Justice League comicon trailer

Coming 2017: Khal Drogo's Beach Vacation!


Wonder Woman comicon trailer

Some quick reactions:

  • "What I do is not up to you" is a great fucking line
  • Holy shit the Lasso of Truth looks amazing
  • Gal Gadot is a badass. Watching her mow down bad guys armed with machine guns using nothing but a sword, shield, and rope is epic
  • Etta Candy is in a live action movie. What world are we even living in?

Netflix / Marvel Sizzle Reel


The Defenders teaser trailer


Luke Cage: Bring It


The Black Tapes S02E09 - The Brothers of the Mount

Alex: When you're crawling up the blood-slicked precipice of some dark mountain, clawing at the very earth with your fingertips in the vain hope that you might one day see your loved ones again, any distraction could spell your doom. That's why the staff and PNWS wear Bombas Socks. Visiting the shrine of some evil cabal of world-ending, child-stealing minstrels is bad enough, but having an annoying seam rubbing on the tops of your toes is just too much to bear.

Bombas Socks: cling tightly to the last vestiges of comfort while all you know and love is stripped away by the encroaching darkness.


Conversations with The Lady - Vegetables

The Lady: According to an Australian study, eating eight servings of fruit and vegetables a day can increase happiness just as much as going from unemployment to employment.

Thomas: But I'm not unemployed.

The Lady: That's not the point.

Thomas: And I'm not Australian.

The Lady: Super not the point.

Thomas: And the point is ...

The Lady: ...You should eat a vegetable?

Thomas: ... Cheese is a vegetable.

The Lady: How are you even still alive?


Shrugging for Hillary

ShruggingForHillary.com title=

ShruggingForHillary.com perfectly sums up the 2016 election. Shrug your shoulders and vote for Hillary, because if you don't, Donald Trump will have access to nuclear weapons. Whee!


Black Tape S02E08 - Riverview

Alex: For days, maybe even weeks, sleep evaded me. I would lay awake at night, staring at the ceiling, begging and for any solution to my exhaustion, praying for a respite from my waking nightmares, but no answer came.

I fled to a secluded cabin far from my daily worries, hoping to escape the terrors hidden in the back of my own mind, but even there, even so far from home, so far from friends and family and foes, I found no relief.

That night, the terrors came again. Whispers in the darkness, hunting accusations of failure and warnings of certain, looming doom. And so I ran from my cabin and out into the forest, the roots reaching up to grab my ankles, the tree branches clawing at me like the gnarled fingers of a withered old woman.

And I heard them.

Black hounds chased me, fearsome not-quite-wolves with coats as black as pitch, slavering fangs as sharp as knives, and eyes are red as the fires of hell. Though I could not see them, I knew.

That's why we're proud to announce our newest sponsor, Bark Box. Each month, Bark Box selects the finest treats and toys for your favorite furry friend, and each shipment is guaranteed to delight your canine companion, whether you cuddle up with a sleepy puppy or run screaming in terror from the Barghest.

BarkBox.com: treats so delicious even the hounds of hell will momentarily abandon their quest to savage your tender, mortal soul.


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