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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

– Mystic Falls High – Ghosts of Graduations Past –

Kol: Hey, anybody else realize that the so-called “heroes” of this show kind of do terrible things on a regular basis and risk ending the world all so they can get laid? Just me? Okay then. But we can still gang up to kill them, right?

– Castle Salvatore – We Could Barely Afford the Song, Let Alone a Cameo –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Stefan! Ready to graduate for the seventeenth time?

Stefan Salvatore: You bet! Right after I get done hanging out with my best friend slash sober sponsor Lexi … you know, the one you murdered in cold blood?

Damon Salvatore: So I guess it’s up to me to stop the world from ending?

– Mystic Falls High – Planning for the Paranormal –

Bonnie Bennett: Hey Caroline? I kinda unleashed the zombie apocalypse on our graduation, and also died just a little bit. But don’t worry, I totally got this.

Caroline Forbes: If I don’t get to walk across that stage, I will cut. A. Bitch.

– Mystic Falls – Cemetery of Celebration –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Alaric Saltzman, you just came back from the dead, what are you going to do now?

Alaric Saltzman: Alcohol and grease mother fuckers! What about you?

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Lots and lots of X-Box.

Elena Gilbert: Yeah, sorry, I kind of burned your X-Box to ashes. Along with our house. And your body.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Oh … well then I guess I’m just gonna have to have lots and lots of sex with Bonnie.

Elena Gilbert: Yeah, about that …

– Mystic Grill – Paramilitary Parking Lot –

Alexander: Wow, high tech weaponry is awesome! Distilled werewolf venom and claymore mines are way better than getting close enough to the bad guy to use a sword!

Matt Donovan: Well, must be Thursday.

– Castle Salvatore Werewolf Welcome Matt –

Galen Vaughn: Hi Damon! Could I interest you in subscribing to bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Damon Salvatore: Really? Werewolf poisoning? Again?

Galen Vaughn: Well you knew what they say, threaten to kill your most beloved character with a mammal’s venom once, shame on you, threaten–

Stefan Salvatore: Super Stefan heart rip powers activate!

Galen Vaughn: It’s only a flesh wound!

– Mystic Grill – Hash Browns and Hostages –

Connor Jordan: Hi Elena! If you don’t give me what I want, I’m going to murder everyone you love!

Elena Gilbert’s Family: Can’t be threatened, because they’re already dead.

Alaric Saltzman: Wait wait wait, is he threatening to blow up my bar?

Elena Gilbert: Um, kinda?

Alaric Saltzman: And do I still have Super New Original Smashing Action powers?

Elena Gilbert: …Yes?

Alaric Saltzman: Awesome! Super New Original Smashing Action powers activate!

– Mystic Grill – Paramilitary Parking Lot –

Matt Donovan: Hey, was that Alaric moving faster than an exploding suicide vest?

Rebekah: I do believe it was!

Matt Donovan: And couldn’t you probably use your exact same power set to get me out of this particular sticky wicket?

Rebekah: Probably!

Matt Donovan: So …

Rebekah: Sorry, I’m not quite done waxing philosophical and pretending that this is an issue yet.

– Mystic Falls High – Hallway of Hellcats –

Katherine Pierce: Hi Bonnie! I’m here to collect on that immortality spell you promised me!

Bonnie Bennett: Hi Katherine! I can certainly promise that there will be magic performed that directly impacts your longevity, before the episode is over!

– Castle Salvatore – Test Tube of Terrible Ideas –

Damon Salvatore: Hi Elena! I’ve got a cure for vampirism and a raging hard-on, and I’d like you to put both in your mouth.

Elena Gilbert: Ew! That’s icky!

Damon Salvatore: Well I guess we solved that Sire Bond issue.

– Castle Salvatore Parlor of Pain –

Lexi: So Stefan, why aren’t you busy trying to ram the cure down Elena’s throat?

Stefan Salvatore: Well, Damon’s busy trying to ram something else down her throat, and that is an image I never, ever want in my head.

– Castle Salvatore Bedroom of Bedlam –

Damon Salvatore: And one you take the cure you’ll be vulnerable to all kinds of supernatural threats again, but at least Klaus will be able to use you as a blood bag, and then there’s the fact that … wait, I had a point here, and it was auragh werewolf bullets suck and Vaughn is a dick!

Elena Gilbert: No worries, I’ll just get Caroline to shake her butt in the vague direction of New Orleans and get our Deus ex Hybrid to fix you right up!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Or we could make Damon human again!

Damon Salvatore: That is literally the worst idea I have ever heard.

Julie Plec: Yeah, who would ever think of doing something like that, am I right?

– Castle Salvatore – Fireplace of Fear –

Stefan Salvatore: And then I realized that I had to use the hair gel before the hair spray, and suddenly–

Galen Vaughn: Hi guys! How the hell are–

Stefan Salvatore: Jesus, really? You again. Okay, Super Stefan heart rip–

Damon Salvatore: Hold on there, bro. This guy just shot me with a werewolf bullet, and you know what that means.

Stefan Salvatore: You want to kill him yourself?

Damon Salvatore: What? No, I’m going to take him for a nice walk along the shore.

Stefan Salvatore: Hahaha, haha, hahahahaha!

Damon Salvatore: No, seriously. Vaughn? Bring sunscreen. You’re really pale.

– Mystic Grill – Paramilitary Parking Lot –

Matt Donovan: So I’ve been thinking … I’m wearing the Magic Ring of Sometimes Not Dying, and this is an excellent opportunity to sometimes not die, so …

Rebekah: Yeah, so I’m not sure that the Ring of Convenience can handle “being turned into mashed potatoes and strawberry jelly”. Also, even if it did work, it would take days for the ring to put you back together again.

Matt Donovan: So “getting exploded to death” and “missing graduation” are equivalent problems in your world?

Rebekah: You throw that hat in the air, Matthew Donovan! You throw that hat in the air for me!

– Castle Salvatore –

Elena Gilbert: We have to save Damon! And Silas! Because of reasons!

Stefan Salvatore: Okay, two points. One, Damon isn’t taking Vaughn to Silas.

Elena Gilbert: How do you know?

Stefan Salvatore: Because Silas is still in Damon’s trunk. Two, it was one tiny bullet, with hardly any absolutely lethal werewolf toxin. Damon will be fine.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: So it’s settled … you go to graduation, then we worry about the man you love dying, then maybe we stop the world from ending.

Elena Gilbert: Well when you put it like that!

– Mystic Falls High – Graduation Group Hug –

Caroline Forbes (on the phone): Okay Klaus, last offer. I will let you grope one boob in exchange for curing Damon. Just. One.

Matt Donovan: Hi guys! I managed not to die again today!

Elena Gilbert: We all made it to graduation alive!

Bonnie Bennett: …Yep. We sure did. Mm hmm.

Rudy Hopkins: You know the best thing about this graduation ceremony? All of the main characters have names that are really early in the alphabet, so we can get the hell out of here in like five minutes!

Kol: Hi Bonnie! Let’s make a deal! If you destroy the veil so that all of us can stay alive, my undead buddies will kindly allow everyone here to live! Unless they get caught up in the certain carnage that follows from every evil thing that ever lived roaming the earth once more.

Bonnie Bennett: Hey, would you like to see my body?

Kol: Boy would I!

Bonnie Bennett: No, I mean my corpse. Because I’m dead.

Kol: …Oh.

– Mystic Falls – Canyon of Corpses –

Galen Vaughn: Okay, what the hell are we doing here?

Damon Salvatore: Are you kidding? This is where I dispose of all of my victim’s bodies! The football coach, Viki Donovan, Lexi, countless unnamed extras … and Silas!

Galen Vaughn: You’re totally fucking with me right now, aren’t you?

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, I was really just waiting for–

Alaric Saltzman: Super New Original Smashing Action powers activate!

Damon Salvatore: That.

– Mystic Falls High – Parking Lot of Punishment –

Alaric Saltzman (on the phone): So yeah, Vaughn shot up Damon with a bunch of wererabies, he’s gonna die in like ten minutes, and I need to know if you want me to shove the cure down his throat.

Stefan Salvatore: Well, on the one hand, it would suck to lose my brother. But on the other hand, Elena would be in desperate need of comfort, and nothing comforts the ladies like a Little Salvatore, so …

Aja:: Hi guys! Remember when Caroline murdered me a ton because she thought ending the world was a great idea? Super wiccan brain melting power activate!

Klaus: Super Original using a graduation cap like a guillotine and chopping off a head in prime time powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Ho–

Stefan Salvatore: –Ly

Bonnie Bennett: –Shit.

Caroline Forbes: Behold the powers of my vajayjay!

– Castle Salvatore – If You’re Not Dead I’m Gonna Kill You –

Elena Gilbert: So Damon, feeling better?

Damon Salvatore: Yep! Klaus’ blood fixed me right up!

Elena Gilbert: Good! Super Elena kicking your ass for being so macho and scaring me senseless powers activate!

– Castle Salvatore – Couch of Contract Negotiations –

Lexi: Hey Alric, have you ever wondered if there’s anything else out there, after we pass through The Other Side?

Alaric Saltzman: I used to, but then my show got canceled. Right now I’m just kinda seeing what my agent can make happen.

– Castle Salvatore – Damming with Faint Praise –

Elena Gilbert: Hi Stefan! I want you to have the cure!

Stefan Salvatore: Thanks Elena, but I–

Elena Gilbert: Because I’m terrible at being a vampire, but you’re even worse!

– Mystic Falls High – Grotesque Graduation –

Klaus: Hey Caroline, wanna see a million women have an orgasm simultaneously?

Caroline Forbes: Please, something like that isn’t even possible.

Klaus: Oh really? Because … I have decided to let Tyler live. He is your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.

Millions of Girls Across the Nation: Orgasm simultaneously.

Caroline Forbes: Quiver.

– Castle Salvatore – Dungeon of Delena –

Damon Salvatore: Hey Elena, got a few minutes for me to explain why I have no desire to grow old and die while pining away for what we used to have?

Elena Gilbert: Well, we could do that, or we could have a ton of sire-bond free sex.

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, your idea is way better.

Stefan Salvatore: Single perfect tear.

Lexi: Woah, that’s way harsh dude. Well, at least now you can bang Caroline without feeling any guilt!

Caroline Forbes: Tyler’s back! I’m going to save so much money on panties!

Lexi: …Nevermind.

– Castle Salvatore – Parking Lot of Pain –

Damon Salvatore: So Stefan, do you …

Stefan Salvatore: Want to spend the next few hours with Lexi, then murder the shit out of a sorority or two? Yeah. By the way, I’m planning on burying Silas under some lose gravel and maybe a sheet of newspaper or two. Think that’s good enough?

Damon Salvatore: Yeah, that should cover it.

– Mystic Falls High – Hellmouth of Heartbreak –

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Hi Bonnie! I’m here to spend the last remaining moments of my life having a ton of sex with you.

Bonnie Bennett: Sorry, but I’m already dead!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Wow, that’s harsh. Oh well, at least we can have tons of undead sex on the Other Side!

Bonnie Bennett: Yeah, no, I’m bringing you back to life and staying a ghost.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: I am going to die a virgin, aren’t I?

– Castle Salvatore – Sitting Room of Sorrow –

Damon Salvatore: So Alaric, I was thinking, even if they can’t bring you back as a regular, you could at least be a recurring character, and … Alaric? Alaric? :-(=

– Route 666 –

Stefan Salvatore: And then we can go to Vegas and see Lady Gaga, and then we can go to New York and see One Direction, and then we can go to Seattle and see Katy Perry, and then … Lexi? Lexi? :-(=

– Mystic Falls High – Boiler Room of Bad –

Elena Gilbert: Bonnie? Bonnie, have you seen my brother? And if you have, is he wearing clothes?

Kol: Hi Elena! Super Original … disappearing when the veil goes back up powers activate!

Elena Gilbert: Wow, thank god I was spared a battle with a creature I have no hope in hell of defeating! I don’t know what I’d–

Katherine Pierce: Hi Elena! :-)=

Elena Gilbert: Oh God damn it.

– Mystic Falls High – Hellmouth of Heartbreak –

Bonnie Bennett: Okay Jeremy, you’re alive again!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: That’s awesome! But wait! What about …

Bonnie Bennett: I’m sorry, Jeremy! I don’t have enough power to bring two back, so I had to chose, and I chose … you.

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: You mean …

Bonnie Bennett: I’m sorry!

Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: My X-Box! Why? Why? Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?!?

– Lockwood Estates – One Month Stand –

Rebekah: So Matt, I kind of kissed you today, and that was great and all, but I am moving to New Orleans next season …

Matt Donovan: Want to have lots of guilt-free road sex during the hiatus?

Rebekah: Yes please remove my clothes immediately please.

– Mystic Falls High – Stop Hitting Yourself! Stop Hitting Yourself! –

Katherine Pierce: Okay, so I might have told Klaus where you are, and may be indirectly responsible for the death of a bunch of your loved ones, and I may be directly responsible for the death of a few more, but really, when you think about it, I’m the victim here.

Elena Gilbert: Speaking of victims, would you ever, in a million years, expect me to be able to ram the cure down your throat and turn you human again?

Katherine Pierce: What? Absolutely not!

Elena Gilbert: And that is why my plan is brilliant. Super Elena kinda killing off the best character on the show powers activate!

– Mystic Falls – Canyon of Corpses –

Silas: Hi Stefan! You’re probably wondering what I’m doing out here talking to you, instead of in that bag being a cement corpse! Well funny thing … when Bonnie died, the spell keeping me prisoner died with her!

Stefan Salvatore: What about all of the other spells? Like the Magic Rings of Not Exploding in the Sunlight, or Jeremy coming back to life?

Silas: Anyway, you’re probably also wondering why I look exactly like you!

Stefan Salvatore: No, not really. I mean, you’ve looked like Caroline, and Alaric, and Katherine, and Brandon Lee, and …

Silas: But what you don’t realize is that I don’t look like you, you look like me!

Stefan Salvatore: …

Silas: …

Stefan Salvatore: …

Silas: Sigh. Okay, when Mama Mikaelson created the Original Vampires, one of the side effects was a doppelganger, right?

Stefan Salvatore: Yeah …

Silas: And I am also an Original Vampire, in fact, the one who created the spell in the first place.

Stefan Salvatore: Okay …

Silas: So when I turned myself into a vampire, using that same magic, another doppelganger was created.

Stefan Salvatore: Oh! Okay! Yeah, that means … nope, not following you.

Silas: Oh for fuck’s sake … I’m going to stab you, bury you at the bottom of the lake, and steal your life.

Stefan Salvatore: Oh! Why didn’t you just say that in the first place! Hey, do vampires get all pruney in the water?

The Plot: Thickens.

– Post Mortem –

This was a great, great season finale. They managed to pack a lot in, and a lot of it was well executed fan service.

Ratt fans finally got their on-screen kiss, and the promise of plenty of off-screen shenanigans over the summer. I can practically hear the fan fiction being fapped to right now.

Team Delena may finally be satisfied … Elena broke the sire bond, stayed a vampire, and chose to make lots of little vampire babies with Damon. Sorry … that joke just doesn’t seem funny anymore. Anyway, Delena’s joy is equaled only by Stelena’s anguish, and I have to assume that the CW has somehow managed to convert all of the energy used in sending Julie Plec hate mail into free electricity. Also, it’s a well-known fact that Julie Plec stays young by ingesting the impotent tears of her fans.

Katherine is human again, which I absolutely hate, but not as much as I’d hate a human Damon. This does raise the prospect of Klaus going after Katherine for Hybrid-making purposes, though I doubt Nina Dobrev wants to spend too much time on an entirely different series.

Actually, there’s a lot of potential crossover material. Rebekah would definitely welcome Matt with open legs arms, and if Caroline ever decides that Mystic Falls isn’t working out, I’m pretty sure Klaus would kick Hayley to the curb faster than you can say “evil hybrid baby devil spawn? What evil hybrid baby devil spawn?”

Bonnie is dead, but we all know she’s not going anywhere. The question is whether she stays a ghost or somehow manages to claw her way back to life. That question can also be asked for Lexi and Alaric, actually. Their little conversation, about “moving on” or “sticking around to watch the knuckleheads they love,” strikes me as very clever writing. Either they leave the show, having “moved on to whatever is after the Other Side,” or they come back, to “watch after the knuckleheads.” I don’t think the TVD writers actually know what’s going to happen, and I think, again, that it comes down to contract negotiations. This was a neat way to leave the door open.

So, the BIG SCARY REVEAL at the end. This all caused lots of confusion, so let me spell it out as best I understand it:

When Esther Mikaelson used her magic to turn her family into vampires, one of the side effects was the creation of the doppelganger. At first, it seemed like the only thing a doppelganger was good for was unleashing Klaus’ werewolf side, which seems kind of stupid … Esther hated what her family had become, so why would she provide a way to make Klaus even more powerful?

But it turned out that this was only a side effect: the doppelganger was actually nature’s way of countering the immortality spell. Doppelganger blood could be used to return the Originals to their human form, allowing them to be killed.

Flash back a few thousand years? Silas, a powerful warlock, wants to cheat death, so he crafts a spell that will grant immortality. The same spell that Esther later discovered. When Silas turned himself immortal, one of the side effects was the creation of a doppelganger, the first doppelganger.

Katherine and Elena look like Tatia, the girl sacrificed to turn the Mikaelsons. We don’t know why Stefan looks like Silas rather than some poor schmuck. Silas claimed that the doppelganger was created by nature as “a version of himself that could be killed,” kind of like in Twins. Immortal Silas was like Arnold Schwarzenegger, with all of the power and immortality, and Doppelganger Silas was like Danny DeVito, with all of the left over crap DNA. On the other hand, it’s possible that Silas was the sacrifice, that he killed himself in order to give his lover immortality, but things somehow went sideways.

I’m also pretty sure that the cure used on Katherine isn’t the only way to defeat Silas … Stefan’s blood can be used to turn him mortal again, just like Elena’s blood could be used against the Mikaelsons.

Too bad he’s locked in a safe on the bottom of a lake …

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing Paul Westley play Evil!Stefan again. He’s a fantastic actor, and he loves playing the bad guy, but the Stefan role doesn’t give him a lot of room to show what he’s capable of. Hopefully next season will be his moment to shine.

Another question: was a doppelganger created when Esther turned Alaric into a vampire?

Lastly, give this interview with Julie Plec a read. I want to call particular attention to this:

Interestingly enough, when Kevin [Williamson] and I, back in season zero, when we first launched the series and started talking about knowing that one day we’d make Elena a vampire and with that move would come the realization that there was a cure; I think in the back of our heads we always intended to heal Elena. But the instant that we actually made the decision to move forward with Elena the first thing we realized was she would of course be the one person we couldn’t cure because it was just too easy.

Instantly, we decided that the person that needed to be cured, that made the most sense from a story point of view, that would be a great surprise, would be Damon. We believed that because of all people he’s the one that said he missed being human, but he’s also the one who relished the most being a vampire. Well, about five minutes into the season, right after the cure was revealed to be in existence, I think I read instantly someone was like, ÔOh, they’re going to cure Damon.‘I thought, ÔOh shit!’ [Laughs.]

Ultimately, the person that we cured we wanted to get really great story out of it and I think part of Damon’s delightful charm as a vampire is that he is a vampire and I’m not so sure outside of the novelty of turning him human that we’d be able to get as much as we would have wanted to dramatically. We played around with a lot of other ideas for a little while before realizing the answer was so clear and so obvious and so right in front of us.

That’s the mind of a great pair of writers, right there. One, they’ve been planing this from day one. TVD is going somewhere, they aren’t just writing into the dark.

Two, their first instinct was to do the obvious: cure Elena. And their second instinct was also obvious: cure Damon. But they realized that was obvious, they realized that that wasn’t the best story … so they switched gears, adjusted, and moved on. It’s rare that people can separate themselves enough from their own work to realize when something isn’t right, and then fix it.

Well done, Vampire Diaries. See you next fall.

Also: I’m a shameless famewhore, and you can get my latest novel from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

On to the next season!

0 responses to “Vampire Diaries – S04E23 – Graduation”

  1. Doc East says:


    One potential explanation that makes the ending make a little more sense is that there aren’t two tiers of Vampire (Original and Knock-off) but three (Immortal, Original, and Knock-off). We know Tatia’s blood was used to make the Originals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Tatia is dead. We know that to make a Knock-off, it takes the blood of an Original or a Knock-off; we’ve seen Esther make an Original-lite off of the blood of a doppelganger. If Esther really was using Silas’s spell, this suggests that it was cast directly on Tatia, whose blood was then used in the traditional way to make the Originals, which means by definition Tatia is still around somewhere. And probably pissed. (I mostly want this to be true because, frankly, Nina Dobrev is an amazing resource for this show, albeit probably one of the hardest-worked actresses on television right now, and any excuse to give her more characters, or more takes on existing characters, is worth it.)

    My other question is this: Why are you upset that Katherine is human now? This means that a) Katherine gets more screen time and b) ALL her chickens are coming home to roost. I’m a Delena fan myself, but I’d rather watch the Katherine Runs from Everybody show than the Delena Are Happy show in a heartbeat, and they’ve pretty heavily implied that the only people she can really turn to at this point are the brothers Salvatore (which I can totally see, since without her powers to intimidate and coerce, those two are probably the only ones who would have no motive to turn her over to Klaus). Since Elena burned down the Gilbert house, this means we can potentially see Damon, human Katherine and (hunter?) Jeremy under one roof. I WANT TO WATCH THIS SHOW. I also want to see if VD can pull off “supernaturals go to college!” better than Buffy did (not a hard goal to meet, although I doubt they’ll be able to beat Hush).

  2. Barachiel says:

    This was, without a doubt, one of the best finales I saw this week. Damned better than the massive misstep Supernatural took at the last minute (only partially offset by the amazing twist from the angel-side). The CW has been knocking it out of the part, lately, and I’m saying this as a thirtysomething male.

    Turning Katherine human was a twist I didn’t see coming. I mean, at all. And my roommates call me the Prophet of the Script Writing Gods (and refuse to watch mystery shows with me because of it). Then it got immediately overshadowed by the Stefan-Doppelganger revelation.

    We’re STILL trying to process that. As you pointed out, Thomas, it is somewhat confusing. But I think it makes sense with some minor smoothing, and maybe a little exposition next season.

    What I think is about to happen, is that we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of the doppelgangers next season. Where they come from, why they work.

    So, we’ve got

    Silas == Stefan
    Tatia == Katherine == Elena
    Qetsiyah == Bonnie’s Ancestor

    One of the popular themes in reincarnation (though thats not what this is, its similar) is that we meet the same people over and over. I’m just tossing this out there.

    We’ve NEVER seen Qetsiyah either, even though she should have been just as eager to stick around and see what her bastard hubby was up to in all this.

    What if Tatia was ALREADY a doppelganger? QETSIYAH’S doppelganger? They could smooth out the rough spots by saying Esther was lying/got it wrong, during her exposition back then.

    Which then brings into question. Stefan/Damon/Elena?Katherine have been a thing. So… who’s Damon a doppelganger of?

  3. Lorelai says:

    I was one of the Million Girls Across the Nation.

  4. Anna says:

    Hey Thomas, Love your reviews! I just wanted to mention something real quick.

    I was under the impression that the Petrova doppelganger line was created because of Esther trying to suppress Klaus’s werewolf side, and not from creating the original vampires. A few things on this
    – If Silas needs a doppelganger to be immortal, wouldn’t that mean there would be 5 original doppelganers, and they would all look like the 5 originals?
    – The ‘balances’ for the original vampires is that sunlight and vervain hurt them, and the white oak stake can kill them. Silas seems like he’s on a totally different level of ‘immortal’ than Klaus and the others, so his ‘balance’ was different – a doppelganger.
    – Esther did use Tatia’s blood to make the immortals, but that was just it. She also happened to use Tatia as the ‘balance’ to suppressing Klaus’s werewolf side. The balance was that there must be a way to break the curse, which Klaus did do.

  5. amxo says:

    huh ? since when can Elena’s blood be against the Mikaelsons ? the only thing it could be used for was to create more hyrbids remember ? that was nature’s loophole. That when Klaus killed the doppleganger to make himself into a hyrbid, he would never be able to make more because he would need the doppleganger’s blood, but john sacrificed himself so Elena could lived. Agreed, FANTASTIC finale. Loved it. Only thing I am NOT happy about is Bonnie’s death and Jeremy coming back.

  6. amxo says:

    white oak ash is the only thing that could kill an original.

  7. amxo says:

    @Anna I think because Esther used Tatia’s blood to create her children into immortals, nature created Tatia dopplegangers. I assume Silias used his own blood to turn himself immortal.

  8. Anna says:


    I’m not 100% sure, but I’m fairly certain that the ‘nature balance’ part of the originals being created was their ability to be killed. They could be killed by the white oak tree wood. It was Esther, or maybe Elijah, who said that the Petrova doppelganger line was nature’s response to Esther suppressing Klaus’s “natural” werewolf side.

  9. amxo says:

    @Anna oh okay I get it, silias is a vampire witch, so maybe because hes a witch nature created balance a different way: dopplegangers. Not with white oak ash, sunlight or vervain. But why would they need 5 originals ? Silias is only one person.

  10. Anna says:


    When I said 5 originals, I was referring to the 5 original vampires. If they all needed doppelgangers to be nature’s balance, there would be 5 doppelgangers. But the white oak wood is their balance, to the 5 originals have no doppelgagers. Silas’s immortal balance was different, like you said, his was a doppelganger. It just so happens that another doppelganger, the Petrovas, were created because of a spell, but that spell was Klaus’s werewolf side being suppressed, not the original vampires being created.

  11. amxo says:

    @Anna oh okay I get it. Yay. But Stefan is dead ? how can he possibly be “killed “? there’s no balance there.

  12. Anna says:


    That’s the only part I don’t get. Well, I don’t think that Stefan is dead, I doubt that dumping him in a lake would kill him. That being said, the whole part about Silas’s immortality spell needing a doppelganger ‘that could die’ is the confusing part. Is Silas dumping Stefan in the lake to make sure no one can kill Stefan or use Stefan’s position as a doppelganger to somehow hurt Silas, or did he dump him in to masquerade as Stefan, without the real Stefan getting in the way. Maybe both? I think that’s the one big question that we’ll have to wait until Season 5 to know the answer to.

  13. amxo says:

    @Anna no I mean as a vampire, he is technically dead, right ? Like maybe he has other weaknesses that involve Stefan.

  14. Anna says:


    Oh, yeah, he’s ‘dead’. Or maybe he’s classified as ‘undead’. He’s still technically ‘living’, I suppose, as he’s in the world and doing stuff. Anna (the vampire!) was ‘dead’ as a vampire, but was still ‘killed’ by John, as she stopped existing when he staked her and she went to the Other Side.

    I definitely think that Stefan will be the key to defeating Silas somehow.

  15. amxo says:

    I’m excited for human katherine btw, I think it’ll be interesting to watch.

  16. amxo says:

    yeah, but like I DONT GET IT. How is there balance when stefan turned into a vampire and nothing happened to silias, know what I mean ? the mythology on this show is just way too confusing, lol. Maybe nature created another way to kill silias after Stefan died with him involved ? like I mean the white oak ash never really went away.

  17. Anna says:


    That’s a good point, about Sefan being a vampire. Technically, he can still ‘be killed’, it’s just harder to kill him as a vampire unless you happen to have a log of sharpened wood lying around.

    There’s a really interesting theory (not mine) that says that the reason that Stefan was such a crazy Ripper (Even Klaus says that Stefan is the worst Ripper he has ever seen), was because he was somehow connected to Silas, and Silas starving for 2000 years caused Stefan to have a crazy blood lust as a human.

  18. amxo says:

    maybe Stefan’s blood somehow cures Silias’s immortality? thats what I’m thinking.

  19. amxo says:

    @Anna .. that sounds confusing, but interesting. Maybe Silias is also a ripper thats why stefan was one ?

  20. amxo says:

    stefans * vampire* blood cures immortality Im thinking. Just like Elena’s human blood created hybrids.

  21. Eve says:

    Hi Thomas, you don’t like Katherine as human? I think it’s an awesome idea and can’t wait to see her react to it. Has it been established (as much as possible on this show, where exceptions are the rule) if she can be turned back to being a vampire?

    Bonnie dead: Yay! Maybe she’ll have better storylines as a ghost. How is Jeremy supposed to not tell anyone?? That is ridiculous. Won’t her father know?

    Jeremy alive: Yay! Glad for that. I wish SO MUCH Alaric would come back.

    Damon’s speech about how he’s unapologetically selfish: blah, blah, blah, enough already, that was pompous and boring.

    However, very glad the sire bond is gone. How did it go away? Not that it matters. It was dumb.

    Stefan trapped in the lake: yuk, hope he doesn’t stay there too long. Silas can’t pass himself off as Damon for very long, right? Damon ought to figure it out right away.

    Silas starved for 2,000 years? Was he conscious all that time?? They spoke of “waking him up”.

    After Klaus used the mortarboard to kill Aja – everyone just went away? The entire angry mob?

    Lexi really needs to come back too and go on that road trip with Stefan, once he gets out of the lake.

    Looking forward to Season 5 and The Originals, which I sure hope you will recap. And I’ll buy your book as soon as it’s out in paperback. Have a great summer!

  22. Eve says:

    I meant,Silas can’t pass himself off as Stefan for very long. Damon and Elena and Caroline ought to realize it’s not Stefan almost immediately.

  23. nvo says:

    Before I dive into this um…Thomas, Matt/Rebekah is known as Mabekah lol. It took me a second to figure out what Ratt was.

    Things i loved:
    -DELENA! obviously. I will still forever hate the sire bond storyline with a burning passion. Don’t think I didn’t notice how unanswered they left a lot of questions.
    -The last scene with Elena and Katherine. I don’t know how I feel about Katherine getting the cure but the last shot of them both on the ground was amazing.
    -Stefan. I liked him so much this episode and I want to cry every time I think about him trapped in a box drowning over and over again. I think jp might be evil.
    – Did I mention Delena? Elena would’ve shoved the cure down Damon’s throat if she had been there. Reminds me of something that happened in late s2…

    Things I didn’t like
    -Bringing back Jeremy. I love Jeremy but come on now. That was cheap. The worst part about it is that they killed off Bonnie to do it. Now I know many people don’t like Bonnie but they killed off a black female character to resurrect a white male character. really show? really?
    -The ghost color commentary. I felt like I was watching a rom-com. Also the whole “you got the girl” thing. Elena is Alaric’s surrogate daughter or niece or something would he really refer to her as “the girl.”
    -Stefan being silas’s doppelganger. Um what? How does having a shadow self that can die balance out immortality? You’re still immortal! it seems convoluted. but hey i’m happy paul is happy.

    All in all it was a decent season. Emotionally draining. Elena’s character arc would have been better if all her actions had been her own. Stupid sire bond.

  24. A. Rogerson says:


    Thanks for the recap. If you could pick a classic rock song to play sometime before/during/after the opening credits of the season finales of this show, what would it be? I love Kansas for SPN, and I was totally ready to rock out with Lexi to Bon Jovi. Was a shame they cut it short.

  25. Alexa says:

    Klaus really should send Elena Flowers or something.

    -Klaus kills Elena and her Aunt to become a Hybrid. But Klaus can’t make more Hybrids with Elena being dead. Elena however comes back to life, allowing him to make more.
    -Elena becomes a vampire, and no more hybrids. But what does she do — she cures the OTHER Petrova Doppelganger, the one that Klaus was hunting for 500 years.

    Really, some flowers, and maybe a spare batch of his blood in case of werewolf would be nice.

  26. Ness says:

    Several of my friends watching the TVD finale claimed it was “lame”. They are hardcore Stefan fans. I thought it was the only way to make Stefan a relevant chracter this next season, since “Delena” is on.

  27. Hi Thomas !

    “Matt Donovan: And couldn’t you probably use your exact same power set to get me out of this particular sticky wicket?” I might be wrong, but I think the problem was the parking lot had explosive everywhere, as opposed to the explosive located on Conor chest. Like Alex said, Matt probably won’t have survived.

    “Damon Salvatore: Hi Elena! I’ve got a cure for vampirism and a raging hard-on, and I’d like you to put both in your mouth.”

    “Stefan Salvatore: And then I realized that I had to use the hair gel before the hair spray, and suddenly–“ Stefan will have a nervous breakdown after seeing his hair post 3 months into the water 😀

    “Caroline Forbes: Behold the powers of my vajayjay!”

    “- Castle Salvatore – Dungeon of Delena -” Can you please keep this place name, like forever ? 🙂

    “Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: I am going to die a virgin, aren’t I?” Pretty sure the guy and sex with Vickie and Anna. But Bonnie? Did these two ever had sex ? Is Bonnie the last virgin of MF? Those are even rare than humans !

    “Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: My X-Box! Why? Why? Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?!?”

    “- Mystic Falls High – Stop Hitting Yourself! Stop Hitting Yourself! – “

    “Stefan Salvatore: What about all of the other spells? Like the Magic Rings of Not Exploding in the Sunlight, or Jeremy coming back to life?” I think it’s because turning Silas into a corpse require a lot more magic. Or maybe it’s because it was dark magic/expression : the reason why the doppelgangers were created was because the magic used for it wasn’t natural.

    Jeremy : first, I have to say I loved that he suggested the whole “Let’s save Damon by giving him the cure” . Not because I wanted Damon to be human (hell no!) but because I liked that Jeremy was caring about Damon survival.
    About his come back : I’m 95% happy about it. The 5% remaining ? 4×15 was one of the most heart-breaking episode ever. And seeing Jeremy’s body burn with the Gilbert house ? Well that was the most depressing thing ever : my fangirl heart broken into tiny pieces during this scene. Yet, it also was one of the most brilliant move ever. And no matter how bad I wanted to be wrong, this scene always gave me the impression that Jer was gone for good, and even and I watched it weeks after that, I still felt way too sad about this fictional character’s death. For the record, JP said that his death was supposed to be permanent, but they changed their mind after that. Even if I’m really happy to see Jeremy again, a tiny part of me wished he has stayed dead. I haven’t re(watched the 4×15 again, but I guess it won’t have the same impact anymore. Damn, I really am a masochist.
    That being said, even Joss Whedon wanted to bring Tara back at the end of Buffy, so….
    Question : how will Jer explain the : “I’m not dead” situation ? Compelling ? Saying he fake his death because he wanted to avoid school ? I keep thinking the guy will move in his Damon. It should be fun.

    Silas’s true face : well, that was unforeseeable. I don’t think the writers ever gave us a clue about this. But for those saying JP came up with that at the last minute : she knew Stefan and Silas shared the same face since the beginning of the season.
    Question : Stefan being a ripper ? Does it have anything to do with Silas ? Like, Stefan was supposed to die, not become a vampire, so it’s nature’s way of punishing him ? Or Silas was craving blood, so he was craving as well ?

    The cure : well Katherine taking it is better than Damon. And while I loved Katherine being this big bad vampire, I think it will be interesting to see her adapt to a human life. I think we can hope for a Steferine rapprochement in season 5. And I love how JP was like : the fans became to good at reading my mind, so I’ll change my way of thinking. Also, where will Kat live ? How will she afford 500$ boots ?
    Anyway, this comfort my in my “Katherine will die to save the brothers at the end of the show” theory.

    Something I’ve noticed : in season 1 & 3, the season finale was more of an action packed episode, with a major cliffhanger, as in “what will the next scene be ?”
    In season 2 & 4, the penultimate episode was the “real” season finale, the one with the more action, while the last episode is more about characters dealing with what just happened. It also lays down what we can expect for the following season. And the final cliffhanger doesn’t require an immediate answer. It males perfect sense : 2×01 and 4×01 happened right after 1×22 and 3×22, while there is a leap between 2×22/4×23 and 3×01/5×01. 5X01… Gosh, it feels like yesterday, I was shouting at my TV after Elena turned out to be Katherine and stabbed Uncle John.

    The DE scene : I’m not one of those shippers who watch the show just to see their OTP get together. I would I loved this episode even if she had chosen Stefan (I would have been disappointed by that, sure). The episode was awesome by the time Alaric said : “This is my bar.” The DE ILY scene is what made it perfect. It had everything I love about DE : Sexual tension, Damon saying he won’t becoming Edward 2.0 for her, Elena acknowledging all the bad things Damon has done*, yet loving him anyway, because in the end, feelings aren’t rational. And the kiss… well, I’m surprised my TV didn’t explode because of it.
    *With Stefan, Elena is more like : this isn’t you. You’re perfect, and that’s why I love you. Also “I owed you one” -> that’s the difference between Stefan and Damon. Damon’s actions are driven by love while Stefan actions are drive by guilt.

    Next season : Jeremy can see ghosts. Kol, who is still a ghost, knows a lot about Silas. And since Nate has attended the BloodyCon and the Bite Me – I’m famous convention, I’m still hoping for him to return to the show – and to at least make flashback appearances in The Originals.

    Anyway, thanks for making us laugh during this season, cannot wait for October. I’ve already bought Scion : it will be my reward once my exams are over. And like always, I’ll write a review for it on and .com (and for your season 4 recaps once they’re on it).

  28. katherine_fan says:

    @Ness the writers could have found another way to make Stefan relevant if they had given him a storyline of his own in season 4.Unfortunately,like Elena said his world revolves around her,so we got that lame storyline.

  29. Jawly says:

    This season finale was shit. It was anticlimactic all around.

    Elena fighting Katherine? Obvious, seeing as how she’s responsible for all this. Telling Klaus where she was only spiraled downhill from there. Katherine got served. I’m glad she’s human. Piece of shit for a human being.

    Elena’s confession was freaking HILARIOUS. XD

    Stefan, you suck at being a vampire. You deserve the cure.

    Damon, you suck at…EVERYTHING. You deserve me!

    The way she treats these two is amazing. She deserves everything she gets from this douchebag.

    Way to confess to someone you love you jackass. Tell them they’re shit then date them anyway. I hope this bitch-ass relationship crash and burns FAST.

    I still feel like she’s sired. When she said she loved him earlier in the season, she seemed to mean it, whether the confession was real or not. But the way she told him now? It felt so sloppy and forced. It wasn’t believable to me. It felt expected and necessary because “it’s Damon’s turn now!” She’s not a doorknob. He doesn’t get a “turn” just because he wants to go through that door. When Elena chose Stefan, telling him that it was the best choice, it seemed loving. When she told Damon that he was the worst choice? Obvious fanservice is obvious. I didn’t buy it at all. Delena deserves a better storyline than being the worst leftovers with sired no-choice slavery. But this couple SUCKS so I’m not interested. Again, Delena disgusts me as a couple.

    Damon’s rehashed “I’m so selfish” nonsense was arrogant, obnoxious and just greedy. He admits she’s Stefan’s girl, but he just HAS to have her because the only way to be happy is steal Stefan’s happiness? ASSHOLE. I don’t want him to take the cure. I want someone to ram his heart down his throat. There’s more to happiness than dating a girl who’s someone else’s true love no less.

    Though she picked Damon, she thought of Stefan which gave her the strength to fight Katherine. She could have thought about her love for Damon, but instead, the last thought she had in her mind just as she was about to die was how he always gave her her choice, even now. If Stefan was the last brother she thought about, then maybe she’ll have some doubts later on. She didn’t think of him for nothing.

    I’m glad Stefan moved on from Elena’s indecisive garbage. It’s a shame that he gets screwed out of his girlfriend, friend, and leaves town only to drown. “Hey Stefan, you and Elena only exist to be nothing more than janitors to clean up the messes that witches made a long time ago, but nevermind all that. Have a drink instead.”

    But that’s where the Stelena parallel comes in–both fall to the bottom of the ocean and drown. If Elena’s true love was the one who brought her back, guess who will do it for Stefan? Shithead Gaymon? Or Elena? Guess who brings him back next season. Guess who will figure out that Silas isn’t Stefan without a second thought. Though, since Elena is recently turned, she might not suspect that he’s Silas, but again, since they parallel, I think she’ll figure it out soon enough.

    I really hope Silas flips Damon’s shit next season. Stefan has yet to actually go after him. Elena chose Damon. He lost Lexi to Damon. He left town because of Damon. His only thought is to leave town? UH NO. I want him to KICK DAMON’S ASS. See how Damon likes it when someone takes out their anger on him. He gets away with EVERYTHING and Stefan lets him. See how he likes it when someone fights back against him.

    As for Bonnie? She revived Jeremy just so Elena wouldn’t be sad. You know what she got in return? Death and a fandom who can do nothing more than see her sacrifice with “Bonnie’s dead! YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I’m not a Bonnie fan (or any character at all) but at the very least appreciate her selflessness.

    Season 5 is only going to get worse from here. My thoughts on it?

    -Elena will feed Katherine to Klaus or kill her herself.
    -They’ll piss off Silas to make more cures.
    -An even stronger villain than Silas shows up because why not, Julie Plec LOLgic governs all.
    -After Delena breaks up, he’ll be even more controlling of Elena, harass her friends again, pick on Jeremy to get back at Elena, beat up Stefan for coming back and taking away his precious trophy that he stole first, more physical violence because Damon “baby gets his bottle” Salvatore didn’t get his way, angsting over his asspains, more bullshit, and so on.

    Same crap he pulls as usual. Must be Wednesday.

  30. sona says:

    I love how you guys are really trying to figure the show out. I gave up during the first season when I realized this just can’t be predicted nor understood. But maybe it’s only my problem as I’m extraordinarily stupid when it comes to understanding plot.

  31. Rebekah says:

    “Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Hi Bonnie! I’m here to spend the last remaining moments of my life having a ton of sex with you.

    Bonnie Bennett: Sorry, but I’m already dead!

    Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: Wow, that’s harsh. Oh well, at least we can have tons of undead sex on the Other Side!

    Bonnie Bennett: Yeah, no, I’m bringing you back to life and staying a ghost.

    Jeremy the Vampire Slayer: I am going to die a virgin, aren’t I?”

    You forget.

    Season 1, Episode 1:

    Vicki Donavan: “You know, you really need to stop following me around like a lost puppy.”

    Jeremy Gilbert: “When was the last time you had sex with a puppy?”

    Vicki Donavan: “Shhh! I don’t want everyone knowing how I deflowered Elena’s kid-brother!”

    Jeremy Gilbert: “Yeah, and deflowered, and deflowered…”

    (Forget how kinda-maybe-definitely creepy it is that I remember that without watching it again. This is how I passed high school, Thomas.)

    Not to mention his multiple hook-ups with Anna.

    So I think it’s been established since day one: that kid is not short on snuggle-time with the lady-bits. Not by a long shot. The only person that’s been getting more than him is Damon, and up until recently, Tyler.

    Also… why is it that something horrible has to happen to Stefan every other season finale? I swear we always spend the next two seasons dealing with the consequences. Pilot: Stefan shows up to Mystic Falls and starts dating Elena. Shenanigans ensue. Season 2 Finale: Stefan sacrifices himself to Klaus. We spend the next two seasons or so dealing with the consequences. Season 4 Finale: Stefan buried at the bottom of our lake. Now in Logical World, this would actually solve a few problems for us. But in Julie Plec’s (to borrow the term) LOLgic World, oh yeah, did we mention there will still be an Evil!Stefan running around?

    Still, I feel a little tempted to let this show go. While Julie Plec still knows how to give a good “squee” moment, it’s lost a lot of its tactical brilliance — and the timeline of its decline correlates directly to the loss of Kevin Williamson. This show rarely makes my heart pound in apprehension anymore — and I miss that. I miss Season 1, and especially Season 2.

    Here’s to hoping they can improve in Season 5. And thanks for sticking with recapping this show all this time, Thomas. Sometimes I think your subtext lines are better than the actual lines.

  32. Rebekah says:

    Also. It actually kind of REALLY pisses me off that Jeremy is alive now, for one reason and one reason only: it means Elena burned down the Gilbert house for NO REASON. She destroyed that beautiful, memory-laden kitchen — for NO STINKING MADOFUOIWJE FWEOIASDFJWEOI REASON.

  33. Kelly says:

    Great recap, Thomas! Loved this line:

    Rebekah: Yeah, so I’m not sure that the Ring of Convenience can handle “being turned into mashed potatoes and strawberry jelly”. Also, even if it did work, it would take days for the ring to put you back together again.

    This was a great finale. It actually had enough happy moments to make me think that we were going to have the rug yanked out from under us at the last minute, but surprisingly, they let it stand. Granted, there was also a lot of heartbreak, but I felt like it was balanced this time.

    Alaric was once again the highlight of this episode for me. Between the cemetery picnic, “this is my bar,” saving Damon, and “you got the girl,” I was toast. I really, really miss having him on the show.

    Still trying to process the whole Stefan/Silas thing. I think your explanation is pretty spot-on. Can’t wait to see PW’s turn as Silas.

    Katherine as a human will be something to see. She’s brilliant as a vampire, but now that the tables have turned, I think she’ll be equally interesting as a human. What once was a force to be reckoned with is now vulnerable and in need of protection. Klaus is going to be giddy when he hears the news. I have to wonder if taking the cure prevents future revamping? Otherwise, I don’t see Kat staying human for long.

    When JP said that they changed their minds about who would be taking the cure, I had a feeling Damon was their original target. When the cure was first mentioned, I immediately thought of him. I’m glad the writers went down a less obvious path.

    I know it’s necessary to have some things happen off-screen because of time limitations, but I would’ve loved to have seen Klaus saving Damon. “Again? Really!?!” Speaking of Klaus, decapitation by graduation cap is the ultimate form of badassery. I have to admit that I got a little tingly during his speech to Caroline. She’s gonna flip the fuck out when she finds out about Hayley and the werepup though.

    Matt and Rebekah should have a fun summer. 😉

    Glad Jeremy’s back. Not sure how I feel about Bonnie the Ghost yet.

    All in all, it was a good season. There were ups and downs, sure, but I like where it’s at now.

    Thanks for entertaining us, Thomas. I always look forward to your recaps and will miss them over the summer. In the meantime, I’ve added Scion to my to-read list. 🙂

  34. Genius recap to a fantastic finale. As mentioned on twitter it was up when I was on my lunch break at work and
    “Caroline Forbes: Behold the powers of my vajayjay!”
    had me choking on my pasta and getting some funny looks from my boss. I shall miss you recaps over the summer – any chance you can fanfic out the Ratt Road trip?!

    I have an urge to see Matt in uniform – c’mon he’s got to be at least qualified to be deputy sheriff. Also theoretically he can date Kat now since she’s human. Although, I am really hoping Kat and Stylus get it on.

  35. CajunKhan says:

    Jeremy isn’t a virgin. Anna tapped that.

    I dislike the way power-levels get ignored. Katherine was darth-mauling Stefen and Damon at the same time, but now Elena can give her a decent scrap? And don’t get me started on the Originals.

  36. Doc East says:

    I think the only way Elena was able to get the cure into Katherine’s mouth is because Katherine’s hands were full. Of Elena’s heart. Also, it’s not exactly an expected attack: the pop that Elena gave to Katherine to break the vial wouldn’t even be a momentary distraction under any other circumstances.

  37. pjt says:

    Great review, got me thinking a lot. Did I mention that it was also friggin’ hilarious? Well, it was.

    So back to vamps and doppelgangers. Esther created the OriginalsTM and that magic had it’s loophole in the form of stakes made of the wood of the white oak tree. Perhaps Silas’ or Quetsiyah’s spell, we can’t know whose because Silas is a lying liar who lies a lot, was different that it required a different kind of loophole, the StefanTM.
    IMHO the Tatia-Katerina-Elena doppelganger bloodline has little to do with the OriginalTM vampire spell, but it came to life as the loophole in suppressing Klaus’ werewolf side. If I understood it well, Tatia actually survived turning the Mikael family to vampires, but actually using her in the ritual of dewolfing Klaus killed her in the end.
    I hope they will revisit these things next season.

  38. pjt says:

    Stupid spammer troll advert wrote:
    “Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the internet the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed while people consider worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks”

    This text is perfect. Especially the part of “hitting the nail on the top”. Not bad Google, not bad. French is such a difficult language to translate automatically, yet I could even understand this if I could care a little bit more. Too bad I don’t.

    I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in my 40+ years, and even more crazy shit made by people using computers for 25+ years now, but it totally beats me why would anybody assume that people will click the username slash link after reading a so off topic, obviously spam pile of crap…