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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

– Mystic Falls High –

Caroline Forbes: Hi Elena! I’m valedictorian!

Matt Donovan: And I got a full ride college scholarship!

Bonnie Bennett: And I have an actual, interesting plot line!

Elena Gilbert: Huh. Back at school. Yep, the Salvatores have finally resorted to torture.

– Castle Salvatore Damon’s Elena’s Detox Dungeon-

Damon Salvatore: So Elena, are you ready to turn your humanity back on yet?

Elena Gilbert: Go fuck yourself with a silver-coated wooden stake.

Stefan Salvatore: COme on, Elena! We need you to turn your humanity back on!

Elena Gilbert: What, because I’m evil? Because I’ve killed people? Because I’m naughty?

Damon Salvatore: No, we just really enjoy fighting over you, and it’s no fun if you aren’t into it.

– Castle Salvatore –

Caroline Forbes: Guys, you’re going about this all wrong! You can’t reach Elena with pain and misery! You need to use Girl Powerª!

Damon Salvatore: Caroline, Elena isn’t the girl you knew! She’s mean, spiteful, off-putting …

Caroline Forbes: Please, I’m the head cheerleader! I can handle a girl making rude comments!

Stefan Salvatore: Okay, if you say so …

– Five Minutes Later –

Caroline Forbes: Oh fuck this horrible bitch! Super Caroline neck snapping powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Worth it! X-[

– Mystic Grill –

Rebekah: Hi Matt how’s it going Matt it’s nice of you to stop by and drink with me Matt!

Matt Donovan: Um, yeah, I work here. Not exactly a surprise that I showed up.

Rebekah: I want to have your babies!

Matt Donovan: I want to have enough money to pay make my car payment this month.

– Cafe of Conspiracy –

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): Hi Bonnie! Just checking in to make sure everything’s going all right! Studying for finals,getting enough rest, not making deals with a guy who wants to tear down the veil between worlds, unleashing untold hell upon the earth, stuff like that!

Bonnie Bennett (on the phone): Caroline! Of course I’m not making deals with a guy who wants to tear down the veil between worlds, unleashing untold hell upon the earth! Who do you think I am?

Katherine Pierce: Hi Bonnie! Ready to make a deal with a chick who wants to tear down the veil between worlds, unleashing untold hell upon the earth?

Bonnie Bennett: Boy am I!

– Castle Salvatore – Tanning Booth of Torment –

Stefan Salvatore: Okay, we’ve got Elena tied to a chair, we’re all alone with no one to hear her scream … wow, so many of my dreams start off that way.

Damon Salvatore: Just one more thing … I’m going to need that Magic Ring of Not Exploding in the Sunlight. You know the rules! Bad girls don’t get nice jewelry!

Stefan Salvatore: …Then why was Elena always talking about the pearl necklace you gave her?

Damon Salvatore: Anyway, we’re going to bake you in the sunlight until you do what we say!

Elena Gilbert: Just so you know? Neither of you is ever getting laid again.

Stefan Salvatore: This is going to hurt us more than it hurts you!

Damon Salvatore: Except for the fact that you’re going to be the one that’s literally on fire.

Stefan Salvatore: Boom! Roasted!

– Castle Salvatore Living Room of Lies –

Caroline Forbes: Hi Matt! I ordered you a cap and gown! For graduation!

Matt Donovan: That’s nice, except for the fact that I’m failing French!

Caroline Forbes: Matt! Why didn’t you ask me to help you study?

Matt Donovan: … HAHAHAHA gasp HAHAHAHAHA oh, that’s funny! Do you even remember where the school is? When was the last time you were in a classroom? Can you even name one teacher who isn’t Alaric?

Rebekah: Have no fear! I have arrived, bearing gifts of pizza, the wisdom acquired over a thousand years, and bosoms so perky that they belie my great age! I’ll help you study! Repeat after me! “Je vais mourir ce soir!”

Matt Donovan: Gee vase morning sea saw?

Rebekah: Or I could just compel you good grades.

Caroline Forbes: Facepalm

– Castle Salvatore – Driveway of Doom –

Caroline Forbes: Oh no! I have dropped the keys to my 2013 Ford Fiesta, which gets a combined 34 miles per gallon, and comes loaded with all kinds of cool technology! I sure hope nothing evil–yet sexy–is lurking on the other side!

Klaus: Hi Caroline!

– Cafe of Conspiracy –

Bonnie Bennett: Okay, so Silas wants to drop the veil between worlds, take the cure, and murder himself a ton. To do that, I need you to give me the tombstone you stole from his grave site on the Island of Misfit Vampires.

Katherine Pierce: And in exchange for this, I get …?

Bonnie Bennett: To set up the cliffhanger at the end of the episode!

– Castle Salvatore – Tanning Booth of Torment –

Elena Gilbert: You know what sucks?

Damon Salvatore: Being lit on fire by your two ex boyfriends?

Elena Gilbert: Well, yes, but I was actually thinking about being sired to you! God, all of that dirty, dirty sex, all of that passionate physicality, all of that … what?

Damon Salvatore: I’ll be in my bunk.

Stefan Salvatore: Me too.

Elena Gilbert: Okay, and I’m gonna do my best Katniss Everdeen impression.

Damon Salvatore: What?

Elena Gilbert: The Girl on Fire? Super Elena Self Immolation Powers activate!

Stefan Salvatore: This isn’t what we planned.

Damon Salvatore: To be fair, we should have seen it coming. Her mother did herself the same way. Speaking of, didn’t I turn her mother into a vampire, too?

Stefan Salvatore: Kinky.

Damon Salvatore: :-)=

– Castle Salvatore – South Lawn of Schemes –

Damon Salvatore: Well, we’re clearly in over our heads. Elena is just too smart for us!

Stefan Salvatore: I know! We need to bring in outside help! Someone who will gladly come to our aid! Someone who will work for our best interests and never, ever betray us!

Damon Salvatore: Or we could call Katherine!

Stefan Salvatore: That works, too!

– The Lost Woods –

Klaus: So yeah, just stopped by to say my goodbyes before ducking down to New Orleans to bang a blonde bartender with a black belt.

Caroline Forbes: Oh Klaus! I love you and I hate you all at once!

Klaus: LOL JK I’m Silas and I’m going to stab you in the gut with my brain HAHAHA TROLOLO!

– Castle Salvatore – Living Room of Learning –

Matt Donovan: Okay, I’ve figured out what I’m going to do!

Rebekah: Study really hard and hope for the best?

Matt Donovan: Nope! Forget school all together and whore myself out as a product placement spokesperson! Hey AT&T Translate, how do I say “when will Caroline get back from the train station” in Italian?

AT&T Translate: “Sto per morire stanotte!”

Matt Donovan: Stopper mirror Stan’s net?

Rebekah: Really, I could just compel you good grades. Take me like ten seconds. And then instead of wasting a bunch of time studying, we could just get naked a ton!

Katherine Pierce: Hi loosers! So I hear you all got someone who needs torturing?

– The Lost Woods –

Matt Donovan: Hi Caroline! I’m learning Swedish on my smartphone!

Caroline Forbes: Run Matt Run Silas is after me and he’ll kill you to get to Bonnie!

Matt Donovan: LOL JK I’m Silas and I’m going to murder your mother HAHAHA TROLOLO!

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): Hi Mom! It’s me, Caroline! Listen, you’re in terrible danger, and it would take me like five seconds to explain it, but instead I’ll just give you a vague warning that will probably just make you confused and then dead! XOXO -C

Silas: Hi Caroline! I’m going to be Freddy Kruger for Halloween!

Caroline Forbes: And I’m going to watch myself run you over in my 2013 Ford Fiesta with my 2013 Ford Fiesta’s backup camera!

– Castle Salvatore Damon’s Elena’s Detox Dungeon-

Katherine Pierce: Hi Elena! I’m supposedly here to torture the humanity back into you, but instead I’m going to gouge out your eyeballs until you tell me what you did to turn Elijah against me!

Elena Gilbert: Oh, you know, I just told him that he could see me naked, and reminded him that I’m not dragging five centuries of baggage around with me.

Katherine Pierce: Huh. Yeah, that makes sense, actually. Well, in order to start building up that baggage and getting me back in the game, I think I’ll set you free to rape, pillage, and murder your way through the human population of Mystic Falls!

Matt Donovan: Did somebody say my name?

– Castle Salvatore – Bourbon and Betrayal –

Katherine Pierce: Wow, all that torture really works up a thirst!

Stefan Salvatore: Um, guys? Did someone take Elena out for a walk?

Katherine Pierce: But nothing makes me crave whiskey like good old fashioned betrayal!

Damon Salvatore: God damn it, it only we could have foreseen your completely unprecedented double cross! Anyway, Matt? We need bait, so go cut yourself shaving and get in the car.

– Chateau Forbes –

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): Hi Bonnie! Silas is going to torture me to death unless I give you to him, so could you do a girl a favor?

Sheriff Liz Forbes: Hi Caroline! I’m totally your mother and not a guy who can get inside your brain with my brain!

Caroline Forbes: Oh yeah, well then what happens if I … call your cell phone?!?

Sheriff Liz Forbes: It will ring and I will pick it up and it will totally not be an hallucination I placed inside your mind with my magic powers.

Caroline Forbes: Mommy!

– The Lost Woods –

Elena Gilbert: So. Hungry. Must. Eat. Football. Player.

Matt Donovan: Hi Elena!

Elena Gilbert: Hi Matt! :-)=

– Chateau Forbes –

Bonnie Bennett: Hi Caroline! I’m here to rescue you!

Silas: Hi Caroline! I’m here to collect my witch and murder your mother!

Sheriff Liz Forbes: X-[

Caroline Forbes: That’s cool, I’ll just use my collection of heroine needles to inject her with vampire blood, possibly turning her into an undead monster!

Sheriff Liz Forbes: I just want a nap.

– The Lost Woods –

Damon Salvatore: Wait wait wait, you can’t kill Matt! I’m gonna kill Matt!

Elena Gilbert: Um, what?

Matt Donovan: Um, what?

Damon Salvatore: Because if you kill Matt it’s just another notch on your belt, but if I kill Matt it will be an emotionally devastating moment that restores your humanity!

Elena Gilbert: That … doesn’t makes sense.

Matt Donovan: At all.

Damon Salvatore: Oh well! Super vampire breaking the quarterback’s neck and my evil ex’s heart powers activate!

Matt Donovan: X-[

Elena Gilbert: :-(= :-(= :-(=

Damon Salvatore: Wait, is that someone’s humanity I smell?

Matt Donovan: No, it’s me pissing myself after losing bladder control after getting my spinal column severed.

Elena Gilbert: This is the worst thing that has ever happened that I was totally going to do myself five seconds ago!

Matt Donovan: Well then it’s a good thing I’m wearing the Magic Ring of Sometimes Not Dying!

Elena Gilbert: <3 <3 <3

Stefan Salvatore: Wait, aren’t you still upset about your brother dying? And all those people you murdered?

Elena Gilbert: :-(= :-(= :-(=

Damon Salvatore: Facepalm

– Castle Salvatore – Parlor of Pain –


Rebekah: Wow, coming back from the dead looks like it sucks.

Matt Donovan: Almost as much as failing high school! Hey, how do you say “the cat sat on the king’s throne” in Spanish?

Rebekah: “Mor’ anoche.”

Matt Donovan: More nachos? Yes please!

Rebekah: Look, you’ve been a really nice guy to me and to everyone, and it’s kind of our fault that your life is terrible, so I promise to do whatever it takes to make thing right.

Matt Donovan: Wow, that’s really nice! I can’t believe–

Rebekah: I mean, until I up and leave for New Orleans in a couple of days.

Matt Donovan: Yeah, that’s more like it.

– Cafe of Conspiracy –

Katherine Pierce: So, about this whole tombstone thing. What exactly am I getting out of it?

Bonnie Bennett: I will use Qetsiyah’s magic to make you immortal, invincible, and generally unfuckwithable.

Katherine Pierce: Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

– Castle Salvatore – Parlor of Plotting –

Damon Salvatore: Okay, I know you’re going through a lot right now.

Stefan Salvatore: But we’re here to help you work through the pain and become the lovable emopire you were always meant to be!

Elena Gilbert: Thanks, guys, but there’s only one thing that can make me feel better.

Damon Salvatore: Right, I’ll go get the chains and the lube.

Elena Gilbert: Yeah, no, I was actually talking about murdering Katherine, but I guess that can wait for a few minutes.

The Plot: Thickens.

– Post Mortem –

Quick question. Since Rebekah was all on Team Matt this week, and since Matt clearly wanted Elena’s humanity back, why didn’t Rebekah just compel Elena to flip her switch? I mean, I know the answer is “because then the episode would have been ten minutes long,” but still.

I’m glad this whole arc is over. Not that Elena’s back to her old, boring self–I loved Evilena–but I’m glad we’re done with the whole “let’s torture some sense into our girl” thing. This little saga has been way too “look what you made me do” for comfort, and the Salvatores way too condescending and paternalistic for my taste.

I just hope Elena isn’t an emopire for the rest of the season. Setting up a big battle with Katherine is a great idea, though. Poor Nina. I can’t wait to see how Bonnie double crosses Katherine, and how Katherine was already fifteen steps ahead of her.

Speaking of fifteen steps ahead, Damon Fucking Salvatore, ladies and gentlemen. Damon is completely self aware, and he used that to his advantage this week. He knew everyone expects him to be unhinged–killing Matt to get Elena back, or even just because Matt was blocking the television, is perfectly in character for him–but no one expects him to plan ahead. Damon wouldn’t think to have Matt wear the Magic Ring of Sometimes Not Dying, would he? Of course not!

Boom. You just got Salvatored.

On to the next episode!

0 responses to “Vampire Diaries – S04E21 – She's Come Undone”

  1. Rachel says:

    Really liked this ep. Much better than the last one. Frightfully glad that we can move on from the Elena and humanity bit and get back to some action.
    Great Recap as always, Thomas.

  2. Ellyria says:

    Evilena should have gotten out of town while she had the chance. Now we’re stuck with emo, revenge driven Elena for an episode before she goes back to Boring Elena. I did love how Katherine basically called Elena out on being a terrible vampire, coddled by everyone and keeping her humanity off instead of dealing with it. Katherine can’t die, I <3 Katherine (when she's not lamenting about how she lost Elijah).

    Speaking of, funny how two seasons ago Katherine was terrified of Elijah and Elijah didn't give a damn about her, then suddenly they became cuddle bunnies. *brain twitch* I know if I were looking for a long-term vampire boyfriend, I probably wouldn't choose the older brother of the guy I've been living in fear of for five hundred years (even if he does look like Daniel Gillies). Just sayin'.

  3. Cathy says:

    Haha, loved the return of “your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.”

    Well, I feel like if we learned one thing from this episode, it’s that Matt and Sheriff Forbes should be safe on TVD Finale Death Watch. I can’t see them doing the emotional “Oh God they’re dead!” scenes and then taking it back to just repeat it 2 episodes later. It’d take too much of the punch out of it.

    I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if Katherine does actually die in the finale. Although I don’t want it to happen. I just hope they aren’t gearing up for some book shenanigans with all that angel business.


    I heard a rumor one of the ghosts that return next week might end up being permanently resurrected. Any bets on who? I REALLY REALLY need it to be Alaric, but I think it’s probably going to be Jeremy. As long as its not Kol, because UGH.

  4. Joe says:

    Well, Damon had just fed Elena vervain in the previous episode, so compulsion wouldn’t have worked, not that Rebekah would have known that. Perhaps Elena takes vervain regularly like Stefan does?

  5. I miss comments from LOTM and Neville. I suspect Neville will have a *lot* to say about the spinoff, tho.
    Yeah, Joe, I was thinking Elena had vervain in her system. And they probably would’ve told Rebekah if she’d offered. I suspect none of them thought of it. Or else they let the vervain drain out of her system, tried it, and it didn’t work. Or maybe they figured because the sire bond had broken, compulsion wouldn’t work. IDK. I can fanwank it 1,000 ways from Sunday for you, tho! LOL
    Cathy, I read a comment Julie had made about another show or something regarding angels. It made me afraid they’re going to turn Elena into one. She seems fascinated by them/the possibilities. If the special effects department comes up with a cheap way to do the wings, we’re going to see it.
    There was a question I had about killing Katherine though – won’t that kill everyone she turned, i.e Stefan, Damon, and Caroline? Or is that just an Original thing? I don’t remember.
    Thanks for reminding me of Caroline injecting Liz with her blood, Thomas. I *did* wonder when Liz sat up, “OK, is she a vampire now?” Which would add her to the list.

  6. Cathy says:

    Yeah it’s only when an original dies that the vampires they sired also die. Hard to keep up with all the mythology sometimes lol.

  7. nvo says:

    Clearly Elena wasn’t ever going to kill any of her friends. Explains why she bit Bonnie instead of just snapping her neck. Or maybe not being in control of who lives and who dies is what Elena really fears, understandably so. When she was feeding on Matt she was in control. But crazy, unhinged Damon? I like that Elena thought Damon had gone soft enough that he wouldn’t kill Matt in front of her. And Damon was like yes and no. That whole last bit was great.

    what wasn’t great was the torture. At least they didn’t romanticize it but it wasn’t demonized either. Like most morally questionable things on TVD it is what it is. and damon’s rant about every vampire turning it back on eventually and why is elena being so stubborn? I’m sorry how long has it been, two weeks?

    Oh and a big fat no to Klaorline and Kelijah. Just no.

  8. Sara A says:

    Damon is awesome. As soon as he snapped Matt’s neck I was like ‘how is he going to get out of this one?’ and then boom, Magic Ring of Sometimes Not Dying. Great stuff.

    I am now seriously worried about Katherine. Elena is trying to kill her, and despite Elena being weak, incompetent and dumb, she has main character immunity and the writers could figure out some totally stupid way of her killing Kat.

    Don’t take Kat away and leave us with Elena, please!

  9. Lia says:

    Don’t take Kath away and leave us with boring Elena and even more boring Stelena for god’s sake! That’s just what I say…have merce of us audience, please! lol

  10. Emiline says:

    I can totally see why Elena freaked the fuck out when Damon “killed” Matt, even if she was planning to kill him/Caroline/Bonnie herself. Death is tied to Elena’s humanity. It started with her parents dying and the subsequent survivor’s guilt she felt afterwards, and only intensified with the deaths of her biological parents, Jenna, Alaric, and finally Jeremy. It’s why she’s always had that martyr complex.

    With her humanity switch off, she could confront her fears by killing people without the guilt or shame she would normally feel, in an environment that SHE controlled, which makes the difference, because every other death she has experienced in just a few short years were completely out of her control. So when Damon snapped Matt’s neck, it was just another person she loved who died, and this time it was BECAUSE of how she had been acting. So I can totally buy that Matt’s death at Damon’s hands would be the thing to bring her back even if she was planning to kill him herself earlier.

  11. amxo says:

    @Emiline thats interesting.. yeah I agree..I think Elena’s struggle is with feeling like everyone around her is dying / leaving her. That’s also why she looked to Stefan when her parents died- he couldn’t die and she needed that.

    I liked this episode except I DONT WANT KATHERINE TO DIE:( she’s my favourite and really no worse than the others. I really hope Katherine outsmarts that newbie vampire. I wonder what Bonnie’s up to though. Why would she give Katherine the invincibility thing ? what is her plan with Silias ? I’m honestly wondering why Kat would be so gullible as to believe Bonnie as well. Now that Elena’s finally learned how to deal with being a vampire plus has her humanity back I REALLY hope the Salvatores LAY OFF of her. I mean seriously dont these two like legit have anything better to do ? Leave her be. I blame the writers for not giving them better storylines. Here’s to hoping these two get better storylines next season ! and Caroline and Matt.

  12. kesili says:

    ….and the ping pong ball is indeed back on the table.

    Thomas, thank you for recapping so we wont have to put up with TVD any more. Just for kicks, I googled ping pong commentaries in case you’d like to expand your vocabulary…not that you need to because your vocab is awesome, but there are only so many terms you could use when you’re 4 years in in an interminable love triangle:


    – “I look awfully muscular for a guy who just hits a ball that weighs less than an ounce (…I wonder how much Nina Dobrev weighs)”
    – “I think I’m beginning to hear the crowd ‘boo’….”
    – *random grunts with inspirational music in the background*

  13. Tweeky says:

    @Cathy, in regards to the spoiler i’d say it’s a sure bet that Jeremy will be back, quite possibley Alaric since Matt Davis’s new show has gone belly up. Now if anybody else comes back for good I want it to really, really be Anna. Aside from that horrible forced and contrived thing called Boremy (On the other hand Anna and Jeremy had great chemistry) Anna was one of the best and most decent characters on TVD so I hope she does come back.

  14. Cathy says:

    @tweeky AWE I’d love to have Anna back. She was the only one I liked Jeremy with. I liked Vicky but I didn’t like her and Jeremy together. Bonnie and Jeremy was the worst, as most things involving Bonnie are. My Mom swore she’d never watch the show again when Anna died (she got over it though).

    I think it’s more likely that Jeremy will come back than Alaric (@cadlymack said Steven McQueen hasn’t sold his place in Atlanta yet). The only thing that makes me doubt Jeremy coming back is how they would pull that off still living in Mystic Falls. The whole town knew him and is aware that he died, so how would he ever leave the house? With Alaric it wasn’t clear if people knew he died or just thought he disappeared. His reappearance in the town could be explained. Now I know this is Mystic Falls so maybe they won’t notice this any more than they notice the insane murders that take place in their town, who knows?

  15. Tweeky says:

    @Cathy, good point about Jeremy, i hadn’t thought of that, as we saw his gravestone in a dream sequence of Bonnie’s a few weeks back and of course Elena torched their house with his body in it; Jeremy I suppose could end up in New Orleans in the “Originals” series. Another thing that pissed me off with bonnie is that she was directly responsible for Anna and few others deaths at the end of S1 with her treacherous “Fake” sabotage of the Gilbert device and she was responsible for Caroline being turned. She was never called on this or held to account and the thing that I found the most offensive about Boremy was that she never came clean with him about Anna’s death. Bonnie is an arrogant, manipulative, sanctimonious and judgemental hypocrite.

    A few others i’d love to see back for good via dropping the barrier to the other side:

    Sexy Lexi

    Who I don’t want to see but could come back are:

    Kol the sadistic sociopath
    Frederick the racist arsehole
    Logan “Scum” Fell

  16. Jawly says:

    As for Caroline trying to get Elena’s humanity back? That wouldn’t fly for a few reasons: 1) If she saved Elena in the first five minutes of the episode, there would be no suspense, though I did enjoy watching Elena’s bitch ass get her head twirled off. XD I’m glad Caroline got her good. 2) She isn’t a Salvatore. If you’re not an overly feminine girl-crazy old fart posing as adolescents then you’re pretty much irrelevant when it comes to all things Elena, much less smacking some sense into a heartless twat. 3) It builds up for a certain Stelena moment later.

    Rebekah losing the cure? We all knew she didn’t have a chance. Most likely Elena will take the cure because if Silas takes it, then there wouldn’t be any drama for next season. He’ll be wreaking havoc until the end of time. Or until Bonnie finds a magical spell and fixes everything or talks to Qetsiyah. Or something because this plotline is all kinds of sloppy. Silas has been so painfully irrelevant it hurts. I feel like he’s more of a bully than a real threat. He should be terrifying but he comes off as so uninteresting at this point. You know how the hybrids didn’t serve any real purpose other than being a minor annoyance? That’s how it’s been going with Silas so far. The showdown at the end of the season better be EPIC if there is one. At this point I’m waiting for Silas to have cookies and cream with everyone. -_- XD

    Elena telling off Damon about if her feelings were real? Serves him right. For the whole show, he’s either had random encounters, compelled his way into bed with Caroline and Andi, or manipulated people into having sex with him for hatesex/information/whatever, fought/killed girls he slept with, and NOW he cares if someone truly loves him? Piss off slut garbage. They had one night together. Big deal. Stefan and Elena have a true love that goes beyond five minutes. Not shipping them, I just don’t like when the show tries to BS me like that.

    Elena burning herself to prove that they’re pusscakes? Smart move. She has more balls then these two ever had. And coming from delicate flower Elena? DAYUM.

    Elena telling off Katherine was GOLD. I’m tired of her ALWAYS having the higher ground in an argument. Just the fact that she got annoyed with Elena means she got under her skin. I’m glad someone finally pulled one over on her for once. Bitch. Even so, I found it hilarious that she’s the most recent person to have put a body part inside Elena. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Couldn’t help but laugh at that. 😉 Oh, and as for telling Elena that she’s not weak and deals with her emotions? What emotions? I don’t see any. All I see is the scared little girl from ages past still obsessed with trying to survive. And for what? Her pursuer is gone, her boyfriend dumped her, and she acts like complete shit 24/7. The only thing I see is assedness and douchebagery. Totally legitimate words. My logic is not flawed. 🙂 Also, Elena is VERY emotional. She’s the only character who had any real compassion on the show, even if she does come off as weak and annoying at times. Damon told her to turn it off. It wasn’t her idea.

    Damon breaking Matt’s neck just to bring her humanity back shows how incredibly obnoxious she’s being. On Matt’s end it sucks that he had to die, but when he wakes up, the only thing he thinks about is if she got it back? Wake up!! She acted like a brat and you STILL care? Ugh. On Elena’s end? It’s a shame it took her friend dying just to save her. But I’m glad she finally dropped the hardass exterior. Cunt was annoying.

    As for calming her down? Notice how she pushed Damon aside and Stefan held her hand? He could feel her pain with her. It shows the parallel between them: Telling her to hold onto something that makes her want to live? Guess what she was thinking about. Stefan. But then she feels so bad for all the pain that she caused him and that she might have lost him so she starts crying again. Her hate for Katherine would have definitely NOT calmed her down like that. In such a fragile state like that, it wasn’t hate that calmed her down. If that were true, she would have gone on a rampage like Katherine wanted. You don’t fool me JP. In S3, Stefan thought he lost Elena, so he focused on hating Klaus. I’m guessing she also felt a lot of guilt for sleeping with Damon, hurting Stefan even more, which probably pushed her even more towards killing her.

    Both of them had their emotions forcibly turned off. Both are kind all around, though flawed just like everyone else. Also, they’re the only ones who have ever actually turned their emotions off. Damon and Katherine are asses because they’re so old the switch doesn’t work for them, so they naturally don’t or can’t be bothered to care. Caroline is genuinely nice, and Tyler means well, but none of them truly “struggle” like Elena and Stefan do. It makes sense that they know exactly what they need for each other, experience the same thing, and are very much alike. The look in their eyes said everything they needed to say.

    The difference between Katherine and Klaus is that if Klaus dies, they die too. Katherine is just much older than they are. Calling out Katherine’s shit at the end definitely sets up the showdown. If Elena can convince everyone to help tear her apart, it would END her.

    Even more sneaky–just as Katherine is about to receive her immortality from Bonnie, Elena kills her. Bonnie promised her the key to true immortality, but she didn’t grant her immunity from the others as part of the deal. :DDDDDDD It would make sense to kill her off too–she’s irrelevant, she just exists, not truly living her life, and just as she’s about to get her life of never having to run away again, Elena serves her right for all the shit that went down because of her. Being chased her whole life doesn’t excuse her for everything she did, so with that logic, I can’t excuse Elena for her recent nonsense. Still, this is going to be UH-MAY-ZING. XD

    Apologies for rambling.

  17. sona says:

    I’m glad to have the old Elena back because the evil one was too much Katherine-like and since they even looked the same – that was just too much. But at least Stephan and Damon will stop doing the stalking and torture bull***t, that was sooo annoying – we’ve already knew they are unemployed and have nothing to do but this was really one ugly cherry on top.
    As for the ghosts… hm… I’d like to have Kol back for good and have hilarious lines and maybe Pearl? But I don’t see how would she fit in the show now – however, I’d love some visual diversity and I also loved the way she poked Damon’s eyes out.

  18. Joe says:

    I suppose Evilena couldn’t have stuck around forever but the way Damon did it really bugged me. In Buffy Xander basically got Evil! Willow to turn her emotions back on with an authentic emotional experience, reminding her what she still had to live for etc. Damon instead took that premise and turned it into another cruel piece of emotional manipulation. At this point I really just loathe the Salvatores, through the entire Evilena arc they’ve been nothing but hypocritical domineering sadists towards Elena, both of them have fallen off the wagon more times than you can count and both are at least three digit serial killers, Elena kills one person and tries to have a good time and they act like they’re on a mission from God.

    Also I’m not sure if it’s intentionally so, but the ‘vlegh!’ noises Nina Dobrev makes when she goes to bite someone are hilarious.

  19. Devon says:

    @Cathy, in the extended trailer for last week’s episode Kol shows up at the end (I squeed so hard my husband thought something was wrong!) so he could be one of dead that returns. I really hope Jeremy and Alaric comeback and stick around for good.

  20. katherine_fan says:

    2 recaps in one week?Wow!
    Aside from Elena getting tortured because the Salvatores are controlling dicks,this ep was FANTASTIC!!!The good old s2 days!!!Now,I’m happy that Matt survived and kudos to Damon for having him wear the ring and I don’t hate Liz Forbes but 2 fake deaths in one episode are a bit much!In my opinion,only one of them should have survived.If I had it my way,Matt would survive and Liz would die. Permanently,not die and come back as a vampire.I hear ppl speculate that she’s in transition,but please no!We have enough vamps already!

  21. Tweeky says:

    @Devon, aside from Alaric (I hope it’s Alaric and not his self-loathing Vampalaric alter-ego) and Jeremy coming back I really hope they bring back anna too.

  22. allana403 says:

    “your ideas intrigue me and i would like to subscribe to your newsletter”

    this line never gets old

  23. Eve says:

    The scene with Elena attacking Matt was so weird. Matt reminded her of their long friendship and that DID move her, that she was hungry enough to attack him anyway – okay, this part makes sense. But she definitely cared about what he said.

    So she’s starving but apparently stopped drinking when… what? He fell down? Lost consciousness? Huh?? Why would she stop, is it not comfortable to drink blood unless you’re standing up? What was up with that and with her kicking Matt, bugging him to wake up so she could drink more? It’s like she was too lazy to bend down? Or hold him up with her vampire strength? I totally didn’t get that.

    I don’t think she ever intended to kill Matt. She might have done it by accident but she wanted his blood, not to kill him. If she killed him by accident I think she would’ve been just as devastated as when she thought Damon killed him. Probably more so.

    Anyway, aside from the weirdness of how it started it was a great scene and I’m glad she is turned back. Is the triangle back? I hope not but I suppose it is.

  24. Eve says:

    Silas: Hi Caroline! I’m going to be Freddy Kruger for Halloween!

    Haha! Yeah, he does seem like a guy in a Halloween costume. Not scary at all, really, just unfortunate and nuts.

    They dropped the ball with this storyline. It’s too scattered and badly defined. I don’t even understand what the threat is. All the dead supernaturals come back…but then what? Why is that the end of the world? All of them existed at some point in time and the world didn’t end. There are plenty of present-day supernaturals (in MF, way more of them than humans) and the world doesn’t end.

    And can they be re-killed? With no “other side”, can they just die and finally stay dead? That does not seem like a bad result.

  25. amxo says:

    @Cathy .. ugh really ? I found Anna SO ANNOYING. and she basically used Jeremy.

  26. GURK!

    Was not expecting our little Teeny-vampire guilty pleasure to give me that creepy, squirmy, “A Clockwork Orange” vibe.

    No more thanks, I’m good. Really.

  27. Peyton says:

    “A few others i’d love to see back for good via dropping the barrier to the other side:

    Sexy Lexi

    Well it won’t be Jenna or Rose. Rose is on The Walking Dead and Jenna has a new series starting this summer on Syfy. It’s a US spinoff of the UK show Primeval. I would love to see Harper back, though. He felt seriously underused.

  28. Peyton says:

    “All the dead supernaturals come back…but then what? Why is that the end of the world? All of them existed at some point in time and the world didn’t end. ‘”

    But they didn’t all exist at the same time. I think the threat is based on the seriously large number of supernatural beings that would be freely roaming the earth, more than likely making humanity minority.

  29. Cathy says:

    And dear god, will no one think of the carbon footprint? I bet Somerhalder is.

  30. They’re all going to be riding bicycles. Alaric and Jenna, Jeremy and Anna on tandems.

  31. Whycat says:

    I think I’ve missed something. Why does Silas want to drop the veil? If he takes the cure, becomes mortal and dies, he is reunited with his “true love,” yes? If so, he doesn’t need to drop the veil to accomplish that. So presumably he has other reasons (say, world domination!). As to who gets the cure (ugh), who knows, but my best guess is Katherine.

    Thank you for another great recap, Thomas.

  32. Eve says:

    >>But they didn’t all exist at the same time. I think the threat is based on the seriously large number of supernatural beings that would be freely roaming the earth, more than likely making humanity minority.<<

    Really? You think there could be billions of supernatural beings? Yes indeed, think of the carbon footprint lol.

  33. Joe says:

    Given how fucked up the supernatural purgatory in Vampire Diaries is, I’m pretty sympathetic towards Silas tbh. So there’s a small army of people who want Klaus and Damon dead, yeah, but it also means every supernatural being ever isn’t stuck in limbo for all eternity, which inevitably will one day include everyone in the main cast who isn’t Matt. Seems like a pretty fair trade-off to me.

    Also, didn’t Tyler give Matt Mayor Mansion? If he’s that hard-up for cash I’m sure he could flog that off in a pintch.

  34. Alexa says:

    I liked how Elena got under Katherine’s skin. I think for once, Katherine wasn’t planning on suddenly and inevitably betraying the Salvatores. Elena got under her skin, and she wanted her to do irreparable damage that she’d never be able to handle with her humanity on because of it.

    The show is all about balances, so I’m wondering — maybe Katherine will get made unkillable. And as a balance, so will Elena. Katherine vs Elena, Elena can’t kill Katherine after she’s made unkillable, and Katherine manages to stake Elena, make us all think “WTF” and then season ends a couple of minutes later with Elena pulling the stake out of her heart ala Elijah, more pissed than ever. They could be called Doppelpires. And it’d make Elena remain interesting even with her humanity on.

    I’m glad that Elena’s solution is still ‘murder people’, even with her humanity on. Character development FTW.

    If/when the veil is dropped, I hope nobody comes back for good. Or at least not Jeremy, Jenna, or (even) Alaric. As much as I like them, their deaths were central to Elena’s plot.

  35. Misty says:

    Thank you, Thomas for providing me with yet another masterpiece for my reading pleasure!

    Whycat – Silas needs to drop the veil because he never got the chance to make his true love immortal. She died a human and didn’t go to The Other Side. Qetsiyah created The Other Side to ‘trap’ supernatural creatures who have died, keeping Silas away from his true love for eternity. That’s why Silas didn’t just take the cure while entomed. Presumably Silas wants to drop the veil and take the cure to die and go wherever his human love went when she died.

    I hope that helps!

  36. Tweeky says:

    I can’t wait till Thomas posts his recap of episode 22, am I the only one who was disappointed that Anna didn’t appear.

  37. DJ says:

    I would have liked to have seen Anna too, but I read somewhere that only those with a reason to come back would do so, and Anna wanted to, and was, reunited with her mum, so I guess she has no reason to come back. I too keep popping in waiting for ep 22 recap 🙂