Skywalker “you’re either with me or you’re my enemy” line. Hybrids are Sith Lords. That calls for a drink.

    Please, Caroline and Stefan were coloring each other’s hair, that’s all. Stefan doesn’t want to tangle with either of the hybrids that are peeing on her leg. When he referred to “choice” as “the dreaded C-word,” I LOL’d for all the wrong reasons.

    No April this episode for the first time in awhile.

    And didn’t you used ot be Meredith? And didn’t Meredith used to BE somebody (at least in the books)?

    Again, a TON of exposition. They’ve moved almost all of the characters to new places, but the story hasn’t really moved, we’ve just learned a little more about it. The board HAS to be about fully set up by now, doesn’t it? Can we play now?

    S04E09 is sure to end with Twitter Exploding, and giving us those two or three weeks to figure out what it all means.

  60. Oh, and per The Futon Critic, FIVE-WEEK hellatus. Show is back January 17th after next week’s mid-season finale.

  61. Doc East says:

    @Brian in Shortsville: Elena was already 20 minutes late when the episode STARTED. The implication was that she was using her immortality/mind control/moral slackness as an excuse for extreme delinquency. Truly, the most evil act a vampire can engage in.

  62. zee says:

    Once again, hilarious recap. Just a few things I want to touch on:

    1. The Sire bond: Now i know this has been hashed over infinitely but I’m really starting to think this whole thing is about Caroline and Stefan having egg on their faces when it’s broken and Elena still wants to be with Damon. I also have a theory that the sire bond will break BECAUSE of how strong Elena’s feelings are, almost mirroring Tyler’s whole “true love is stronger than fake loyalty” line about his bond with Klaus. And of course it’s great way to have angst, which really what is Delena without that? Only this time it’s Elena holding onto him and him wanting to let go. I think this storyline is really building up Delena to be end game. I know it’s only season 4 but I honestly think Elena somehow going back to Stefan at this point will be effed up and gross. Caroline is wrong – the “epic” love story of this show is Damon and Elena. Also, don’t even get me started on those sex scenes. I mean, good Lord! That morning after bonk was hot as hell. More please!

    2. Caroline vs Damon: Now this is a little complicated. Look, I have for one have never been a fan of Ms Forbes. She was insufferable in season 1, got a whole lot better in season 2 but to be honest didn’t really care for her after that (her and Tyler always seemed to be having sex constantly). I must say I HATE the R word being thrown around in reference to what happened with Damon. I don’t think these writers would be irresponsible enough to deal with such a serious topic in such a flimsy way. When Elena asked Caroline what made her jump into bed with Damon, she was partly right. Caroline DID chase Damon and she was not compelled the first time. What happened after that was more about Damon compelling her to not be scared of him and to let him feed on her. At no point did he compel her to have sex with him. YES he treated her badly, YES he called her worthless and threatened to kill her but if she felt she was raped, she would’ve addressed that by now. She hates him because he was an asshole to her not because she was sexually and emotionally abused. She has every right to be against Delena, but as mentioned what makes her ridiculous and frankly unsympathetic is how much she dick rides Stefan. The last straw was the “at least he wasn’t a manslut” comment. That line sums up Caroline for me and I will not take anything she says or does seriously from now on.

    3. Tyler – in 4 seasons of this show, Tyler’s Alpha male schtick is the first time I’ve actually given a crap about him. He was AWESOME. I love that he has his own journey and seeing him take charge is badass! Oh and it was really nice of him to dispute the whole sire bond affecting feelings thing. To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left Team Stelena!

    4. Bad Bonnie – I am here for Bad Bonnie! I’ve been waiting for her to get a juicy storyline since forever and finally this is it. I want her to fully embrace the dark side, it’s going to be exciting to watch! Also she’s not boring, judgmental Bonnie anymore which is great.

  63. Sara A says:

    “They could destroy the new couple with one sentence, but they haven’t. They’ve gone out of their way not to.”

    I can’t really agree with that. None of the writers would ever say that Damon raped Caroline, because that’s not what they wrote. It’s pretty clear that they don’t subscribe to the ‘anything less than 100% free and clear thinking is rape’ school of thought.

    Caroline’s line in 2×01 is “You manipulated me. You pushed me around, abused me, erased my memories, fed on SUCK!”

    Frankly, all those things are horrific enough on their own without trying to pump it up further with some dubious rape charges.

    Caroline could say ‘Your boyfriend compelled me, abused me, tried to kill me, tried to kill Bonnie, and did kill your baby brother’ and she would be perfectly justified.

    Having her mouth off about how being a manslut is totally worse than being a mass murderer who rips people apart just defies explanation.

    Then again, a lot of things in this episode defied explanation. Such as why Elena wanted to ‘girl talk’ with her friends about Damon, knowing that they hate Damon. And why the hybrids hatched a lame-ass plot to kidnap Caroline that never made much sense and seemed to be an excuse for Elena to show that she still loves her suicide and her judgemental friends, and Tyler to get some hybrids on their knees. Or why Lexi thought Stefan would be able to drive an ambulance in a war zone when he couldn’t handle himself around Charlotte’s dinner.

    It was interesting to see how Damon and Stefan wanted so badly to be around each other, but it was Lexi who stopped them. She hadn’t seen Damon since 1864 – she wasn’t there in 1912 – and she was trash-talking him like she’d known him her whole life instead of meeting him for less than five minutes almost 80 years previously.

    I’m not much liking how they’re doing the sire bond thing. They keep insisting that the sire bond only affects actions, not feelings, but the fact is that Elena has done a complete 180 in the space of about six episodes. From 4×01’s gooey, Stelena-y gushing about how leaving Damon to die alone at the hands of his evil ex-best friend was the best thing Elena’s ever done, to suddenly being all ‘I think I’m falling in love with him’…well, it freaks me out. Something’s not right here.

    Yeah, we know she’s had feelings for Damon for a long time. But this is just too weird.

    12 dead Council members + 12 unsired hybrids = 12 possessed murder machines? I’m betting Shane is Silas using a human body just like Klaus did when he first showed up. Double points if Hayley’s biological parents just happened to be Mystic Falls Founder’s Council members.

  64. Pauline B says:

    @Marly @Doc Hey ! I think the only reason why Elena didn’t feed from the blond girl at college is because Damon changed his mind about it : if he had insisted for her to feed, she would have done it.

    And I don’t know who wondered about the whole “why didn’t she kept Damon’s blood down ?” Well, he told her to drink, that’s why she did it, but he never told her it would work, just “MAYBE this will do the trick”. It actually answers my question “why did she kept his blood longer than the animal blood/ blood bag”.

    I’ve also seen on twitter that Damon told Elena to call Stefan in 4×06 and that she didn’t do it. True, but Ty’s first reaction was to refuse to bite Caroline in 3×11. I’m sure that if Damon hadn’t called Stefan, she would have done it eventually.

    As far as I remember, those were the only moments Elena didn’t obey Damon : the fact that she stopped dancing in 4×04 doesn’t count, since he NEVER told her to.

    One last thought : even if Damon told Elena to always choose for herself, I assume it could be undone be a new “order”. Like, he tells to make her own choice, but at some point, they fight and he tells her to go to hell – muhaha, I know picture Elena trying to drive Damon’s car into the Hellmouth.
    As long as the bond isn’t broken, I suppose Damon will have to be careful about how he talks to Elena. It’s not a perfect situation, but it sure is a lot better than the one the hybrids were in.
    Question : if Damon is possessed, will the possessor be able to command Elena ?

    @Tymbrimi : I think Charlotte has always been nuts 😉

    Oh, and I forgot to mention : Maybe Stefan was planning to use a nose-pinch or something like that to drive the ambulance ? Though he would have looked ridiculous with one 😉

  65. je says:

    if damon BECOMES A HUMAN?????

  66. Doc East says:

    We all happen to be talking about a woman who’s torn between her love of two serial killers. I’m not sure a rape argument is gonna tip the scales in either direction, and if it did, I’m not even sure which way.

  67. Kelly says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Hysterical recap!

    There’s something that has been bugging me about the sire bond. If it’s created when the person being turned loves the vampire doing the turning, wouldn’t Damon be sired to Katherine? I know it was a little murky with Stefan because Katherine compelled him, but Damon legitimately loved her. Tons. And it’s supposed to be super rare, but it happened to Damon twice? That seems like a bit of a stretch.

    I’m really interested in where this Shane/Bonnie/Hayley/hybrids storyline is headed. Someone mentioned on Twitter that it was 12 people who died when Pastor Young blew up the farmhouse. If that’s the case, who was the recipient of that power boost? Is there another witch involved?

    I’m glad Caroline seemed to come back to her senses at the end of the ep. I know she’s serving as the pro-Stelena voice, but too much of that is going to ruin her character.

    Boy, Damon just can’t catch a break, can he. All in the name of great drama, I know, but his brokenhearted looks kill me.

  68. jess says:

    My first time commenting, love your recaps Thomas and loving season 4 so far. I don’t know if anyone else brought it up already because I didn’t read all the comments but by this episodes definition of how a vampire becomes sired to another vampire then shouldn’t Damon be sired to Katherine???

  69. Claire says:

    Oh the whole Caroline/Damon rape thing rears it’s ugly head.

    I do not think Damon raped her, I think he fed on her, that would be enough to scare her, he then fed on her again in the morning and erased that memory. He did mess with her head, but don’t forget that there are scenes in season one when Caroline and Damon are talking about being a vampire (the Twilight one liner comes to mind) I think he wiped her memory of him being a monster. After he wiped that memory, I think she willingly slept with him.

    Yep he was a bastard in series one and he has serious control issues, but he constantly gets the short end of the stick, whereas Stefan, who lets face it, murdered a few dozen women, gets let off scot free. No one says… you know Elena, stay single, neither guy is good for you.. they trumpet Stefan as this shining angel when really he’s as bad as Damon.

    I truly am hating the Delena bone that the writers keep throwing, I was rooting for Rose/Damon, (she would have been so good for him) but what a surprise, she was an interesting character and she died.

  70. Tia Serena says:

    Excellent and hillarious recap, Thomas.
    I think people are so mad and frustrated with Caroline because last season she took a level in Badass and became the voice of reason. This season she has reverted to the histerics of Season 1. She can’t (or the authors can’t which would be far worst) come up with a better argument than: Stelena is epic, Delena is Ugh! Also Damon sleeps around…

    I am tired of seing these VAMPIRES being expected to follow human’s moral codes. I agree with nvo, all those morals are those of a paternalistic and burgeouise elite – they are by no means universal – or ideal.

  71. Ss0j says:

    Hey Thomas!

    Thanks for the recap, been waiting! I know what you meant by the rape issue, but like you yourself mentioned if it was true then Caroline herself would have brought it up.

    Even though people say that the show is not just about the triangle, it IS primarily a love triangle between two vampires and a human girl who joined the undead. Everything else is kind of complementing it, and they are pretty interesting as well.

    If the whole point of Damon was so that Elena can look over at him from over Stefan’s shoulders, then he should have left the show with the werewolf bite. I would have cried a ton and then quit the show, but yeah..! Elena loved Damon as human, even if she never let herself believe it(like CAROLINE and STEFAN pointed out in Season3), and as a vampire she can no longer hide it. I don’t blame that girl, but if she had given that “When I’m with him, it consumes me.” speech to more people than Matt, it would have been easier!

    Ah, but as a Delena fan, we did not sign up for easy. Also to the argument that Stelena was about love and Delena about lust; I have so much I can say to argue, but I’ll just say this- PUHLEEZE!!

    Anyway, great stuff this week. I ended up bawling over Damon’s dilemma. Still not telling he’s the good guy, but can the other characters please cut him some slack? He’s been a dick to everyone but Elena, but no one had to leave the one they love when they started loving you back.

    I just wish he’d stay and be the selfish, manipulative, impulsive bad brother. But since the writers gave more character development to him that was intriguing, heart-breaking and beautiful, he might have to placate Stefan and Caroline’s wishes.

    I think it’s time to trend Poor Damon. 🙁

  72. Spikeabunny says:

    I’m really loving this season it’s got structure hurrah! I’m thinking that the writers are going somewhere with Caroline but can’t figure out where. She needs some dark, she was too awesome and much as it was fun she needs new material. I think Thomas’s hint about Carofan is in the right ballpark ‘musical beds’ a go-go.

    I really hope that we’re going to get a functioning wolf pack but I’m afeared that it’s twelve hot dogs to go.

    It would be cool if Fayley was related to Klaus on his dad’s side but really I don’t think I’m ever going to meet papa wolf ( he should have been in the coffin dammit).

    Loved the conversations in Spanish and the Christmas gift tale, really Thomas you are channeling Damon with that one.

  73. Spikeabunny says:

    Oh I mean * i* don’t know what the writers are doing not * they* don’t know cause this season I’m pretty sure they do.

  74. aashy says:

    Hilarious review,Thomas Galvin ..LOL

    My thoughts,vampires are different from humans hence their law wouldn’t apply to them in view of crimes like rape,killing..basically killing and feeding on humans is what vampires do,that’s the food chain theory Damon once logically explained,they are predators,not veggies..secondly,vampire and human sex cannot apply the human laws and there can’t be talk about rape because it is unnatural anyway..

    About Damon,he has shades of Heathcliff from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights,he cared only about the woman he loved,he was violent with everyone else and showed his gentleness only with her,the rest of the world didn’t matter,Damon used Caroline&every other woman like how Heathcliff used Isabella and others just in some way either to get at the woman he loves..That’s who Damon is&no excuses should be there why he used people&treated them badly just like you cannot excuse Heathcliff,still with all his faults Catherine loved him,and just like that Elena loves Damon with all his faults,knowing that Damon had once killed her brother,knowing that Damon used&hurt her friends..she had forgiven long time ago for all these while he was about to die from a wolf bite.

    Either they take Damon the way he is or leave him alone.Stefan on the other hand gets away with murder every time!

  75. KDR says:

    If Elena’s feelings for damon were amplified, that means her love for Stefan would also be amplified it can’t just vanish like that because she chose him…thats something that bugs me.

  76. Angela says:

    In regards to this whole rape thing, the part that bothers me the most is that Elena “slut shames” (as someone else put it) Caroline… To me this just screams “victim blaming”. Elena blames Caroline by saying she was all to willing to jump into bed with Damon, suggesting that anything that happened after he compelled her was “her fault” or that she was “asking for it”.

    I’m a delena shipper but this show is seriously promoting some rape myths that I don’t agree with. And despite Elena’s feelings being true, their sexual relations are blurring the line of consent, which I think is a dangerous thing to do for a younger female audience.

  77. Baileigh says:

    Correct me if I am wrong however I thought that the sire bond was extrememly rare? How rare can it be then if it has happened to Damon at least twice in the last 60 or so years?

  78. Tia Serena says:

    @KDR: what Elena is feeling for Stefan NOW is suspicion and distrust. Maybe that is what is being amplified.
    @Baileigh: How come? Damon is so incredibly hot and lovable! I am surprised it did not happen more often!

    @ Thomas: This whole discussion about Caroline’s “relationship” with Damon clouded the most awesome and important subject of the episode: FREE WILL and it’s complications – because they made it VERY complicated!

    – Jeremy lost his free will – now that he is a Vampire Hunter, he is compelled to kill vampires, even his own sister, whom he loves. His choice has been taken away.
    – The hybrids struggle so painfully to break the sire bond and regain their liberty, the ability to do whatever they want, and not have to do Klaus bidding. Kim is smart to point it out: I thought the whole point of breaking the sire bond was so that we did not have to do Klaus tells us to – why to we have to do what you are telling us to?
    I think it would have complicated the matters if one of hybrids really liked Klaus, or felt something that made him or her unwilling to break the bond…
    – but they gave this option to Elena. She is aware of the bond, but has no urgency in breaking it – specially if it means loosing Damon now that she is with him. She is willing to submit to him in order not to loose him, because she loves him. I was actually reminded of Anastasia submitting to the will of Christian Gray in 50 Shades of Gray (no, I did not read the book, just the summary – but I know he makes her sign a contract where she submits to him, in a BDSM Submission contract.) If you surrender yourself to another on your own free will, have you retained your free will or have you given it away?
    – In another twist, the hybrids must submit to Tyler as their Alpha. As werewolves, their instinct is to obey the Alpha, but they could rebel and leave the pack if they wished, and became “lone wolves”. They are not obligated to submit, but they do because they recognize that Tyler is a strong leader that can lead them to their objective: get rid of Klaus.
    -And while Bonnie and Hayley think they are acting on their own free will towards their objectives, they actually are being manipulated by Shane.

    Last season it was all about CHOICES: Bill Forbes choosing to die instead of becoming a vampire, Abby Bennett choosing to fee and complete the transition, then choosing to abandon both her children (Bonnie and Jamie), Stefan choosing to go with Klaus and Damon choosing to help Elena find him, etc. This season it looks like it boils down to CHOICES. After all “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”.

  79. Spikeabunny says:

    @Baileigh not so much considering Damon was sired to Katherine (just kidding).

  80. CajunKhan says:

    Damon raped Caroline, and Andi, and those sorority girls as surely as anyone using a date-rape-drug. I’m surprised this is even controversial. It was perfectly obvious to me.

  81. je says:

    stefan kills and he is the good guy…..

    i remember when damon read stef diary and was like ” i wake up next to women that i don’t was all blood on them” or something like that….

    THIS WE CALL???????????

  82. Susan says:

    Ok, I would usually read all the comments above, but I am on catch up here as my computer has been out of commission for a couple of weeks (my “darling” toddler dumped a cup of tea all over it, did result in a new computer from insurance, yey!, but omg, no computer for nearly a month, in the middle of TVD season!!!!!). So apologies if this has been spoken of before. I’m not sure I understand the Lexi/Stefan relationship, don’t get me wrong I love Lexi, I was excited to see Arielle Kebbel’s name in credits… but why does she help Stefan, what is in it for her, they never slept together (did they?), I can see why Stefan wants her in his life, in his mind she makes him a “better person”, although the abstaining from blood really isn’t that great an idea for Stefan; he ALWAYS falls off the wagon at some point or another; and really, sending him into war, alone, with lots of human blood shed… did that really work… Anyway my point, why does Lexi keep helping him, it doesn’t seem realistic. ALL the other girl/boy and even same sex friendships/relationships in TVD almost always have some underlying motive/explanation, ie they are in love with that person, or that person needs something from them, or they’ve grown up together or they are related, but none of that seems to apply to Stefan and Lexi. Maybe it’s not relevant, it’s just seems a bit strange to me. Was Lexi secretly in love/obsessed with Stefan. I’d love to learn more of her back story, although I guess its not relevant to the storyline.

    Loved the recap, as always Thomas, you have surpassed yourself; not only do I get excited about seeing a new episode but I can’t wait to read your recap after. I am really enjoying the current storyline and the writers appear to have uped the ante once again after a few not so excellent (but still above average) minor storylines, I’m neither Team Stelena or Delena, but I do love Stefan without Elena, far more interesting. And I think Damon will be even more exciting/dramatic (is that possible, I do love me some Damon:) now he has Elena, he doesn’t seem to be able to allow himself to be happy, once he has what he wants he seems to be on a course to destroy it, which always leads to interesting storylines. And, oh my, how incredibly hypocritial is Stefan, saying Damon can’t let Elena see how wrong he is for her, erm… Stefan, you’re hardly right for her either… Stefan is almost like a scary obsessed psychopath over Elena, it must be the addictive ripper personality, he seems a bit hell bent on taking away her free-will, her free-will to love Damon, her free-will to remain a vampire, her free-will to not be with Stefan… A little creepy and scary, has he been watching a little too much Twilight… Also, does his hero hair ever change style 🙂 Even Damon’s hair was tamed in this episode.

    Thanks for reading and on to the next episode 🙂