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previously, on The Vampire Diaries

– Castle Salvatore- Den of Iniquity –

Elena Gilbert: What the hell even is Iquity?

Damon Salvatore: Iquity is the characteristic I exhibit when I do not allow you to remove all of your clothes and ride me like a naughty pony, no matter how much you and or I both want it, because the quote unquote Sire bond between us may make you less than capable of consent.

Elena Gilbert: Oh, so it’s like not being a raging douchebag?

Damon Salvatore: With a side of pent up sexual frustration that will probably lead to the death of a cheerleader and/or epic hatesex with Rebekah next episode, yeah.

– Mikaelson Mansion- Painting my Pain –

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Klaus! Nice dirty-ass snowflake!

Klaus: Thanks Stefan! I call it “oh woe is me, I am so alone and I plan to alleviate my pain by murdering the shit out of everyone while listening to Christmas music!”

Stefan Salvatore: You’ve always been such a kidder, Klaus! Say, I’ve been thinking! You know how we’re all trying to cure Elena, me so I can sleep with her again and you so you can drain her blood whenever you want to create another useless werepire? And how I had this super awesome plan to turn Jeremy into a remorseless murder machine hell bent on his sister’s demise? Well a funny thing happened on the way to the Miss Mystic Falls pageant …

Klaus: You know Stefan, it’s a good thing I married you for your looks, because you really do not contribute anything else to this relationship.

Wally the Werepire: Hi Klaus! You smell like butt and failure!

Klaus: …Why did I create you again? Oh that’s right, so I can tear your heart out later!

Wally the Werepire: Wait, what?

Klaus: Nothing!

– Lockwood Estates- Slave Pens of Skullduggery –

Wally the Werepire: Hi Tyler! I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided that Klaus is a big poopy head!

Wendy the Werepire: Yeah! He bosses us around like he’s some kind of evil overlord or something, and we’re his useless henchmen!

Tyler Lockwood: Look guys, I understand your frustrations! I too know what it’s like to suffer under the hand of a meathead father figure with male abandonment issues!

Hayley: But fear not! For your salvation is at hand! I have tracked down a witch and a spell which will ensure that you nevef have to do anything for Klaus ever again!

Wendy the Werepire: Wait a second, that’s not because we’re all going to die in an incredibly painful, yet tastefully artistic, manner, are we?

Tyler Lockwood: Wendy, you’re so distrustful! Why would we ever betray you? Right Hayley? Hayley? Hello?

Hayley: What was that? I got distracted sexing the season’s Big Bad.

– Mystic Falls- Christmas Parade of Chaos and Pain –

Tyler Lockwood: Hi Caroline! You remember that wacky time Klaus jumped into my body and then you kissed him and almost made werepuppies with him and you took your shirt off and ratings shot to their highet level all season? Well funny story …

Caroline Forbes: Tyler, don’t be silly! I was going to take my clothes off for Klaus next episode anyway!

Tyler Lockwood: Thanks, Caroline! Hey, waitaminute…

– Lake Gilbert-He’s a Lumberjack and He’s Okay –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Hi Bonnie! I’ve been channeling all of my pent up rage into chopping wood, whittling stakes, and blasting my guns!

Bonnie Bennet: Please have all of my babies.

All of Twitter: Agrees.

Profesor Shane Hi Damon! Elena thought that breaking her brother’s mystical urge to murder her a ton was going to be too easy, so she invited me along!

Bonnie Bennet: You may also have all of my babies please.

Damon Salvatore: Just leave town. You keep telling yourself, just leave town. It’s nice in other towns, and there are fewer people who want you dead, and fewer idiot teenagers inadvertently helping them kill you, and less lead in the water …

Elena Gilbert: Hi Jeremy! I brought a sleeping bag and graham crackers and chocolate and marshmallows, and we’re going to have a sleepover! Can I come in?

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Of course you can come in!

Damon Salvatore: So you can kill her?

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Maybe!

– Castle Salvatore – Crisis and Chaos –

Stefan Salvatore (on the phone): Hi Caroline! I was just thinking about you! I had a great time at your place last night, when we spent the entire night together, and I was all in pain and wounded and emotionally vulnerable! And I just wanted to thank you for coloring my hair! My highlights look fantastic, and I feel more heroic already!

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): Not now, Stefan! I have an emergency!

Stefan Salvatore (on the phone): What is it, Caroline? Has Klaus earned our trust only to stab us in the back at the last moment? Has tyler launched a foolish, suicidal plan to free the hybrids? Has Damon besmirched the honor of my chaste Saint Elena?

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): No! Well, yes, actually, but I’m talking about something important!

Stefan Salvatore (on the phone): Oh no! You don’t mean that you’re out of fake snow for the Christmas parade, do you?!?

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): No one understands me like you do, Stefan!

– Mystic Grill – Distracting Damsels –

Caroline Forbes: Hi Klaus! Here to steal Tiny Tim’s crutches?

Klaus: No, I just wanted to reiterate my eternal, existential loneliness, which will in no way become very important at the end of the episode, and to then be so British that our panties fall to the ground of their own free will.

Caroline Forbes: Oh come on, Klaus! I’m not going to fall for that! …And why is it suddenly drafty in here?

– Mikaelson Mansion – Study of Secrets –

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Damon! Here’s a wacky story: Tyler is planning to lead a werepire revolt tonight, which will either end with everyone in Mystic Falls dead or Klaus wearing Tyler like a meat suit and buried at the bottom of the ocean. And either way, it will throw a wrench into our plans to make Elena human again, which we both want to do in order to have guilt-free sexytimes with her.

Damon Salvatore: Here’s an idea: tell Klaus about the werepire revolt, cue up some Christmas music, and let the single most powerful creature currently walking the earth solve all of our problems for us.

Stefan Salvatore: That’s a great idea, Damon! Except I was thinking more we keep everything a secret, let Tyler live, and listen to Hanukkah music, instead.

Damon Salvatore: You know what? You go ahead and do whatever your hero hair tells you. I have to go watch Slim Shady, PhD, bad touch Jeremy.

– Lake Gilbert – Massage of Mayhem –

Profesor Shane: Okay, here’s the deal. Jeremy’s subconscious is telling him to murder the ever living shit out of you, even though his conscious is telling him that you’re his sister cousin (but not in a creepy hillbilly way) and that he loves you and wants to protect you. So all we have to do if take a crowbar, jam a suggestion into his brain, and let it ferment for a little while! Everybody clear?

Elena Gilbert: So … is anyone else creeped out by the way he keeps rubbing Jeremy’s shoulders?

Bonnie Bennet: Yeah, it almost makes me not want to have his little professor babies.

Damon Salvatore: What was that? I was busy washing my eyes out with bleach.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Hey, is anybody hungry? I’m hungry. Let’s brutally murder my fake sister and then get tacos!

– Mystic Falls – Cul de Sac of Chaos –

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Tyler! I just dropped by to ask you to abort your plans to kill Klaus and rescue his hybrids!

Tyler Lockwood: Hi Stefan! I just dropped by to invite you to do unspeakable things to your mother, brother, and all of your friends!

Stefan Salvatore: Tyler Tyler Tyler … you seem to have forgotten that I’m the star of this show, and you’re –

Wendy the Werepire: Backed up by a dozen immortal ass kickers forged from the blood of your madman best friends and brother-bonking ex girlfriend?

Stefan Salvatore: …Poop.

– Lake Gilbert – Massage of Mayhem –

Elena Gilbert: :-(= :-(= :-(=

Damon Salvatore: Hi Elena! What’s with all the frowney fangs?

Elena Gilbert: Damon, it’s hopeless! We tried to fix Jeremy’s brain for minutes and minutes, and it didn’t work!

Damon Salvatore: Here’s an idea … why don’t we have Bonnie try to turn him into a vampire slayer? That way he’s sure to be cured!

Elena Gilbert: That’s a great idea, Damon! In fact, it’s such a great idea that I want to tear off your clothes and have sex with you on the very spot I told your brother I loved him!

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, I think … I hear my mother calling, or something …

– Lockwood Estates – Slave Pens for Salvatores –

Stefan Salvatore: Tyler! This is more important than revenge!

Tyler Lockwood: Like what, Stefan? What’s more important than taking out the most dangerous creature in the world? Than gaining freedom for a dozen scared, traumatized individuals? Than seeing justice done to the guy who murdered your girlfriend, right after he murdered her aunt right in front of her eyes? What’s more important than that?

Stefan Salvatore: My sex life?

Tyler Lockwood: </facepalm>

– Lake Gilbert – Bonding with Bennets –

Damon Salvatore: Hi guys! I have a fantastic plan! The first part involves ignoring everything Dr. Evil has been telling us! The second part involves Bonnie!

Bonnie Bennet: Aw yeah, Bonnie Bennet, back in the game! What do you want me to do? Summon an eldritch force? Tap into occult power? Parley with a benevolent spirit?

Damon Salvatore: I want you to show him your boobs until he stops thinking about his wooden stake and starts thinking about his … wooden stake.

Bonnie Bennet: …

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: No, wait, let’s hear him out on this one …

– Lake Gilbert – A Cure for What Ailes Ya –

Profesor Shane: Hi Elena! Bonnie tells me that you’ve got a little somethin somethin going on with a certain elder Salvatore!

Elena Gilbert: I sure do! But he’s worried that I love him too much and that I’m not myself and that I can’t choose him freely and now he won’t show me his little vampire and that makes me sad and please oh please can you break the Sire bond so that I can go back to ravishing him in ways unfit for prime time television?

Profesor Shane: Are you kidding? With those dreamy eyes, that luscious hair, those taught abs … there’s no cure for loving that! Amiright?!?

Damon Salvatore: Aw, that’s so nice of you to say! So nice, in fact, that I’m almost tempted to not cut your head off!

Profesor Shane: What if I said that your fashion sense is impeccable and that I can lead you to the vampire cure without turning Jeremy into the Terminator?

Damon Salvatore: Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

– Mystic Falls – Familial Farewells –

Carol Lockwood: Hi Tyler! Why the sad face?

Tyler Lockwood: Bad news, mom. One of us is gonna die tonight, and they just put a new name plaque on my trailer door, so …

– Lake Gilbert – Third Quarter McGuffin Switch –

Profesor Shane: Great news, Elena! If you dig up Silas, an unspeakably powerful necromancer whose very presence will upend the balance of good and evil, ushering in an age of suffering heretofore unseen and undreamed of by mortal minds, you’ll be free from the curse of being young and hot, while having young hot sex with Damon, forever!

Elena Gilbert: Thank you, professor Shane! You’re the greatest!

Damon Salvatore: Can someone remind me why, exactly, I’m attracted to her again?

– Lockwood Estates – Cell Towers in Slave Pens –

Stefan Salvatore: Hey guys, did you know that we get perfect cell reception even though we’re twenty feet underground and surrounded by granite and iron? This Windows 8 Phone, powered byY AT&T wireles, is the best!

Damon Salvatore (on his iPhone (because Damon don’t do product placement, bitch)): Hi Stefan! Just wanted to let you know that Professor Liesabunch told me that we don’t need the sword, so you can feel free to let Tyler give Klaus a swirley or whatever that adorable pack of failure had planned tonight!

Wendy the Werepire: That’s awesome! All of our conflict evaporated in an instant!

Wally the Werepire: And the best part is that’s totally not something Damon would lie about in order to free his brother and further his own nefarious plans!

Wendy the Werepire: Let’s all go get milkshakes!

– Lake Gilbert – Third Quarter McGuffin Switch –

Profesor Shane: Okay guys, great news! We don’t need Jeremy’s tattoo to lead us to Silas, because I bought a Map to Unspeakable Terrors last time I was in Beverly Hills!

Elena Gilbert: Yay!

Profesor Shane: Bad news! We still need Jeremy’s tattoo to work the spell that will allow us to dig Silas up from his unearthly grave!

Elena Gilbert: Boo!

Profesor Shane: Good news! I think I can make it so Jeremy doesn’t want to kill you!

Elena Gilbert: Yay!

Profesor Shane: Bad news! I’m going to have to briefly end my torrid romance with an underage girl!

Bonnie Bennet: Boo!

Profesor Shane: So that Jeremy can cop a feel!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Yay!

Damon Salvatore: Oh whiskey, only you understand me …

– Mystic Grill – Bathroom of Bedlam –

Caroline Forbes: Hi Tyler! I’m here to calmly, rationally voice my displeasure with your suicidal plan, and then smash your balls with a rock until you see things my way!

Tyler Lockwood: Hi Caroline! I’m going to have a very stern talk with my hybrids about following the Evil Overlord List!

Caroline Forbes: You can do that after you’ve heard my brilliant plan to trap Klaus in his sister’s body!

Hayley: Kinky. Also disastrous to my evil plans. But mostly kinky.

Tyler Lockwood: Oh hey, something very important just came up on the other side of town! Don’t you two go breaking each other’s necks while I’m gone LOL

Hayley: Break her neck? Don’t mind if I do!

Caroline Forbes: No, he said don’t

Hayley: Super werewolf breaking the blonde chick’s neck and taking the most popular girl on the show crown powers activate!

– Lake Gilbert – Bennet Buffer Zone –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Damon! Professor Shane has renewed my hope, increased my joy, and instilled me with optimism! Let’s put up Christmas decorations!

Damon Salvatore: Alternately, we could try not trusting the guy who almost certainly blew up twelve innocent people and is leading us into yet another inevitable betrayal.

Profesor Shane: Betrayal? Would I go to all the trouble of fixing Elena’s brother if I was just going to betray you?

Damon Salvatore: …In order to earn our trust? Of course you would! That’s like Bad Guy 101. Hell, I was doing that for the last three seasons!

Profesor Shane: …Hey look over there! It’s Jeremy! And he’s mildly less homicidal!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: I <3 boobs 🙂

Bonnie Bennet: He really does.

Elena Gilbert: Thank you Professor Shane! This is the best Christmas ever! You know, except for all the ones where my parents were still alive, and I wasn’t a blood sucking monster, and our town’s population hadn’t been decimated by abominable hellspawn.

– Mystic Falls – Killer Confessions –

Stefan Salvatore: Hi Klaus! How is this absolutely normal, in no way devious evening going?

Klaus: Hi Stefan! You’ve been acting sketchy and Caroline has been acting nice! Both of which guarantee that you’re trying to screw me over! So what’s the plan, Stan?

Stefan Salvatore: Stefan.

Klaus: Yeah, no, I … you know what? I’m going to go mourn my eternal lonliness and then murder the shit out of the creatures I created in order to ease my pain. Tootles!

– Mystic Grill – Porcelain Throne of Pain and Terror –

April Young: Hi Caroline! You sure look awfully dead!

Caroline Forbes: Yeah, that happens from time to time. Hey, could you be a dear, look into my eyes, and forget all about the fact that vampires are real, I’m one of them, so is basically everyone you know, Klaus is an immortal murder machine, his sister is fake-dead in the slave pit beneath my boyfriend’s house, and anything else that might resemble having a clue?

April Young: Holy crap! Vampires are real, you’re one of them, so is basically everyone I know, Klaus is an immortal murder machine, and his sister is fake-dead in the slave pit beneath your boyfriend’s house?!?

Caroline Forbes: …

April Young: I mean … durrr … my pretty crown is pretty!

Caroline Forbes: Perfect!

Matt Donovan: Hey, don’t you think that vervain bracelet Jeremy gave April really goes well with that gaudy crown she’s contractually obligated to wear to every event in Mystic Falls?

Caroline Forbes: Please Matt, you should know that mixing leather straps and diamonds is … poop.

– Mystic Falls – Carols of Chaos –

Tyler Lockwood: Okay Hayley, let’s go free us some hybrids!

Hayley: So yeah, a funny thing happened on the way to betraying you …

– The Lost Woods – Sylvan Slaughter –

Wally the Werepire: Hi guys! Anyone seen the witch that’s going to finally free us from Klaus’ tyrany?

Wendy the Werepire: Or the werewolf who’s been helping us break the sire bond for no particular reason, and who certainly has some hidden agenda?

Klaus: “Oh come all ye hybrids…”

Wendy the Werepire: Why is he singing?

Klaus: “Useless and expendable!”

Wally the Werepire: …I don’t like where this is going.

Klaus: “Oh come all ye citizens of My-ys-tic falls!”

Wendy the Werepire: Why does he have a sword?

Klaus: “Fall! On your knees! Because that makes it eas-i-er…”

Wally the Werepire: Easier to what?

Klaus: “To remove your heads and your hearts!”

Wendy the Werepire: …Sh-

Wally the Werepire: -it…

Klaus: Hi guys! Super Klaus taking heads and ripping hearts and committing slow motion slaughter while Christmas carols play in the background and getting all bloody and being all sad and making people pregnant right through the television powers activate!

Thomas: This is the most beautiful act of incredible violence I have ever seen I am in love please somebody hold me!

– Lake Gilbert – Sassy Girls and Sad Sires –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Damon! Look what I found! It’s mistletoe! And it’s hanging right over my-

Damon Salvatore: So I’ve come to the conclusion that I will only ever be happy if I’m completely miserable, so as your Sire, I command you to choose for yourself create enough teenage angst to power us through the hiatus.

– Castle Salvatore –

Stefan Salvatore: I feel terrible about lying to Klaus! Even though he’s a mass murdering monster straight from the pit of hell!

Caroline Forbes: I know what you mean! I feel the exact same way about failing to tell you that Elena rode Damon like a shiny new bike, pausing only to come up for air which they don’t actually need to do because they don’t breathe!

Stefan Salvatore: That’s okay, I’m going to deal with this in a calm, rational HAHAHA WHO AM I KIDDING COMMENCE EPIC SHIT FIT!

– Lake Gilbert – Automobiles and Angst –

Elena Gilbert: Hey Damon, I was just thinking, you didn’t actually compel me to stop loving you, you just compelled me to get in the car and drive away! So if you want to-

Damon Salvatore: Hey look at the time you better be going you don’t want to be late Conan is all new tonight and I hear he has a really special guest you better hop in that car and get back home talk to you later bye bye!

– The Lost Woods – Scene of the Slaughter –

Tyler Lockwood: Huh. It appears that my clever plan to trick a rage filled monster who has practiced deceit lo these thousand years has backfired! If only that could have been foreseen!

April Young: Hey, what’s this stupid dagger doing in this pretty blonde lady? Yoink!

– Mystic Falls – Carol’s Killing Carol –

Carol Lockwood: Hi Klaus! You certainly are looking dashing this evening, what with the hate-filled eyes, the bloodstained skin, the ancient sword, the … this is going to end poorly for me, isn’t it?

Klaus: Don’t worry love, this just frees up your time for your role on Teen Wolf!

Carol Lockwood: Nooooooo!

The Plot: Thickens.

– Post Mortem –

I hate holidays.

And Christmas, being the king of the holidays in this part of the world, earns the bulk of my ire. Festivities? I hate them. Well wishes? I deplore them. Good tidings? Good luck.

And Christmas carols? I hate Christmas carols most of all.

But something happened this week. Something special. Something almost … magical.

It turns out that Christmas carols can actually be wonderful, movings songs … when they play in the background over poignant, balletic, violence. When the voices cried “fall on your knees” and heads fell to the ground, tears fell from my eyes. When I saw Klaus ripping out three hearts without missing a beat, my heart grew three sizes.

It’s a confirmed fact: TVD fans pop boners for bad guys. Damon is a perennial favorite simply because he’s such an ass. Stefan is at his best when he’s being bad. Elena’s most interesting moment of the season came when she started ripping throats and snapping necks. Caroline became awesome when she grew fangs.

And Klaus, poor, lonely, murderous Klaus, charming, world-weary, scheming Klaus, handsome, brash, unrelentingly evil Klaus … this was one of his finest moments, and one of the finest moments of the show’s entire run.

After listening to some of the Twitter chatter, I’m now a bit confused by the whole Hayley-Shane-Klaus thing, but I think Klaus is working with them (and has been all along). His goal, it seems, is to find the cure for himself, to end his eternal lonliness … and his own life. And the hybrids? They were just a means to an end … a means to his end.

Which makes a lot of what we’ve seen before this make sense. Klaus, for all his talk about wanting a family of hybrids just like himself, has been very casual about throwing them into the fire … or in front of the bus, or into a wood chipper, or letting a Salvatore perform an impromptu cardioectomy. Klaus’ actions haven’t always seemed to line up with his words.

But, but, if Klaus’ really only wanted hybrids so he could sacrifice them, if he planned on them all dying anyway … well, his action suddenly, perfectly make sense. All he needed was twelve, so who cares if a few of them die. It wasn’t until he ran out of magic Doppelganger blood that he started to worry.

This is one of the things TVD does best … plots inside of schemes inside of betrayals, and a two minute montage of mayhem that also instantly changes the game everyone thought they were playing. Seriously, these are the kind of writers I want to be when I grow up.

This was a great Christmas gift. Like Julie Plec said, ho ho ho.

Oh, and I guess some Delena drama happened, too. I might have missed something, but I’m pretty sure Damon told Elena to “go away,” not to “stop loving him” or “turn off her feelings for him” or “quite throwing your underwear at me.” So my read on it is that Damon needs some space (while he has her brother murder a ton of vampires so they can unearth Silas so they can make Elena human and also probably end the world.

Because that, really, is the heart of the Damon/Elena relationship. Damon doesn’t want Elena, he wants Elena to chose him. It’s never been enough just to have her. If it was, he had plenty of opportunities to exploit her emotional vulnerability while Stefan was off killing his way across the continent. If it was, he’d be perfectly content to let the Sire bond work its magic.

This is Damon at his most noble.

Stefan’s reaction was genuine and fantastically acted. I loved the little tip of the chess piece, followed by the full-on rage. Paul Wesley nailed it, as he always does when given something meaty to work with. And Caroline’s reaction, quiet sorrow and just a little bit of fear, was perfect. I’m still rooting for these two to hook up.

And that’s that, the end of TVD for 2012. Thank you, from the bottom of my cold, dead heart, for all of the comments, retweets, and reblogs, and everything else you’ve all done to make these recaps work. The discussions we have here are, I’m pretty confident in saying, some of the most articulate, well-thought-out, and polite discussions on the internet, even when you disagree with me and each other. Thanks for not sucking.

If you’re looking for something to tide you over while we wait for the rest of the season, check out my novel Sire and my novella Debutante, both of which are available digitally and in paperback. And if you’ve already finished Sire, and are awaiting the sequel with bated breath …

You’re going to have to keep waiting. I’m working hard on (what I hope is the) last draft, and I should have something for you all in a few weeks. Until then, here’s a snippet from the opening of Scion, the second Vampires of St. Troy novel:

Spoilers for Sire, so be ye weary:

Michael arrived home half an hour later. William, his butler, greeted him at the door.

He’d had a year to adjust, but having a house and a staff was still a bit weird. The house was actually a mansion, set far back from the road and hidden by trees, on the outskirts of St. Troy. And it was big enough that the staff was actually necessary. For a long time William, the head of staff, was the closest thing Michael had to a friend in the city.

All of it, the house, the staff, the car Michael drove, even the clothes he wore, had been given to him by Angelica. As her Scion, Michael was a reflection of her, and it wouldn’t do to have him squatting in some derelict building, covering himself with garbage to keep the sun at bay. But it had also been a leash, a means of control: she had given him everything, and she could have taken it away, too.

But she was gone now, and for the first time the mansion was starting to feel like his home.

“Good evening, Sir,” William said. “Happy hunting?”

“Successful, at least,” Michael said.

“Very good, Sir. Damsels around the world breath easier knowing you are on the job. Have you eaten, Sir?”

“No, I’m starving, actually. What do we have on tap?”

“The butcher made a fresh delivery this afternoon, so we have enough cattle blood to see us through the week. I also relieved a shipment from a wildlife preserve in Georgia … lion’s blood.”

“Huh. That has potential,” Michael said.

“I took the liberty of preparing a glass for you,” William said. He produced a tray from out of nowhere and presented Michael with a tumbler full of rich, red liquid. It was warm to the touch.

“Thanks, William,” Michael said, and sipped experimentally. “Hm. Smokey flavor, hints of oak, pleasant aroma …”

“Really, Sir?”

“No,” he said, then drained the glass. Nothing could compare to the blood he had tasted three nights ago. “But thanks anyway.”

“Of course, Sir. How is our guest?”

“I’m going to check on her now,” Michael said, and headed upstairs.

Angelica had tortured and starved Michael for days on end. By the time she was done, by the time she turned him loose, he had become a feral beast, a monster in every sense of the word. His humanity had been stripped from him, leaving nothing but bloodlust and rage. It hadn’t been a person in front of him. It hadn’t even been a victim. It had been nothing but a desperately needed source of food.

Of blood.

When Michael’s chains fell away, the animal took over. He didn’t remember the specifics, couldn’t tell you the details. All he remember is the taste, the indescribable task as hot, coppery blood gushed and foamed and filled his mouth. For the first time in its existence the monster drank its full.

And then he heard two words. Michael. Please.

Those words were seared into his brain. They were inescapable, a ghost that chased after him, accusing him. That’s the dichotomy he faced. Monster and man both lived inside of him, at war with each other. The monster remembers nothing but the taste of blood. The man remembers nothing but her pleading words.

The man won that night, but it was a pyrrhic victory. When his humanity resurfaced, Michael was faced with the bleeding, broken body of an innocent girl. The monster had nearly taken her life’s blood, and she was clinging to this world by the thinnest thread.

The blood of a vampire is powerful. Those who taste it often find themselves addicted to it. Those who drink too much find themselves transformed. But in just the right amounts, the blood of a vampire can heal almost any wound, repair almost any injury.

Michael bit into his own wrist and fed his own blood to the still, fragile girl, praying to any god that might have been listening that she would be all right. But even his blood, even the blood of a vampire, was insufficient. Her injuries were too severe, and she was too far gone.

Michael killed Angelica that night. That was the price she paid for bringing out the monster he had so carefully hidden. But that offered him little comfort. He still had to face the consequences of his, and his monster’s, actions.

The door to the master bedroom swung open silently, revealing the cavernous chamber within. Michael lit a handful of candles, bathing the room in a soft amber glow, and sat in an old leather armchair next to the bed. He leaned back and steepled his fingers. There, wrapped in white cotton and resting on black silk, lay the corpse of his lover, Caitlin Manning.

It’s cliché to say that the dead look like they’re sleeping, but it’s true. Her face was relaxed, her eyes closed. Michael had cleaned the blood and soot off of her, leaving her skin white and radiant. Her hands were folded over her stomach, and her hair, thick golden curls, fanned out around her head.

She didn’t look like a corpse. There was no sign of the violence he had done to her. No bruises, no wounds, no broken bones. But no matter how she looked, she was still dead, and it was still his fault.

Michael sat by her side, mourning and anxious. Suddenly, the deep peels of an old church bell rang out, signaling midnight. The noise echoed through the mansion, then slowly died out.

It was then, just after midnight, that Caitlin opened her crimson eyes.

On to the next episode!

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  1. sophy says:

    Hayley and Shane were *not* working with Klaus. They had always intended Klaus to be the Sacrificer, but he was unaware of any of it (and still should be unaware of what it signified, or that Shane was pulling strings). Hayley just straight up Judas-kissed them to Klaus, that was all. It was done in a kind of clumsy way, though. And I don’t get why he didn’t kill her as well, since she obviously assisted in the de-siring, but oh well. Plot/casting reasons.

    It was a grand ep, though. Truly marvelous.

  2. Jawly says:

    DAT SWORD. Bloody Klaus>Naked Damon ANY DAMN DAY!!!! Yay! Not because of Klaus, but because there’s actually DIFFERENT methods of killing chew toy hybrids! SQUEE!!! And I just like swords. Weeeeeeee!!! 🙂

    Julie, I want chainsaws next! Maybe a steamroller. An army tank would be nice. Rocket launchers are always fun. Maybe feed a dynamite into a freshmen.

  3. nvo says:

    Thomas you hate Christmas? What is wrong with you? Explains so much though 🙂

    Great episode! Klaus slaughtering hybrids to christmas music was epic. I don’t think he was in on the plan though. He seemed way too angry. I like your theory though but the idea that some professor used a thousand year old original as a pawn in his evil schemes is pretty cool too.

    That pesky sire bond needs to go. It’s causing Damon too much pain and i’m mourning Elena’s free will. I’m glad the hiatus is much shorter this year.

  4. Roger says:

    Thanks for the recap. Sad about the hellatus, but at least it’s only for a month. Hopefully we’ll get a run of uninterrupted episodes through the end.

    Love your nicknames for Shane, and I thought Shadypants would be hard to beat. Still not 100% convinced he’s a bad guy, but he’s slowly wearing out the trust points.

    Love Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin. I hope they get scenes together now. Anyone else reminded of Meredith Sulez by Hayley? And speaking of Meredith, where’s Torrey Devitto?

  5. Raz says:

    Even though I don’t think that Klaus was aware of the Shane/Hailey plan either, I agree that it would make a lot of sense that Klaus knew he had to kill his 12 twelves for the “cure” plan to make Elena human. The fact that he chose to kill them all with the sword seems to imply that it was purposely; maybe he just killed them sooner because of his anger (about their un-siring/murder plot). He’s hoping he can have hundreds more+ hybrids once Elena’s human, so sacrificing twelve to get his doppelganger back would make a lot of sense.

    I’d love that, so I hope you’re right about that Thomas, if not, you need to write for this show, haha.

  6. Tabi says:

    Single best moment on television was Klaus slaughtering a ton of werepires with Christmas music playing in the background. I LOVE dark humor more than anything, and that was a blood (pun intended) masterpiece!
    One thing I don’t understand is, why was Stefan so shocked that Damon and Elena had wink wink nudge nudge night when he left them ALONE at the mansion? Did he really think that Damon was just going to cuddle or something? I thought that their extracurricular activities that night were fairly obvious, but I guess all the hairspray he uses for his hero hair stopped him from thinking that one through. Oh well…I’d still welcome a Damon/Stefan showdown.
    Thank you for a wonderful year of recapping, and I hope you and the lovely Lady of the Manor and of course Neville have a very Happy Holidays!

  7. Tia Serena says:

    As usual, great recap. Not as funny as some, but the tone of the episode WAS darker.
    I was a little disappointed that we did not see more episodes featuring Tyler, Alpha of Hybrids, Leader of men. They shaped him up really well, but alas, his reign was brief…
    All those discourses from Klaus were too obvious to make us conect with him in an emotional way. On the other hand, Carol (and Liz) have been so absent recently, that I barely felt her death at all.
    I hope to see Liz again, to prove to me that adults are not useless and that she was atualy investigating the explosion…
    And I felt that that rhe way Caroline told Stefan about Elena was a hit catty and petty – and so soon after she appologises to Elena and promisses not to judge… Bad girl, Caroline!!!

  8. Eve says:

    Elena Gilbert: Damon, it’s hopeless! We tried to fix Jeremy’s brain for minutes and minutes, and it didn’t work!

    Damon Salvatore: Here’s an idea … why don’t we have Bonnie try to turn him into a vampire slayer? That way he’s sure to be cured!


    Lol! Great idea.
    Elena Gilbert: That’s a great idea, Damon! In fact, it’s such a great idea that I want to tear off your clothes and have sex with you on the very spot I told your brother I loved him!

    Yes, I was gonna get to that.

  9. Eve says:

    Stefan Salvatore: Hey guys, did you know that we get perfect cell reception even though we’re twenty feet underground and surrounded by granite and iron? This Windows 8 Phone, powered byY AT&T wireles, is the best!

    Damon Salvatore (on his iPhone (because Damon don’t do product placement, bitch))

    Lol again! Hilarious. 🙂

  10. amanda in brooklyn says:

    Holy crap Thomas – you are always hilarious – but, this has got the be in the top 5 of your greatest recaps ever.

    Damon was brilliant all the way through, though my early and personal favorite line:

    Damon Salvatore: “You know what? You go ahead and do whatever your hero hair tells you. I have to go watch Slim Shady, PhD, bad touch Jeremy.”

    Also highlights: Stan/Klaus, Stefan/Tyler/Facepalm and the epic Yay!/Boo! scene.

    I don’t know about Klaus intentionally working with Shane and Hayley – BUT, it’s a brilliant twist, I can see where you are coming from with it and I would be hugely impressed with the writers if they come up with something so massive and subtly foreshadowed.

    And, really, where is Meredith?

  11. Eve says:

    Klaus killed Tyler’s mother!! Why did he do that, just to be a sh*t?? To torment Tyler? I had some sympathy for him and kind of liked the developing relationship with Caroline but not anymore. Mrs. Lockwood didn’t do anything, and to drown her like that was absolutely horrible. He made her suffer for NO REASON. He could have killed her instantly. No more sympathy for him, and actually that scene was such a turn off it has come close to spoiling the show for me entirely.

    I know I’ll go on watching TVD but it has soured. We’ve seen a LOT of killing on this show and it’s often of innocent people, which is not excusable. But this one was worse, to me, because Klaus made her suffer and that was not necessary.

    Elena’s speech to Damon at the lake, about how the last time she was there she was so in love with Stefan and now she can hardly remember it: That makes Elena sound like a young girl who is not mature enough to be in love. Which is absolutely realistic for an 18 year old! And a 17 year old, which I guess she was supposed to be when she was there with Stefan! Heads up, Salvatore brothers.

    I found the unsiring, or break-up, or whatever you want to call it between Damon and Elena oddly unemotional. I think you are right, Thomas, in that Damon does not really want Elena. He wants her to choose him for himself. You’d think he be heartbroken to tell her to go away but he sure didn’t seem like it.

    Someone else said this episode was dark and I agree.

  12. Peyton says:

    I agree with other posters. I think Shane the super-manipulator has manipulated Klaus as much as he has the others.

  13. Mandalynn1 says:

    Holy shit. Holy holy shit. This episode was fan-fucking-tastic! And as always Thomas, your recap was pretty amazing too…

    I get your opinion on the Klaus-Shane-Haley ménage , but disagree. How clever was it that Klaus, the supposed supreme evil bad mother effer, got used? With Shane pulling the strings. The plan was to unsire hybrids and have them PLOT to take out Klaus, so of course Klaus would have to take them out himself for his own preservation? I think there will be some sig to Klaus performing the sacrifice as this unfolds. And “O Holy Night” playing through the carnage. Fucking unbelievably wow! So so well placed ( did I ever mention that TVD has a great music supervisor in Chris Mollere? Talent!)
    So many things clicked for me in this episode. Would you like a list? Yes? Here goes!!!
    1. I am now totally sold on Steroline, but not as a romance, but as a true friendship. I love Caroline, but even I will admit
    Her judginess was getting unbearable. After the brilliant acting by CAndice ACcola, I now get her loyalty to
    Stefan and how hard it was for her to betray Tyler. I get it. Finally!
    The much needed convo between Steroline about what makes Klaus a monster when they are all monsters felt well deserved. Let’s hope that puts an end to the hypocrite party they like to hold nightly.
    2. I now fully believe the “cure” is bullshit. Wanna know how I figured that doozy out? The mention of Shane’s dead wife and child. Silas will resurrect the dead ( yay aunt Jenna!) (Yay maybe Alaric! If Cult is cancelled). A cure for vampirism it is NOT. Why the eff would Silas want to cure his immortality? He lost his “love” at the hands of a witch and and wanted HER BACK! If a powerful creature could cure “immortality” don’t you think he could just as easily resurrect the dead? Yes and Yes. Big Bads are not that selfless to committ Shakespearian suicide for love. Instead they would strive to get what they WANT, no matter the consequences!
    3. The sire bind biznass is maddening ! And as much as my heart melts for a noble Damin, I would much rather see them have fun, sexy time in various locations.
    4. BIG IF HERE. IF Elena is cured of her vampiness, I still believe she will be immortal…. She has to end up banging a Salvatore in the end ( or both ships might burn down the Internet, society as a whole, and the world as we know it) That wouldn’t happen if she was going to get old and less attractive. Sooooo, yea. My mind thinks things. 🙂
    5. Poor Carol Lockwood. RIP (see number 8)
    6. Still love Faye. I mean Hayley. Does anyone know if she sticks around?
    9. Jo Mo is a great actor. He was brilliant in this episode.
    10. When did Jeremy get ripped? Are his arms a cruel CGI trick? 🙁
    11.Usually my mind is hard at work in med school, but over my holiday break I fully plan on reading your novel, Sire. Is there a link where I can purchase? (Merry X-mas to meeeee!)
    12.Happy Holidays everyone! Till January 17th!

  14. Kumar says:

    Hey Thomas! Awesome recap as always.

    I don’t think that Klaus was in on the plan w/ Prof Shane and Hailey. Although it would explain why he reacted with coolness when Hailey broke the news to him, it could just be Klaus being Klaus.

    But it amazes the shit out of me that Prof Shadypants manipulated and continues to manipulate so many people for his hidden agenda. And I (like most others) refuse to buy into the whole ‘I wanna free Silas so I can shake hamds w/ him and maybe take a picture.’ No-freaking-way. Not happening. So what the hell does the good prof want w/ Silas? I wish they had allowed us to glimpse into his plans.

    Delena. Oh the sadistic vampire gods i.e. TVD writers. How sad was Damon ordering Elena to go home? But I am happy he did not go all the way with it. Its funny- I want DE but I don’t want DE. I mean- I want Delena to hook up (and have raunchy blood-soaked, super-speed sex) but I don’t want it to be perfect/textbook/no-conflict-whatsoever/happily-ever-after kinda hook up. TVD has turned us into masochists you guys.

    The Klaus massacre. What a way to end the year! And the happy christmas music in the background made everything even creepier and I loved it!

    It was sad to see Carol Lockwood go but Tyler’s actions needed to have some sort of consequence, although he did lose his pack.

    I am gonna have to go on an exclusive diet of fan theories and discussions so as not to starve in this hiatus. So please put on your tin-foil hats and theorize away.

  15. Brian in Shortsville says:

    Yeah, Tyler as Alpha/Overlord still has his training wheels on. Somewhere on the list, there’s a “don’t blab the plan to the cute blonde that may or may not be tossing her panties against the intended victim’s drywall.”

    I’m going to stamp his MENSA application “PENDING.”

    “Adorable Pack of Failure” FTW. Hybrids in three notes.

    Although, I want to know where Stefan gets the balls to face down Tyler since Tyler’s become a Hybrid other than Main Character Immunity. Wolfspittle venom anyone? Hell, Tyler got DAMON at the end of Season 2. Little jarring when Stefan didn’t back down until the other 12 hybrids showed up.

    Bears repeating that, as Senior Hybrid, Tyler SHOULD be the Baddest Thing Walking That’s NOT An Original.

    Like Mandalynn said above, there has to be some significance to Klaus doing the 12 hybrids, and not only that, but using Alexander’s Sword when the old Heartrip/Bitchslap Decapitation combo would’ve saved him a trip home to get the sword.

    I, too, don’t think Klaus was in on it all along. I think he reacted on impulse to whatever Hayley told him and walked himself into doing Shane’s bidding.

    I just still don’t know why.

    12 humans had to die in New Orleans in 1942 so Val could tap into Expression, and Damon did it for her. 12 humans died in the premiere, sacrificed at Pastor Young’s hands, presumably so Bonnie could (with Shane’s guidance) tap into Expression.

    SO why did 12 HYBRIDS have to be sacrificed? And by Klaus himself, with Alexander’s Sword no less. Hmmmm. Interesting.

    I think Klaus is in deep shit, especially now that that don’t need him or his sword to get to the cure. He’s probably still in the dark about that, too. Anybody want to bet me Silas has a grudge with Klaus?

    And I’m not sure about Hayley’s game, or her brains to be a long-term survivor on a Horror Show. She risked Klaus killing Tyler, or Tyler coming after her wanting to avenge his MOTHER and the Hybrids Klaus killed. If Hayley’s smart, we won’t see her for a few episodes. She’ll hightail it out of Dodge.

    Unless she got into Klaus’ good graces by cluing him into what the Hybrids decided to do as their 1st act of free will. If THAT’S the case, I’ll take Magic Litter of Werepuppies for $800 Alex. Natural-born Hybrids?

    Magic Litter of Werepuppies would be a great name for a band.

    Still, I’d kill to know what was said between Hayley and Klaus in the square before Klaus had his Crowning Moment of Badass.

    Isn’t Rebekah’s body in the Cavern of No Vampires Allowed? If so, when she wakes up, she’ll probably wish she didn’t. If she’s in the Lockwood Cellar, she’ll still probably be hungry. I’d say R.I.P. April, except there has to be more for her character to do, being the Living Blood of the Martyr Pastor Young.

    This episode ROCKED. Had a lot of that good Originals-as-Mafiosi vibe to it. Getting to the guy you’re really pissed at by going after his family. The scoring of the action scenes was tres Godfather II -esque, too.

    I’ll get interested in Jeremy and Bonnie when they’re involved in something. They’re doing their own versions of the Rocky Training Montage.

    Yes, at least part of Jeremy’s guns are CGI. The actor has a couple of real life tattoos on his right bicep (right Ali?) that they’re digitally erasing so as to not fuck up the Hunter’s Mark.

    You hit Damon on the head. He won’t take a cheap win. He wants an unambiguous, clear cut, nobody-can-call-foul win.

    Now jerk it away from him show.

    Opening Scene S04E10: Fade in on Elena hosing out the Good China with industrial strength Lysol screaming “I CAN’T BELIEVE I FUCKED DAMON NOOOOOO!!!!!” where Damon can hear with his Super Vampire Hearing Powers Activate! And watch Damon snap and eat everybody and everything while tossing off one-liners carved in gold.

    Only they won’t. I think the Sire Bond is broken, but Elena’s feeling didn’t go away. Or, they’ve still got a reprise of Damon’s “I hope you get everything you want” from when they retconned him into The Salvatore She Met First, and all will be well in Delenaville again for awhile.

    Stefan sucks at chess. That is all.

    Caroline was better than she’s been, but she’s still being one-upped by Hayley, who’s carving out a nice niche for herself somewhere between Rebekah and Katherine.

    Besides, while it is observable fact that “blondes HAVE more fun” it is equally true that brunettes ARE more fun.

    Errr. No deets, just take my word for that one.

    I Want An Alien For Christmas.

  16. Sara A says:

    Yeah, I really don’t think Klaus is in on the plan. He just got straight-up manipulated by Shadypants who knows that Klaus is really just a sobbing little girl inside and will lash out and kill anyone who ‘betrays’ him with no questions asked.

    Unsired hybrids are worthless to Klaus so he just exterminated them.

    Tyler is a really tragic case – he grows a hero heart but still has shit for brains. Poor hybrids and Mayor Lockwood.

    I hope Stefan loses it and goes Ripper after the hiatus. It will make my brain hurt less. I’m still trying to figure out how he managed to be surprised that Elena is banging Damon when they broke up precisely because Elena wanted to bang Damon. I think Steffie needs to get laid more.

    The sire bond part is just really fucking boring. Elena is so obviously over the top with her ‘affection’ for Damon that it’s pretty clear none of it is real. Now it’s just a tedious wait to see how they break it. For the love of all things holy I hope it’s soon. Damon and Elena are approaching Stelena levels of boring right now.

  17. @Marese73 says:

    Great Recap. Absolutely Priceless! Really want to read ur book over the hols Thomas, link wud be great.

    The highlight of the ep was Klaus Killing spree! Loved it, cant say enough bout it, truly adored it. That an Klaus speech to Stefan. Joseph Morgan is a legend. Dont think Klaus was in on the plan Julie said as much I think. Thy hybrids were just useless to him unsired. As for Delena, the sire bond thing is shitty. I like the idea of it creating a obstacle for Delena and I like the facets of both Elena & Damons character that it shows, the growth etc. what I dont like is that there doesn’t seem to be a way round it.

    We know that he did not “break” the bond with Charlotte either he just told her to move on and never think of him again and we dont care cos we dont care about Charlotte. Obviously he cant do this for Elena and they can’t avoid each other for ever. We also know that they care about each other so for him to tell her to forget she loves him etc wud be completely false and remove her free will. I’m with you on the “Why cant he just tell her not to be sired to him anymore?” angle I think its too sketchy, he can tell her to do some stuff but not other stuff bleugh! Also I’m not buying into the fact that a) Klaus who we know suspected Elena was sired, cant offer any assistance, altho i accept maybe he dont want to as its much easier to keep Stefan and Damon in line by giving them a common goal of unsiring/curing Elena. b) prof Shadypants knows nothing about siring when he knows everything about everything else.?? WTF??? It appears that the only way for the sire bond to be broken at this time is if either Damon or Elena dies/gets cured??!! Plot – Thickens….

    Lastly the cure thingy? WTF?? Like presumably nobody actually knows how this will work and of course the unleashing of Silas will be a must and our intrepid heroes/anti-heroes will have to join forces to deal with a major threat. Looking forward to see where this goes and i think prof Shadypants will discover he’s bitten off more than he can chew at that stage. Looking forward to the wrath of Bonnie when she discovers that she has been used and now at lease 24 people/werepires have been slaughtered for her to tap into her new hobby “expression”. I think the cure is a fake or at lease not as straightforward as a cure. of course there will be conditions or obstacles so it can only be used once or on a certain kind of being or …or…or… blah blah

    anyway loved it. loved it loved it and cant wait for it to be back which is ages cos I’m in Ireland.

  18. KDR says:

    @Tabi I get why Stefan was suprised i mean logically he didn’t expect his ex-girlfriend to bang his brother one day after their breakup, and if i were him i’d be pretty upset too… Correct me if im wrong but i think Damon got boring when he was dating elena, thank God awesome Damon is coming back not the Damon who would be making puppy dog eyes at Elena oh and BTW i LOVE Klaus all his scenes in this episode were awesome.

  19. je says:

    julie plec said: the sire bond will be Bye bye IF elena will be a human AGAIN…..WELLL this is TVD…..and elena will not be a HUMAN AGAIN…


  20. vm says:

    Your recaps are always great!

    Here’s my theory. The legend is wrong (as usual). Witch killed Silas’ one true love (and son) and cursed him with immortality. Shadypants is Silas and he’s going to dig up his one true love and the “cure”, which is something that brings people back from the dead. (Vampires are technically dead, so it’s also a cure).
    Explains his promise to Hayley to bring her parents back.

  21. Rachel says:

    Once again a brilliant recap. Loved this ep. Klaus’s achingly beautiful rampage was exquisite!
    Love your theory that Klaus has been in on the plan. Wouldn’t it be brilliant, the symmetry of Klaus, the most powerful creature on the planet ( a “god”) sacrificing his hybrids so that he may be born as “man” ( think Jesus’s birth) as the beautifully appropriate hymn plays in the background. Now THAT would be something.

  22. Ellyria says:

    I love how shady Professor Shane is yet they’re still willing to trust him on the cure just because he says so. Wow, just wow.

    Klaus was amazing when he went on a murder spree. You’re right, Thomas, TVD loves the bad guys. I know I do! >:-D=

  23. SoccerMom says:

    Poor orphan Tyler – he’ll be going to the mattresses for sure. Could be fun to watch. He really should be the most powerful non-original out there as head hybrid. With a pretty great anti-vampire weapon in his spit, super speed and strength, and, now with a ton of added pissed-off, Tyler’s reaction to Klaus offing Carol after 12 counts of hybrid murder is sure to become the stuff of legend! Professor Shady and Fayley and anyone else that’s in Tyler’s path should just leave town now. Even Klaus should be sweating at least a little. Can’t wait for that and frankly every other story line after this hellatus. So many possible directions for this show to go – – this is going to be a long break.

  24. Incendiate says:

    “Tyler Lockwood: Like what, Stefan? What’s more important than taking out the most dangerous creature in the world? Than gaining freedom for a dozen scared, traumatized individuals? Than seeing justice done to the guy who murdered your girlfriend, right after he murdered her aunt right in front of her eyes? What’s more important than that?

    Stefan Salvatore: My sex life?

    Tyler Lockwood: ”

    Seriously, this.

    Like you, I prefer RipperStefan. Although he’s totally evil, I feel that’s more true to who Stefan is inside. His good guy act is that, an act, and as much as he wants to be good, he just can’t — at least not consistently. But here’s the thing: even when Stefan is being “good,” he’s a total tool! A selfish, brooding, super hair-gel-sporting tool. This section of your recap is just perfect because all of those things would make sense in an avenging capacity, but avenging isn’t high on Stefan’s priority list. Making Elena human (for himself, not for her) is the only thing his tunnel vision can see. So let me just reiterate Tyler’s reaction there with a *facepalm*

    Killer Klaus was just…epic. I didn’t know whether to have multiple girly moments, cry, or be disturbed, which is basically the perfect combination to make me drool. And drool I did. It was so perfect and was a beautiful parallel to scenes from “The Godfather,” “Goodfellas,” and “Reservoir Dogs.” Since I have the utmost respect for directors using that kind of juxtaposed device, it was just happygasms everywhere.

    Wonderful episode all around. I am dying to see how this Professor Creepy/Silas/dead wife and kid/Hunter/Cure thing plays out. When the writers pull off some of the twists they did this episode, it gives me hope that they won’t pull a giant retcon, turn Elena human, and undo all the growth she’s had this season.

    <3 this episode!

  25. vm says:

    Klaus is the perfect narcissistic psycho: “Poor me, I’m so lonely and alone because I kill everyone who comes close to me.”
    Great acting.
    Btw, am I the only one who was happy when Hayley snapped Caroline’s neck? She’s been so annoying, it was nice to see someone temporarily shut her up.

  26. katherine_fan says:

    I thought this episode was boring.I lost interest in the Damon-Elena-Bonnie-Jeremy-Shane scenes as soon as Jeremy put a jacket on.(ok,i have to admit that the scene where Jeremy says how he feels about Elena and that he won’t stop until he kills her was amazing,but when that moment was gone,zzz). The only thing that I liked about this episode was Tyler.He was a leader and a friend to the hybrids,and he was willing to sacrifice himself to free them.Tyler’s character development is even better than Caroline’s.
    I didn’t find Klaus killing the hybrids as magical as you did.I still see Klaus as villain in the way that I hate him for killing the hybrids and Carol (the hybrids were useless but I prefer werewolves to vampires and I liked Tyler’s plan and Caroline’s idea and I feel so bad for Tyler right now.He’s lost his mom and his friends)butI don’t see Klaus as a villain in the way that I think he’s a threat,because he’s evil and smart and I’m worried about the rest of the characters’ safety.If the scene was about making the audience think that Klaus is a threat,sorry,in my case,it failed.After all that time that Klaus spent being a lovesick fool and drawing ponies and being outsmarted by everyone,I lost all respect I had for him in the past.I used to love/hate Klaus but now all I have for him is anger and hate and laughs everytime he threatens someone.
    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:you should write an episode for tvd.Your idea that Klaus had been in on Hayley’s plan all along is brilliant.I have a theory also.I keep thinking what Hayley said to Tyler about the hybrids:they are werewolves first.So,does that mean that their sacrifice counts as a ‘werewolf sacrifice’ and with Pastor Young’s ‘human sacrifice’ accomplished,there has to be a ‘vampire sacrifice’ also?Kind of like the Sun and Moon curse:kill one of each species?I believe that Klaus had to be the one to kill the hybrids,b/c their bite couldn’t kill him,but I love your idea too!
    Thank you for the sneak peek in the second book of ‘Vampires of St.Troy’.I loved the 1st book (even though I’m still mad at you for killing Angelica) and I can’t wait to read the second one.
    You may not love the holidays,but I do,and I’m wishing you and the Lady happy holidays!Merry Xmas!!

  27. Venus says:

    Okay, I’m Italian, therefore I apologize for mine bad English, but I hope you’ll understand what I’ll want to say:

    This is your best recap E V E R. And I’ve loved so many of it of those writings in past.

    however… the BEST part of to read what you write it’s the way how you can be super-partes. Yes, I like your objective point of view because it’s true. You write the things as they are, or in alternative as you would want they were, but you stay impartial however.

    Do never stop. Please!

    Says this…
    I think that Klaus wasn’t in accord with Hayley and Shane, but as possibility is scheming indeed.

    Caroline and Stefan have caught me: I mean, they’re worried about Klaus, they try empathy for him… but not for DamonCaroline and Stefan have caught me: I want to say, about Klaus are worried, they try empathy for him… but not for Damon that, to comparison, he has less hurt (yes, I don’t think Damon has raped Caroline, he has been wrong with her, certain, but he has not raped her and, however I believe, has shown more times than to deserve, maybe not forgivness, but, at least, a second chance) Mmmh… I must lost something.

    The sire-bond canìt be broken. If worked so
    Damon”Elena you are not sired anymore”
    there would be a revolt, twitter goes boom it would be an euphemism!
    They have already overcome the problem of Jeremy with the boobs of Bonnie, to overcome the sire-bond with such a stupid order, the same sire-bond would have made stupid. Don’t you think?

    BTW, I couldn’t say anything different, or use best words than yours, so I just quote you: “Damon doesn’t want Elena, he wants Elena to chose him. […] This is Damon at his most noble.”
    Cause Damon IS noble.

    I finally hope that Stefan learns to cohabit with his ripper side, because if it found an equilibrium among his “heroism” and his dark side, he could live happy and to find a woman that loves him indeed, because, let’s admit it, Elena has never loved the true Stefan only because the true Stefan doesn’t exist yet.

    That’s all 🙂

  28. Rachel says:

    Just a stray/wild/crazy thought: what if the “cure” will turn back all supernatural creatures to human? If Klaus was in on the plan, so that he could turn Elena back, but was in the dark that the cure would turn all of them back, that would make more sense.
    Crazy I know.

  29. vm says:

    I’m willing to bet a litter of werepire puppies that Bonnie, Jeremy, and Hayley are all hypnotically sired to Professor Shadypants Svengali.

  30. Tymbrimi says:

    The sire bond has managed to take interactions between two people who had a lot of chemistry and pulled a wet blanket over them so there’s no sparkle or fun left. Why would writers ever want to do that ?
    I’m not into the heavy gore but like dark humor so appreciated the Klaus rampage. I’d like some happiness to emerge sometimes in the stories. Don’t want it to be like books 6 and 7 of “Game of Thrones” where it went beyond realistic to sadistic – nothing but horrors for the main characters.
    I hope neither Elena nor Damon become human. Elena has finally become able to defend herself and those she loves without relying on the brothers. Why would Stefan or she want to be a bloodbag again ? As for Damon, it would be pathetic to see him face all the vampires and others he’s dissed with no power of his own. He’d be killed quickly.
    I only recently found this site and agree with Thomas that the people here post some of the most articulate points without personally attacking others. It’s refreshing.

  31. Dayna Dawn Small (AKA Dayna Barter) says:

    Add me to the list of those who think Hayley and Shadypants played Klaus like a violin, knowing he’d go off and murder the hybrids a ton.

    The use of the Christmas music was absolutely spot-on. I loved all of the stuff having to do with Klaus.

    The rest of the nonsense? Bit fat “Meh.” Can I have my Originals spin-off, already?

  32. Lisa says:

    I wonder if Professor “Shadypants” is actually the friend who betrayed Silas? Did he ever say the friend was immortal, too? Maybe he’s looking for the cure for himself because he doesn’t want to live with the grief of the loss of his wife and son? Or is the ability to bring back the dead buried with Silas (He did tell Hayley she could see her dead parents again, and didn’t Pastor Young write something in that letter for April that Connor found that he would be reunited with her again? Did he mean that literally?)? Maybe he’s looking for that to resurrect his family.

    I know Klaus has talked about the Hunters. I want someone to ask him and the other Originals if they heard of the legend of Silas? If they have, is their info different from what Shane has said? That might reveal some more clues to what Shane is up to. I also want to see one of the Originals interact with the Professor. Will they recognize him from the distant past?

    I can’t wait for Shane’s end game to be revealed. He’s manipulating pretty much everyone with what has happened this season: the bombing, possible “resurection”, the “cure”, “Expression” magic for Bonnie, destroying Klaus’ hybrids, creation of another Hunter [did he know Jeremy was a potential Hunter when he came to MF?], and controlling that Hunter. I still think he was somehow responsible for Bonnie losing her magic ability. Couldn’t let her free Elena and the vampires and kill the council members since he probably needed one person (the pastor) to do it for the sacrifice (the pastor kills his followers, and Klaus kills his). And he needed her to be accepting of the “Expression” magic [without knowing that death is the power source].

    And, is April pivotal to Shane’s plans, or did she show up to be another token human.

    Can’t wait for January 17th!!

    Oh, since Carol Lockwood is dead: #ElijahForMayor!!

  33. Marly says:

    Brilliant recap and post mortem, Thomas, and I’m loving the differing reactions from everyone to the episode. I agree on the horrible beauty of the Klaus slaughter sequence. The direction was perfect, the music was awesome as a juxtaposition, ALL of the actors in general in the episode were amazing!! Joseph Morgan as Klaus should get some kind of award simply for the look on his blood-spattered face when he walks up to Carol. I truly believed he’d lived a thousand blood-soaked, weary years. LOVED loved LOVED bloody Christmas:)

    And yet, you know what? ALL of it in this episode except the Klaus stuff fell utterly flat for me. I’ve been genuinely baffled and trying to wrap my head around WHY. Normally, I’m SO excited and anxiously looking forward to the next episode. Literally counting the days. This time? I’m not. At all.

    I was completely disengaged emotionally during the entire show this episode. Judging by some of the above comments, I get the feeling I’m not the only one. Since I’ve been known to cry at Hallmark commercials and cute puppies, engaging me emotionally should be like shooting fish in a barrel. So what’s gone wrong????

    The characters, for one thing, I think. They’re like caricatures of themselves at this point, with their WORST traits most prominent. I didn’t identify or care about any of them. It feels like lots of random stuff happens to them, they learn nothing, and they just stay stagnant (with the exception of Damon, who has had a beautiful redemption arc, and perhaps Tyler.)

    Paul Wesley is an amazing actor and yet I now cringe and grit my teeth when he appears on the screen. Stefan is such an EPIC douchbag. They’ve ruined his character for me entirely.

    Caroline, whom I used to like a lot, has also undergone a character regression back to Season 1’s insecure, shrill, judgmental Caroline. Forget the controversial DAMON issue and look at what else she’s doing…. She blabs secrets EVERY time, zealously thinks her opinion is the only one, and she takes up for her friend’s ex rather than for her best friend or boyfriend. She’s gone from a strong, badass voice of reason and maturity to a major annoyance. I don’t like this Caroline. At all. She’s not evolving. She’s regressing.

    Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler, Matt, April, Professor Creepy? Whatever. Mainly popping up as convenient plot devices, they are still not three dimensional to me.

    And then there’s what is supposed to be the core of the show — the triangle. I LOVE a good romance story. And hot sex is a major bonus. They’ve done a beautiful job with the triangle right up until the sire bond. The sire bond is problematic for me on so many levels, partly because it FEELS like such an artificial plot device. Every time it comes up, my brain says, “LOL mystical cockblock sire bond”. I’m completely jerked out of the story.

    They could have gotten the characters together and introduced fifty other types of conflicts but instead they went all “BLAH BLAH it’s a mystical sire bond and despite all the gray areas and loopholes and contradictions just go with it”. It jars me EVERY time.

    I should be riveted by the sire blond conflict and its effects on Damon/Elena/Stefan. I should be in tears at Damon’s tortured nobility. I should feel torn between Stefan’s plight to HELP Elena and Damon’s plight loving Elena and of doing right by Elena. And I’m not. At all. I don’t care. I feel no tension or suspense. Yawn. I’m a hardcore romantic, for goodness sake. Something has gone terribly wrong.

    I thought Elena was growing into a badass, take action, NONvictim Elena. The sire bond removed all her agency and character growth for me. Basically, anything she says or does since turning vampire makes no difference now. Why? Because she’s a slave whose every act and thought and feeling is called into some degree of question by the bond. And the minute she is NOT sired to Damon, any action she has taken (killing Connor, etc) can be written off as “The Damon made me do it.” Nothing she does matters anymore to me. I don’t need to question if what she is feeling is real. I don’t worry about it or wonder. Whether it is REAL has become BESIDE the point for me somehow.

    It doesn’t matter because the sire bond makes the answer to that question immaterial. The writers have the perfect device to shift her character ANY direction after the bond is broken and they can blame it on the sire bond. It’s a HUGE metaphorical retcon button they can push at will. So I can’t get invested in this Elena and who she really is. I don’t care what Elena is doing or saying until the bond is broken. They’ve made her almost a NONcharacter to me because nothing she does truly MATTERS. And I have the sinking feeling that the resolution of the sire bond issue will feel just as clumsy and artificial as the bond itself.

    It’s like….I’ve suddenly been reminded that magic is actually just a trick and now I’m too aware of the trick to feel the magic. Does that make sense?

    I don’t particularly find the thought of another season of watching Damon be noble or sacrifice while everyone blames him for it, entertaining. It’s been done. A LOT at this point.

    And I only see three outs for this: Damon dies/becomes human (don’t want to see it), Elena dies/becomes human (already seen it, don’t need to see “Save Fragile Flower Elena” all over again), or mystical spell (manipulation that’s going to feel just as RANDOM and artificial as the mystical sire bond). I’m not saying there’s no other options, but the writers seem to have fumbled this for me and I’m no longer feeling much hope that they’ll write a truly satisfying way out. As you pointed out in a previous post mortem, the writers have to give, then take away, but leave you with hope. In this case, I’m not feeling the hope I guess. Somewhere between the character regressions and the sire bond, I emotionally checked out.

    I’d love to root for someone on the show. But instead, I find myself either disliking the characters or not caring. Ric, weirdly, used to be an anchor on the show. He was smart, likeable, funny. He seemed to see the other characters the way the viewers did, both the good and bad. Have you noticed how SHOCKING and REFRESHING it is when a character actually seems to have some insight — like Meredith in Connor’s RV with Damon calling him a “good brother” or Caroline showing Elena how to compel April? How there’s this moment of “Thank GOODNESS…someone other than Damon is SMART…or INSIGHTFUL for a change…”

    Since Ric was killed off, my level of frustration with the characters has risen dramatically. They don’t seem to SEE the truth of each other, even when it’s ridiculously obvious. There seems to be no consequences to anything the characters do or have done to them, so there is no growth in character. It makes them come off as unlikeable or too blindly stupid to live. Characters SHOULD have flaws. Flaws are actually GOOD. But when the characters are so flawed that they come across as unlikeable, unsympathetic, incredibly stupid, or so random and contradictory that it’s jarring — it doesn’t work.

    What I’ve got now is a group of pretty unlikeable or fairly dumb characters and plot devices who run willy nilly into schemes for *blahblahblah reasons*, disregarding all consequences for anyone else around them, and who fail spectacularly with little or no emotional consequences. It used to be entertaining, when I was rooting for someone. When there were stakes. Now the only stakes are who will die next? Who am I rooting for now? I don’t know. Where have the funny, smart, likeable characters gone? Where’s the tension? The suspense? The emotion? I don’t know.

    So I thought the episode was shot beautifully and that the Klaus destruction scene was a work of horrifying art. But I think my emotions have been heightened too long and I’ve flipped my humanity switch I guess… because I can’t seem to feel like what happens NEXT matters. And I suppose that’s the real core of the problem. What happens next SHOULD matter. But it really doesn’t.

    I’ve loved this show SO much. Still do, despite my brutal criticism. That’s honest. I plan to tune in for more episodes to see if the writers can pull me back in. I’m really hoping so.

  34. jaja says:

    This ep didn’t do it at all for me. The only part that I liked was April making that discovery, promising more interaction between the normal and the paranormal. The rest was too dark, even for a regular ep let alone a holiday one! Also, in my honest opinion taking a Christmas song and using it for murder scenes is unoriginal (seen it done for a horror flick trailer) and downright sick (I mean mentally sick). Finally, I think the plot is that simple where Klaus is concerned: The hybrids betrayed him, and that’s why he killed them.

  35. meee says:


    agree with you about the sire bond, as much as i like DE togheter, because Twilight SE was to much, the writers if they want to reunite boring stelena will use the sire bond as an excuse …and we know that julie plec is crazy…and evil sometimes..and probabil Twitter will explode if this will happen…because would be LAME..stupid…pathetic….

    About who gets the cure: silas chapter will end at ep 15 . I saw some actors saying that they cried at ep 15 when they read the script, at the same episoad Ian somerhalder posted a pic when he is in a tomb pretty hurted…..

    so probably damon will become a human….

    About elena. i would like so see her turning her humanity off……maybe i am saying this because i miss katherine….

  36. katherine_fan says:

    I don’t know what to say about Stefan’s plan to help Jeremy kill as many vampires he can.In the second episode he gave this speech to Elena about the numerous vampires dropping dead if she killed Rebekah and now he’s willing to aid Jeremy kill plenty of them?Maybe he was trying to spare Elena from feeling guilty and doing the best he could so that she wouldn’t switch off her humanity,but still,the cure and sire bond storylines make him come off as a big fat,hypocrite.He doesn’t have any sense of morality?He defines what’s wrong and what’s right based on whether sth benefits Elena or not?At least we have Tyler who calls Stefan (and a few others) out on their questionable motives and actions.I love Stefan but this season he’s plain horrible and I just wanna bang his head agains the wall just like Klaus did with Finn.

  37. Izeinwinter says:

    Eh.. Stefan was trying to spare Elena’s feelings and sprouting whatever bullshit argument he could think of to stop her without outright calling her a moron. Because spelling out exactly how stupid she was being would probably have landed him on the couch.

    Rebekah is a thousand years old, and as an original was stronger than an average vampire the day she was turned. Elena is 17, and had been a vampire for all of 3 days at that point. She goes after Rebekah with the stake in hand, that fight does not end with Rebekah dead. She might as well hand the stake over giftwrapped with a nice bow on top! This is likely why Rebekah was taunting her in the first place. – She was checking if Elena would be dumb enough to hand over the one weapon in the world that could end Rebekah in a fit of pique.

  38. Marnie101 says:

    I think it is a MAJOR problem when so many fans are confused across the board. We need a clarifying interview with Plec or someone. Even if part of it is to explain the areas that are supposed to be murky.

    I can’t be invested if I have no clue whats going on!!!

    ps- @Marly the thing that struck me the most about your comment was the issue of repercussions and consequences. There is no real emotional breathing room, there is no more than a minute or two in each episode of feelings/reactions. These characters just do things, or things happen to them, but the are no stakes other than life or death and at this point, that’s pretty much off the table with cures and spells and ect. It’s plot plot plot, twist, Mcguffin, kill, new character who comes for ten eps and dies ect. It’s all about the plot, and characters are used to serve it. There are a few exceptions, but in general that is the case. Look at Bonnie- four seasons in and she still has never been given a fleshed out character. There has to be SOME balance.

  39. Kelly says:

    Great recap! This episode was certainly interesting. I don’t know that it blew me away, because some of the details were hard to follow or didn’t seem to make sense in certain parts, but you’ll get no arguments from me that Klaus’s hybrid massacre was anything short of a brilliant scene. The contrast of the poignant music and the violence was perfect.

    They certainly gave us plenty of food for thought over the hiatus. April being in-the-know about the nest of monsters she lives in will be interesting to see. Wonder how her friendship with Rebekah is going to play out now. Still intrigued about the Silas/cure storyline. All signs seem to be pointing to someone being turned into a human. I’ll place my bet on Damon, seeing as that would be one way to break the sire bond. I highly doubt they’d de-vamp Elena that quickly.

    Thanks for sharing the preview from Scion!

  40. A says:

    Awesome recap for an awesome episode! Christmas carols will never be the same again, and I love it.

    I don’t think that Klaus is in cahoots with Shane and Hayley, and I DEFINITELY do not think he is trying to cure/destroy himself. Not that it isn’t a remote possibility, but Klaus has fought so hard for his survival. What would be the point of that if he were only trying to cure himself, making himself revert to being a werewolf who would inevitably either die of old age or get killed by the myriads of people who have a grudge against him? It doesn’t make sense. Although, in some conversations with Caroline, he’s revealed that he’s contemplated both dying and being human… I think those are more of passing moments than hints at an actual will to die or a plan. Klaus is both stronger than that, and conversely, not strong enough to allow himself to become weak and vulnerable. I think Klaus’ continual fight for survival trumps the musing/depressed moments he’s had regarding humanity and mortality and all of that. Which, interestingly enough, is a totally human thing. I think that most people have thought about dying at some point, maybe even wished for it, yet in moments of peril, most will fight for survival at all costs.

    Anyway, I think that Klaus destroying his hybrids was completely in simple reaction to what Hayley told him. If she told him that they were un-sired and planning to take him out, the natural reaction is for him to destroy them, no matter how much he’d wanted his hoard of hybrids. They’re (more) useless and a threat to him once un-sired anyway, as Tyler has been proof of. I think that’s why Klaus looked so bitter and sad once he had destroyed them all. He was not planning on doing that, but he was forced into it for his own self-preservation. It also recalled the scene in 3×02 after he killed off all of the failed hybrids in transition, with dead hybrid bodies all around and Klaus standing alone over the scene. Epic moment.

    Lastly, though of course Klaus killing Carol was terrible… it was so beautifully and perfectly KLAUS. Why kill Tyler and give him an easy out for all of his betrayals and rebellious actions when he could kill the one family member Tyler has left and cause him infinitely more pain that way? Klaus knows how to cause not only physical pain, but emotional and mental pain as well. Tyler will likely now be consumed with both grief and guilt, knowing his mother is dead as a consequence of his actions. Klaus is SUCH a devious, evil bastard, and I love him so so much.

    The End.

  41. Tymbrimi says:

    @Marly – Really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Like you, it’s important to me that there be character development and growth in reaction to events. This has always been a weak point in TVD. I need some characters to root for and besides Alaric, it’s been Elena and Damon, especially once his redemption was underway. I agree that the sire bond feels totally artificial and seems like a dead end or rather a regression to where we’ve already been with these people. And you describe perfectly what it’s done to Elena’s growth. I’m also somewhat emotionally disengaged at this point; I don’t see a good way out. I’m also a romantic and they’ve made me start not to care.
    I don’t like what Stefan is doing right now but I’m sympathetic to his sense of betrayal and hurt. Most of us are not at our best when we’ve been rejected. I never saw Stefan as the good guy he likes to be seen as, so to me he’s not out of character.
    The show needs to pay more attention to the characters and not move so fast past what their normal responses to major events would be.

  42. Pauline B says:

    “This is the most beautiful act of incredible violence I have ever seen I am in love please somebody hold me!” : my exact reaction while watching the ep.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this was the first heart rip(s) of the season, right ? Bex’s dream doesn’t count, and while an hybrid’s heart was indeed remove in 4×05, if didn’t exactly count either.
    I’m sure Julie Plec deprived us of them for so long only because she was planning this scene #StandingOvation #BuildingAnAlterInHerHonnor.

    I like your theory about Klaus being on board with Shane & Haley plan since the beginning, though I still don’t know if you’re right :
    Klaus won’t actually turn human, but will became a werewolf. I don’t know if he feels lonely to the point he’d be ready to endure shifting into a werewolf every full moon.
    If he wasn’t planning on making Elena human again, why save her in 4×03 ? Maybe to induce Team Elena in error…

    Question : if both Klaus and Elena/Kat turn human, do you think Tyler could turn Klaus ? Muhaha, can you imagine, Klaus, being sired to Tyler ? #KarmaIsABitch

    While I’m on it : the cure ? It might not turn vampire human after all. Shane only said it remove the need to drink blood… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    The Sire Bond : you know, I remember my first comment on this blog, for 3×22 :
    “I love the way they turned Elena […] We have no idea of whose blood she drank, which means that they’ll have to forget their stupid “let’s kill the best family ever” plan. Unless Meredith only had Damon’s blood in her fridge. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Elena was sired to Damon ? I DON’T want it to happen in the show, but I’d love to read a humorous fan fiction about it”.

    And for 4×01 :

    “Why Damon’s blood ? […] While in the show itself, being someone sire doesn’t mean anything, I can’t help but believe that it did mean something in the writers mind. But, even though I’m trying to be unbiased, I’m still a huge DE fan at core, so I might not entirely objective.
    Oh, and can we take 2 seconds to imagine the trio face if Elena had been sired to Damon ? If it had happened, it would have ruined DE, but every-time I think about DES expression, I’m laughing.”

    Back then, I meant every words of it. But now ? I’m completely in love with this storyline. IMO, this ability to make me root for storyline I was totally against in the first place is a testimony of the writers talent. Or of my masochism…

    “so as your Sire, I command you to choose for yourself create enough teenage angst to power us through the hiatus.” Like I’ve said before, I doubt it can be that simple. She’d only BEHAVE like she wasn’t sired / was capable of choosing for herself. But as soon as Damon would tell her to do something, she’d still have to do it. And it still wouldn’t change the fact that Damon still doubts that Elena’s feelings for him are a product of the sire bond (according to JP, he’s doubting their intensity, not their “existence”).

    “Because that, really, is the heart of the Damon/Elena relationship. Damon doesn’t want Elena, he wants Elena to chose him. It’s never been enough just to have her. If it was, he had plenty of opportunities to exploit her emotional vulnerability while Stefan was off killing his way across the continent. If it was, he’d be perfectly content to let the Sire bond work its magic.”
    I 99% agree with you. I just believe that Damon WANTS Elena, but as much as he wants to be with her, it would be meaningless if her feelings for him aren’t real.

    And, in my opinion, that’s the tragedy of sire bond/Delena. If only she had turn in 2×21 (when her feelings weren’t as strong), she may have not been sired to him, and her feelings would have develop anyway, without the question of “is this because of the sire bond?”
    Or if only he hadn’t compel her when their met (because, while remembering it afterward didn’t change a thing, the situation would have been entirely different : she might not have date Stefan, thus being with Damon when she turned, so he wouldn’t have doubt her feelings, even with a sire bond).
    Or if ONCE, just once she admitted to him that she had feelings for him, instead of her usual “I don’t know / I care about you” (I don’t blame her though, the poor girl was in a difficult situation, and Damon did a few bad stuff to her), then maybe he wouldn’t be so reluctant to believe she now wants to be with him.

    But it happened this way, and it sucks for both of them :
    Elena : it must have been liberating for her to admit her feelings, to Damon and to herself. But now that she has, everyone is blaming it on the sire bond.
    And of course for Damon. He has what he has wanted for so long, but it’s yanked away from him as soon as it happened. How could he take the risk to believe it’s real, when there is (according to him) a possibility it’s all over when the bond is broken ?

    All in all, the sire bond was a sadistic, cruel, pitiless twist to Delena (and their fans). Which makes it a brilliant one, really. Can’t wait to see how their both going to react in the next episodes. I bet on a lot of Crazy!Eyes from Damon.
    Btw, I just re-watched 1×14 with my recently converted friend : she was like “I admit, it must be painful to discover the woman he has loved for 145 years wasn’t in the tomb”. And me “Muhaha, please, that’s NOTHING compared to what’s coming toward him. Actually, the whole gang’s lives seem pretty easy in season 1 compared when you compare it to what they’ll go through later”. Her “Really, is this even possible ?”.

    A few theories :

    A recent tweets asked Julie Plec if Elena turning human was the solution to the sire bond. JP “That would be the logical answer” → no human Elena. For me, it will go either way :
    Elena find a way to break the sire bond, her feelings are real. DE is happy. All of this happens toward the end of the season. Then Damon dies in the finale. We can’t let the fans be happy for too long, can we ? Btw, I remember my 4×06 comment “The writers : So, we were planning of making DE official before the end of the season.
    Producers : What ? Give the fans what they want ? […]
    The writers : Don’t be silly ! We’ll only put DE as a couple for only 1 or 2 episodes before breaking them up in the most heartbreaking (yet epic) way possible !” DE have been together for 2 episodes exactly before separating 😉
    Or Damon dies in the finale, thus unsiring Elena, whose feelings are still very real, sadly Damon is dead.

    Either way, I don’t think Damon will survive the finale (have you notice how Damon almost dies in EVERY finale ?) Of course, he’d find a way to come back (probably thanks to Silas, the new big bag who will be redeemed through hid love for April – btw, what is her part in all that ? Is she like a sort of key to free Silas ?)

    And you did tell me that you didn’t consider the promos as spoilers, right ? So according to the 4×10, Kol is coming back next ep. Which leads me to my “random theory that will probably turn out to be wrong because it’s almost always the case and I love the show for that” :

    We know since 3×13 that Kol and Klaus don’t get along : “Do it [dagger me]. I dare you. You’ll have Kol to deal with” Elijah to Klaus. Klaus would rather face Elijah, who was this close to rip his heart out in 2×21, than to deal with his younger brother → my baby Original seems to be a serious threat to Klaus. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to kill him, except that Klaus is technically a century older than him, so making a frontal attack with the silver stake would be to risky.

    So Kol will come back in 4×10 “Hey, just got a call from Bex. Since I’m here, I might as well help you with the cure”.
    BUT : we then have a little flashback : Kat, who still have minions watching over MF, knows about the cure. And since she’s a mastermind, she also knows about Kol and Klaus “tense” relationship. So she went to find him and told him about it. They formed a plan : Kol convinces Klaus to “forgive” Katherine :”You know, if you want to make more hybrids, it would be better to have to human doppelgangers than one, so you should let Katherine come back and live”. In exchange, Katherine helps them find the cure, but only because Kol is planning to use it against Klaus, to turn him human – well werewolf, but it makes no difference to him – to be able to kill him. Kat is totally on board with this plan, because she had no intention to spend a human life being Klaus’s blood-bag.

    Like I said, I doubt it will happen, but who knows : if I keep making theory about Kat’s return, I might find the right one 😉

    “The discussions we have here are, I’m pretty confident in saying, some of the most articulate, well-thought-out, and polite discussions on the internet, even when you disagree with me and each other” agree, this is one of the many reasons why I recommend this blog to every TVD fans I meet – or if they’re not TVD fans, I’ll convince them to try the show (“Just ignore the cheesiness/ twilightness/ lameness of the first episodes”) and to read your recaps after each ep.
    That and the insightful thoughts you express. And the fact that they are hilarious. You (and the first 17 episodes of TVD) helped my (newly converted to TVD and to your recaps) friend and me to get through our constitutional law classes (our teacher is convinced the V republic is a dictature).

    Oh, and you completely distracted from my revisions with Debutante. I had to force myself to stop reading it in order to study for my “History of the Constitution in England” exam (btw, I was confused, not a single word about the Jewish viking who left England in 1000 to move in the USA #FailingHistoryForever).

    One last thing and this interminable, hopefully not-to-boring comment will be done : I wish you and the Lady – well, not a merry Christmas for you – but the least painful Christmas possible 🙂

    See you around January 20th !

  43. Nisha says:

    Great recap….I love it when I read something and it makes me giggle 🙂

    I so agree with comment 20 from vm about the cure and it will heal dead people and dead/undead vampires..given that they killed off too many great characters, I hope they might bring one or two back like Alaric or Lexi or Jenna???

    I agree Paul Wesley is such a great him in his new funny.

    Damon killed 12 innocent people for the sacrifice, Klaus 12 hybrids. It felt like Shane wanted it to be Klaus to kill the 12. I’m wondering if this might have some consequneces for them at some point??? Like is this maybe nescesarry to make them human again?

    Merry Christmas for you two

  44. Saggie22 says:

    Great recap Thomas, even as I come here so late.

    Your theory of Klaus being on this plot from the start makes more sense than him not knowing anything about it. Surely he must know about Silas, since he knows everything about the supernatural. So he must know what it is that will get the cure i.e 12 humans, 12 hybrids, Jeremy`s tattoo/map, etc. I slso found it weird that he didn`t kill Hayley, even though she is the one who unsired ALL OF THE HYBRIDS. How could he just let her walk free?

    But then if Klaus had planned to kill the hybrids all along, why worry whether they were sired or unsired. Did they all have to be unsired in other for the sacrifice to work? AHHH…so many questions.

    I`m looking forward to the confrontation between Tyler and Klaus, now that Tyler has absolutely nothing to lose. He should be absolutely fearsome. Oh, he lost Caroline too, seeing as Caroline is sacrificing all her relationships, betraying everyone…for Stefan. Which doesn`t make a whole lot of sense to me. How had Stefan become more important to her than her boyfriend and her best friend?

    Anyway, was I the only one who is a Damon fan but couldn`t care much about DE in this episode? For some reason I just don`t care anymore. Just as I didn`t care when Stefan was throwing a tantrum when he heard about DE sex. It`s like…whatever.

    I was sad though that Carol had been killed. Not as sad as I would have been if she had been a regular on the show, but I was sad enough. Poor Tyler.

    Looking forward to seeing Rebekah, and hopefully a more interesting April.

    I like Hayley, and I hope she stays a while, but I doubt it. The show can`t have three females(Hayley, Rebekah, Caroline…sometimes)who are more awesome than the leading lady. That`s just…awkward.

    Am I the only one who thought Jeremy`s body didn`t match his face? His face is way too small for that ripped body of his.

    Looking forward to the return of the show. But for some reason, I`m not as upset about the winter break as before. I`m like, I`ll see the show when I see the show.

    But I will miss the recaps:)

  45. Jenn P. says:

    So let me start by saying I’m so glad they didn’t gloss over Christmas this season. In 4 seasons it’s the first mention of Christmas in Mystic Falls that we’ve seen even though over a year has passed in-show since the beginning. So yay lol

    Currently, I’m torn on what’s going on/how the characters are behaving. For one thing, I get why Caroline is siding with Stefan, and why she’s so bitter when it comes to Damon. What I don’t agree with is the over-the-top way she’s voicing her feelings. I think she’s justified in her dislike of Damon. True he’s done some good things for her, but it’s not like he’s full on nice to her now (never even said sorry or asked for her forgiveness for that matter) and the things he did to her pre-vampire were pretty bad (I’d say he raped her based on what we know and the only reason Caroline doesn’t say as much is b/c the writers aren’t letting her since that would really paint Damon badly, simple as that). But based on the character she’s grown into since becoming a vampire, I think her current behavior is too season 1 and it doesn’t make sense. Like others, I get that the writers need a Stelena voice, and I have no trouble buying Caroline as a Stelena shipper lol, but her behavior over it has gotten wicked OOC (she’s been a little OOC in general. Was anyone else surprised by her lack of concern when they killed Chris the hybrid who’d gone out on a limb to help them? I could see her ultimately being willing to give him up in order to save Elena since Elena is her friend and she doesn’t know Chris, but to do so without giving a thought as to how it would upset Tyler, the guy she loves? And without caring much that he was a truly good guy? Uncharacteristic, Caroline is always thinking of others) so I can see why viewers are getting annoyed with her despite her usual awesomeness. She made a good, stable voice of reason and I miss that dearly 🙁

    However, I am surprised that so many people are giving her crap about her treatment of Elena yet defending Elena’s treatment of Caroline. A lot of people have said they think Caroline is being a shitty friend since she’s not supporting Elena’s decision to be with Damon. Well what about Elena? She’s jumping into bed with a guy who used, abused (physically, emotionally, and psychologically), tried to kill a few times, and possibly raped one of her best friends without so much as a thought to how it would make Caroline, the best friend on the receiving end of these actions, feel. If you are a Delena shipper, or even just a fan of Damon, for just one moment take the characters out of the equation. Put yourself in Caroline’s shoes, one of your best friends in Elena’s, and one of your exes in Damon’s. Now tell me you wouldn’t freak the fuck out if your best friend started dating that ex after all he’d done to you. Can you HONESTLY say it wouldn’t bother you at all? And how hurt would you be when that friend who is now dating that ex didn’t give a damn how it made you feel (or how it made her ex, who is a dear friend of yours, feel either), and not only tossed your concerns to the side but basically had the nerve to accuse you of being a bitch for not support her decision? I’m just saying, I think a lot of people are having skewed views on this situation b/c of their love of Damon/Delena, and as a result Caroline is getting dumped on =/

    I’m not sure why so many people are surprised by Stefan’s surprise over Damon and Elena sleeping together already. They JUST broke up. I don’t care what the reason was; Human or vampire, I think it’s really OOC of Elena to do that. BUT, I think it’s a great show of the sire bond she’s under. I’ve seen a few posts express relief that the bond doesn’t affect feelings, just actions, meaning Elena’s feelings for Damon are real and not a result of her siring. Well, we already know her feelings for him are real, we’ve known that since last season. It was a matter of who did she love MORE, Stefan or Damon? She’d just chosen Stefan and seemed pretty confident in that choice, only to break up with Stefan and jump in bed with Damon within a week of being turned and sired. Not only did she do that, she doesn’t even seem remotely guilty about it. THAT’S what I blame the sire bond for and why it’s problematic. It’s completely affecting her actions when they involve Damon, there’s no arguing that. Under normal circumstance, I think it’s safe to say that Elena never would have jumped into bed with Damon so quickly, and she certainly would have felt bad about it if she had. She says her feelings for Damon have magnified since turning, but her feelings for Stefan should have too (I’ve seen some mention that she’s mad at Stefan for lying about stuff or something, but that happened after she was turned and even in the beginning her feelings for him hadn’t seemed any stronger). As it stands, it seems like her feelings for Damon magnified 10 fold and her feelings for Stefan practically disappeared. Makes sense that the reason for that is the sire bond. Her loving Stefan doesn’t make Damon happy.

    I absolutely can’t believe the writers actually had Caroline and Stefan EMPATHIZING with Klaus! I can see them pitying him to an extent, but to then question what makes him any worse than them? Are you kidding me? That drove me crazy. I feel like I’m one of the few people that isn’t sucked into Klaus b/c Joseph Morgan plays him (I’d never heard of the guy before TVD) or b/c he’s a “badass.” He is a bad guy. End. Of. Story. I don’t care how lonely he is or how mean his dad was to him growing up. Boohoo, that doesn’t make the things he’s done okay. I can almost get on board with Stefan not seeing a big distinction between himself and Klaus anymore b/c of the things he’s done as a ripper, and how he forced Jeremy to kill to make his mark spread, etc. even though the reason behind those actions for him is different than they would be for Klaus, but CAROLINE? Are you kidding? She’s killed ONE person and, not only was it an accident, but she was clearly upset when it happened. How could you even come close to putting her in the same basket? Even Tyler’s only killed one person that we know of (Sarah, when he triggered the curse) and that was also an accident. He might have killed the girl Rebekah brought him back in season 2 (at the end of the ep we learned he was sired in), but we only see him feed we don’t actually see him kill her, so we can’t even say he’s killed 2 people for sure. And even so that’s still a spec of terrible next to all Klaus has done. The comparison was utterly absurd . . . I did think it was very artist though the way the writers pretty much reminded us of that. As soon as Stefan says they’ve all done horrible things so what makes them any better than Klaus, the scene switches to a bloody Klaus walk up to an innocent Carol Lockwood and drowned her b/c he’s mad at her son. Right there, THAT’S what makes the majority of the cast better than Klaus, and I think the writers purposely did it like that to remind the viewers that he is still the bad guy. The only person I can think of who does that kind of thing is Damon (i.e. snapping Jeremy’s neck b/c Elena rejected him, how petty and petulant can you get??), and even he’s been redeemed to an extent b/c of the good things he’s done. When has Klaus ever done anything selfless, something that only benefited someone else and not himself? Anyone? Yeah, no, he hasn’t. To solidify the point of how (most) of our MF vamps are better individuals than Klaus, earlier in the episode when Stefan and Damon were on the phone about how to stop Tyler from taking out Klaus the only solution Damon had was to either kill Tyler, or tell Klaus and let him kill Tyler, neither of which Stefan was okay with/willing to do. Klaus’s solution would be have been the same as Damon’s. I think this is also another perfect example of why, of the two Salvatores, Stefan is considered the “good brother” while Damon is the “bad brother.” Damon was totally fine with killing Tyler if it kept his objective in line (keeping Klaus alive to find the cure), but even though finding the cure is what Stefan wants more than anything, he wasn’t willing to kill Tyler.

    Which is another reason I’m surprised by the way so many fans think Stefan is a selfish douchebag. He can definitely be douchebaggy, I’ll agree to that (still can’t believe he was cool with making Jeremy kill vampires), but I’m not sure where the selfish part is coming from. I really don’t think Stefan is only trying to find the cure to give Elena for himself simply b/c he can’t love her as a vampire. I think part of it is for himself, that he prefers her as a human, but ultimately that he truly thinks it’s best for her b/c she’s not cut out to be a vampire/wasn’t meant for that lifestyle (I’m not saying he is or isn’t correct in that assessment, just that I think he truly believes that), and b/c she still really doesn’t want to be a vampire (I think that’s true too, that Elena would still rather be human at this point. Nothing that’s happened up until now makes me feel like her mind has changed about that yet). If the cure was a magic potion and Stefan found it and brought it to Elena, only to have her tell him she’s happy and doesn’t want to be human again, I really don’t think he’d shove it down her throat and force her to become human. The only reason I could see him possibly forcing it on her now is to break the sire bond (Damon likes her as a vampire, ergo per the sire bond she may want to stay a vampire not b/c she herself likes it, but b/c Damon likes it). If the bond is broken and she still chooses Damon, I think Stefan will ultimate respect that decision, albeit with a sulking attitude but still lol.

    Finally, I’m really pleased with the storyline Tyler seems to be getting (did anyone else think the writers were gearing up to have him leave yet AGAIN for several eps in the middle of the season? lol), and with the fanfare Tyler is starting to receive. I’ve liked him for a long time now, but it seems a lot of fans were either indifferent to him, or actively hated him even though he’s changed so much in a positive way. I’m glad to see him beginning to get more backing and I really liked his alpha status with the hybrids and all that. Too bad it was so short lived (not that I’m surprised with this show. Same thing with the whole Klaus in Tyler’s body bit, would have liked to have seen that play out for more than half of 1 ep). I’m very interested to see where things go for him. He’s now lost his mother and all his hybrid brethren, Hayley was a traitor, and he’s kind of at odds with the rest of the MF crew since his goal and theirs is different. Technically he still has Caroline (they seemed to have made up in the scene in the Grill’s bathroom when she explained her idea to use Rebekah’s body to trap Klaus instead of Tyler’s), but even that seems like it might be fraying unfortunately. I just have no idea where they are going with his character at this point and that makes me very curious.

    All in all, I don’t like how they are/aren’t developing some of the characters, but I am intrigued by the cure plot line they have going on (I’m probably one of the few people that could care less whether they cure Elena or not. She could die and I’d be good with that at this point lol), so I’m looking forward to the return of the show in January 🙂

  46. jubilantia says:

    I got the impression that Prof Slim Shady is actually Silas and whoever is buried is the friend that killed his wife. Did I mishear the story? That’s the only way I can think that it would make sense, since I thought he said the friend killed Silas’s family, and HE has a dead family. Whatever, I’m sure it’s something even more gloriously twisted.

    Amen on the Klaus stuff. That was one of the most beautiful and cathartic sequences of the series, especially framed with the Criminal Minds-like deconstruction/lampshade into a killer’s mind. Also Joseph Morgan totally nails the angsty hotness. I know you’re all for Caroline and Stephan to get it on, but I still reeeeally want Klausoline. Also, if this whole Cure thing ends up Killing-killing Klaus, I will be devastated.

    I love what they’ve been doing with Damon, and his fairy-tale-lawyer wording that sent Elena away without stopping her from loving him. I know it’s more dramatic and all, but I feel like he’s smart enough to figure out a “love who you want without the Sire bond” solution.

  47. Highmage says:

    Just two questions:

    1. Will Tyler be Mayor now that Carol died? :))
    2. Why does **no one** on this show have 2 living parents?

  48. Highmage says:

    Somehow, the massacre scenes only made me appreciate Klaus more. He really hasn’t done anything significantly horrible to the Mystic Falls gang in a while – in fact, so far this season, he’s helped Elena avoid going crazy after killing Connor, tracked the hunter’s sword to Italy in order to aid “Project Make Elena Human Again,” and he’s entertained Caroline’s “interest” like a martyr, knowing it’s just a ruse to distract him. Sure, some of that he did for his own reasons, but the point is he’s been playing on their team for a while now, forgiving them for every harebrained attempt to kill and/or stop him, and they all still treat him like *he’s* the bad guy who’s going to turn on *them.* Sure, he kinda treated the hybrids like his personal menservants, but the massacre scenes made me feel way worse for Klaus than any of the hybrids. He was trying so hard to be understanding for a stretch there and he couldn’t do it anymore – their betrayal just made him snap. The only thing that made me more sad was that his killing Mayor Lockwood is going to *majorly* set back any Klaus/Caroline pairing. Sigh…