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Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people. -Carl Jung

This Link Blast brings you people facing their worst fears, cars that drive themselves, Amish on Amish violence, the best hobbit costume ever, and more!

Pop Culture

The best hobbit costume ever: I love this thing so hard. Absolutely genius.


How to overcome your worst fears: Fear is the mindkiller, etc etc. I plan to deprogram my fear of Corgis in this fashion.

Science and Technology

Test footage of Google’s driverless cars: When these things become mainstream, it will revolutionize the world.

Health and Fitness

Seven changes that can add a decade to your life: These things are simple – and kind of obvious – but doing them can help you live to one hundred.

The Scourge of Amish on Amish Terror

Amish on Amish attacks in Ohio: A group of Amish have been breaking into other Amish homes, and cutting off the beards of the men inside. I assume that this dispute is over who is the most Jesus-like. Also: The Lady of the Manor refers to these people as the Amish Mafia. That’s why I married her, folks.


Fat Animals: The name says it all. (via The Lady of the Manor)

Politics and Religion

Pentecostal minister teaches kids how to raise the dead: Despicable.

0 responses to “Wednesday – Link Blast – 26 October 2011”

  1. Jawly says:

    I’m a Christian but that Pentecostal bitch is the worst kind of troll. I hope Mikael and Klaus stake her.

  2. Thomas says:

    Strange things happen when you think you literally have the power of god on your side. Or when you can convince a paying audience that you do.

  3. Zoe says:

    Don’t deprogramme your fear of corgis. Those things are fierce. Why do you think the Queen (of the UK) has them? They’re her real bodyguards. Stay away. Stay far away.

    Seriously, though, some good stuff in that articles. Acceptance is key to overcoming fears, or any other psychological issues for that matter.