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– Rebekah’s Residence – Hate Sex Hangover –

Stefan Salvatore: OMG what have I done OMG I hate hatesex with Rebekah OMG my chastity in in tatters OMG how will I ever forgive myself OMG I have to get out of here OMG maybe if I’m careful she won’t wake up OMG she’s snoring that’s a good sign OMG what would Lexi think OMG okay time to activate my super vampire sneaking powers …

Klaus: Hi Stefan! It looks like you’re trying to sneak out of Rebekah’s apartment! Hey Rebekah! Did you hear that! Stefan’s trying to sneak out of your apartment!

Stefan Salvatore: I hate you so much.

Klaus: …Does that mean we’re going to have hatesex too?

Stefan Salvatore: So. Much.

Klaus: Anyway, Kol is running about with my Magic Daggers of Original Inconvenience and the Splintery Shaft of Sudden Slaughter, and since I really enjoy having complete power over you …

Rebekah: Go fuck yourself?

Stefan Salvatore: No, I’m good. Last night wore me out. I –

Rebekah: Not you, Stefan, him.

The Lady of the Manor: This entire show could be Klaus close-arguing and I would watch it every single week.

– The Gilbert House of Genocide –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Bonnie! I have a fantastic plan!

Bonnie Bennett: You’re going to relish the fact that you’re going to be young and hot forever, travel the world, see the sites, rub the David, have torrid sex with anyone who catches your eye, and never regret a single moment of it?

Elena Gilbert: LOL no, I’m going to have my brother murder roughly 1.6 million potentially innocent vampires so that we can raise a world-ending monster from the grave so that he can make me boring human again so I can finally enjoy guilt-ridden sex with Damon!

Bonnie Bennett: That’s a great plan, but does it require me to channel dark forces, violate the balance of nature, and commit grave acts of moral depravity?

Elena Gilbert: You bet!

– Bennett Bungalow – Passable Parenting –

Rudy Hopkins: Hi Bonnie! As mayor of this town and unfortunate progenitor of your mistakes, I’m making some changes! First, I am declaring Tuesday official Pot Roast and Potatoes for Dinner night! Second, I am lowering the speed limit on Dead Parent Bridge to a more reasonable 35 miles an hour! Third, I am passing an ordinance against schools of witchcraft and wizardry! Oh, and I dumped vervain in the town water supply and I canceled all school activities forever because people keep getting eaten. Love you lots!

Bonnie Bennett: …What were those noises coming out of my father’s mouth? It sounded like … parenting?

Kol: Hi Bonnie! I just realized that no one will be able to raise Silas from the grave if you’re too dead to do magic!

Bonnie Bennett: Hi Kol! I just realized that you won’t be able to kill me if I make all of the cappilaries in your brain explode with my brain! Super Bonnie pain ray powers activate!

Kol: I liked my plan much better. :-(=

– Castle Salvatore – Dungeon of Damon’s Detox –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Stefan! It would be super extra awesome if you would let me the fuck out of this cage.

Stefan Salvatore: …

Damon Salvatore: Or maybe gave me some blood to drink, so I don’t turn into a god damned mummy.

Stefan Salvatore: …

Damon Salvatore: Or even a little bit of water, so I can style my beautiful, flowing locks.

Stefan Salvatore: …

Damon Salvatore: Silent treatment, huh?

Klaus: No, I think he’s just in shock. See, I walked in on him trying to escape from Rebekah’s bedroom this morning, and …

Damon Salvatore: Oh yeah, that happens every time he sees a nipple. Any nipple. He walked in on me and Alaric playing basketball once, shirts vs. skins, and couldn’t talk for a week.

– Castle Salvatore – Parlor of Plotting –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Stefan! I just wanted to let you all know that Kol is planning to murder all of us a ton! But it’s okay, I have a plan! See, I’m going to have you steal Rebekah’s dagger, then have Matt stab her in the heart with it, then have Jeremy murder Kol, then have one-fifth of the world’s vampires drop dead right in the middle of whatever they’re doing, then become human, then break your heart again, then have a bunch of babies with Damon!

Stefan Salvatore: Okay, so that’s pretty much the worst in a series if increasingly horrible Gilbert Gimmicks, but let me focus on one particularly brain dead aspect, which is Jeremy couldn’t even kill Damon, much less a floppy-haired honey badger from hell.

Elena Gilbert: It’s okay Stefan! Bonnie’s going to use her magic first!

Stefan Salvatore: Then we are well and truly fucked.

Elena Gilbert: No I’m not! With Damon locked in your dungeon, I haven’t had anything betwixt my neathers since Damon-

Stefan Salvatore: Oh Jesus I’ll follow your plan simply because I hope Kol puts me out of my misery.

– The Gilbert House of Grand Entrances –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Kol, it’s Elena Gilbert! You may remember me from such exploits as “dying at the hands of your brother so that he could become an unkillable hell creature” and "dying at the hands of your sister because I kind of pretended to be her only friend in the world and then literally stabbed her in the back!

Kol: Hi Elena! If your brother invites me in, I promise to let him leave unmolested and have a nice, civil conversation with you about how bringing Silas back from the dead would be a very stupid idea indeed!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Well he seems trustworthy, and I therefore extend him a heartfelt invitation to cross my threshold!

Kol: Haha just kidding I’m an amoral sociopath who’s going to rip your arms off and beat your sister to death with them LOL!

Elena Gilbert: No you’re not!

Kol: …Yes I am.

Elena Gilbert: No, see, right here in the script, page twelve, Elena and Kol have a nice, civil conversation about how bringing Silas back from the dead would be a very stupid idea indeed.

Kol: Well fuck me.

Elena Gilbert: I can’t do that, silly! You’re not a Salvatore brother!

– Rebekah’s Residence – Dressing Room of Doom –

Rebekah: Hi Stefan! Thanks for helping me pick out clothes for the 80s dance!

Stefan Salvatore: No problem! I have an extensive collection of leg warmers poodle skirts!

Rebekah: Be honest, are you just sleeping with me to get my Magic Dagger of Original Inconvenience?

Stefan Salvatore: Of course not!

Rebekah: :-)=

Stefan Salvatore: I’m also trying to punish Elena!

Rebekah: :-(=

– Castle Salvatore – Dungeon of Damon’s Detox –

Klaus: Hi Damon! So I was wondering … you’re a raging asshole with a list of victims so extensive and varied that Todd Akin is offended by you, yet Elena dotes on you like a squirrle chasing a nut. What’s your secret? Compulsion? Manipulation? Blackmail?

Damon Salvatore: Twitter. Julie Plec was starting to believe that Team Delena were literally going to show up at her house, set it on fire, and dance around while she burned if me and Elena didn’t hook up.

Klaus: So if I hypothetically had a hypothetical crush on a hypothetically blonde hypothetical vampire …

Damon Salvatore: Don’t worry bro, they’ve got you covered.

– The Gilbert House – Play Station of the Paranormal –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Kol! If I make puppy dog eyes at you and let you teach me things and pretend that I don’t want the cure, can we call off this whole “murder me and everyone I love” thing?

Kol: Well gosh, I guess we can!

Elena Gilbert: Great! Hey Jeremy! Kol said he isn’t going to kill us, so hurry up and get back here with Bonnie so she can brain ray him, so Matt can stab him with Rebekah’s dagger, so you can stab him with your wooden shaft!

Kol: …Was that supposed to be in a text message?

Elena Gilbert: …Poop.

– Rebekah’s Residence – Panty Raid of Pain –

Matt Donovan: Let’s see … Rebekah’s got a bunch of naughty underwear, a ton of lacy bras, a personal massager, and no dagger. And I have a funny feeling in my pants.

– The Gilbert House of Theological Conundrums –

Elena Gilbert: Kol, you’re just being silly! This is post-Christian America, and-

Kol: -And that’s the problem. You humans have forsaken religion and lost touch of what’s important in life!

Elena Gilbert: Aw! You mean like peace and love and hope and-

Kol: Fear. I’m talking about fear. You people should be absolutely pissing yourselves every time you stop to contemplate your vast insignificance in the endless, uncaring universe.

Elena Gilbert: -Charity?

– Bennett Bungalow – –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Hi Bonnie! I need your help to murder an ancient death machine that recently clawed its way up from the depths of New Orleans hell and into my living room!

Rudy Hopkins: Hi Bonnie! I have your cell phone and your car keys and I’m going to stop you from screwing up your life with magic!

Bonnie Bennett: Hi Daddy! You also have a blood clot and an aneurysm forming in your temporal lobe, and I’m going to stop you from living!

Abby Bennett: Hi Bonnie! I’m going to-

Bonnie Bennett: … ZZZ zzz ZZZ zzz ZZZ zzz …

Rudy Hopkins: Well that wasn’t the effect I was expecting, but … I guess she isn’t leaving?

– The Gilbert House of Horrors –

Elena Gilbert: So really, I would never do something dangerous and stupid and potentially deadly to all of the people around me just so I could do the sex to a Salvatore brother!


– Mystic Falls High – Another Dance Bits the Dust –

The Lady of the Manor: Oh good! Another decade dance! It’s been days since the last one!

Rebekah: Okay, since I’ve been in a coffin for the last ninety years … WTF is so special about the eighties?

Stefan Salvatore: Are you kidding! The Cure! Bon Jovi! Princess Bride! Say Anything! Regenmoics! Slap Bracelets! Side Ponytails!

TVD’s …. Mature Audience: Nostalgia-based squee!

TVD’s … Intended Audience: WTF language is he speaking?

– The Gilbert House of Honey Badgers –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Hi Elena! I’m here to carry out our genocidal plan!

Kol: Hi Jeremy! I’m here to make it easier for you to try!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: …

Elena Gilbert: …

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Run away?

Elena Gilbert: Run away.

– Bennett Bungalow –

Rudy Hopkins: Young lady, we are concerned with your moral character!

Abby Bennett: That’s right! Dating older men, “meditating” in his office, “accepting” his “magic bone” …

Rudy Hopkins: Also playing around with dark magics that will inevitably turn you into an evil hellbeast and usher in the end of days.

Abby Bennett: Well yeah, that too. Witch roofies!

– Castle Salvatore – Dungeon of Damon’s Detox –

Klaus: Where the hell is your brother? How hard can it be to steal a dagger from a dumb blonde girl?

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, you probably should have clarified that plan a bit. ’Cause I’m pretty sure he’s slipping her the dagger, if you know what I mean.

Klaus: Speaking of something completely different, how did Elena feel when you tried to murder her brother?

Damon Salvatore: Wouldn’t be the first time.

Klaus: Damn you, how do you convince her to forgive your devilish ways?

Damon Salvatore: Orgasms. Lots of orgasms.

Kol (on the phone): Dear Klaus: Ur blood bag & ur hunter r trying to kill me. Gonna eat em. :-)=

Klaus: BRB, gonna go wreck everybody’s shit.

– Mystic Falls High – Balloons of Bedlam –

The Lady of the Manor: Ok, so when is Springsteen going to show up as a vampire in this 80s episode? He has to be one. I mean, have you *seen *that ass?

Stefan Salvatore: Great news! I found Alaric’s stash of day booze!

Rebekah: What’s up with you? You’re all … not boring tonight.

Stefan Salvatore: Listening to Bon Jovi makes me thing ok Lexi!

Rebekah: So did you sleep with that other hot blonde vampire too?

Stefan Salvatore: LOL nope I’m a prude!

Rebekah: Ok, let’s make a deal … I’ll show you my dagger if you show me yours.

Stefan Salvatore: Deal! … If Matt can come too.

Rebekah: You, sir, are far kinkier than I gave you credit for.

– The Gilbert House of Honey Badgers –

Kol: Super vampire ass kicking powes activate!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Super vampire hunter stake firing powers activate!

Kol: Super vampire really that’s your great plan powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Super vampire blam blam blam blam blam blam blam powers activate!

Kol: Super vampire okay that really hurt but hey look I just impailed you with your own house LOL that’s funny powers activate!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Super vampire hunter falling down the stairs and banging my head but that’s okay I don’t use it anyway powers activate!

Kol: Super vampire okay let’s cut off some limbs powes activate!

– Mystic Falls High – Hallway to Hell –

Stefan Salvatore: So you get a running start, then you skid, then you slide!

Rebekah: That is literally the dumbest thing I have heard all night.

Stefan Salvatore: It’s awesome! Just take off you shoes. And your skirt. And probably your top, too. Can’t be too careful, you know.

The Lady of the Manor: Stefan has the worst poker face in history.

Rebekah: …You’re just trying to get me naked, aren’t you?

Stefan Salvatore: Rebekah Mikaelson! I would never! I’m just trying to steal your dagger so I can turn Elena human so I can have sex with her again!

Rebekah: Oh, well in that case here you go!

Matt Donovan: Oh thank God I don’t have to go through with this stupid plan.

– Bennett Bungalow – Intervention Interrupted –

Rudy Hopkins: So you’re sure those witch ruffies will keep her down long enough to de-mind-whamy her?

Abby Bennett: Oh yeah, they should keep her unconscious for thirty, forty –

Bonnie Bennett: Super Bonnie bone cracking force choke powers of doom activate!

Abby Bennett: -seconds.

– The Gilbert House of Horrors –

Kol: So the good news is I can’t actually kill you, because that Hunter’s Curse thing sounds like a real bitch.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Score!

Kol: The bad news is that I still can’t let Silas rise from the grave, so I’m going to cut your arms off and then heal you with my vampire blood, turning a perfectly healthy stud muffin into a mostly useless stub muffin.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Lame!

Kol: Super vampire meat cleaver powers-

Elena Gilbert: Super Elena I’m faster and stronger than Kol right now because the plot demands it powers activate!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Super vampire hunter it’s a good thing this guy was polite enough to bring the one thing that can actually kill him over to my house tonight powers activate!

Kol: Dies.

Every vampire descended from Kol, good, bad, and indifferent: Also dies.

Elena Gilbert: Woo hoo! Gilbert genocide high five!

The Lady of the Manor: People who live in wooden houses shouldn’t leave vampires burning on the floor.

Klaus: One moment please, I need to compose my beautiful features into a perfectly British mask of rage and terror. And then murder the ever living shit out of-

Bonnie Bennett: Super badass brain pain slash magic room of not escaping two for one blue light special powers activate!

Klaus: Yes, I’ll just have a nice spot of tea, maybe read a magazine, and then devote my unending life to hunting you down and causing you misery that defies description. Oh! And catch up on Downton Abbey.

The Lady of the Manor: Why is it that JoMo’s pure rage always makes me hot?

Thomas: Because you have excellent taste? Or even a pulse?

– Rebekah’s Residence of Regrets –

Stefan Salvatore: Hey Rebekah, you know how you gave me that magic dagger so we could slow your brother down? Well great news! We don’t need it anymore, since my ex-girlfriend and her vampire hunter brother just murdered him a ton!

Rebekah: Do you have any idea what I am going to do to you for this?

Stefan Salvatore: …Lots of hate sex?

– Castle Salvatore –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Oh no! My tattoo isn’t growing! And that means we just committed mass murder without profiting from it!

Bonnie Bennett: Jeremy, don’t be silly! It’s going to take until the end of this scene for all of Kol’s descendants to die off!

Damon Salvatore: Great news guys! When Kol died, so did my burning need to murder Jeremy!

Stefan Salvatore: Even better news! When I told Rebekah our nefarious plan, she agreed to join our team!

Damon Salvatore: …Did she make that promise when you were both naked, perhaps?

Stefan Salvatore: …Yeah, why?

Elena Gilbert: Dude, pillow talk promises don’t count.

Bonnie Bennett: Yeah, I totally told Jeremy I would stop messing around with black magic.

Damon Salvatore: And I promised Elena that I’d stop eating sorority girls.

Elena Gilbert: And I promised Damon that I’d – wait, what?

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: And I promised Matt that we’d … um … hey, who wants to see my tattoo? And my abs? And my pecs? And these veins in my arms? And my …

The Shirt: Tears.

The Map: Completes.

The Plot: Thickens.

– Post Mortem –

“Be the bad guy for a reason.”

That, friends, is the essence of this show, and that’s why I love it so. Damon is, and hopefully always will be, the bad guy. The things he does range from kind of naughty to downright evil, and I love watching every second of it.

Same story with Klaus. A couple of weeks ago he murdered thirteen innocent people, which goddamned Christmas carols were playing, at it was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever witnessed. This week he raged that his brother didn’t suffer and die on Klaus’ own terms. And then he promised to find, hurt, and kill our main characters. And it was brilliant.

And part of the reason it’s so wonderful is that Damon and Klaus have reasons for what they do. Damon will teach Elena to be evil, to hunt and feed from humans, to stop her from becoming pure Evil, from becoming a ripper. He’ll cut through a sorority house like a knife, but he’s acting out on his own self loathing. Klaus is existentially lonely, and when he kills the people who should have been closest to him, he’s just fulfilling his own prophecy. When Stefan was The Ripper, he didn’t do it because he wanted to murder, he did it to protect Elena. When he betrayed Rebekah, it was to save Jeremy’s life.

All of these bad guys have reasons. They aren’t bad because the script needs an antagonist. They aren’t evil because it’s exciting. In their own minds, they’re the heros of their own stories, with real hopes, dreams, and goals, and being evil? That’s just a means to what they consider justified ends.

Those are the kinds of villains that are fun to watch.

I have a few nits to pick with this episode, mostly the fact that Elena and Jeremy would never, not in a thousand years, get the drop on Kol like that. And, well, there’s also the fact that Elena and Jeremy are now the most successful murderers in history. But on the whole I just loved this episode so much that I’m willing to overlook it.

The scenes between Damon and Klaus, where Klaus was desperately trying to figure out why Damon could win Elena’s heart while Caroline remained immune to Klaus’ sociopathic charms, was brilliant. I’ve always thought that Damon kind of looked up to the Originals … they take “I don’t give a fuck” to a whole new level, and they can rip out two hearts at once. But tonight we learned that Damon has one thing Klaus doesn’t … a girlfriend.

And it wasn’t even cheesy, which it very certainly could have been. Instead, we get a wonderful glimpse into Klaus’ mind, and a wonderful speech on having a reason for your evil.


And when the Gilbert clan killed Kol? The look on JoMo’s face, the disbelief and sorrow and rage and pure, unadulterated vengeance, was a sight to behold. This man clearly deserves his own show.

I also love how self and culturally aware this show is. “Mary Sue vampires who don’t kill” literally made me laugh out loud.

And finally, Bonnie Fucking Bennett, ladies and gentlemen. Finally, the CW gods have seen fit to answer my prayers and make her a badass. I love watching her get closer and closer to real evil, and it’s exciting to see her throwing around some real, reliable, dangerous power.

This episode was pretty damn close to perfect.

On to the next episode!

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  1. Cathy says:

    Just posting this cause I like getting email notifications of comments, will post a better reply after I read the whole thing 🙂

  2. Erin says:

    I love that Bonnie is finally taking a stand for herself and not giving a fuck and taking named while doing so BUT how they used her this episode made mad. Elena and Jeremy basically begged Bonnie for her help all episode, of course Bonnie wanting to save her friends gave in, but ruined her relationship with her parents for the time being (and had to hurt them) just to get to the Gilbert house and them being like “JUST KIDDING! We didn’t need you after all..but uh, help clean up?”

    I agree with the whole Elena overpowering Kol. Last week Kol overpowered Damon easily but this week he couldn’t overpower Elena, a several day, week, month (whatever) old vamp? Made no sense. Obviously they had to kill him and ignite a vamp genocide so the writers could move the story along..ugh.

    And yes, all the hypothetical TVD awards for Joseph Morgan! My eyes were watering just watching his water. He can pull so much emotion with just one look!

    Now, onto what this “cure” is going to or not going to be. And who the hell really is Silas/does he actually exist? (Spoiler alert: He’s actually a 10 year old who can kill everyone with just one look *fingers crossed*)

  3. april says:

    You are a great writer, and a terrible speller. For some reason, I love that juxtaposition.

  4. Ginie says:

    Is it February 2nd where you are or do you have a problem with 1st?

  5. Monica Anders says:

    Nice Firefly reference.

    At least, I hope it was a Firefly reference.

    If it’s not, well then, nevermind.

  6. Gaby says:

    I agree with everything you said in your ‘Post Mortem’ except one thing… Stefan being “The Ripper” had nothing to do with Elena… he was “The Ripper” way before Elena existed. But you’re right in the sense that he didn’t want to become “The Ripper” again but sacrificed his ‘good and goddamn boring’ lifestyle in order to save his brother…but don’t blame Stefan’s ripper self on protecting Elena because when it comes down to it, his EVERY attempt at protecting Elena has failed miserably.

    Also, I may be biased because I’m a Delena fan and what I’m about to say might be very girly but if you compare Stefan’s reason for his actions in Season 3 to Damon’s reason for his actions in the beginning of Season 1… Stefan’s reason was to get revenge on Klaus and Damon’s reason was to get whom he thought was the love of his life back… Now, I don’t about you but I think being driven by love for someone is way more forgivable then being driven by vengeance for someone.

    As for Klaus, I believe that every bad/evil thing he has done has been for himself, bc of his belief that he has no one and blindness to the love of his family right in front of him. And what’s great about Klaus is that he is probably the one character that least deserves forgiveness but is also the one character that needs it the most and would do him some good… But I love hating evil Klaus so I hope that doesn’t happen 😉

    (and I honestly don’t know why I writing all of this on you page but whatevs…your cool and I’m bored lol)

  7. Eve says:

    The Lady of the Manor: Ok, so when is Springsteen going to show up as a vampire in this 80s episode? He has to be one. I mean, have you *seen *that ass?


    Lol! I absolutely agree. As one of the members of the “Mature” (haha, you’re not fooling anyone we know you mean old!) audience.

  8. Izeinwinter says:

    The writing team really ought to be more careful when writing the fights, because the only way the fight we saw made any sense at all is if Kol was deliberately committing suicide-by-moron. And Kol seemed to enjoy his unlife a great deal, so that still makes no sense at all. Could easily have been fixed, too. Have them raid the hunter trailer of anti-vampire-traps, have Bonnie get there a couple minutes earlier..

  9. Eve says:

    Yeah, what is up with time stamp? It’s the time somewhere in Europe. Strange. Good catch, Ginie. It’s certainly not the time where Thomas is, which is the East Coast of the US and still not Feb. 2nd.

    I liked Stefan and Bex together and that they’re giving up the pretense of no feelings, which was always silly. Wasn’t she in love with Stefan in the 20s?

    Also liked Stefan saying how he was not going to let the people he cares about get hurt – “not even Damon”.

    Elena and Jeremy should absolutely NOT have been able to prevail against Kol. That’s just stupid. And the genocide – it’s hard to process how everyone can be so uncaring. There isn’t even a mention of gee, maybe this isn’t fair to all those innocent vampires.

    I liked seeing Bonnie in the same room with both her parents! So rare on this show. Even if her mother is a vampire. Interesting how she does seem to be going off the deep end with the stupidly-named Expression. Finally, she becomes interesting. Took long enough.

  10. Shaynie says:

    I was in serious need of a laugh and this recap was it. You’re too brilliant, Thomas!

    Before I can talk about anything else. I finally see it: Being a vampire has changed Elena. I’m having a hard time playing her advocate now. She plotted and helped Jeremy to succeed at killing AN ENTIRE BLOODLINE just for her own sake (and Jeremy’s, but daggering Kol would have solved that issue). Elena can no longer be classified as the selfless martyr because…

    “Kol: Dies.
    Every vampire descended from Kol, good, bad, and indifferent: Also dies.”

    As awesome as it was to watch, it was unnecessary! I do not approve. Though I am pleased that this cure storyline is finally nearing its peak.

    Furthermore, if TVD ends with Klaus killing everyone and sauntering back over to his spin-off, I will be okay with this.

    The Damon/Klaus scenes were the best. Set up for Klaroline next week possibly?
    Bonnie is well on her way to being a bad B.
    My feels for Klaus and his emotional face have reached an all time high.

    And have I mentioned you’re brilliant?
    THIS. “All of these bad guys have reasons…Those are the kinds of villains that are fun to watch.”

  11. Ginie says:

    I enjoyed reading this recap of yours as I enjoy reading your “at the moment” comments on twitter. I loved this episode so much. Finally a plan of Elena which worked even though it’s debatable if the Gilbert siblings actually had the power. I loved the lack of the main triangle angst, even though is really fucked up now that everybody slept with almost everybody.

    Well, I just enjoy reading these recaps, which make my days 🙂

  12. Cathy says:

    Love love loved this episode. Great recap as well. The lady of the manor is my spirit animal.

    I feel like they could have been smarter with the murder of Kol. It would have been more believable if they had have incorporated a few Connor style traps. I’m not sad to see Kol go though, they really hadn’t developed his character at all before this episode. If anything I’m happy because we got that brilliant scene from JoMo out of it. Seriously a crime cw shows aren’t eligible for Emmy’s or Golden Globes. Cause seriously, that man, all the awards.

    This has been the first episode since like season 1 where I didn’t dislike Bonnie. Expression is making her interesting, and everyone’s gonna pay for it.

    Interested to see how they’re going to keep Klaus’ homicidal rage against them in check. Clearly he’s roaming around free again by the back door pilot in 4×20. Maybe Caroline will offer up another date if he doesn’t murder all of her friends lol.

    I’d really like to see just one character on this show be on team delena aside from Elena and Damon themselves. We’ve had our fair share of vocal stelena shippers on the show, it’d be nice if SOMEONE would recognize that Damon has come a long way, has saved their asses many times, and is not really much more of a villain than any of them are capable of being any given week.

  13. Cathy says:

    Also I’ve kind of made my peace with the vampire genocide thing. They had to choose between already turned vampire murderers or innocent people being turned just to be murdered. They were kind of in a shitty position. I think it makes sense that Elena would rather vampires have to die than completely innocent people.

  14. Rachel G. says:

    I am so very happy with Bonnie’s plot line this season. They might just have me genuinely, truly like the character. Sadly I think she might be stealing the awesome from Caroline. When she says she’s tired of being walked over and is taking a stand, I believe her. It helps that shes not nearly as sanctimonious and it’s not about her making a stand against the evil vampires influencing her. It’s her taking a stand against some never-really-there parents trying to tell her what is right and what is wrong. It’s sounds kind of awful, but I feel like the whole dark magic thing isn’t as darksided as we are probably supposed to think it is. Kind of like Elena feeding on people and liking it.

    Another Caroline and Tyler-less episode. Sad day. Well about the missing Caroline anyway.

    JoMo really deserves his own show, he’s got all the talent and charisma of a leading man, I just can’t help but be kind of sad that the Caroline plot with him will fall away. I love how fascinating it is, it really reveals new sides to him. I envy that man’s ability to command emotions so flawlessly. He’s obviously sold his soul to the same devil that James Marsters sold his soul to. They’re careers seem to be made of the same cloth, villains who were just too damn cool to fade away with beautifully gifted actors that add so much depth, it’s silly.

    I’m still kind of in shock they killed Kol and I even found myself a little sad about it. I think it helps that Klaus lashed out so violently about it, really showing that the dude is gone and there are only three originals, the major ones, left.

    I am convinced that the cure is on the island from LOST. Like come on now, it’s so got the magical, mysterious shit going on in the promos. Which I find really funny because Ian Somehalder is famous for LOST and when the Vampire Diaries came on he was really the only known actor.

    I want a Salvatore fight. And I want some Katherine Pierce. If I eat all my vegetables, say my nightly prayers, floss after every meal, stop swearing and stop acting like a terrible naughty Catholic school girl maybe I’ll get to see some all out Damon vs Stefan. Like the end of season 2 fight where they beat the ever loving shit out of each other. No, like the episode in Angel where Spike and Angel duke out their years of sexual tension. I think if the brawl it out, all the delicious drama will come out and they can back to being BFFs.

  15. JQ says:

    I didn’t have much of a problem with the whole killing Kol’s line thing. To me the position they were in, well Elena really, didn’t have any “right” options. Either they kill Kol and his line, or Klaus kills who knows how many innocent people to have Jeremy then kill as vampires. Lots of innocents die either way. The blame is all on Klaus and Kol in my mind, they forced everyone else’s hand. So they didn’t do the “right thing” in killing Kol, but I also don’t think they did the “wrong thing” either.

    And I also didn’t have much problem with Jeremy and Elena taking out Kol. He easily overpowered both of them at first as he should, then Elena stabbed him with a cleaver and Jeremy hosed him with vervain. Both those things are going to hurt a lot, even to an Original. It then created a brief window for Jeremy to stake him. They never overpowered him, they just knocked him off balance for long enough to kill him. Originals, as strong as they are and as few ways to kill them as there are, die just as easily to that stake as any vampire would.

  16. Cecilia says:

    Elena annoyed the hell out of me this episode. Even her remark towards the end, “Now that Rebekah’s taken care of…” I mean even the expression on her face irked me. It’s like she’s been a vampire for what– A MONTH? And already she’s above every other vampire? Including a thousand year old vampire like Kol??

    You know, I love Katherine’s bitchiness. But Elena’s is just not pleasing at all. She’s hypocritical. One episode she says she doesn’t want to kill innocent vampires, but killing a whole bloodline is okay? Because since they’re linked back to Kol, they’re automatically evil? Ugh.

    Seriously. I just hate her right now.

  17. Cecilia says:

    That being said, I thought it was hilarious how Jeremy ripped off his shirt Hulk style! And Klaus is amazing. I cannot wait for his series to debute! He deserves it!

    Bonnie channeling Dark Willow? YES YES PLEASE I LOVEEE ITTT! Finally, I can root for her!

    Even as a “Modern viewer” I totally got the 80’s referances. I love the 80’s. The Breakfast Club slide was just too cute. 🙂 I can really see myself rooting for Stefan and Rebekah. I think they bring out a nice balance in each other. Well…she brings one out in him, and that’s good enough for me.

  18. katherine_fan says:

    I agree with what you said in your post mortem.I just wanna add a few things:
    *I love how you wrote Elena’s lines when you described her plan to keep the people she loves safe by having THEM go up against ancient murder machines and endanger THEIR lives while all she had to do was sit home and flirt with Kol.
    *I wish this episode (basically the whole theme of season 4) was saved for the final season of the show because the vampire cure,the awakening of an ancient evil,an enemy seeking vengeance for his family, are elements that pave the way for a final showdown not sth you deal with this season and then move on to sth else next season.
    *I love angry Klaus and I wish he killed all of them,but what are the chances of that happening with the main character safety net??Shame…I would love it if Elijah had watched Kol die too.I love pissed off Elijah and I love when the Originals team up!
    *I have a theory about the cure.It doesn’t contain spoilers,it’s just speculation:
    When Elena asked Shane if the cure is for immortality Shane said”Blood is the life force of an immortal.No more immortality,no more need to feed on blood”.
    The simplest way to see it is that Silas’s spell reverses immortality and so the cured don’t need to feed on blood.But what if it’s the other way around?What if Silas’s spell can remove the need for human blood somehow?What if Silas’s cure doesn’t turn vamps back to humans,but it diminishes the blood lust?Without the need for blood,they don’t have to drink it,they don’t have super powers,they can live as humans.
    Maybe I’ve watched Moonlight too many times(where the cure was a substance consumed by vamps that allowed them to live temporarily as humans) and I’m reaching or perhaps it’s that I’m used to characters playing with words (Elijah for example).But Shane is shady when it comes to Silas and what the cure actually does,so I thought I should put it out there.After all,we don’t know what kind of immortal being Silas is and how his cure will affect other immortals such as vampires and hybrids.

  19. everythingshiny says:

    So the Originals are getting their own series, but there are only 3 of them left?

    That’s lame. And I liked Kol. He looked impressively similar to Dan Gillies (Elijah). I could’ve stood to see a lot more of him.

    Damon and Klaus’ scene was definitely a highlight. Every now and then I think that I’m getting a bit sick of Klaus – ‘big bad’ villains have to continue to be threatening in order to stay relevant… But every time I think I’m getting bored of Klaus, something happens and he reels me back in… it was almost worth losing Kol to earn JoMo’s reaction. Elena’s reaction, on the other hand, to finding out that Stefan slept with Rebekah, was just ridiculous. Shut up Elena. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. (I’m a Damon/Elena shipper, just for the record, but Elena needs to get over herself). And I liked Rebekah in this episode. She didn’t make me want to throw things at her, which I think is a first.

    Plus also, Stefan loves Bon Jovi and the Princess Bride. I think he and I finally found something in common…

  20. Katie Lester says:

    When seeing what happened to Kol made me cry as if I was watch Daniel gillies film Broken Kingdom witch was amazing. But I do hope Kol dose get Resurrected as he was the most kindest of the Siblings where Elijah who is noble and Klaus is a daredevil with a plan In his eye. It was not just Kol that died that night but Klaus to. I feel the Klaus we knew and loved is no more. Klaus will be Vengeful regarding Kols death but is Kol really dead? Did I not see that Jeremy removed the stake? Yes he maybe coal looking but there are ways to Revive Kol as it has happened before in another vamp action film I once saw. I do hope we see Kol back I know it can be done but my guess its up the Julie and that sexy pen of hers. I can not wait to see what Elijah makes of all this but I know one things for sure something’s have to change.

  21. Nisha says:

    Hi Thomas,

    OMG I was giggling the whole time while reading, loved this one.

    Kind of sad that Kol is gone. I was a little surprised since they want to make the Originals.

    I agree JOMO is just too good and I was also a little bit annoyed by the two Gilberts who can take down an Original like nothing. It would have been nice to add Bonnie and let her control the situation to make it believable.

    @Cecilia I so agree about Elena, her not compassion for others is weird. She is such a hypocrite when she says who is bad and deserves to die or get daggered and who not. I’m not sure if they make her like that because of the SB? I really start to hate her character. If she get bad okay. I have no problem with that but judging others the whole time…is just ughhhh.

    @Gaby Just watched recently the old episodes and wanted to say that Damon indeed also wanted revenge. He even said that to Stefan.

  22. Beth says:

    I love your recaps, always! And totally agree with the post mortem except for one tiny thing. I don’t think it’s impossible that Elena and Jeremy could beat Kol simply because looking back, there are plenty of other examples of supposedly “weaker” vampires overcoming the stronger ones. Take Damon and Caroline’s fight when Damon tried to kill her father for example. Using the logic that the stronger vamp always wins, she never had a chance, but she held Damon off long enough to save her dad and they even had a conversation in the midst of their fighting where Damon said “I’m stronger.” And Caroline responded with “I’m angrier!” And head butted the shit out of Damon. * I’m getting excited just thinking about it* So I totally believe that Elena and Jeremy’s rage at Kol for trying to kill/hurt them and their rage at all the originals for past indiscretions could have driven them enough to overpower him. Not to mention the desperation surrounding this whole cure thing. Or perhaps they got lucky? But either way, this entire show is made up of nothing but impossibilities; is it really such a stretch to think the underdog might win a few fights? Plus, they had to accelerate the plot somehow because if we waited on Jeremy to complete the mark one vamp at a time, we’d never see the outcome.

  23. Cathy says:

    Also I know it’s for budget reasons, but I really think they could have benefited from having caroline and tyler there. First of all, as if you can have a decade dance without Caroline being all over it. Next, I think it would have been more believable to kill Kol if they had Caroline and Tyler helping. Although maybe there wouldn’t have been as much tension if it was 4 against one…but come on, he’s an original, it could have been done. It would have been nice to see Tyler get to help kill one of klaus’ siblings after klaus killed his mother.

  24. hails says:

    Yes, Elena is hypocritical. Yes, Elena is perfectly capable of killing potentially innocent vampires for the sake of her loved ones. Yes, she can be emotionally manipulative and vengeful. This is nothing new, we’ve seen these traits in her before. They’ve been magnified now that she’s a vampire and the stakes are higher, but it’s perfectly in character for her to want to protect her loved ones at all costs. What is it that she said in an earlier season? That if wanting to keep the people she loves makes her a bad guy, then she’ll be a bad guy? What did Damon say this episode? If you’re gonna be bad, be bad with a purpose?

    When Elena was weak, a “mary-sue” and a self-sacrificing martyr, people disliked her. No that she’s strong and taking matters into her own hands and has actual flaws, people dislike her. This girl can never win.

    Great recap, nonetheless. I always enjoy reading your stuff.

  25. Pauline B says:

    Hi Thomas ! You know how it goes : great recap, agree with everything you said in your Post mortem… And thanks for writing it so quickly

    I think Kol’s death was the most socking one in TVD’s history. I mean, by season 4, the writers had establish two facts :
    if they say “we’re going to kill this character next ep” : the character will survive (Matt and Kat in 207, Klaus in many episodes etc)
    if Elena is making the plan, it will be an epic fail
    if they’re counting on Bonnie’s magic, they’re screwed.

    Here, we had those 3 elements, so during the whole ep I was like “Kol is safe” (except this brief moment when I though it would be a great twist to have him killed, no matter how much I love him #Masochist). What’s more, this episode was showing a softer side of Kol, and I almost excepted Elena to actually agree to the truce she was offering.
    But, Julie decided to once again prove me that I still haven’t this show figured out, and my poor baby Original got staked (and not by Damon, like I’m sure he wanted deep down).

    I don’t think Elena and Jeremy managing to kill Kol was that impossible though : first, BECAUSE they’re babies vampire/hunter, I don’t think Kol took them seriously, so he wasn’t on top of his game. And they got very lucky : Elena wasn’t faster than Kol, she just took him by surprise, and fortunately, they had vervein right next to them.

    That being said, Silas will be raised soon. And while the gang still believes he’s a fairy tale monster, he’ll turn out to be real, and he will bring back the dead – and hopefully, he’ll bring Kol back with him.
    Actually, it fits with my “Damon will die theory” : Kol is going to be pissed, and out for revenge. And killing Elena or Jeremy would be way too easy. So he’ll rip Damon’s heart out instead, and, hopefully, a succubus Elena :)=

    One thought : will it break the sire bond ? I know Klaus said in 3×09 “Even in death my hybrids have their orders”. But it doesn’t mean anything :
    Klaus could be wrong or lying about this;
    It could be different for a vampire/vampire bond
    Maybe the hybrid would have to his last order, but then they were free.

    Like you said, Klaus’s look was epic (also, Jeremy look of terror was well done). And I love what they’re doing with Bonnie. The fact these writers aren’t afraid of taking their characters to dark places is giving faith in a Crazy!Elena if/when Damon dies.

    Klaus and Damon’s conversation : perfection, I’m going to miss the interaction between those two.

    Finally, this episode made my shipper heart very happy : DE hug, and great SR development 🙂

    See you next week !

    PS : I know you said on twitter you didn’t think you’ll do a Breaking Dawn P2 recap, but is all hope gone ? I’d love to read your though about it *doing the look into my eyes thing to convince you *

  26. Tymbrimi says:

    Loved the episode. Loved the recap. Poor Elena cannot catch a break from the fans. She planned, she acted, she won. The fans give her no credit. Last season everyone was willing to take out an Original and I heard no dissent from Stefan in this episode yet many blame her.
    I have no ethical problem with Kol’s death. All the Originals have been causing human misery for a thousand years and most vampires are evil. Given the gang’s own predicament, it would have been nice to have some discussion of the ethics but these guys rarely notice their shaky moral compass.
    I think Kol completely underestimated the Gilbert’s,never saw them as a threat so he was taking his time and enjoying the maiming which gave the Gs an edge. Plus it’s fantasy.
    Stefan seemed to be recovering too quickly from Bitter Stefan (just like the writers had him recover way too easily from his last Ripperhood.)

  27. nvo says:

    @hails everything you said! Elena can be a hypocrite. Guess what, everybody’s a hypocrite. This fandom is full of them. So Elena is evil for killing Kol although Caroline and Stefan were planning on doing the same thing to Rebekah in 4×10. Not to worry, Elena is not the first female character in the history of female characters to be hated by a fandom of mostly females.

    I agree about the villains of this show, Thomas. It applies to all the characters. This isn’t Buffy. Our protagonists aren’t heroes. They never were. They’re just people trying to survive and pursue they’re own happiness.
    They have their own moral code that they try to follow the best they can. To the Originals, murder is okay but breaking your word isn’t. To Elena and her friends, vampires aren’t human so killing them, innocent or not, is not evil. It makes you wonder what we define as murder. I think it was morally wrong to kill all those vampires but it’s because I’ve decided they’re close enough to human. Some people agree with me, some people don’t and that is fascinating.

    So now that Kol is dead at least 2/5 of the world’s vampires have been killed off. Finn’s line was probably long too thanks to Sage. I so hope someone figures it out and comes looking for our morally dubious heroes next season.

    Lastly, can we all agree that the best part of this episode was Jeremy hulking out? Y/y?

  28. Jawly says:

    Elena and Jeremy killing Kol? FINALLY another Original prick gone. Rebekah, you’re next on my list!

    Stefan calling Damon out on the sire bond? He only said that because Damon threw it in his face that Stefan slept with Rebekah. If Damon really cared about Elena’s feelings he should have known that she probably wouldn’t have wanted to hear that just yet. Elena slept with Damon but Stefan knew it was bound to happen, and it wasn’t like it was “SURPRISE! We did sex!” out of nowhere. Stefan doesn’t do hatesex, and with villains no less, so it’s understandable that she wouldn’t be ready to hear that. Also, Stefan never threw it in Damon’s face that Elena was his. Everyone else told him that, but never Stefan explicitly I believe. But luckily for us, Elena didn’t get butthurt about it. She had it coming and doesn’t deserve to get upset.

    Like it matters. Trashy love triangle of hate is trashy. All three of them need to find people who don’t have drama because this triangle is doing lots of harm with no good to come from it.

    Rebekah getting screwed out of another dance. Yawn. If I want a running gag, I’ll take Damon’s soap dish any day. That always gets me. <3

    I hope they use the cure on Klaus. I don't like how Klaus has so much power over them and they can't fight back. I want Team Stupid to pull one over on Team Old Fart for once. And Klaus is such an arrogant prick. Nobody serves him and I'm glad Bonnie put him out to dry. Speaking of Bonnie…

    I'm glad for expression. Not for Dark Bonnie. That's balls. I mean a magic that isn't monitored or controlled in which witches can use their magic how they want to, not how other witches or how freaking PLANTS tell them to use their powers. Bonnie never asked to be a witch, so why be their bitch? Abby has NO right in telling Bonnie how to use her powers since she's a vampire now. Even after a witch turns into a vampire the person is still judgmental. Wow. Why should magic be monitored anyway? By doing that, you're forcing witches to be good so they can point their finger at vampires to tell them how bad they are when it was a WITCH that gave rise to vampires.


    To hell with good and bad magic. I love the freedom of expression. Why is raising the dead bad? Why do people HAVE to have consequences when a person is revived? That should be a good thing, not bad. Dead witches telling a living witch how to live? Bonnie should send them back to hell.

    Abby and Rudy need to PISS. OFF. They only come into Bonnie's life when it comes to using magic they don't like. This isn't parenting. This is blatant control. Screw witches and the Bennets. Abby took care of a normal boy to make up for being a crappy mom to her daughter and Rudy hasn't been around until the Mayor died. Bonnie saving Elena and Jeremy is her decision, even if Elena is a self-centered pre-Madonna. Going above and beyond like that means she cares about Elena after all. Fake do-nothing parents aren't family. That's what crappy teenagaers are for! And providing extra drama. 🙂

    I just want Stelena back already. I'm not a fan, I just want everyone to stop pissing about it. If Stefan loves her so much, he should marry her instead of letting Damon get in the way. He should hold on tight and not give up so easily. I'm not talking about getting in Damon's way, but rather cherishing and appreciating her more. If Elena is swaying towards Damon, he needs to show her that he's the one who's right for her, not let Damon have his way. Once this cure is found, they'll all be much better off.

    I don't know. I feel like this episode was just a summary of things we already know. Nothing impressive really happened other than two highly untrained killers killing a walking death machine. Truly a Looney Toons greatest hits.

    And as for Klaus's feelings about his useless hybrids? He doesn't care about them! HE FINALLY ADMITTED HIS TRUE FEELINGS FOR THEM!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! I'm glad he's not a pusscake about that anymore. Picking up random strangers can't make you happy. Well…not in this context. 😉 Nah just kidding.

    All in all, this cure crap is over. Onto Silas!

  29. Elina says:

    I started to copy some quotes from this to a friend in chat, i think i ended up copying whole thing, great recap, really amazing lines and awesome thoughts!

  30. Malcolm says:

    “Damon’s reason was to get whom he thought was the love of his life back… Now, I don’t about you but I think being driven by love for someone is way more forgivable then being driven by vengeance for someone.” – Gaby

    I love Damon as much as the rest of the fandom… but I don’t think compelling Caroline into being his own person chew/sex toy was done in the pursuit of love. And again with Andie in season 2. Or turning Vicki, or killing a bunch of people and blaming their deaths on Lexi, and then killing her. And a whole list of things that had nothing to do with Katherine.

    He’s no better than Stefan or Klaus, in my opinion. I think they’re all as bad as each other. And I love it.

  31. Lizzie says:

    Mallcom said:

    I don’t think compelling Caroline into being his own person chew/sex toy was done in the pursuit of love. And again with Andie in season 2. Or turning Vicki, or killing a bunch of people and blaming their deaths on Lexi, and then killing her. And a whole list of things that had nothing to do with Katherine.

    I agree. Ugh, I hated that line that Damon said about being a bad guy with a purpose because hello! most of the things Damon did he did them without a purpose. They are whitewashing what he did and I hate it. First they make Caroline apologize to Elena for daring to hate Damon after all he did to her, now this too? Fuck you, show.

    And that conversation between Damon and Klaus was stupid and cheesy.

    They made Klaus said that Stefan’s love is stronger because he was able to resist the compulsion (something you didn’t mention, Thomas. Why is that?) which is what Stelena shippers were saying in tumblr, blogs, twitter. They made Damon say that he is bad with a purpose which is what the Damon and Delena fans were saying in tumblr, blogs, twitter. They made Kol- who has been dead for centuries- talk about mary sue which is what many fans say that Elena/any_character_they_hate_or_don’_care_about is.(and now I wonder how in the world someone is not in the fandom is going to understand what a Mary sue is. And how are they going to translate it in other countries?) They made Abby say that Bonnie is done helping Elena Gilbert which is what fans said too. Basically they just copied what the fans said I don’t call that good writing.

    And I’m very suspicious about the fact they made Bonnie say that she NEEDS Expression. I hope they aren’t going to justify what she does by saying that she expression is just like a drug to her and it’s all fault of the bad addicting magic because I hated it when they did it in Buffy with Willow: it was stupid and too easy and I want consequences.

  32. meee says:

    OMG …thomas…..stefan is again BORING, he is to golden boy, i miss the RIPPER.. the gilberts+bonnie+klausy and damon+ kol made the ep good.

    i DIDN’T hear news about casting some actor for silas, i just hope that HE IS not shane, shane really doesn’t look like he would bring HELL ON EARTH. Probably silas will apper later at the end of s4 and he will be the villan of s5……

  33. Gaby says:

    @Nisha and @Malcolm

    The sole reason Damon came back to Mystic Falls was to get Katherine out of the tomb. Everything he did to Care, and VIcki, and Lexi was to torture Stefan because he was misdirecting his anger for Katherine turning them both…so again those are actions driven by his love for Katherine…

    As for Andie, yea he used her as chew toy, but he’s a vampire and he was distracting himself from pursuing Elena so that he wouldn’t get in between her and Stefan… at least he didn’t kill her like Stefan did… for no reason other than to send a ‘message’ and Andie died in vain because the ‘message’ didn’t work.

    Everything bad Damon did in the 1st half of season 1 can be tied back to Katherine in one way or another…. do I condone his actions?… No… but has he changed and redeemed himself since then…absolutely…if I were Elena, would I find his reasons for the hurt he caused me more forgivable than the reasons for the hurt that Stefan caused me?… Yes, revenge on Klaus wasn’t worth it and he should have chose Elena over vengeance… Getting Katherine back turned out not to be worth but Damon had no way of knowing that.

    No one is perfect… Is anyone better than anyone else? No, but if I had to chose, I would rather be with someone like Damon than with “multiple personality disorder Stefan” or “You better not cross me or I’ll kill everyone you ever laid eyes on Klaus” … in my opinion

  34. Tweeky says:

    You know, Thomas, in that scene after Kol had been staked when Jeremy’s tatoos started to suddenly grow and cried out before ripping of his shirt (No doubt many teenaged and older TVD Jeremy fangirls fainted/melted into puddles of lust in from of their TVs after seeing how buff he is:-)) it reminded me of those “Hulk out” scenes from the “Incredible Hulk” whenever David Banner got angry and turned into the Hulk:-).

  35. Malcolm says:


    I’m sorry, but what? He abused and killed a bunch of people because he was driven by his love for Katherine, as he was misdirecting his anger? lol.

    But Stefan wanting revenge on Klaus is unforgivable? He should have been okay with Klaus sacrificing Elena on an altar of fire and blackmailing him into leaving Mystic Falls to save Damon’s life, and countless other things?

    That is more unforgivable than raping and killing innocent people because Katherine turned *both* the Salvatores instead of just Damon, 145 years earlier? How about snapping Jeremy’s neck just because Elena rejected his advances? That’s forgivable, too, right? It was driven by LOVE lol. No big deal. Turning Andie into his own personal sexbot? Just a distraction, no big deal.

    You have a very… interesting take on things.

  36. Kelly says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Great recap! I agree; this was a really strong episode. Klaus and Damon FTW. They should have the spinoff in New Orleans. It could be called “Villain Bonding Time.” 🙂

    I love that we got to see a bit of Klaus’s vulnerability (“What do you say to her?”) followed closely by a fit of rage strong enough to level the whole town. Good stuff.

    Dark Bonnie is the best. The way she put down Klaus and then just walked past him like she owned the joint was priceless. Can she stay this interesting for, like, ever?

    Loved Stefan’s 80s references and him playing The Cure while everything is revolving around their search for “the cure.”

    Looking forward to what happens next!

  37. Gaby says:


    yes… I think that the amount of people Damon killed around mystic falls was a plan to out Stefan being a vampire…and why was he so anger at Stefan? It wasn’t because he forced him into turning, it was because Katherine turned them both and he was blaming him for something the really wasn’t his fault. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Damon pretty much stop killing right after finding out the Katherine wasn’t in the tomb and never talked to him for 145 years.

    and no, Stefan wanting revenge on Klaus is not unforgivable… its the way he went about it and how he treated Elena because he wanted revenge on Klaus that it unforgivable.

    Elena wanted to kill Rebekah, but she didn’t treat the people that she cared about like they meant nothing to her… and that exactly how Stefan treated everyone and that is what is unforgiving to me, the fact that he didn’t even try to show her that he still cared… willing to have Klaus kill Jeremy in the process.

    You talk about Damon snapping Jer’s neck like it goes against my point but that was driven by heartbreak… “Katherine really pissed me off”

    My take on Damon is nothing outside of what Elena says “I think Damon believes that everything he has done, every move that he’s made, he has done for love”.
    So apparently, it’s not just my take, it’s the writer’s take too.
    And honestly, it doesn’t matter what WE find to be more forgivable or unforgivable, what matters is what ELENA finds to be forgivable or unforgivable.

    Like the writer’s have Damon say ” Some people are just more capable of forgiveness than others”. And the writer’s obviously made Elena one of the those people with that capability because otherwise he wouldn’t have fallen in love with either of them and there would be no show.

  38. meee says:

    Malcolm …don’t tell me that YOU FORGOT THAT STEFAN KILLED HIS FATHER>>>???????? AND when he see blood he turns into a fucking ripper …worse than damon…..

  39. Cathy says:

    I’m so over the “which Salvatore is officially the WORST” arguments. I recommend you all check out this great post on the matter:

    Spoiler alert: they are ALL the worst and they are ALL the best, which is why we love the show so much.

  40. nvo says:

    I just read a really compelling argument as to why vampires, no matter how “innocent”, don’t deserve to live. The fact that they need human blood to survive and that no matter how they get it, they are ultimately hurting someone makes them not innocent. Then there’s the fact that they’re already dead. And a lot of the vampires Elena and Jeremy killed probably were ruthless killers who would kill again and well how many lives did they end up saving? Basically its not nearly as black and white as we are making it out to be.

    P.S. It’s probably best to avoid the “which Salvatore brother is worse” debate. It’s liking asking who’s worse: Hitler or Stalin? At the end of the day does it matter?

  41. Thomas says:

    Hi Erin,

    I disagree about Bonnie. Her relationship with her parents was already ruined. They both walked out on her, her father thinks she’s a dirty, dirty witch (which might be justified, but still), and then they essentially kidnapped her. That bridge was already smoldering, and her parents threw on the gas.

    And yeah, Team Gilbert managed the genocide part of the evening’s festivities by themselves, but if Bonnie hadn’t show up when she did Klaus would have made flambe out of both of them. There’s no question that Bonnie was the hero of this episode.

    Well, okay, you can question if saving two genocidal maniacs from the guy whose brother they just murdered right in front of him is heroic or not, but let’s go with it.

    The Originals have kind of got the writers in a corner. On the one hand, OMG THEY’RE THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURES EVER OMG, but on the other hand, the Scoobies have to beat them on a fairly regular basis. They show needed another McGuffin to explain why Elena is so much stronger this week.

    Which is one of the reasons I’m excited for The Originals. It’ll give both sets of characters room to breathe. And More JoMo!

  42. Thomas says:

    Hi april,

    I think that’s pretty common, actually. My novels have to be copyedited extensively. These are more fire-and-forget.

  43. Thomas says:


    The date stamp is the time on my server, which isn’t in the US.

  44. Thomas says:

    Hi Monica Anders,

    Yep. Firefly is one of my favorite shows. 🙂

  45. Thomas says:

    Hi Gaby,

    You’re right about Stefan’s first turn to the dark side, and actually his relapse last season was more due to Damon than Elena. But he did have a reason for giving in to Klaus … to save someone he loved.

    And yes, Damon and Stefan both had reasons for all the evil things they’ve done since the show started. One was in love, the other was so hurt that he felt he was owed justice, but the main thing I wanted to point out is that they weren’t evil just for the hell of it, there were motives – motives we can all relate to on one level or another – involved.

    I’m really curious to see what the make of Klaus when he has his own show. The temptation will be to make him “good”, but I hope they resist. Actually, I can see them doing a Stefan/Damon Good brother / Bad brother thing with Elijah and Klaus.

  46. Thomas says:

    Hi Izeinwinter,

    I agree, there should have been a more compelling reason for Elena taking down one of the baddest mofos in the TVD universe.

  47. Thomas says:

    Hi Eve,

    Yeah, they had feelings in the 20s, but that was when Stefan was the Ripper, so … mileage may vary.

    I’m really loving what they’re doing with Bonnie lately. I agree, “expression” isn’t the greatest name ever, but “evil dark soul corrupting necromancy” would be playing their cards a bit early.

  48. Thomas says:

    Hi Shaynie,

    Yeah, Elena has crossed a line as of this episode. I thought her dialog with Kol was hilarious:

    “You’ve killed?”


    Well, you can increment that by a few hundred / thousand / whatever.

  49. Thomas says:

    Hi Ginie,

    The Triangle is the least important part of the show for me, so I’m all about them finding other ways to spend their time. And it figured that the stupidest plan Elena’s ever come up with is the one that works.

  50. Thomas says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Yeah, their should have been some trap wiring or other McGuffin to give the Gilberts a fighting chance against Kol. Some kind of “brains versus brawn” thing, maybe, though honestly Elena would be above her punching weight there, too.

    My guess is that they use the threat of the cure against Klaus to keep him in check.

  51. Thomas says:


    The scale of it still bothers me. A dozen innocent people might have died if Jeremy kept killing them to complete the mark, but who knows how many hundreds of innocents died because of Elena’s plan?

  52. Thomas says:

    Hi Rachel G,

    Yeah, this Bonnie is all kinds of exciting. And you’re right, it’s fantastic that she’s getting angry at people dumping on her rather than just being a priss in general. I like her about 100% more when she’s not being judgmental.

    “villains who were just too damn cool to fade away with beautifully gifted actors that add so much depth” Yep. This.

    I <3 Katherine and I <3 Salvatore Slap Fights.

  53. Thomas says:

    Hi JQ,

    You’re right, there wasn’t a “good” option here, but in my mind at least they picked the greater of two evils.

    And it looked to me like Elena did overpower Kol; she grabbed the cleaver, forced his arm away from Jeremy, pushed him against the wall …

  54. Thomas says:

    Hi Cecilia,

    I so wish that Elena would grow up to be like Katherine.


    And Dark Willow was one of my favorite storylines, so …

  55. Thomas says:

    Hi katherine_fan,

    To be fair, Elena was in plenty of danger just being in the same room as Kol. Her plan was risky as hell to everyone involved, though.

    I actually like how this show tends to drop things in episode 10 that feel like a season finale. Keeps the pace fresh.

    Whatever the cure ends up being, I’m pretty sure we can safely bet that it isn’t what everyone expects.

  56. Thomas says:

    Hi everythingshiny,

    Yep, there’s going to be a spin-off series, starting JoMo, Danielle Gilles, and Phoebe Tonkin. I haven’t heard about Claire Holt yet, but I would assume she’ll be there as well.

    JoMo is great, and Klaus is a great character. He’s schizo enough that his “I’m kind of a good guy / no wait I’m going to murder you all” is believable.

  57. Thomas says:

    Hi Katie Lester,

    Between the “Other Side” and Silas … no one is guaranteed to stay down for good on this show. So we’ll see …

  58. Thomas says:

    Hi Nisha,

    Bonnie would have been on of the few things that would make Kol’s death believable. If she can take on Klaus …

  59. Thomas says:

    Hi Beth,

    Yeah, I know there’s precedence for the youngins beating the elder statesvamps, it’s just … I kind of thought those were bullshit, too. I mean, yay Caroline, but that just didn’t seem realistic to me.

    Says the guy writing about teenage vampires in love.

  60. Thomas says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I don’t know if it really has anything to do with budget … I think it’s more of an economy of storytelling thing. This show has always been good about sacrificing screen time of great characters in order to give the main story the attention it deserves. This is something True Blood could learn from.

  61. Thomas says:

    Hi hails,

    My problem with what Elena did isn’t that it’s bad – I mean, hi, Damon fan here – it’s that she doesn’t seem to realize it’s bad. There was no discussion about all the potential innocent deaths. I actually would have loved it if someone had brought that up and she’d shrugged and said “oh well, if they’re between me and Damon’s peen, fuck ’em.”

  62. Ellyria says:

    Oh I laughed when Kol asked Elena if she was a Mary Sue vampire. Everything is always about her, her doppelganger-ness is always needed for something, etc etc. It doesn’t make me dislike her, but i do tend to wrinkle my nose whenever she needs to be saved/kidnapped/used/whatever AGAIN.

    You know it’s true love when a guy tries to kill you and then she uses her magic powers to break your bones and give you rapid fire aneurysms. This is why shipping is so ridiculous to me. @_@ (Yes, I’m talking about the Kol/Bonnie thing)

    Noooooo, I was hoping Kol would make it to the spinoff. =( I don’t really care for the whole “two noobs can overpower an Original because the plot demands it”, but whatcha gonna do.

    Was it just me, or did Bonnie sound like an addict when she yelled “Expression isn’t black magic, and I NEED it!”? I still don’t like the character, and she still seems like a plot device, but at least she’s… interesting?

  63. SoccerMom says:

    Handy that the white oak stake didn’t burn up this time…

    Elena’s whole attitude and expression at the end of the episode were just disturbing. Maybe we are supposed to be finding her sired-ness disturbing to make it all easier on us when it gets turned off later?

    See, now reading that Twitter Klaroline shipper stuff makes me rethink things. Here I was, a mature viewer, feeling like I might be missing out by not doing the Twitter thing, feeling left out that I am not reading your tweets as you post them during TVD each week, and then I read just a few tweets at that link you so graciously provided. Nope, still not enough hours in the day for Twitter.

  64. Thomas says:

    Hi Pauline B,

    Yeah, this was a massive upheaval of expectations. It makes sense that Elena’s stupidest plan to date was the one that worked. I bet for her next play she’s going to pants Silan, have Jeremy kneel behind him, and push him over. Then Damon’s going to stab him in the eye with the Magic Ewe Stick of Endethinication or something.

    <3 Succubus Elena. <3 <3 <3

    It would be hilarious if Damon died, Stefan was all like "let me comfort you (with my Little Salvatore)" and Elena was like "no thanks, I'm just gonna hump Damon's corpse for a while."

    BDII is still on my to-do list. It's just that it was so godawful... I mean, even by Twilight standards it was horrible.

  65. Thomas says:

    Hi Tymbrimi,

    I think the lack of discussion is what most people find fault with. I’m all for the Scoobies going a bit dark, but I would have liked that fact at least acknowledged.

  66. Thomas says:

    Hi nvo,

    To be fair, I would have had the same problems with Stefoline staking Bex.

    You hit the nail on the head with “our protagonists aren’t heroes.” Sums up the show perfectly, and I think that’s actually a big part of why it’s so popular.

    Jeremy hulking out was definitely a highlight, but I think it’s takes 3rd place, behind JoMo raging out and the “be the bad guy for a reason” dialog.

  67. Thomas says:

    Hi Jawly,

    I think Bex is safe, though she’ll probably be getting a new zip code soon.

    The Salvatores are such little bitches toward each other, particularly Damon. I love it. They’re hilarious.

    I kind of think that de-vamping Klaus would have the same effect on his entire lineage …

    I totally agree about Bonnie’s parents. They got what they deserved when Bonnie blew up their lightbulbs. I think the whole “magic has consequences” thing is more a plot necessity than anything else: it explains why every problem can’t be waved away with “and then Bonnie brought them back to life.”

  68. Thomas says:

    Thanks Elina 🙂

  69. Thomas says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    Yep. There are no saints on this show. It’s a toss-up as to who is worst on any particular day, but all of the main characters will fuck you up and over if it benefits them enough.

  70. Thomas says:

    Hi Lizzie,

    I think the point of “be the bad guy for a reason” was to show how Damon has changed, and why Elena is willing to forgive him. He’s still an ass, but he’s an ass in a way that benefits Elena, so …

  71. Thomas says:

    Hi meee,

    I don’t know, hate sex with Bex, betraying Bex, letting Bex brother get BBQed … I think we’re a long ways from Saint Stefan right now.

  72. Thomas says:

    Hi Tweeky,

    Or Hulk Hogan. Whatcha gonna do when Jeremy runs wild on you?!?

  73. Thomas says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I would watch the shit out of “Klaus and Damon Do Nawlins.”

    I love how quickly and fully Klaus goes from love sick puppy to raging murder machine. It’s electric.

    <3 Dark Bonnie.

  74. Thomas says:


    “They are ALL the worst and they are ALL the best, which is why we love the show so much.”


  75. Cathy says:

    I have to say I find it kind of funny that when Stefan and Elena were together, he wouldn’t let her stake Rebekah because he was scared the guilt would make her turn her humanity off, but now that she’s with Damon he’s like *shrug*

    I’m kind of hoping the reason they planted that seed and then didnt bring up the moral implications last week is because she IS going to flip the switch, but I doubt it.

  76. Thomas says:

    Hi nvo,

    You could make the same argument about someone who needs frequent blood transfusions.

    I suppose this is an argument of priorities; e.g. is it okay to kill a dozen innocents to prevent a hundred murders.

  77. Thomas says:

    Hi Ellyria,

    Yeah, I love it when the show drops a line to let us know that they watch the show, too. 🙂

    Yeah, they’re probably going down an addiction route. It’s one of the two or three Approved Plots for Magic Users.

  78. Thomas says:

    Hi SoccerMom,

    I think the stake survived because Mama O spelled it with Alaric’s Magic Ring of Not Dying.

    I do kind of think that Elena’s love for Damon is making it easier for her to accept doing bad, even horrible things.

  79. Thomas says:


    <3 <3 <3 Elena flipping the switch. In my mind, it would be a terrible waste if she doesn’t.

  80. SoccerMom says:

    The writers have done a great job unringing bells over the course of the show, but, while I’d LOVE Elena flipping the switch, it doesn’t seem like that’s a bell that could be unrung.

  81. Thomas says:


    Everyone seems to have forgotten the hundreds and hundreds of murders Stefan committed over the summer, so I don’t think it’s even possible for Elena to get on everyone’s bad side. I say flip that switch!

  82. Doc East says:

    I always assumed “the switch” was there to make the vampires better super-soldiers (the original purpose of the curse, if you recall). It’s there to get the mission of the moment accomplished, which is why it tends to “wear out” if you overuse it for a few aimless centuries. In my mind, Caroline flipped the switch when she killed the two deputies to save the Salvatores; it only lasted a few moments, and then the mission was over and she was back to normal, but what a few moments! I wouldn’t mind a similar scene of Elena glorying in a few minutes of unfettered badassery; might go a long way to redeem the character (and Nina Dobrev could certainly pull it off).

  83. Best episode since 3×13 ‘Bringing Out The Dead.’ “You can go now, this is family business.”

    It wasn’t looking promising for the 1st 30-45 minutes or so, a lot like another ‘spinning it’s wheels’ type of thing, but then they did that thing they do, where they twist the kaleidoscope and it all comes into focus, and we’re all gobsmacked.

    Hot n’ cold running vervain was an easy-to-miss Chekov’s Gun. Especially with a new mayor in town thinking he’s going to restore order (BWAHAHAHAHA!).

    If it’s going to be a recurring thing, it’s interesting. Mayor Rudy has effectively armed every home. it can be TOO convenient, or an obstacle for our (almost) all-vamp cast of heroes to negotiate.

    I may be the only person in the world that likes the new open. “my name is Elena Gilbert…” is just the SEXIEST little tip of the cap to the ORIGINAL TV vampire soap-opera: Dark Shadows ( Which used to be what we watched when we got home from school every day. YES! they used to put shit like this: on at 3:30 in the afternoon.

    Click the links, you’ll LOVE me for it ;~> Broomsticks & unicorns FTW. Broomsticks and Unicorns would be a great name for a riot grrl band.

    “Villain Bonding Time” would be a lot more watchable than “Elena’s Musical Salvatore Peeps.” That everyone wore a gray hat was one of the things I thought most people liked about the show when it was in it’s “golden era.” As has been said before, everyone has their motivations, and if you profit by them, they’re “getting shit done,” if you’re hurt by them, they’re “evil.” Playing on that would remove the need for a villain-of-the-week and would let them tighten down on their core characters.

    I lost my shit on Twitter when Abby reappeared at the bottom of the hour. I was queing up the herbs jokes, and had to eat them, thankfully. The way Bonnie dealt with her ‘rents was earned and a good way to establish her emerging bad-ass cred.

    I still think they have a problem with their Spectrum of Badass. Actually, I don’t think they HAVE a spectrum, and I don’t think they see it as a problem.

    Jeremy couldn’t get the drop on still-newbie-vamp Abby, but he and even-newbier-vamp Elena were able to deliver the Shiny Stick to Kol?

    “Bringing the only thing that can kill me to a fake truce conference” HAS to be on the overlord list, doesn’t it? Also, Original Anatomy Fail again. They’ve shown they know where the human heart is before so why… never mind.

    I saw what they tried to do with giving the determined Gilbert Underdogs the element of surprise and Chekov’s Gun to take Kol out with, but… umm… Ok, I guess.

    What make me willing to let it slide is that for once, we weren’t expected to root for Victim!Elena. She actually got a Crowning Moment of Awesome to cheer.

    I think a big problem with Elena has been how the Doppelganger fits into the Balance of Nature in the mythology. She’s effectively been doomed to be a victim, with no corresponding superpower to balance that and defend herself with.

    So seeing the weakling finally get tired enough of getting sand kicked in her face and go after the bully, I think was a beat that the character needed to hit.

    But Kol wa sin Africa, hanging with witches in the 1300’s? Before his family was turned? Ugh. wouldn’t have been THAt hard to get that little thing right.

    Joseph Morgan and Claire Holt are KILLING it this year. And they’re siblings, but different. Rebekah gets to whine/rant until the actress is out of breath, and Klaus gets to, as you put it, deliver 1,000 words of dialogue with a facial expression.

    Not sure who I like seeing Rebekah play off more, the MF gang or her brothers. So I don’t know which show she’ll end up on. They can NOT let her get away.

    Going forward, we have four vamps, Professor Shady and their two Walking Moonstones (Jeremy and Bonnie) going on a field trip. Potential to be really interesting, because… motivations.

    What IF the cure is only single-dose? who gets to use it and why? And what does it do? To Tyler? To the vamps in an Original’s bloodline? Would giving it to Damon also cure his scion, Elena? To a Hybrid?

    And yes, there was ONE old White Oak stake, Mikael HAD it, Klaus used it on him. Then there were 12 white oak stakes made from the Wickory Bridge sign, Klaus burned all but one, and Esther made the last one indestructible, and reusable with Alaric’s ring.

    That number 12 keeps coming up doesn’t it?

  84. meee says:

    she IS going to flip the switch if that death that is coming in 4×15 is jeremy. i am rooting to see bad elena….would give the show other dynamic….

  85. Tweeky says:

    I found that scene where Rebekah is explaining why she wants be cured, finding the right man, getting and having kids was rather down to earth shows that while she can be quite the badass original vampire what she really wants is normal, mortal existence and to be able to live a normal life. What was really interesting is that Matt was nearby and overheard it all (Stefan and Rebekah not realising he was there) and can’t but help that that’s a bit of foreshadowing by JP and KW. I’d say that Rebekah doesn’t just have the hots for him (Well he is a good looking guy with strong sense of moral integrity) I think she’s smitten with him and I think she’s determined that he’s her “Mr. Right” and she wants to settle down with him, marry him and have his babies:-).

  86. sepiriz47 says:

    @Doc East,

    Caroline saving Stefan and Damon was the opposite of “flipping the switch”.

    If Elena wasn’t with her, Caroline almost certainly would have left Stefan and Damon to die. That would have been flipping the switch.

  87. Thomas says:

    Hi Doc East,

    I imagine that the switch is (aside from a plot point) driven by the nature of the curse; Mamo O had to divorce herself from morality to create the vampires, so the vampires she created were (capable of being) amoral themselves.

    And I agree, Switched!Elena would be awesome.

  88. Thomas says:

    Hi Brian,

    Yeah, this one was pretty fantastic. Everything hooked up in the eend and smashed us right in the face.

    I’m a fan of the new cold opens, but just because it’s ten times easier to catch everybody up that way rather than trying to find a million clips that tell the same story.

    I would be in real favor of Elena becoming the Big Bad for a season. It seems vastly unlikely, but … it would be a hell of a ride.

    TVD’s badass spectrum grades on a curve. It’s kind of like the Conservation of Ninjutsu, except it’s more like Villain Decay due to Gilbert Proximity. Elena’s hooha creates some sort of villain nullification field.

    I’m rooting for Bex to head on down to Nawlins. (BTW, I only spell it that way because there are less letters than in New Orleans. I refuse to pronounce it that way). She’s more of a badass when she’s around Klaus. She tends to get sucked into woe-is-me teen angst when she’s around the Scoobies.

    I hope the cure is single dose and they accidentally drop the fucking thing on the floor. Oops. Oh well, next McGuffin.

  89. Thomas says:

    Hi meee,

    I’m rootign for Evilena, too.

  90. Thomas says:

    Hi Tweeky,

    Bex’ “I just wanna have baaaaaaaaaabies!” is the least compelling part of her character for me. If I wanted people moaning about how much it sucks to be young, hot, and rich forever, I’d read Anne Rice.

  91. AReavis says:

    Hello Thomas! Great recap as always! I wait every week to read this and get a good chuckle out of it.
    Elena and Jeremy overpowering Kol wasn’t as fat stretched as some may think. Remember Caroline and Damon with her dad?? We all know the two Gilbert siblings are stressed and desperate to end this cycle of doom. I still think Bonnie coming in and helping would have been better but hey I’m not paid lots of mula to write this show.
    I don’t understand all of the elena hate this season. I think it’s mostly the Stefan fans hating on her? As a Damon shipper myself I like this new and finally bad ass Elena. She’s truly coming into her own and I like the way she is becoming a little less caring and innocent and more ready to kill the shit out of someone or snap a neck like a twig.
    Stefan as this guy is much more interesting than Stefan as his old self butttt….i don’t like the way he is oh I dont care about you anymore Elena and I hate you Damon and I hate everything about my life but i want the cure just in case Elena doesnt love my brother (newsflash! She definitely does dude!) and lemme act all ashamed about Rebekah even though that sex scene was way hotter than any with Elena hahaha!!
    I have a question…if Silas is a necromancer…why not bring his dead gf back to life? if he is powerful enough to end the world? why the hell couldnt he bring back one girl? and why is he gonna just hand the cure over to a bunch of strangers? if he can ressurect his gf then he wont want the cure..LOL just a thought that hasnt been explained or questioned so far…the stills from 4×14? Damon being held by a mere rope and a suspicious looks-like-a-vamp-bite to his throat? I am intrigued

  92. Eve says:

    Brian in Shortsville – THANK YOU for the link to the Dark Shadows clips. Didn’t know they were on YouTube. I also ran home from school every day to watch it. Went next door to my grandparent’s house because they had a color TV – 13″, I think – and we didn’t.

    Now I have to go back to YouTube. 🙂

  93. Clicking on any TV Tropes link is NOT the recommended way to start a productive day.

    I laughed like a hyena when I got to “Characterization is a precious, rare resource that is difficult to set up, which means most characters are not going to get any.”

    Most characters aren’t going to get any? On TVD that’s trope subverted.

    And Eve that show gets better in retrospect. It’s now over 40 years since it’s been cancelled, but they churned out one every day and made 1,225 freaking episodes! And considering what technology was then, and how low-budget it was, it was amazing what they pulled off. If there were Special Effects Emmys back then (pre-Star Wars), they’d have won them all. The actors were all awesome too (often in multiple roles), in that highly stylized, theatrical kind of way.

    You can get a boxed set of it, but it’s over $300 on Amazon (down from almost $600). Incredibly, they have ALL the episodes.

  94. Tessa says:

    Hey Thomas (and other commenters)
    Great episode, great recap!
    Re: Gilbert genocide, I think Elena and Jeremy overpowered Kol by vervaining him- they established the water supply had been spiked with it, so when they squirted him with the hose tap thing that was enough to subdue him long enough to be staked. I saw lots of discussion about how it was unbelievable that the Gilberts could overpower an original, but at least there was some set up (however contrived it was).
    Also, I remember reading ages ago that only a certain number of episodes per season is in the supporting casts contracts, which gives a production explanation for Caroline and Tyler’s absence (just like Jeremy in Colorado, Tyler in the Appalachians, bonnie is too upset to talk to you/visiting relatives in past seasons)

  95. katherine_fan says:

    The Originals were turned in 1100.